Dolphin Gestures allow you to overcome the loss of a keyboard on tablets of any size.  Dolphin is certainly not the first to have gestures, but has done gestures correctly, allowing you to create your own gestures for standardized actions, and for your own bookmarks and bookmarklets.  When you are able to make your own gestures you are much more likely to adopt them quickly and remember them longer.  Dolphin Gestures can include JavaScript. 

This document is a companion of, continuation of and possibly a replacement for Dolphin Gestures which is more oriented on how to actually create Dolphin Gestures, and some information on setting up your Android, which are merely mentioned in the current page.

This page will show how my own gestures are set up.  I was hoping to be able to help you install them quickly by exporting and importing bookmarks, but that does not seem possible.  In the meantime they all correspond to bookmarklets that you can find in Bookmarks yyyy-mm-dd and you can use the "HREF", and "KEY (keywords)" bookmarklets to see the internals.

Skip the Introduction, go to the table showing the gestures as you have themBookmarks, Bookmarklets, and Gestures

Dolphin Browser 11.0.0 has major problems skip over to Dolphin 11 Problems (moved to another page).

Dolphin My Gestures -- David McRitchie

Dolphin Gestures:
Firefox Home page:
[View without Frames]

Setting up and/or Restore Dolphin Browser usage   (#dolphin)

Bookmarks and links into Dolphin as Gestures   (#bookmarks)

The first part is simple.  I do not want to copy all of my Firefox desktop bookmarks to Dolphin because bookmarks are hard to access without bookmark toolbar, sidebar, and menus.  The gestures I want are basically many of the links within my Dolphin (newtab) page as they are the pages I generally want to access from my tablet without typing. The gestures created here do not show up as bookmarks only as gestures.

At the bottom of your Dolphin settings, move your Dolphin Gesture button to the lower right corner where it is less likely to interfer with content and links on a page.

At the bottom of Gestures, use the "More Actions" to bring up the "My Gestures" where you assign your own gesture to dolphin actions.  Suggest immediately adding

Initial Demonstrations   (#bookmarklet_conversion)

Some bookmarklets of general interest, test by clicking on each, after first clicking on the Demo link immediately below (on right side) to reposition page.  Demo reposition Use the "Reset" bookmarklet (same as F5 on desktops) to reset page and return to this spot. 

Each of these still work in Firefox: (and can be invoked using keyword shortcuts) o  [no image]  – PDF
Reset:  Reset (F5),  Navigation:  back:  forward:, Title and Tabs:  rename:  NT: (new tab)  NT:nt (alt) 
Text and Links:  paren tips HREF visible   ALT visible  highlight links  int/ext links  LDOC: (combined parentips+hi+in/ext)  HREF:count  HREF:x (Android browsers) Show Classes and IDs   id:  keywords:  keywords:count  subs: Substitution via %S within href  prompts:  make link
Self Reference: m: minus p: plus up: upd: date: (updated) owner:arc:cached: g-ag: dead:LatLong: linked: next: similar:
SelfRef SEO: ax: Alexisword:freq
Sharing (Extract for):  Send: title/url/desc  copyURLdesc: loc:, Sharing (with phones/tablets): qr: (qrcode)
Size: grid: pgdim: resize:help
Sorting: SortSelect:(487), SortTable:(1792)
Statistics (webpage): images:count words: (cnt), (more information)
Style (appearance): bml: bml:x bold: borders: Nofollow: Readability invert: linkify: [Linkify test] ns: wrap:

Substitution/Prompts (based on k.html with %s or %S): Searches: [g:] gs: g-h: tr:ddg:
• Dictionary/Thesaurus:  acronym: def: define ahd: dict: idioms:  say:   t: 
• Subs/Prompts Sites:  ans:  ask:  digg:  how:  gender:  images: images:face (portraits) images:huge  L:   Lg:   maps:  pro:  snopes:   u:   w:  
• Subs/Prompts Multiple sources: njnews sci:,  Google Play Store:  play:

Translate tr:;
Zapping Annoyances [zap]:  zt: zap timers -- STOPS the JavaScript CLOCK displayed at the top of this page.
Can't be demonstrated here: remember:, Test on another page: Sort a Table.

