Add Bookmark
  page link
 View Bookmarks  View History  Home page (HP) / Speed Dial (SD) (tab/sd notation)  New Tab / View of Tabs Find on page
 Dolphin  • Gesture ("☆" sugg.), or use
 • Address bar context menu > Add bookmark
 • (Plus sign at LEFT of addr bar (gone)]
 • NOT in Link Context
 • NO bookmarked indicator
 • Menu > More > Privacy > Import Bookmarks
 • Left side panel, or assigned gesture to Show bookmarks bar
 • (Supports folders), and bookmarks can be sorted via bookmarks menu
 • Left sidebar or assigned gesture
 • "Most visited" bottom of History
 • 5s | 4su || 18SD nolimit
   || [[tab count]] on far right
 • Menu>More>Settings>set…
 • Sugg including HP in SD
 • Plus sign, right of Tabs bar
 • Editable, no rearrangement
 • Gesture ("N" sugg.), or
 • Plus sign, right of Tabs supplies empty tab with SD choices
 • Toggle full screen from right panel,
 or gesture (such as a rectangle)
 • View tab bar by scrolling to top when in Full Screen view
 • Gesture ("f" sugg.), or
 • Addr bar context "Find on page"
⇦ (tabs cont'd)
 ⧈ favicons:  bookmarks & history
 Firefox  • Menu > ☆ (top of Menu), ★ (solid gray) when bookmarked.
 • Supports desktop bookmarklets
 without substitution problems.
 😣 Bookmark edit only when bookmarking.
 😣 NO more bookmarking via context menus.
 • Context menu from tab count right of Address > Press + sign in place of count > Select tab for Bookmarks, Top Sites, or History [very convoluted]
 😣 Only supports folders from sync, not from within browser (frown)
 • Address Bar tabs count > History (tab) in thumbs or list
 • Stars on History list indicate page is bookmarked
 • 1 | 4su || 6SD 6max
 • No Home page
 • about:home (top sites) is speed
  dial of most frequently used pages.
 • Delete SD entry, long press on
  item for context menu.

