Find appears to be working a bit better in so have removed the following content from my firefox.htm web page.  [Even with still does not have match word.] Even in Find does not always work so is unreliable.

Find in Firefox (#find)Ok in (but did fail after checking for updates/update worked again once restarted)
A change that I really disliked that was introduced in Firefox 1.0PR was the change to Find (Ctrl+F) that puts a find toolbar at the bottom of the window.  But after I realized that it will never put the dialog in the middle of the screen obscuring what you are looking for I actually like it.   And though I don't see it documented the important part I was missing is that you can use the Esc key to remove the Find toolbar before leaving it as opposed to having to click on the [x] to close the find toolbar.   Use ' to find link text or / to find text.    There is still no provision for find whole word(s) but the addition of Match case brings it pretty much inline with Find usage elsewhere.  After Firefox updates Make sure you have unchecked Begin finding when you begin typing (formerly Find As You Type) under Options, Advanced, General(tab), Accessibility as Find will work better and would probably allow use of single key shortcuts in Context Menu Extensions].   The Find in Help works the same as always.   Also be careful you don’t invoke the other option, “Allow text to be selected with the keyboard” (formerly Move system caret with focus/selection), as you would lose the ability to page down using the Space bar.  (See Problem with Find)

Removed from firefox.htm on 2006-11-27 Firefox 1.5 now that Fx2 is out 1 month

The following things fail in Firefox (#ffp15)

This section has been  tinted  and will be removed later, because most or of these problems have been resolved.  Will be keeping something on the intercept dialog when installing extensions.
These Firefox 1.5 / 1.5.01 problems are in addition to unresolved problems previously mentioned.
  • Forward button is automatically loaded with a link without having gone there.  Have to look into -- Mozilla has implemented 'intelligent caching' on the forward and back buttons.  Definite connection with Browse images and some kind of connection to forums activity to get to the next message. [My problem in failing to read/understand what extensions may affect the Forward button]
  • GreaseMonkey and Platypus just before an after had so much trouble with these Greasemonkey not using old scripts and Platypus not saving that I cleared out all scripts and started over on Firefox 1.5.  Note new location for gm_scripts.  In Platypus turn off the Ctrl+S option for automatic save because it doesn't work, then you will use Save from the context menu and then Install from popup or new tab to "Install Script".
  • SearchBar, lost all added search engines and can't add additional ones, and even if I could, there are variations with the same name and different authors, making the process very confusing, it will take awhile to find and reinstall all that I had.
  • SLOW, haven't checked things that I did before to speed up, but changes seem to be still in place.
  • Extensions disabled as not compatible to Firefox fewer now than before, a few are still marked in listing below.
  • Firefox is already running, even if you don't get a message and don't see Firefox on the task bar but it won't start you may find it in the running tasks (Ctrl+Alt+Del), and will have to use End Process within the Windows Task Manager to eliminate them, then start Firefox over again.
  • Firefox has some reduced sized open windows that all they show is a about a one inch title bar with titlebar buttons.  I can enlarge them but it is an annoyance, along with the Firefox windows that are blank and still have Mozilla in the title bar instead of Firefox.
The following are puzzlers:
  • Ctrl+Shift+Y toggles cursor usage from arrow to cross-hair and brings up a style page (Firefox or Linkification) -- still does it with Linkification disabled.  Don't know if related to text box with URL or image information that sometimes is too sticky. Appears to be related to Web Developer (css, style) changes cursor, but WD will show style content for item at cursor.
Improvements with Firefox 1.5:
  • Update Now [ext] Tools, Extensions list includes an update box when an update is available, and the Extensions list indicates problems such as “Disabled not compatible with Firefox 1.5” so you know that you probably did not purposely disable it.  The same error would be in black if you had purposely disabled.
  • Fragment-id works within keyword shortcuts
New Features in Firefox 1.5: Summary: Problems with GreaseMonkey and/or Platypus creating GreaseMonkey scripts has not been overcome -- this is no good. If GreaseMonkey works don't upgrade and if it doesn't work then upgrading probably will not help.
Scripts originally used with GM 3.5 still not working, the GM button on the status bar does not directly turn on/off GM, if you have 100 or scripts you have to catch the menu and scroll down to the bottom.  I didn't care that I could not access scripts from Tools,scripts -- it was perfectly acceptable to go to Tools, extensions, options, GM.  But I would want the button to simply do one thing -- return to simply toggle GM on/off.