Repetitive: 99:EasyDefineHyperDic hyper-dictionary

    chk:toggle (chk)   tickall: (tic) (:: Check boxes belong within form tags ::)

I store all bookmarklets in alphabetical order, the bookmarks here are essentially modified for non Firefox Android browsers, without keywords shortcuts.  The actual bookmarklets (and a few bookmarks) can be found in Bookmarklets for Tablet and can be installed in Dolphin using directions on my Gestures page. To install in other browsers see second table in Android Browser comparisons.

The checkmark bookmarklets would have been great for GMail as the mobile version does not have a global check/uncheck box for the mail search hits, unfortunately GMail uses JavaScript not normal checkboxes, so the two bookmarklets do not work for GMail. 

Many links on this page have additional important notes about their content and usage, please click on the "paren tips" bookmarklet link above.

Firefox desktop: "int/ext links" will fail in Firefox when my style #17357 is used in Firefox) to override viewed links as it overrides the bookmarklet. 

Installing bookmarklets into Dolphin   (#dolphinbookmarklets)

Installing bookmarklets into Dolphin is very tedious but it can be done, and is worth the trouble.

The bookmarklets above required some modifications to work in Dolphin -- Code modifications changes for Dolphin: %20 (space, or remove), %22 and " (dquote to squote sign), %3A to colon, %3C to less than sign, %3E to greater than sign. [Bookmarklets with code modified for Dolphin][HTML Table].

Problems with installing bookmarklets into your Dolphin bookmarks.  You could use Firefox on Android to copy the link, but that takes longer than using the Remote Web Desktop to share the clipboard.  More to the point is that Dolphin lacks the ability to bookmark a bookmarklet as found on a web page (such as in demo above, because there is no "Copy Link Location", and also no "Bookmark Link" where JavaScript links are involved, and you still have to convert the bookmarklet contents.

Also of interest is this page “(newtab)” page, and Dolphin Bookmarklet Tests.  — * —

On desktop browsers you can simply drag a JavaScript link (bookmarklet), such as those above, to your bookmarks.  Unfortunately creating bookmarkmarklets in Dolphin is far from straightforward, nor can you copy a JavaScript link such as in the above directly with Dolphin.  You can use bookmarklets that are contained within a webpage, but to copy a bookmarklet link you must use other means, such as getting the link with Firefox (Android), or by sharing the desktop and android clipboard and getting the link with Firefox from the desktop computer via WiFi using the "Remote Web Desktop" App .

Solution:  (until a better one is available),
It would be wise to first create a "bookmarklets folder", though you change the bookmark folder later on.
The above bookmarks can be installed into Dolphin with the aid of this text file by creating a bookmark then replacing the name with the title and the location with the JavaScript code, then choosing the bookmark folder you really want, and creating a gesture for the Dolphin bookmarklets to invoke them easier [see Edit Bookmark picture.

Otherwise, you will have to extract the information yourself, referring to information Dolphin Gestures, which is even more tedious:

Massive bookmarklet additions to Android Browsers   (#massive)

Android browsers do not provide an easy means of sorting bookmarks so you want to enter them in alphabetical order, if possible, rather than trying to rearrange them later.  Default Android browser has no mechanism to reorder.  Dolphin requires you to use gear wheel (or menu button) within Bookmarks to reoder by dragging.

I have bookmarklets for tablet consisting of about 98 bookmarklets redone for use in Android browsers + 7 associated bookmarks, that you can install into Browser using an app "VT View Source to import them.  Test within Browser, then sort them with an external app,"Bookmark Sort & Backup (BookmarkSB), and then import them from within other Android browsers pulling them in from Browser, or use those that are set up for browser as an internal bookmark folder.  Skip over to Fast Track.  Install of a number of Bookmarklets into Dolphin, on my "gestures page page, if interested; then return to this page for some examples of gestures that I use in Dolphin and other Android browsers with gestures.

