The use of frames can be useful and produce a nice appearance for a site. 

Some things I don't like about frames.

  1. Frames have been used to make a site appear to have content which it does not.  They have been used to assume credit for someone else's work.  They have been used to discredit someone else.
  2. They are hard to bookmark because you will be bookmarking the encompassing frame and may find it difficult to find the frame that you actually want on a later return.
  3. People have had their sites incorporated into sites that have advertising and lawsuits have resulted.  To discourage this I have put my location right on the page and have provided an escape.  The escape is easily coded and can be tested on this page.
[View without Frames]

To prevent anyone from including your page in a frame

  • Escaping Frames via Java Script.

    To start over with:

  • bookmarklets.htm page without any splits.
  • Single vertical split.
  • Single horizontal split.

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