An Introduction to Firefox Features and Customization
by David McRitchie

Abstract: Firefox can be used as a simple web browser or expanded by using or adding additional features.  Keyboard shortcuts greatly facilitate usage in all browsers.  There is a lot more available in Firefox such as keyword shortcuts that can greatly expand the utility of Firefox. For example the location bar autocomplete (awesomeBar) combines searching, within your own web bookmarks and history, for strings within titles, urls, and tags together or separately.  A lot of the real power of Firefox is in its extensions and other customizations.  Blocking ads and pop-ups is just the start of what you can do.
Bio:  David McRitchie runs the ACGNJ’s Firefox SIG once a month.

Firefox 4 Introduction

Firefox Customizations (Notes)

Fx4: Firefox 4.0 Problems/Solutions and Orientation

Firefox Documentation Locators


Documentation on Keyword Shortcuts / Install those I use along with
documentation and help references that will work from the AwesomeBar

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