  1. You can start by populating your bookmarks (bookmarklets folder) with a bunch of numeric titles that you can change afterwards.  Bring up my Tab Capacity page start with 011 bookmark that and continue with 012 thru 050 if you have 40 bookmarks to enter by replacement.
  2. Dolphin: click on link, Bookmark (star gesture), change folder to Bookmarklets, (cycle to next).
    Browser: and Firefox: Long press on link, Bookmark Link, ... (unfortunately neither have bookmark folders, adds somewhere near end suggest you add many at once so they will be next to one another).
    Opera: Android version does NOT allow bookmark additions (stupidity)
  3. If you plan on using bookmarklets in several browsers install them into "Browser" first, you can either import them (destructively) into other android browsers, or may be able to use them directly in what looks like a separate folder.  You cannot export from Dolphin unless "Bookmarks SD" is made complete again, but you can import into the main folder, and from there change the folder of wanted new entries, or delete if not wanted. The bookmarks must be in Dolphin to use

HTML information for users unfamiliar with HTML and CSS   (#htmlinfo)

Bookmarklets are bookmarks that contain JavaScript.  JavaScript can be run from the address bar, from a bookmark, and from within a web page.  They can alter the styling (appearance) of a webpage but can not change its content.  Most of the bookmarklets above help reveal features in web pages or exported bookmarks files.

Page links exist within an HREF= attribute within anchor (A) element tags.  The "HREF visible", and "LDOC" bookmarklets will reveal link addresses within HREF attributes. [Elements of HTML4 (] [Attributes of HTML4] [HTML 4 Elements (WDG – Web Design Group)]

The TITLE= attribute often contains additional information or hidden tips visible when you mouse over a link.  The "parentips" bookmarklet will help you reveal all titles without having to mouse over anchors (links) and other elements.  Mousing over a link to reveal a title or url is impossible in Dolphin requires you to go to the link and hold the mouse without movement for one second in Dolphin, moving the mouse again before the title comes up would require leaving the item and coming directly back to it and stopping in place.  The "HREF visible", "paren tips", and "LDOC" will reveal titles.  "highlight links" and "int/ext links" will reveal a link with styling colors, but not show the link address.

The ID= and CLASS= attributes can be revealed with the "Show Classes and IDs" bookmarklet using "id:" shortcut.  ID helps you to link directly to a spot in an HTML document.  CLASS is used to group one or more styling attributes together so formatting and style is consistent.  Each of the bookmarklets links are identified above by their distictive/consistent styling as more than simple links. 

Substitution parameters %S (as is), and %s (HTMLified) are only used in Firefox bookmarks, but the use of a keyboard would be essential to their use, so they don't quite currently fit in with Dolphin.  The "DEF" (definition) bookmarklet above demonstrates how you can key in the substitution after invoking a bookmark which uses JavaScript. 

The use of "SHORTCUTURL=" is only seen in bookmark listings from Firefox and from Opera.  You can use a keyword shortcut to alias a single bookmark.  Dolphin can use gestures in place of typed keywords to invoke a bookmark, though a gesture need not be associated with a bookmark.  When and if Dolphin is implemented on desktop computers, then it would almost certainly have a corresponding keyword where a bookmark has a gesture.  Knowing what keyword shortcut aliases were used in Firefox or Opera would probably help one quickly identify bookmarks that one might want to use in Dolphin with a gesture.  The use of "keywords:" and "keywords:count" will reveal keyword shortcuts.

The "NT: (new tab)" bookmarklet makes all page links on a page open in a new tab, or new window depending on the browser and settings.  The shortcut or gesture will reveal an icon with two windows to identify such modified links.

My use of Firefox on a Windows 7 laptop, and Dolphin on an Android Tablet differ considerably.  On Firefox, I have 5149 bookmarks, of which 1082 are keyworded bookmarks, 500 contain JavaScript, 288 contain substitution (%S or %s), 39 contain both JavaScript and substitution.  On Dolphin after one year of use and rebuilding after repairs and accidental removals via too easily impleted resettings, I have the following in my "Gestures List": 10 bookmarks without gestures, 35 working bookmarklets probably all with gestures.  I have 50 user assigned gestures (includes bookmarks) + "My Gestures" consisting of 33 user assigned Dolphin action gestures.  (All numbers in Dolphin had to be manually counted.)

Bookmarks, Bookmarklets, and Gestures   (#bookmarklets)

ImagesDescription and Foil Name
Android "Notifications" screen which pulls down from the top like a window shade.