 • Full screen (menu), exit hold context menu
 • New tab (+), use Menu to show toolbar
 • No way to see titles/depth within a tab
 • Tabs from last time is
  under about:home (SD, top sites)
 • Click on number right of address bar
 for tabs list thumbnails (delete tab)
 • Menu > More > Find in page
⇦ (tabs cont'd)
 ⧈ favicons:  bookmarks & history
 • (Android flaw) Only Firefox desktops shows hierarchy by clicking on back/forward arrow
 Boat  • Bookmark ☆+ icon Left of addr bar, to add bookmark. Orange filled ★ is bookmarked.
 • Menu > Bookmarks > Add bookmark
 • Link Context ("Bookmark link")
 • Gestures (url + action limit of 12)
 • View from Bookmark at bottom, customizable between toolbar and right sidebar via Menu
 • Add folder via plus-folder icon in toolbar.
 • Bookmarks editable via edit icon in toolbar
 • Sortable via 3 line menu icon in toolbar
 • Bookmark icon Right of addr bar > History (by days) or choose Most visited)
 Boat - User Guide
 • 7 | 7s16max || 18SD nolimit
 • Menu > More > Settings
     > Set home page
 • Menu > Home icon
 • Tabs (viewable)
 • Full Screen toggle from right side toolbar, scroll down
 ⧈ favicons:  (none)
 • Menu > More > Find on
  page, or use gesture
 Chrome  ☆ right-side within address bar, ★ (solid blue) when page is bookmarked. Click on star to modify bookmark (change/add bookmark folder).
[Chrome was not available before IceCream sandwhich, have installed on KitKat]
 • Menu > Bookmarks
• also available from new tab.
 • Menu > History
 • 5s | 5su || 6SD max 6
 • No Home Page
 • scroll up to see Google (voice) search
 • scroll down to see "bookmarks" and "Recent tabs"
 • Add tab (gray crippled tab)
 ⧈ favicons:  bookmarks & history (not tabs)
 • Menu > Find in page
  (default, can't be changed)
 • Right of addr bar > Bookmarks title icon
 • Link Context ("Bookmark link")
 • Right of addr bar > Bookmark title icon
 • Menu > Bookmarks
 • Does NOT support folders (frown)
 Opera does not allow entry of bookmarks, Opera Classic has bookmarks.
 • Right of addr bar > Bookmark icon
 • Menu > Bookmarks, then History (days) or Most visited
 • W | 5s8max || noSD
 • Menu>More>Settings>Set Home Page
 • No SD, Windows persist from last session
 • Open/Del Window from: Menu > Windows
 • Window count icon left of address (no tabs)
 • Menu > Windows to add new window or list of Windows
 • Menu > More > Find on page
 • Click on ☆ at left, bookmarked when ★ filled.
• Bookmark folders supported.
 • View Bookmarks via 🔖 icon on right  • View History via 🔖 icon on right
 • View Saved pages via 🔖 icon on right
 • Menu > Save page
 Home page: Menu > Settings  • Add tab (gray crippled tab)
 • new tab page is Home page
 ⧈ favicons:  tabs, bookmarks & history
 • Menu > Find on page
 Opera  • Opera Logo (also has preferences/settings hairspring toggles)
 • Addr context menu (star indicator)
 • NOT in Link Context
 • No longer has Bookmarks or History in Android (bad ui)
 • Opera Logo (Supports folders)
 Use the Opera Logo for everything Menu Button would normally have on Android devices.
 • Opera Logo (by days)  • 1 | su (bad ui) || 12SD nolimit
 • SD (Start page from Opera
 logo). To add/ delete/ change/move items: add (+) from Manage (or long press item): fill in address, or from suggestions which include open tabs.
 • Tab count icon in bottom toolbar
 • tabs available shown in animated from tab icon
 • Hold back/forward to see pages within direction
 ⧈ favicons:  (none to be seen)
 • Opera Logo
 • Bookmark icon Right of addr bar
 • Menu button or Menu Right of addr bar, then Add bookmark
[Have not installed on Kitkat]
 View from Menu > bookmarks symbol
 • Rearrange, delete, manage via checkmark symbol
 • "Import bookmarks" go into "System Browser" folder.
 • Opera on Android, no bookmarks or history
 View Bookmarks > History  • 1 | 3su(9p>sbar) || 8SD 8max
 Home symbol in menu > {Top sites/ recent tabs, Speed Dial/hot sites/ RSS view}
 • New tabs added right of active tab
 • Swipe right from left side to view tabs, or tab count left side of address bar
 • New tab from bookmarks, SD, 3 bars or menu button
 • Back/Forward shown in Landscape or in menu
 ⧈ favicons:  (untested)
 • Menu button, or 3 bar menu on address bar, or main context menu
 • Text selection does not appear possible, but thought it came up one time.
 Angel Browser  • BM Star left of address bar
 • Has gestures for commands and url
 • Menu Button, menu bar
 • menu semicircle, pull out on both sides
 • Unable to edit/modify the url of a BM.
 [Have not installed on KitKat]
 • Bookmarks icon in toolbar or menu button
 Add: gesture (icon) > script("s") > add script (click on script to use, long press to edit)
 View Bookmarks (BM icon) then History
 Tab History : Menu > More > Tab History
 Tabs List: is Quick Tab in Menu
 • u(9 good) | ?(reduces)? (New tab far right is not a tab) | 9 SD 9max
 Add to SD when editing a bookmark
 New tab button ("New Tab") far right of Tabs bar
 ⧈ favicons:  (untested)
 Search magnifier toolbar button
 Major problems with FIND see text.
 (1st hit, hidden scrolling destroys)
 Browser Add Bookmark  View Bookmarks View History  * Home Page & SD Tabs  Find       🌀 
Notation:  tabs visible when browsing | number of tabs visible in tabs list, s=scrollable, su scrollable (unlimited tabs) || nSD visible web pages in SD followed by max limit of web pages in SD

Notes for ALL Android Browsers (listed above):

Browser specific Notes:

Dolphin Browser: It is annoying that it takes 4 seconds in invoke a gesture at best.  One should either enter a gesture directly, or one button beforehand, not something that has to be directed in a certain direction or it fails.  The Tabs list and the Sonar could be separate gestures, there is no need to complicate the gesture button.

Boat Browser: Although Boat has Bookmark folders it does not tell you what folder you are within -- this is very disturbing (as are the ads).

Next Browser: preferences: Autohide addr bar (Off), Exit (Clear cache). Disable "Night mode" extension, install "Screenshot" Extension.  Had to clear all options and reinstall because Night Mode made everything completely black.

