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I created this page Sept 11, 2012 with many links to be used anywhere, in any browser without access to all of my desktop bookmarks, and as a home page during browser testing instead of being limited to 4-10 items in a typical "new tab" / "Speed dial" page of thumbnails on early Android speed dials.  Such a page is a better alternative on mobile browsers since adequate scrolling, use of keywords and/or gestures, and lots of bookmarks, and inadequate speed dials are often a problem on mobile devices even if designed specifically for mobile browsers.  This page is working well for me and I am using it as well for my laptop browser.

User agent will show "Android" (or "mobile") if not desktop in Dolphin as in "mobile Safari/".  Firefox will show as (Android; Mobile;…).  You can look at the code on the current page, or you can open What's My User Agent? to see your own and many other random visitors to that site.

Some long standing usages of Firefox have been broken by Firefox, which really makes things difficult for users.  As several people may be aware I have lost most interest in Firefox since Fx 7.0.1 (Oct 2011) due to Bug 656433#c34, Bug 565541#c67, Bug 851702 , and Bug 688841#c11, along with past experiences of keyword shortcuts being severely crippled for an entire year in beta.

Firefox Ease of Use and Problem Solving:

Bookmarklets:  used in Firefox (as keyword shortcuts), or in Dolphin as gestures (my gestures):  o  [no image]  – fake PDF
Mobile device warning:  reference.com does not work well in mobile browsers on these JavaScript and Bookmarklet links.

What is JavaScript:  see developer.mozilla.orgsee Wikipediasee Reference.com
What is a Bookmarklet:  see Ask.comsee Wikipediasee Reference.com
Where can I find a lot of good Bookmarklets:  squarefree.com, my intro for kws.htm, my Firefox links and bookmarklets k.html (about half way down)

Quick examples of bookmarklets I modified for use as Android bookmarks.  They will work and can be demonstrated from desktop browsers as well.

The bookmarklets here for Dolphin and other Android browsers have been modified from and differ from those used on Windows and Macs, particularly the ones that use substitution (%S or %s) in Firefox on PCs, and are using a Prompt box instead on Android. Demo reposition

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Android versions of substitution bookmarklets using Prompts instead of %S:
It appears that a bookmark with substitution using %S (Smart bookmark) will work on one computer with Chrome, but not on another one with Chrome and not in other Chromium browsers.  the bookmark title begins with the shortcut and has %S or substitution. testing: of w:   (can't duplicate here guess it actually has to be a bookmark).
Two more dictionaries: EasyDefineHyperDic hyper-dictionary,  (presented as links not bookmarks)

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List (...)
Many links on this page have additional important notes about their content and usage, please click on the "paren tips" bookmarklet link above.

Test of ADD_DATE= used in exported bookmarks:  ||  added: modified: || used toISOString() instead of toDateString() or toGMTString() || ADD_DATE="1587596084" in YouTube videos (I would prefer yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm as a local time)

Firefox desktop: "int/ext links" will fail in Firefox when my style #17357 is used in Firefox) to override viewed links as it overrides the bookmarklet

The checkmark bookmarklets would have been great for GMail as the mobile version does not have a global check/uncheck box for the mail search hits, unfortunately GMail uses JavaScript not normal checkboxes, so the two bookmarklets do not work for GMail. 

Real-time HTML EditorBest Online HTML Editor -- convert WYSIWYG ⇄ HTML Source,   generated source partial source Web Development Bookmarklets (Similar Sites indexed in Xmarks),  also see Tools (below)

Mass Install (#massinstall) All of the bookmarklets above are available to be installed by replacement in Android.

  1. Read in Bookmarklets for Tablet (  http://dmcritchie.mvps.org/android/ bookmarklets_for_tablet.html   w/o space ) using "VT View Source - Android Apps on Google Play" on tablet, which allows you to view source of files on tablet and on web, then save on your tablet in /mnt/sdcard/BookmarkSB/bookmarks_for_tablet.html,
  2. then in "Bookmark Sort & Backup (BookmarkSB) - Android Apps on Google Play" you can restore (replaces all bookmarks in Browser) from the local file, you can sort the bookmarks if you want them sorted in the default Browser. You may need to sort them in descending order before importing them into another browser such as Dolphin.
  3. Bookmarks installed in Browser can be used or imported into other browsers, some have a folder that simply contains "system bookmarks".
  4. Speed Dial with folders (don't know if I can find listing of what I am using in Dolphin). [_]
For more information see gestures and mygestures. You can also check out "myapps" to see what APPs I use.

Installing bookmarklets into Dolphin is very tedious but it can be done. (#dolphinbookmarklets)(#dolphin)

Dolphin Gestures, and Dolphin MyGestures.  The bookmarklets above required some modifications to work in Dolphin -- Code modifications changes for Dolphin: %20 (space, or remove), %22 and " (dquote to squote sign), %3A to colon, %3C to less than sign, %3D to equal sign, %3E to greater than sign, %7C to OR or concatenation sign ("|"). [Bookmarklets with code modified for Dolphin text file no longer maintained][HTML Symbols Tables π ⌘ ★ ⛷ ❖ 📅 📋 📺].

Problems with installing bookmarklets into Dolphin directly into your Dolphin bookmarks.  You could use Firefox on Android to copy the link, but that takes longer than using the "Remote Web Desktop" to share the clipboard.  More to the point is that Dolphin lacks the ability to bookmark a bookmarklet as found on a web page (such as in demo above, because there is no "Copy Link Location", and also no "Bookmark Link" where JavaScript links are involved, and no drag and drop a link into bookmarks.

Also of interest is this page “(newtab)” page, and Dolphin Bookmarklet Tests.

Links for Dolphin Browser (my use is on a Lenovo A1-07 Android tablet)   (#dolphin_support)

Android links: -- table for Android Browsers comparison of invoking frequently used browser features.

Links for Evernote, create and share your data across your devices. (overview) (Introduction)   (Developers)(#evernote)

Quick Links: (abandoned) Freedom pop usage (free wi-fi/voice with 500MB monthly limit),  GrooVe IP — A Free Calling App [App] . Overdrive User Guide (PDF).

Pogoplug   (#pogoplug) (abandoned)
Pogoplug will act as an a external USB drive at home to expand disk capacity available on my laptop and that works. I thought I would also be able to access my photography images anywhere, anytime, with my normal browsers, photoediting software and other software on laptop, and on my tablet -- that is not the case. When away whether it is you or you shared a folder with someone, you only can see a file one at a time by first downloading it, therefore viewing HTML files; with images and links or editing photos is not possible (or extremely convoluted).

Here is a link to a test folder on the devices, and link to my Pogoplug notes in Evernote.  I expected the test folder to act the same as my tab_capacity testing, where I can see directory and click on links to view web pages, and click on links within the web pages.  Links can only address to a folder not to a file.  I had to install their backup software to obtain device letter assignment at home and to copy folders and files with XCOPY at home to populate device, but I cannot access them as web files on the internet. 

Trying to access the images away from home (on on a tablet) looks like a freaking slide show with annoying blinking and advertising for facebook and twitter making an impossible situation even more impossible.  The data is supposed to be on my system not on other servers yet there is a copyright notice not mine, and files like PDF's get converted by their servers in other words everything appears to be passing through their servers.  How secure is that.  Actually maybe use of their servers is needed for encryption and delocalization but that might be a Smartplug addition.

Peripherals: Formatting a USB Flash Drive to NTFS file system [link OK/not 404]

Local NJ Events

Events   (#nj_events)   (the four patch.com sites appear to work despite pings showing up as broken, remove /events from end of patch urls)

New Jersey:


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