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This is a tip (Tom Ogilvy) on translating English functions to the language of your Excel.

  1. Go into the VBE in the immediate window
  2. Put in something like
    Range("A1").Formula = "=Sum(B1:B10)"
  3. Then hit enter.  Now look at A1 and the formula should be translated.
There is at least one MS KB article on obtaining a list of function names used in another language but I can't find them at the moment. -- David


The following macros were posted by Harald Staff (misc 2000-10-02 & 2000-10-27)

Just a tip: I use this little macro to insert english/american formulas into my norwegian Excel.   It translates syntax to Norwegian and corrects the [list] separators.  To enter an english formula (like copy-paste from these newsgroups), use this little macro and Excel translates to your language.

Sub InsertEnglishFormula()
  ActiveCell.Formula = _
    InputBox("Insert and translate this formula:")
End Sub
To see the USA english formula of the active cell, use this little macro:
Sub EnglishFormula()
    MsgBox ActiveCell.Formula
End Sub
Related information on viewing formulas can be found on my Formula page (David).

The Following has not been testing under another language with is it's intended use.

I don't know how US comma delimitors would affect this so you
might want to run a few tests -- I guess you would have to
change them to your own after pasting and before hitting [OK].

Cells to the right of Column A should be blank to allow expansion
across them if needed.

Sub ShowEquivalentFormula()
   Dim USFormula As String
   USFormula = InputBox("Supply US version of formula," _
      & Chr(10) & "Cell A1 will receive changed formula", _
      "Translate formula", "=LEN(A2)")
   If USFormula = "" Then
      MsgBox "you chose CANCEL"
      Exit Sub
   End If
   On Error GoTo incomplete
   [a1].Formula = USFormula
   [a1].Formula = "'" & [a1].Formula
   Exit Sub
   MsgBox "Error occurred while attempting to convert" _
     & Chr(10) & USFormula & Chr(10) & Chr(10) & _
     "Please ignore results in cell A1"

There was a page for code (code/substitute.txt for this page but found did not need to convert the URLs for direct usage in Babel Fish afer all.

Function URL_x(str) As String
    'David McRitchie, 2003-07-14 for language.htm
     'usage   =personal.xls!url_x("")
     '-- turned out did not need on language.htm page
     URL_x = Application.Substitute(Application.Substitute( _
       Application.Substitute(Application.Substitute(str, _
        ":", "%3A"), "/", "%2F"), "=", "%3D"), "?", "%3F")
End Function

Foreign language URL's translation is available now from basically any language into any other language with Google translate. Was using Babel Fish when I wrote this page handled English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese. I had started out on Lycos from Carnegie Mellon but learned about AltaVista later on from my brother.

It is now 2019 and Babel Fish has not been around for five years, but I have been Google Translate for many years now, and generally would use a bookmarklet to translate the current page from whatever language it is in into my own language(English). You can drag the bookmarklet(tr: translate current page) to your bookmarks and invoke it from there (there is nothing on this page that needs translation).

From Richard at
At, we've published a "long read" on the rise and fall of Altavista's Babel Fish, which I thought make an "easy fix" to send your readers somewhere more useful than the random redirect to the Yahoo homepage. It covers everything from the birth of the first online translator (and the geek-friendly name!) through to its demise at the hands of Google Translate. You'll find the article here:-

This is an old page, and we were all Microsoft MVPs and many of the sites have changed or disappeared as have Laurent's pages. An example of a site I needed to translate, Laurent Longre's site: (not found)   (not found) automatically from French to English using Babel Fish (not found) (not found) (not found)
Once you do the translate it is hard to believe you are looking at a machine generated translation of Laurent Longre's page from French to English, linked to pages will also be translated, watch out for coding.  Note:  Laurent has some pages in English -- Excel add-ins (not found 404) [-- --]

A smaller version of this is currently included at the end of my [index] page.

The Babel Fish translator has been used for some Fun and Games to artificial languages see Google Humor on my Fun Page.

Foreign language Function Dictionaries: (site: Christian Herbé (not found 404) This Excel table also available in HTML format at (not found) « (not found) and is marked courtesy of Laurent Longre (not found)

Language Translations for Excel particularly for Dutch, posting by Eric van Uden, 2003-05-19, (not found)   get XLmenufundict (not found) «, Jan Karel Pieterse, zip file, available at (not found) (links within not found) has a translation list of the Excel built-in command bars and controls and the Excel worksheet functions for the international user:  English, Dutch, Deutsch, Japanese (!), French, Swedish

MS Excel: Analysis ToolPak Translator 7.0 -- (not found) -- Eric Desart with Jurgen aka KeepItCool, Ron de Bruin, Laurent Longre, Jan Karel Pieterse, Roland Greve

I think it is based on Ron's material on John Walkenbach's site
-- Help Context IDs -- (not found) updated (English only) for Excel 2000-2003 (not found) on his own site.

Also see Norman Harker's function list, download at -- includes a Dutch translation (done by Ron de bruin) also some related notes on Ron de Bruin's site (not found)

TranslateIT (formerly:MultiLingual Formula Translator), Jurgen aka KeepItCool, it's link is: (not found)
Toolbar with lookups for functions (bilingual) userform for translation and localization of complete formulas to and from 12 languages with cut and paste for NG browsing/posting. autotranslation of ATP functions (similar but faster than ATP [Analysis ToolPak] translator) Full list of functions in 12 languages.
Excel Function Dictionary « by Peter Noneley is a reference to definitely download and maintain on your computer, the workbook has 157+ sheets each with an explanation and example of an Excel function.
This is not language related but is a great reference and compatible with either of the above language translation workbooks above. I think Peter and others are working on language translations.


This page was introduced on July 27, 2000. 


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