Firefox: The Android version is a disappointment because it does not work well on Androids.
Firefox pros:

  1. Did retain keywords, and displays them in the bookmark editor, and thankfully dropped tags.  and then came version 23.0.1 and nothing works.
  2. JavaScript can remain encoded with %20 for space just like on all desktop browsers. The other Android browsers fail miserably here.
  3. You can copy a JavaScript link from the link context menu.  The other Android browsers do not allow this.  But that does not mean that you can simply drag a bookmarklet from a webpage or copy it into your bookmarks directly -- you can't, that is unsupported in all Android browsers.  If you are working from an exported bookmarks list, don't forget to add your keyword shortcut later, as they are not picked up from the link, even if it has shortcuturl.
  4. You can bookmark a link, including one that is a bookmarklet through the link context menu.  The other Android browsers fail miserably here.
Firefox cons: without it's keyword shortcuts with JavaScript and/or %S (and %s) invoked from the address bar (location bar), Firefox is just another browser.
  1. Editing a bookmark immediately by clicking on the big solid bookmark star does not work, you must bring up your bookmarks to edit a bookmark.
  2. As of 23.0.1 the keywords no longer work at all in Firefox and in the meantime you are expected to find them in the local search (double toil, double trouble).  Keywords and Description were never included in the location bar search.  You may need to increase maxRichResults in about:config up from default 24.  Did get keywords to work again, but then versions after 43.0.1 failed again at least thru 45.0 (so another extension and/or configuration parameter at the very least has been corrupted by Firefox).
  3. Keyword shortcuts with %S do not work, they end up as a Google search.  (ff: kws.htm)
  4. Bringing up bookmarks is convoluted, think of how to bring up a new tab. 
  5. Firefox does not have a user defined homepage, instead it has a Start Screen that comes up when all tabs are closed, or you open a new tab to location "about:home".  It only includes six pages, and it is not what you see when you want to open a new tab. The actual homepage is one of Mozilla's.
  6. Starting a new tab: [Convoluted] Click on the tabs count button, then click on the gray "+" on the black background in the same position. Nothing really indicates that you are starting a new tab, because it is also the convoluted way of bringing up the Top Sites/History/Bookmarks trio.  You can also get to new tab by clicking on the physical Android Menu button.  When you open a webpage link (or history link, or bookmark link) you can use long press, to open the link into a new tab.
  7. Black "x" on dark gray background for closing tab is hard to see with even a little glare. (only a problem in Portrait mode)
  8. Cannot sort Bookmarks.  Both Bookmarks and History take minutes before they appear for first time in a session.  Need a bookmarks manager to sort bookmarks, scroll around easily with real scrollbars, and be able to show keyword without having to edit bookmark.
  9. Cannot see keyword on bookmark list. No maintenance mode so that clicking is an edit, and it would tell you how far down in the list you are.  No idea of how many bookmarks you actually have. I have only a fraction on my Android of what I use on my desktop.
  10. Pinning a page to tabs bar prevents accidental deletion (or used to), now it's just for Pinning a page within the Start Screen.
  11. Firefox does not support speech to text which is in Android and the other Android browsers. (does not appear on the keyboard).  Actually found that pressing the spacebar brings up the microphone button in one keyboard layout, but it also puts a space into the address bar.
  12. Awesome bar internal search internal search autocomplete restrictions introduced in Firefox 3.0 were never included in the Android version -- bookmarks(*), History(^), Title (#), URL(@), or typed(~). Rechecked because they do appear in about:config, and they fail because they go directly into a Google search. Trying to invoke a bookmarklet directly from bookmarks will result in a page not found error, You can invoke a bookmarklet from a location bar internal search of bookmarks though unless it contains substitutions (%S).

Google Chrome:  Disappointing that a new browser is so limited.  Cannot invoke bookmarklets to operate on an open tab because a new tab is opened.  Claims to be able to use search on the page to find the bookmarklet, but clicking on the bookmarklet presented does mothing.  No way to close all tabs except to close Chrome and restart 3 times. Only 5 tabs visible at once, and no way to show all tabs at once in a drop-down list. Tabs can be rearranged (long-press), or slid through to see other tabs. New Tab page cannot be rearranged, pinned, only choice is to remove, or open a page 6 times in row to get it to show up in Speed Dial list (6 page limit). Only advantage is that Google is one of a few apps that work with ChromeCast (other apps: YouTube, and any tab/window showing a ChromeCast symbol).