Android usage:
My Apps
SD card, Maps to files that I have found (unrooted)

Foil "../dolphin_images/android_notifications_3639.jpg"

Foil "../dolphin_images/bookmarks_sidebar_3628.jpg"
The Bookmarks in Dolphin are viewed on the left side of dolphin by swiping from the far left of the screen to the right. (If you don't start before the left edge, you will probably be unsuccessful).

You have some bookmark folders by default and can create others.  Largely because there is no mousepad and no keyboard you will find bookmarks harder to invoke.

Suggest you use gestures on your important commonly used bookmarks, or access the pages from links in another page of your own where you control the arrangement.

One of the first things you might want to do is to create a folder for your bookmarklets, to keep them separate from other bookmarks.  You will want to assign gestures to your bookmarklets, so that is another reason to keep them grouped together.

Create a Bookmarklets folder:
To create a folder, you must first get into the bookmarks manager, by pressing the gear in the upper right corner of bookmarks, as seen in the previous slide.

Then as seen in the slide to the left with the three horizontal bars to the left of each bookmark icons, which can be used to manually reorder bookmarks (there is no sorting of bookmarks).

At the bottom left corner you will also see "New folder" with a plus on the folder for creating a new folder, click on that to create the new folder.

Foil "../dolphin_images/bookmarks_mgt_3629.jpg"

This is where you would have entered "Bookmarklets" as a folder name, had it not been already created before preparing this write up.

Foil "../dolphin_images/bookmarks_mgt_3631.jpg"

Foil "../dolphin_images/bookmarks_mgt_3640.jpg"
You cannot change the title within Gestures
(recreate gesture as a bookmark if necessary)

The context menu for a bookmark
  Name/Title at top    
  Open in new tab
  Open in background
  Edit Bookmark
  Delete Bookmark

The context menu for a history item
  agad - Wiktionary    
  Open in new tab
  Open in background
  Remove from history
  Clear history

The context menu for a link within a web page
  Some other guys blog    
  Open in new tab
  Open in backgound
  Save link
  Share link
  Copy link URL

This is the Edit bookmark dialog where you can change items in the bookmark. It can be brought up with a long press as in previous slide, or it can be brought up directly from the bookmarks manager.

The "Chk:" bookmark is a bookmarklet so we brought it up to change the folder to "Bookmarklets".

Foil "../dolphin_images/bookmarks_mgt_3643.jpg"

Some bookmarklets within the created "Bookmarklets" folder.

Bookmarklets contain JavaScript and can be run from a bookmark or from the address bar, as well as from a Javavscript link within the page.  In Dolphin bookmarks can be invoked with an assigned gesture.

Usually bookmarklet styling within a webpage is to have no link underscoring for text, a gray background and borders around the text, they may have titles. 

In Dolphin you can not mouse over a link to see the titles as that would be a swipe type of action used to view bookmarks and history on the left, and add-on on the right.

Foil "../dolphin_images/bookmarklets_folder_3611.jpg"

This is the same view as the previous bookmarks slide, but showing the Bookmarks Manager.

For ease of editing and for rearranging bookmarks, you can bring up the Bookmarks Manager by clicking on the settings button in the upper right corner of bookmarks.

You drag the icon with three horizontal bars to rearrange bookmarks.  Click on the row to edit, rather than bring up a menu first.

Foil "../dolphin_images/bookmarklets_folder_3612.jpg"

The birth of a bookmarklet:
Since you cannot copy the JavaScript link in Dolphin or drag it to your bookmarks in Dolphin, you must bookmark an unbookmarked page, then proceed to change the Name, the Address, the folder, Assign Gesture, and then press OK.

The process is described on my page "Dolphin Gestures"

Foil "../dolphin_images/bookmarklets_folder_3613.jpg"

History and Bookmarks

Click on "History" from within Bookmarks to bring up History.

From History, click on the Arrow to get back to Bookmarks.


Foil "../dolphin_images/history_sidebar_3637.jpg"

Skip down to Gestures if you are already familiar with the "href", "parentips", "ldoc", and "QR code" bookmarklets.

Foil "../dolphin_images/img_3609.jpg"

Bookmarklet Usage Examples   (#usage_examples)

The following illustrations display how some of your bookmarklets will modify the appearance of your pages, when used.

Following will be examples of temporarily changing the styling (chrome as in color and appearance) with some bookmarklets. 

