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  The material contained in this library is a part of a unique
  collection of coding and documentation.

  Commercial distribution and for sale distribution by anyone other
  than the author is expressly prohibited.  No commercial distribution
  is currently intended.  Redistribution from other than my website is
  also currently prohibited.

  You may make a copy of my macros for your own use or use at 
  your site by copying material from my web site and you may modify 
  your copy.  This does not include a license to redistribute 
  or place on another website without specific permission.

  My name and identification with my site in my coding and
  documentation must remain intact.  Likewise if another author
  is involved you may not remove their name.   The purpose of this
  is that people get credit for their work.

  Please email your comments and suggestions to my email address,
  as found on my web pages, the one below will also work.

  The material in this library is available and located
  on my website(s) including.  (the site gets updated)
      "My Excel Macros" which can be found at

      "The REXX Macros Toolbox" which can be found at

  The following websites at Geocities exist but are not updated.

  Just a reminder,  Copyright law does not require the inclusion 
  of a copyright notice.  This notice is included mainly for 
  those who think a copyright notice is necessary -- it isn't. 

                               F. David McRitchie
                               The REXX Macros Toolbox
                               My Excel Macros
                               Email:  dmcritchie.. at
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