Wiki markup language is similar to HTML but the tags don't use <...>, at least not in preferred forms.

Wiki Markup

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Firefox related Wikis of interest (#firefox)

Tables (#tables)

There are various wiki's, and these may or may not pertain to ones that I'm likely to be working on, but here is a list. Googled: wiki table cell coloring hex

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Internal and External references (#internal)

Images (#images)

Images are loaded up on the rightside column of MozillaZine pages with "Upload".

Images in a Wiki are codes as follows: The following example in "Location Bar" was coded to match the source in here. [[Image:ff_switch_to_tab.png|switch to tab]]

Image as a linked to object coded as follows: The following example is in "Lost Bookmarks"
(see [[media:clearcache.png|picture]])

Signature Lines (#signature)