The actual content is unchanged and the appearance can be restored with "F5" with a keyboard or Restore gesture to restore the appearance first presented, or by reloading the page.  The page shown on the left is an image copy of an earlier version of Dolphin "(newtab)" page, which has a great many more links on it and is easier to work from than bookmarks and speed dial pages as used on Android browsers.

Foil "../dolphin_images/bookmarklets_in_page.jpg"

HREF visible (not active here, see above)
Using gesture of "href" for this as a Dolphin gesture. 

Results from invoking the "HREF:" Bookmarklet showing all of links in the link anchor tags, for more information see here and on my later Firefox keyword shortcuts page. 

Foil "../dolphin_images/bookmarklets_href_example.jpg"

Paren tips (not active here, see above)
Using gesture of "titles" for this as a Dolphin gesture.

Results from invoking the "titles" Bookmarklet Gesture, showing all of titles in the link anchor tags.  This and HREF (href visible) were among the first bookmarklets I used.  For more information see here and on my later Firefox keyword shortcuts page.

LDOC: (combined) (not active here, see above)
Using gesture of "ldoc" (link-titles doc) for this as a Dolphin gesture. 

Results from invoking the "LDOC:" Bookmarklet showing all of links in yellow with their titles, from link anchor tags, for more information on keyword shortcuts and bookmarks see my Firefox keyword shortcuts page. 

Foil "../dolphin_images/bookmarklets_hilight_links_example.jpg"

Foil "../dolphin_images/bookmarklets_qrcode_example.png"
qr: (qrcode) (not active here, see above)

QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response Code) is the trademark for a type of matrix barcode originally designed by Toyoto to bring parts together for assembly.  It had to be scanned at high speed and be reliable.

This one points to my Dolphin New Tab (newtab) page.  The bookmarklet runs the location of the page it is run from through to create the code.  You can use a smartphone, android tablet, or laptop with a barcode scanner to read the code and link to it (or share it).

Gestures   (#gestures)

With the Dolphin Browser you assign your own gestures to browser handling actions, and you can assign gestures to bookmarks as well, or simply assign a gesture to a webpage without a bookmark.  [help]

If you assign a gesture without creating a bookmark you are locked in the title assigned when it was created. 

Foil "../dolphin_images/gestures_3616.jpg"

 "cg" being redrawn

Gestures are shown in Alphabetical Order, and you cannot change the title from the Gesture displays.  If you assigned a bookmark before providing the gestures then you can change the title through the bookmark.

Foil "../dolphin_images/gestures_3617.jpg"

  "gmail" is being redrawnFoil "../dolphin_images/gestures_3618.jpg"


  • "gmail" is being redrawn
  • "N" is to create a new tab (should not have used nt)
  • "nt" bookmarklet is to force links within a page into a new tab.

Using "t" other than the last character can get messy, so these gestures have also been changed.

  • "paren" is now used for parentips bookmarklet instead of "titles".
  • "ren" is now used to rename titles on tabs, useful, if you want to bookmark a tab with a different title for your use.

Try to create gestures that are 1-3 characters to simplify your usage.

Foil "../dolphin_images/gestures_3619.jpg"

"scpc" is being redrawn

  "gas" (redrawing)

Note that "gas" was in the process of being redrawn when picture was taken, so you only see a "g".

"id" is now to show only the "id" of tags, and "classes and id" bookmarklet is now working but is invoked with "class".

Foil "../dolphin_images/gestures_3620.jpg"

Foil "../dolphin_images/gestures_3621.jpg"
After the end of the user gestures for files, bookmarks, and bookmarklets, there are additional options, and Dolphin actions that can be assigned to gestures.

Installing Dolphin Action Gestures

These are builtin actions, all you have to do is assign your own gestures to wanted actions.
  1. Click on the Dolphin button at the bottom of the screen, or if not there on the Menu Button then on the Dolphin Button.
  2. Click on the Settings button (gear wheel) in upper right of screen.
  3. Next to the last item (penultimate) in Gestures Settings, click on "More Actions" (shown at left).
  4. Assign a gesture to an action.  Next screens show what mine are or may have been.

