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Information provided at this site shows REXX macros that I have created.   You are free to copy material from my sites for your own use with the stipulation that the original author, which is usually me, remains credited and that no charge or licensing fee accrues to any party.   All rights for future publication and or profit reserved for the original author.   Please do not redistribute them as your own, thank you.  Distribution is permitted only from this site. 

      F.  David McRitchie


Email: DMcRitchie@hotmail.com
URL: http://www.mvps.org/dmcritchie/home.htm


I live in central New Jersey and am running SPF/PC under Windows NT at home.  I am now a downsized MVS Systems Programmer.  One of my off hours interests was clists (before REXX).  Since being introduced to REXX about 1990, I converted most of my clists to REXX.  My macros have saved me a lot of time over the years and I found that I hardly ever had to write a real (batch) program anymore.  Anyway, my main job was installing software not writing it.  I used macros to precheck some of the syntax in PL/I, DCF, and now HTML.  Under TSO the most useful macros were @DIR, PLICHK, and REFORMAT.  In working on the PC the equivalent of @DIR at the moment is @STRAP dir *.*.  REFORMAT is still just as useful, and the macros beginning with HTML...  have been extremely useful in building and maintaining my web pages.  HTMLSYN has been particularly useful in checking for keying errors and syntax.  I also maintain some Excel pages. 

Experience with the following:

My main interests have been in writing utility types of programs and in documenting them.   Being able to carry at least some of the programming and documentation across platforms is also an interest.   Most of my experiences involves PL/I, REXX, or SCRIPT/VS. 

Advanced Function Presentation (AFP)
Document Composition Facility (DCF)
Print Services Facility (PSF)

The Rexx Macros Toolbox has been mentioned in the following publications:  Mainframe Week as site of the week, issue 33, 21 August 2002 (url: mfm). 
My Excel Pages has been mentioned in the following publications: 


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