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  • Bookmarks as used in Firefox
  • Bookmarklets as used in both Internet Explorer and in Firefox
  • Keyword Shortcuts full features of Keyword Shortcuts are only available in Firefox
  • Reduce clutter on you bookmarks toolbar by using Keyword Shortcuts only available in Firefox with all of these features.
    1. Used as bookmark alias to invoke a specific bookmark or bookmarklet.
    2. Used as a bookmark alias with substitution to invoke a search with arguments.  g: firefox keywords (Google Search)
    3. Reduce the number of bookmarks needed by supplying filename as the substitution to brought up at a site.  ff: bookmarklets.htm (this page)
    4. Used with Javascript as bookmarklets to bring up several pages and apply the same parameters or search terms for each page. Shopping: GPS

    This page was introduced on March 30, 2005. 
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