Foil "../dolphin_images/gestures_3622.jpg"

My Gestures (for More Actions)

These screens are the Dolphin built-in "More Actions" for which you assign your own gestures.  These are simply my choices. 

If you were to compare your choices to someone else's, you can see what each of you have since they would be in the same order for those that you have chosen to use.

Unassigned gestures remain on the bottom of the list as unassigned.  The more you choose the more likely you are to have conflicts and will have to rework your choices.

Redraw supplied gestures Back, Forward, Top, Bottom so that they have definitive redirection at a point.  Ambiguous curvature conflicts with other gestures.


Many of my gesture choices are two or three letters in lower case cursive writing (in English).  Since you can not lift your finger until finished, the i's, and j's will not be dotted, the t's, and x's will not be crossed.  I do cross an ending "t" and some other t's by looping back up then crossing to right, especially if there are multiple t's in the same word.  Try picking another word or characters if word begins with a "t"  You can now lift your finger and draw characters like capital letters, but you must do it very quickly. I have one such gesture for "TV".

Some of my choices for words and abbreviations for Dolphin gestures vary from my wording for Firefox keywords just to avoid ambiguity problems of crossing or not crossing t's and to reduce some of the turning points or curves that take longer to scribble out.


Foil "../dolphin_images/gestures_3623.jpg"

Full Screen viewing

Full screen viewing hides the Tabs Bar and the Address Bar.  Some ways of working with address bar once hidden.
  • Slide finger from far right of screen toward middle.
  • Install and use any of these gestures
    • "Toggle full screen", suggest four sided square.
    • "Paste into address bar", ("pa" for paste into address)
    • "Paste and search", ("pg" for paste and go)
    • "Search", ("a" address bar is used for search)


Foil "../dolphin_images/gestures_3624.jpg"

Foil "../dolphin_images/gestures_3625.jpg"

Foil "../dolphin_images/gestures_3626.jpg"

What you see on the left is an image, don't bother trying to click on links there, as there are none.


This long image is a Dolphin Screen Cut add-on snapshot of my entire "Dolphin New Tab" page, which is my personal page to find links quickly, by simply clicking on links rather than trying to find them by looking into bookmarks or history or by typing into the address bar.  By the way you have similar features typing into the address bar that you have in Firefox, but you will find using a page with your frequent links is a lot faster.  The page shown has about 240 links, your built-in Dolphin speed dial now has 3 panels of 9 items.  Use tab-rename bookmarklet to fix titles for speed dial names before adding to speed dial in at least Dolphin.

The most frequent links are at the top, and the links and text is a bit larger, also I can gesture to enlarge that part (reverse of pinching in) and it will enlarge the page based on the width of that part.  You can use zoom controls, or gestures instead or as well.



From the description of the "Dolphin Screen Cut" add-on it says

★★★★★ “Works great. Takes picture of entire screen. Saves in your gallery and is clear when you zoom in!” Capture screen/image as screenshot and save onto SD card or your photo gallery with Dolphin Screen Cut. With Dolphin Screen Cut, you can:
  • Capture screen/image
  • Create screenshot of entire or just part of webpage
  • Resize screenshot
  • Save screenshot on SD card, photo gallery
  • Share via Facebook, Share via Twitter
  • Share via Email

Many applications provide hooks that allow you share, this add-on is one of them, I frequently send email to evernote via its logo when I click on share, but could use the email to that.

I only see it saved on the Internal card, not on the removeable card.  Can't see how to change that on my Android.

BTW, the listener stays on once invoked and uses your battery, so you might want to terminate it manually, when done.

When you install a Dolphin add-on at the play store, you will see a lot of other suggestions. Currently they are all Dolphin add-ons, I think, are written/developed by "Dolphin Add-Ons" so they are all high quality.

Foil "../dolphin_images/newtab_page_example.jpg"

Dolphin Add-ons Bar (#add-ons)

The Dolphin Add-ons bar is brought up on the right side by swiping left, from the right edge of the screen.  You can also use a gesture and you frequently want to have choices.

Get your Dolphin Add-ons from the Google Play Store. 

Foil "../dolphin_images/sidebar_addons_3627.jpg"

Problems in Dolphin Browser 11.0.0 has major problems, you can view the changes on my Dolphin Browser Problems page. Some screens were changed, some screens were changed, features became muddled, and quite simply Dolphin 11 is a diaster.