Angel Browser:  Has a lot of potential as a rival for Dolphin, but has made several major mistakes.

  1. Problems with "Find": (1) Identifies all hits, but the first hit is skipped over to show the second hit or one much further down, (2) when actively pressing next arrow, some hits are either covered by the find bar or not in the current view, (3) Scrolling page view destroys FIND search.
  2. Bookmarklets (scripts) are bookmarks, but have been incorrectly separated out and not treated as bookmarks.  Bookmarklets work on/from a webpage so one must not be placed into a new page by the browser when running a bookmarklet unless that is it's final objective, and I'm guessing that was the reason they were incorrectly separated in Angel along with the fact that the default Android browser does not have folders and it is a good idea to keep at least most of your bookmarklets in a separate bookmark folder.
  3. Bookmarklets can not use the same code as on desktop because they don't work with %20 for space, etc on Androids, so are not properly formed. Only Firefox does this correctly of the Android browsers shown here.
  4. Bookmarklets need the gestures (and/or keywords) the most, but Angel only allows them on url type bookmarks.
  5. Bookmarks have been locked into the url when created and can not be modified, this makes things difficult, besides preventing creating and using bookmarklets.
  6. Bookmark entry is tedious, would appreciate link context menu items "Copy Link" (instead of "Copy link URL"), and "Bookmark Link" and both should include JavaScript links as well a normal url links.
  7. The import/export are difficult as there is no easy way to place them onto the SD card.  This is more a matter of lacking directions.
  8. Angel has some interesting undocumented features.
  9. The help in Menu (last in More) is in Japanese, even though am using English version.  You can run a translation on the help page, but that leaves a lot to be desired with unfamiliar Japanese words.  Translate script ("tr:")
  10. Menu item "Down key" is misspelled.  Very noticeable in a menu.
  11. Relies on importing/exporting bookmarks html file on the SDCARD, but that would require an add-on.  The default browser does not have an export or an import.  I used a no longer available Dolphin extension to export from the default Android Browser.  "Bookmarks SD" placed the exported file into /sdcard/TunnyBrowser/Bookmarks/yyyy-mm-dd...
  12. The exported file turned out to be of little value because it is the bookmarklets I wanted, so I had to install them individually from my text file with the help of 3CX (play store) as I had done with Dolphin and then again in the Android Browser so they could be used in the other Android browsers and then in each browser that supported folders separating bookmarks into proper folders that Browser does not have.

Backup / Import / Export / Restore / Cloud / Sorting Bookmarks   (#table2)

List of bookmarklets(97) and a few normal bookmarks(9) used with all of my Android browsers, can be installed in Browser and then imported into other browsers from each browser.  I maintain my Dolphin bookmarks separately and Dolphin has folders within bookmarks.  You would want to install some apps to use with default Browser, specifically: "BookmarksSB" (Sort and Backup), "VT View Source" (can copy source from webpage and save to Android), and if you have Dolphin probably "Bookmarks to SD"(broken or withdrawn).  You can test bookmarklets as examples at one of my Dolphin pages.  The bookmarks can be use in any browser supporting Bookmarks and JavaScript, Dolphin works nicely because gestures can quickly access bookmarks without scrolling and without a keyboard (on desktop browsers Firefox has keywords that can quickly access bookmarks).

