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Asa Dotzler: Firefox and more: custom keyword bookmarks
Asa Dotzler: Firefox and more: a needed doc
Asa Dotzler: Firefox and more: extending firefox search
Asa Dotzler: Firefox and more: Mozilla bookmarks
Bug 112292 -- [rfe] Import keyword from links (support lossless exchanging of bookmarks)
Bug 123006 -- Keyword substitution with %s doesn't escape characters
Bug 196626 -- don't replace "keyword %s" with url immediately if url is javascript:*
Bug 224408 -- Don't expand typed bookmark keyword query in URL history
Keyword Bookmarklets for Scripters


Basil's Bodacious Blog » Blog Archive » Availability of new (AMO) site
Chris Ilias’ Blog : Any lost bookmarks in Firefox 3?

Extension that should be part of Firefox

Keywords and the awesomeBar are the two best timesaving features of Firefox. The "OpenBookk" extension should be part of Firefox.

OpenBook :: Add-ons for Firefox
Originally to put the keyword into the bookmars menu without the single line userChrome.css change but it now also allows for customization of the Add Bookmark dialog. The bookmarks tree can be automatically opened and elements can be revealed or hidden. Also, the dialog can be resized!

Keyboard Shortcuts

should probably another topic for mapping and using Keyboard shortcuts (SKIP this topic if just looking for Keyword Shortcuts)

Bug 57805 -- front end for customizing keyboard shortcuts (configurable/user-defined keys)
Firefox Keyword Shortcuts
Some suggestions for creating and maintaining keyword shortcuts for use in Firefox. -- David McRitchie
Keyboard shortcuts

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Misguided method of adding keyword to Add Bookmark dialog because you have to click on a widget to bring up keyword which is actually in the main index record of a bookmark, and Tags are not.
Bug 123006 -- Keyword substitution with %s doesn't escape characters
Bug 212605 -- Include Bookmark Keywords in autocomplete and give them priority over history [SeaMonkey]
Expects typing a keyword without any operands to show up in autocomplete
Bug 213402 -- bookmarks folders should also have keywords
Bug 215175 -- bookmark keyword cannot be used to open bookmark in sidebar
Bug 215658 -- Quick Search Bookmarks won't load in Sidebar when using keyword
Bug 246848 -- Bad encoding by searching using bookmark keywords
Bug 258223 -- Bookmark keyword quicksearch need a way to specify character encoding for query URLs
Bug 261175 -- Keyword search should not require a name to be created
Bug 270703 -- quick search keyword %s now escapes characters (expansion no longer works when string includes "/", "@")
Bug 272359 -- Use of keyword link shortcut with %s used with fragment id change # to %23
2004-11-29 Marked as a duplicate of 270703 and fixed there along with other problems with character substitutions by making a distinction between %s and %S
Bug 356733 -- "Add a Keyword for this search": poor wording, as the item is often not a "search".
Bug 359809 -- Bookmark Keyword searches are not encoded properly (though keyword.URL is)
Bug 362164 -- Add a shortcut field to the "Add bookmark"-dialogue
Bug 389903 -- Autocomplete custom keywords with parameters (but only after I type a space)
Bug 404507 -- Can't assign bookmark keywords from "Add Bookmark" dialog
This is the BUG all other keyword request were moved to and then closed , but has been reopened. This one is a SURVIVOR and was marked REOPENED after continuous attempt to suppress one of the BEST features in Firefox and was part of Firefox when Firefox started. Tips-and-tricks had a setting to changed long gone.
Bug 405795 -- Can't access all bookmark properties from location bar yellow star ("Edit this bookmark" popup, cannot change Keyword, Description, Location)
Bug 419713 -- Lost ability to add keyword when adding bookmark (Ctrl+D)
Bug 420813 -- Bookmark dialog disappears if we move other window to the front and then back
Bug 422026 -- bookmark keywords with spaces don't work (trigger search behavior rather than the keyword)
Bug 441333 -- Search plugins take precedence over keyword searches
Bug 524071 -- Places UI (3.7): Bookmark contextual dialog should be detachable into a persistent sidebar
Bug 530076 -- Preemptive search keyword suggestions in location bar dropdown menu
Counts - Counting bookmarks history links and other data - Firefox - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Internet Archive Wayback Machine
k.html Examples of keyword shortcuts (830 bookmarks/bookmarklets, 587 of them have keyword shortcuts)
Generated for K folder on bookmarks bar 586 Key word shortcuts (keywords:count). 244 bookmarks w/o keywords, for awesombar reference 200 JavaScript bookmarklets (bml:), 206 substitution %S (href: - found using Find All (Find Bar count) Purpose of this file is to insall as -K- folder on Bookmarks toolbar (singleletter K).
Keyword addition for Add/Change Bookmark (Fx3) | [ 557 installs]
KeywordBar [not updated for Fx3, Downloads 15,353 ]
keywordManager :: Add-ons for Firefox [for Fx 3.5 and up, Downloads 4,435 ]
List of keyword searches - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Mozilla Custom Keywords
-- How Cool are Custom Keywords? -- by Asa Dotzler
OpenBook [Downloads 356,185 ]
Customize Firefox, Thunderbird, and other Mozilla products with thousands of free extensions and themes.
Places -- bookmark tags
Places is a new feature in Firefox 3
Smart keywords
The Burning Edge » Blog Archive » 2004-08-26 Branch builds
//QUOTE/ Quicksearch bookmarks and quicksearch keywords are far more convenient [than Search Bar] /QUOTE//
User:JesseW/BookmarkletsUniversal (NO KEYWORDS)
211 Javascript categorized bookmarklets with text code/references, no Keywords, not as bookmarklets links