  1. Slower, and especially voice input which can take minutes.
  2. Bookmarks less convenient to access and sidebar does not remain in same positions.
  3. Harder to make changes to a url address in the address bar.
  4. Voice icon removed from software keyboard, and voice input is not the same interface as before.
  5. Tabs were missing and had to be restored via option, which results in
  6. more space wasted when not in full screen mode.
  7. Tabs are hard to read with bad styling (chrome) changes.
  8. Add-on gesture, no longer takes you to where you need to go to invoke an add-on.
  9. Fast Dial page (new tab page) has color bleeding in from top instead of a plain white background.
  10. Favicons on speed dial are incorrect and can't be changed.  New speed dial pages are also created with incorrect favicons.
  11. Favicons at address bar do not show the website favicon but a generic favicon which is useless for any purpose.

Please view the problematic Dolphin Browser version 11.0.0 changes on my Dolphin Browser Problems page.

Tabs as shown before Dolphin 11.0.0 were easier to view and work with.

Foil "../dolphin_images/tabcapacity_tests_3635.jpg"

Tab and other tests   (#tab_testing)

This page is for tab testing, but has other useful tests in it for browser usage and testing.  Shortcut in Firefox is "tt001:", in Dolphin it is "tt".

I also use one of the unbookmarked links (such as 029) to create bookmark using "five pointed star" as a gesture to bookmark, before converting it to a JavaScript bookmarklet, since you have to bookmark something and then change all of the content of the bookmark. (see Birth of a bookmarklet).

Additional problems:

  1. Missing history for current day, there is a yesterday. Current day may be in last 7 days.
  2. White lettering on toolbars is not the easiest to read and requires larger fonts, and makes it so that no theme can restore the readable style that Dolphin originally had.

Things that continue to be incorrect:

  1. Favions may show up correctly at first in address bar from navigation. Incorrect coming in from speed dial. No way to correct incorrect or missing icons in speed-dial.

Text descriptions of my Dolphin Gestures

To create a gesture: tap on the logo in lower left corner then on “Draw a gesture” to create one, or on the “>” to view all of them.  Gestures must be created in one action without removing your finger from screen while drawing so dotting i’s, dotting j’s, crossing t’s and writing an “x” is not possible (using iksl instead of xl for Excel), and a “t” would look almost like a lowercase “L” in “nt” (NT).  Any word ending with a “t” or “tt” gets the "t" crossed by circling upward then cross to the left.  You can now lift your finger and draw characters like capital letters, but you must do it very quickly. I have one such gesture for "TV".

Just to reiterate, these are just what seem natural to me, they will change over time, and you should pick what seems right for you for a gesture. 

left caret — Back, right caret — Forward, caret — Go to Top of Page, upside down caret — Go to Top of Page.

— The following appear in order of their Dolphin Gestures command name — Shape recognition via Shapecatcher: Draw the Unicode character you want!

☆ — Add bookmark (five pointed star from lower left corner)
< — Back
> — Forward
Ⅴ - Go to bottom of page (down pointing symbol, inverted caret)
⋀ - Go to Top of page (up pointing symbol, caret)
f — Find on Page (top to bottom then up for serif, Beta symbol was too confusing)
ⓢ (S) — Select text (S) circled "S"
S — Share page (S is drawn from top, then redrawn from bottom)
S - Save page (saves copy of page locally, I don't use but a lot of people probably do)
[backward C] — Refresh
Z — Zoom in
O — Zoom Out (letter O with curl at top to make it a letter)
a — Search (searches are done from the address bar)
pa — Paste into address bar (changed to pa from p)
pg — Paste and Go (Paste then Search)
e — Exit browser (prompted to verify exit)
N — New Tab
[fish doubled below] — Close All tabs
(C) - Close other open tabs
[fish crossed on right] — Close Current tab (flattened ∝)
lt - Switch to left tab
rt - Switch to right tab
h - Browsing history -- 𝒉
d - Download history (record of files you downloaded recently)
⊏   left, down, right (box) — Show Bookmarks Bar (diagram is of a cupped hand pushing -- ⊏)
⊐   right, down, left (box) — Show Add-ons Bar (diagram is of a cupped hand pushing -- ⊐)
ag - Desktop/Mobile user agent (toggle)
◻   right, down, left, up (box) — Toggle Full Screen (like the full screen symbol)
L — Lock/Unlock screen (refers to locking in Landscape/Portrait)
⊥ — Create gesture for current page [⊥ perpendicular] (needed something really quick, “gest” was not a good choice)
zoom - Show zoom in/out button (toggle)
bd - Backup data
pvt - Browsing without history (toggle)
G — Go to Google
cc — clear cache
play — Edit Add-ons
J — Enable javascript