 Dolphin  Import: from html bookmarks file, ckmrk only for Stock Browser  Menu > Settings > Privacy & Personal Data > Import Bookmarks  Bookmark Folders - Yes
 Export: only from Browser  "Bookmarks SD" extension only exports from Browser (broken)
 /sdcard/TunnyBrowser/Bookmarks/2013-09-12 13.43.21.html 25.31 KB
 Drag to arrange Bookmarks
 Backup: (only retains one backup)
 Backs up all settings, bookmarks, and web data
 encrypted and saved to your SD card, can be password protected
 /sdcard/TunnyBrowser/backup/dolphinbackup 2.08 MB 10/14/2013
 Sync:  Manual: Left sidebar (Bookmarks) far left turns to a cloud - registered Dolphin user. Can also be Synced to Desktop Bookmarks (Firefox/Chrome with Dolphin Connect extension)  
 Extensions installed for Dolphin  Wi-Fi Broadcast, Desktop Mode, Text Sizer, Send to Browser, Tab History, Screen Cut, Webzine, Dolphin Reader, Full Screen  
 Firefox  Import: don't think a file is involved (not risking my bookmarks  Menu > More > Settings > [Customize > ] Import from Android > Bookmarks | History  Bookmark Folders - Yes
 Export: not available  not available, not available in any browser without an extension  stuck wirh BM order, new BM added to (top/bottom)
 Backup: NO, get that "sinking" feeling   no indication on page if Bmed
 Sync: (no intention of using same bookmarks)  Menu > More > Settings > Sync (codes) to pair another Firefox device  WTF how to get rid of BM added options, and didn't appear to add the BM anyway
 Extensions installed for Firefox  Adblock Edge, Google, Wikipedia 
  can't be
 Import: only with an APP (king of the wallow)  You need an external application to import/export BM  
 Export: only with an APP  "Bookmarks Manager" would work, have used "Bookmarks SD"  can be added one by one from webpage (bookmarks list) links, and don't have to be redone to use on Android.
 Backup: of course not, your data, but …  
 Sync: No, wise to not screw up other browsers   
 Extensions: there are APPs instead  No Extensions, but there are APPs specifically for Browser 
 Boat Import:  You will have to refer to HELP for this, icons are not that intuitive. See "Bookmark Management" in Boat - User Guide for help.  Bookmarks can be sorted (3 line bars menu)
 Export: --  thru [*] bookmarks > Cloud > Bookmarks to SD (builtin or the APP ?)  
 Backup: -- [*] > Cloud > {Bookmarks to SD}  /mnt/sdcard/Boat_Browser_Free/bookmarks/20131-15-1640.html  no help for restoring the backup, but is a nice list, that should work for import and shows bookmarks, bookmark folders, and speed dial websites.
 Sync: Chrome + Next  
 Extensions: (right side)  Tab History, Screenshot, Save page, Share link, UA, Reopen last tab, Fullscreen  Help:
 Opera Import:  Opera (on Android) does not have bookmarks (use Opera Classic for that)  Classic: access to own BMs and Android BMs
 Export: not available   
 Backup: NO, get that "sinking" feeling   
 Import:  Menu > [*] Bookmarks > Import Bookmarks > System Bookmarks  New BM added to bottom may be rearranged, or added to Bookmarks, System browser folder or create a new folder.
 BM imported are always added to the bottom of "System browser" folder, if recreated from an alphabetically arranged order they will appear here in reverse alphabetical order.
 Export: N/A 
 Backup: (only retains one) ,
 Sync: (available) 
 Import: from html bookmarks file    Don’t know what was there before but my side toolbar now has: home, bookmarklets, search, back, forward, addr bar visible
 Export: only from Browser    Sort BM 3line menu
 Backup: (only retains one)  
 Extensions installed for Angel Browser  Full Screen, Night Mode (off), UA Switch, Screenshot 
 Maxthon  Import: from html bookmarks file   
 Export: only from Browser   
 Backup: (only retains one)  
 PLAY Store Bookmark Sort & Backup
 PLAY Store  Bookmarks to SD (Dolphin extension)
 (backs up Browser bookmarks, but no longer backs up Dolphin bookmarks)
 /sdcard/TunnyBrowser/Bookmarks/2013-09-12 13.43.21.html 25.31 KB  
 PLAY Store App Backup Restore (applications only)  /mnt/sdcard/App_Backup_Restore/  
 mysteries  Have a 32 GB SD card  what's on it? Total space 29.87GB, has 29.34 GB avail 
  Have an internal card  what's on it? Total space 12.23 GB, 11.00 GB available 
  Internal storage  Available space 681 MB (how big is whatever) 
  Privacy - Back up my data (checked)  
  Privacy - Automatic Restore; (unchecked)  guess if my tablet is completely reset this should then be checked  


Now have Kitkat (4.4) and Chrome is available on Ice Cream Sandwich and later.

"BookmarkSB" folder -- sdcard/BookmarkSB/ contains 2014-12-06_22-58-01.html from a backup and is basically empty, and then with bookmarklets_for_tablet.html from by desktop storage.

Dolphin bookmarklets may have been added with help of ES Explorer, VT View Source. But were probably updated with Dolphin Cloud storage from my bookmarklets from previous tablet. In any case I did have to recreate all gestures.

