Portable Firefox version of Listing

Compatibility testing with Firefox version has been disabled from the start of use of Firefox 2 -- see bottom of this page for how it was disabled. 

A descriptive Summary of each of the listed extensions can be found as part of my Firfox Customizations (Notes) at (#ext) [http://www.mvps.org/dmcritchie/firefox/firefox.htm#ext]

Prior to Firefox 2, I had these disabled,
either on purpose or not compatible with
 * autositemap 2005.12.21 [disabled]
 * BugMeNot 1.3 [disabled]
 * Linkification 1.3.0 [disabled]
 * MeasureIt 0.3.6 [disabled]
 * PDF Download 0.7.6 [disabled]
 * Plain Text to Link 1.5.20060124
 * SEO For Firefox 2.1.0 [disabled]
 * Talkback [disabled]
 * ViewSourceWith [disabled]

The following additional extensions are/were disabled
when I first installed Firefox 2 (Fx2 notes)
 * Aardvark 1.1 [disabled]
 * antipagination 2005.12.21 [disabled]
 * Cache View 1.6 [disabled]
 * Copy Plain Text 0.3.2 [disabled]
 * Copy URL + 1.3.2 [disabled]
 * CSSViewer 1.0.1 [disabled]
 * Disable Targets For Downloads 1.0.1 [disabled]
 * Enhanced Bookmark Search [disabled]
 * Extended Cookie Manager 0.7 [disabled]
 * Jump Link 1.3.2 [disabled]
 * keyconfig 20050313.1 [disabled]
 * Line Marker 2.0.2006072201 [disabled]
 * Menu Editor 1.2.2 [disabled]
 * MetaTags 2.3.5 [disabled]
 * Open Long Url 0.2.2 [disabled]
 * Read Easily 1.0.2 [disabled]
 * Redirect Remover 1.1 [disabled]
 * Resizeable Textarea 0.1b [disabled]
 * Search Engine Ordering 0.9.6 [disabled]
    drooped, but important component has
    been Replaced by Add Search Engines
 * searchcache 2005.11.28 [disabled]
 * Site Inspector [disabled]
 * Sort Bookmarks 0.7.0 [disabled]
 * Sort Extensions and Themes 3.0.3 ,
 * Translate [disabled]
 * TripleSelect 1.7 [disabled]
 * undoclosetab 20051204 [disabled]
 * UrlParams 2.01.00 [disabled]
 * View Cookies 1.6 ,
 * View Source Chart 2.4.05 ,
 * Work Offline 1.2 [disabled]
 * X-Ray 0.7 [disabled]

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Extensions (enabled: , disabled: ):

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This listing was created by the Infolister Extension, and shows the Extensions, and Plug-ins that I have chosen.  You can learn more about my choice of extensions at my Firefox Customizations (notes) webpage.

The customized template used to create this page can be found at http://www.mvps.org/dmcritchie/firefox/infolister_template.txt  and you can create your own template if you want something different than the default listing see InfoLister Help: Templates syntax [http://mozilla.doslash.org/infolister/templates/]

maxVersion has been included and when the Firefox extension has been update will show the maximum Firefox version that the Extension will run on, which should help in planning with upgrading to a major Firefox version. 

Compatibility Testing Disabled: extensions.checkCompatibility set to False in about:config
More information:  Forcing Extensions by creating extensions.checkCompatibility and setting to False.  You are using Disable so don't toggle Enable which refers to overriding ALL deprecated extensions not specific to anything selected.  Those that have been forced are marked with an exclamation point on their icon, but there is no indication on the InfoLister listing (this listing).

You can make the links on this page visible by installing the "HREF Visible" bookmarklet, which I tried to include here but it would not make it through the template code in usable condition.  Go to the link and drag the named bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar to install it -- you can also give the installed bookmarklet a keyword of "href:" to provide another means of accessing it.  Would also recommend installing and using the "Paren Tips" bookmarklet.

This list could be improved with a SCRIPT function within the template or with a change to InfoLister so that the TITLE would return doubled quotes ("e;"e;) within so that title="%description%" would properly process embedded quotes.  Using title='%description%' won't work either because some descriptions contain single quotes (Menu's).  Could also be needed to process ampersands within homepageURL

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