Gestures can be retraced to make another gesture or enhance a gesture
h - history, requires retracing a small portion
H - requires retracing two parts to get a capital "H"
S - gesture used for Save page from controls
S - retraced once, gesture for Share page (Share symbol used in applications for email, etc.)
S - retraced twice, Send: title/url/desc  of current page via email (includes Evernote-inbox in bcc:)

The following are ordered by actual page titles or their url if no title
tt — 001 Tab Capacity Test
W - 7-day Forecast for (your local weather report) -
scr — 050 Tab Capacity Test
acg — ACGNJ: Amateur Computer Group of New Jersey (
alt - ALT visible (bookmarklet)
ml — Meritline - primary page with current deals (
k — Bookmarks 2012-09-16
cg - Corporate Governance (
myg - Dolphin My Gestures -- David McRitchie
en - Evernote --
shit - Don't Like the MS Office Ribbon? Bring ... -- nice story but misguided results
(finger) —
ff - Firefox Customizations (Notes)
kws — Firefox Keyword Shortcuts
gmail — Gmail
G - Google --
gv - Google Voice --
HREF: - HREF visible - show urls for all links on page (Bookmarklet)
HREF:count - HREF with count (Bookmarklet)
invert - INVERT: (color) 'invert lightness' (Bookmarklet)
nt - NT: New Tab (force links in page to open in new tab - Bookmarklet)
key - KEY: kwywords (Bookmarklet)
(T - tumblr) — David McRitchie - “blog”
(D - tumblr) — David McRitchie - “Dolphin Gestures” specific reference
diff - Quick Diff Online Tool
Q -- Quotes & Info - -- tail begins at 11 o’clock on circle
sd - SDCARD files (where I find some of them)
(point of interest) - Search Page for "My Excel Pages" similar concept to my (newtab) Dolphin page.
ted - TED | Talks | List
tr - TR: google translate - Translates to your language (Bookmarklet)
upd - Up to domain level (Bookmarklet)
Y - YouTube

(cont'd) titles begin with lowercase letters
arc — arc: find archive copies of current url (Bookmarklet)
bord - borders: Show Table Borders (Bookmarklet)
li - bullets:# bullets to numnbers (List Items) (Bookmarklet)
chk - checkmark toggle of every checkmark (Bookmarklet)
def - def: have Google get definition (Bookmarklet)
mya -
hit - hit: hi+int/ext (Bookmarklet)
class - id: Show Classes and IDs (Bookmarklet)
int - int: int/ext internal links in red, external links in blue, within page in orange (Bookmarklet)
linkify - linkify: )(basically requires text to include http:// (Bookmarklet)
loc - loc: provide title and location in a prompt box (Bookmarklet)
m — (minus: javascript link) decrement last numeric in URL address (Bookmarklet)
p — (plus: javascript link) increment last numeric in URL address (Bookmarklet)
ng - ngrams: see TED talk
par - parentips: show title commetns within anchor (Bookmarklet)
qr — (qr: javascript link) Display QR_CODE for current page in pop-up window (Bookmarklet)
ren - ren: Rename tab title (Bookmarklet)
sim - similar: Search - Easily... (Bookmarklet)
sou - source: View Source ?? does it work
subs - subs: Substitution via %S (Bookmarklet)
sym - sym: SYMBOLS for HTML and Excel Use (
tabs —
tickall - tickall: checkmark all checkmark boxes
➿ (eye glasses) - tineye bookmarklet image fingerprinting of the internet (
up - up: Up one Directory level
who - whois: search at or network solutions, or other service based on current url
? - Gesture Help

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This page was introduced on December 26, 2012, some of data came from my Tumblr Blog.

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