Boat bookmarklets, can be sorted alphabetically (or created time, visits, last visited) so order restored is not a problem. Restored bookmarklets > Cloud > Restore from "Bookmarks to SD Card". /storage/emulated/0/Boat_Browser_Free/bookmarks

Chrome browser, this is a problem it does not have a sort, so when imported using tool "Google Bookmark Import Tool" had used Import > Import from HTML to populate the tools bookmarks, but when imported into Chrome the bookmarks are in reverse order neither the tool nor Chrome provide for sorting. It provides Backup to from /storage/emulated/0.BookmarkBackup.bookmarks,xml which I did not use to populate the file size is 62KB. "BookmarkSB" could wort in reverse alphabetical beforehand, but I don't intend to do much with Chrome. Used "Import from HTML" and almost certainly imported from Tunny Browser (Dolphin) - it has a wide range for importing from other browsers (nice). Of course Google expects other browsers to feed from Chrome or the Default browser (not the same browser as in Gingerbread, this "Internet" browser is repackaged by Samsung). Bookmarks were imported into Bookmarks > Mobil bookmarks. To use a bookmarklet on Chrome you must go into bookmarks to find your bookmarklet then click on javascript code of bookmarklet. Despite best efforts looking at How to Use Bookmarklets in Chrome for Mobile,  could not get bookmarklet(href:) to work on Chrome.

Internet Browser, repackaged by Samsung, use "BookmarkSB" then restore (115 bookmarks loaded)but unable to see, view, or use any bookmarklets if they they were restored.

Other Browsers: (untested)

Although I do not like Google Chrome on desktop, and can't install it on my Android this video does look interesting Google Chrome to Phone - Android Apps on Google Play.

Tablet Browser/Apps limitations

I use an Android Tablet for 95% of my online activity, but tablets can not do much real work beyond viewing.
  1. Apps lockup or close down frequently and you lose your work in progress
  2. Backups on home computers are as straight forward as you want them, and secure, if it can be limited to your machines.  On the Android you basically have cloud storage that while convenient is sporadically implemented (undocumented) and not secure leaving you at the mercy of application providers, banks, credit agencies, ISPS, gatekeepers, and government agencies and anybody any of those wish to share your data with.
  3. Copy and Paste is not accurate or easy. Firefox on desktop allows to copy multiple selections at once and then paste anywhere
  4. Does not have a keyboard. Software keyboards are clumsy.  Actually if you do connect a bluetooth keyboard you will see how slow the tablet really is.
  5. Does not have forward character delete.  Windows has both backward and forward delete. This should be even more important on an Android since touch is not very accurate.
  6. Does not have scroll bars to get you speedily to any point.
  7. Email basically stinks on Android.  With the possible exception of searching on GMail.
  8. HDMI ports are available on new tablets but not available on older laptops and desktops
  9. Interface software keyboard voice touch screen vs Keyboard monitor pointing device
  10. No Ctrl-Z to undo a mistake
  11. Photo editing sorting normal stuff on PCs is not easy or is inadequate on a tablet
  12. Repairs not made with swappable parts for consumer repair.
  13. Response time mine is single core I believe most current tablets are mostly quad core
  14. Security -- Adblock Plus is only available on Firefox and is very limited No update access to the hosts file You can install Avaste (available as an APP) on your tablet but that is limited protection that you do not control
  15. Sorting is very limited on Android computer people refer to sorting as invoking something to sort things typically alphabetically or numerically see Sorting algorithm and software rather than the ability to manually rearrange stuff You may have to resort to using an Online HTML Tool such as Alphabetical Order Tool let's you alphabetize text online
  16. USB connections you may have 4 USB ports on a desktop or laptop vs 1 USB port on an Android mainly used for charging

Summary and Related pages:

Anything listed in Best Free Web Browser for Android made a good attempt at explaining their selection for a top browser or top in category even if Dolphin was not at the top of their choices.  Dolphin does what I need though waiting 4 seconds to get to implement a gesture is painfully long compared to instant invocation in Boat.  Dolphin has no apparent limit on gestures, but Boat is limited to 12 which is hardly a start and with that few can't really make decent use of bookmarklets.  Bookmarklets not working well in Boat.  Firefox is best for bookmarklets but does not have gestures so is out of the running for me.  Google gestures are terrible on desktop, so don't expect much from anything to do with gestures coming from Google on Androids.  I think it is Opera that has only up/down/right/left for gestures hardly sufficient for a need to support at least 600 or so bookmarks/bookmarklets with gestures.  I am not interested in synching my bookmarks between browsers, but would like to be able to transport some bookmark folders as additions/replacements.

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