Web Browser Suggestions for viewing .SPF

Web Browser Suggestions for viewing .SPF extensions and for viewing non-grayed .TXT extensions at The REXX Macros Toolbox.

If you have SPF/PC the blue text will be of particular interest to you.  If you don't have SPF/PC you might want to add the SPF extension to the TXT and TEXT extensions in the Helpers, then since you do not have SPF/PC you should basically ignore most of the remaining blue text and paragraphs mentioning SPF, SPFEDIT or SPF/PC. 

Keep track of original settings to your Web Browsers before making any changes.
Backup your c:\netscape\netscape.ini before making changes, I periodically copy some files to backup set of files having lost my bookmark.htm file on many occassions.
Keep track of original settings to your Web Browser before making any changes.

How to read transfered files with SPF/PC using SCRLF in profile

Before continuing, I would like to point out that most of us PC users are used to CRLF (Carriage Return Line-Feed x'0d0a').  Some servers use only CR (x'0D').  UNIX or AIX use only the LF (x'0A').  In order to Read something from the Internet you might create additional profiles (=0.7) such as STXT, SHTM, and SHTML; corresponding to TXT, HTM and HTML except that SCRLF is used until you have saved the file.  Once the file has been saved it will be CRLF and you can use your normal profiles.  Profile can be overridden on the EDIT panel (=2).

Using Internet Explorer

Originally I was using Internet Explorer only for off-line use on my own files, but am using it exclusively now. 

If the application that opens .SPF files is not acceptable it can be changed in the following manner: This was adapted from something in 95 Tips and Tricks.  I have since changed my web files with .SPF extensions to .TXT, which makes it easier to maintain website and for others to view the files.:

Colors: There is a default gray screen when viewing .TXT files.  I choose to use a white or pale yellow background.  Following is what I am using.  The important option is to turn off the Windows colors option.  But I will list how to get to options and all of the options that I am using: toolbars All options checked except links.  Links is not checked because I can't use Iexplorer online..  Once out of menus, move the bottom of the menu bar up as high as it will go, and use the address, links areas to change menu between address and other options, but this allow more document space for viewing.  On the view menu toolbar and status bar are normally checked on.

Using the Netscape browser

View Source with SPF/PC

View Source:  Enter the location of a source viewer application. The source viewer application displays a page's text embedded with the HTML formatting commands. Netscape can open any text editor to do this.
using Options --> General --> APPS
alternate:  (leave blank)
alternate:  c:\winnt\system32\notepad.exe [even though Netscape is 16-bit]
Temporary Directory:  Enter a location to store files which are used and automatically disposed of by Netscape. Before a helper application executes, Netscape temporarily stores application files onto disk. After the helper application is exited, Netscape deletes the files.
using Options --> General --> APPS
Temporary Directory:  c:\temp
I am using SPFEDIT.BAT which allows me to hit PF3 once and be out of SPF invoked from the browser.  Note the file being edited is a temporary file not the actual file even when the browser is pointed to your own disk files.  To use SPFEDIT.BAT or c:\spfpc40\spfpc.exe you must have SPF/PC.
Options --> General Preferences --> Helpers
  text/spf    SPFEDIT    spf 
  launch from: d:\goodies\spfedit.bat

Helpers -- Original

type:/subtypeActionlaunched fromExtensions
application/pdfACRORD32 c:\acrobat3\reader\acrord32.exepdf
application/rtfAsk User  rtf
text/html Browser  html,htm
text/plainBrowser  txt,text

Helpers -- Modified

type:/subtypeActionlaunched fromExtensions
application/pdfACRORD32 c:\acrobat3\reader\acrord32.exepdf
application/rtfAsk User  rtf
text/html Browser  html,htm
text/plainBrowser  txt,text
text/spf SPFEDIT d:\goodies\spfedit.batspf
To change .spf to the Browser check the Action: Browser radio button.
To revert .spf back to Save File, remove spf from extensions.

In order to temporarily bring up Save to File hold down the SHIFT key while clicking the hypertext entry with the mouse.

The spfedit.bat works better than spfpc.exe since since PF3 will exit immediately.  Suggest using the Browse button to fill in the launch applications field as the most reliable approach to filling the field.

You may want to change to the Browser or to SPF by changing these options depending on what you want to paste into.  SPF/PC does not use the Windows clipboard. 

My Fonts in use with Netscape

Fonts are a rather personal thing; however, trying to code for both Netscape and MS Internet Explorer is next to impossible. 

In Netscape I have set the Fixed Font slightly smaller than the Proportional font.  This makes the horizontal spacing appear closer to the proportional font.

In IExplorer you do not have a choice the fixed font will be smaller than the proportional font, and in the case of Preformatted text (<PRE>), IExplorer will make it much smaller [sometimes it can be almost impossible to read].  This may contribute to the bloated HTML code that MS Internet Assistants generate.

For this reason for compatibility and to be able to read material it would be best to use fixed (<TT>) in preference to preformatted (<PRE>), if possible.

I am very much aware of these differences.  On the internet I use Netscape.  On my own system I use IExplorer mainly so that I can change the code and for consistency.  Bookmarks in IExplorer are local, in Netscape they are mainly for the internet.

Options --> General Preferences --> Fonts

The use of <TT>Typewriter tag</tt> uses the pointsize (1/72 inch per point) you set in Netscape.  In IExplorer it is reduced by about 1 points if you use Medium (10 point). 

Compare to the use of <PRE> In Netscape the fontsize appears to be inreased by one point.  In IExplorer it appears to be reduced by one point.

      @echo off
      spfpc %1 /e
[These are guesses on my part -- I am only sure that they are treated differently].
The appearance of this table will depend on your own font usage
SizeProportionalFixed <TT>Mixed and Bold Preformatted <PRE>
-2The Red FoxThe Red FoxThe RED Fox
The RED Fox
-1The Red FoxThe Red FoxThe RED Fox
The RED Fox
 The Red FoxThe Red FoxThe RED Fox
The RED Fox
+1The Red FoxThe Red FoxThe RED Fox
The RED Fox
+2The Red FoxThe Red FoxThe RED Fox
The RED Fox

Change viewing of .TXT from gray background

Elimination of the gray color associated with .TXT is accomplished by changing the default color.  Choose white or a light buff color.

Using the AOL Browser

Colors:  AOL does not provide color overrides except in the choice of a default white or a default grey background.  Choose the white as follows:


You might want to make up a SPFEDIT.BAT file to edit a file with the /e automatically included when invoking SPF/PC.
      @echo off
      spfpc %1 /e