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Example of Table created using XL2HTML macros

The XL2HTMLx macro creates a table of about 6 KB, compared to a 16 KB table is you let Excel create the webpage using a selection and choose non-interactive.
 1  A1 B1 C1 D1  E1 F1  G1  H1  I1 J1 K1
 2 A2 B2  A D2 7  F2   9,599.31   H2 I2 J2  K2
 3 A3 B3  E D3 50  F3   68,566.53   H3 I3 J3  K3
 4 A4 B4  F D4  60  F4  82,279.84    H4 I4 J4 K4
 5 A5  B5  A  D5  85  F5  116,563.10    H5 I5 J5 K5
 6 A6 B6  A D6  58  F6  79,537.18    H6 I6 J6 K6
 7 A7 B7  F D7 20  F7   27,426.61   H7 I7 J7  K7
 8 A8 B8  D D8 1  F8   1,371.33   H8 I8 J8  K8
 9  Test data to check pasting from an HTML table with firefox into Excel.   More test data newline between aa
 aa the two groups of a's.

An Example of the same table converted via Excel

Since the XML code generated by Excel with Pulish a page for a selection is would not fit in with this page you will have to click here to see the 16 KB equivalent of this page.

Conversion of the Table on this page back to Excel

Selecting the table in Internet Explorer and pasting to Excel is never a problem.

Selecting the table from Firefox appeared to work today (2006-08-26 Firefox, though is not normally expected, and I'm sure it did not work with the very same table in the past (have recently made sure caret option is false in Firefox), or it could be taht the table was created by my Excel macros and not by Excel and I hadn't really tried this particular table in Firefox before.  If it doesn't work then use IEView or Launchy extension to switch to Internet Explorer and copy into Excel from there.

This page was introduced on April 09, 2005. 
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