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This list was created using some SPF/PC macros and was originally sorted using an old version of Netscape (pre 4.0), which supported sorting bookmarks.  The date timestamps created using Netscape in the process were then removed.  The content here includes bookmarks found in excel.htm and my other Excel pages as of 1999-02-05.  Additions since then made manually.  Note:  Win98 users can alphabetize Favorites and Start Menu using Menu Snap -- http://www.rietta.com/menusnap/ it does now work with WinNT and wouldn't help with HTML listings anyway.

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The listing below contains links to my pages, and topics on my pages.  Offsite links are included as they are found on individual pages in the related areas as well as few additional links; however, if you are looking for links to other sites John Walkenbach maintains the best Spreadsheet site around and has the best if not the most comprehensive Excel Links page.  I prefer people to come to my site to see my material for it's content (mostly the simple stuff) rather than be known simply as a site for links.  MS KB references not referenced on my pages were seen in newsgroup postings.

Pages with the following links are mine:  and include about 45% of those shown (1999-09-29).

Fixing old  D.e.j.a .. N.e.w.s   entries involved changing prefixes for references as follows:

As on 2001-05-03 The links to Google have been updated to Google on this page.  There are 585 links, of which 374 have http: which means about 211 (or 35%) of links on this page are to my own pages.  About 50 of those outside links are to Google news articles.  I have 117 web pages (.htm) in my Excel directory with counters.

This page was first created on Feb 24, 1999, to index some Onsite pages and related off-site material.
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#, How to find ###### in a cell (John Green 14Jun1999)
=GetFormat(cell) -- Display format used in another cell
=GetFormula(cell) -- Display formula used in another cell
A1ONLY A macro to copy the current sheet and retain only rows that have a perceived value in Column A.  Creates a copy of worksheet and deletes rows with no perceived value in column A.
Academic Affairs SharedForms Server (forms)
Access data into and out of Excel, Using Excel form to gather data for use in Access database, Ronald Dodge. 2001-07-22
Accessibility Options / Working with Disabilities
Accounting Forms, UCDavis
such as BTW - By The Way.
Addin links to additional information
Addin to copy selected sheets, creating an, Harald Staff 2001-03-16 (more things by Harald),
Addin to select which sheets from the active workbook should be copied into a fresh new workbook, and in there which sheets should have their formulas removed and replaced with the cell values.
Adobe Acrobat PDF and Excel
Dialog Boxes -- custom forms, Sheffield Hallam University (Math), also see bldlgs.xls download on this page, part of a tutorial.
Additional Date/Time related shortcuts
Address list, Phone Dialer for use in, John Walkenbach news:OYXnCHEbAHA.996@tkmsftngp03
Adjusting coding when named cells are used
Age in Years, Months, Days
Alan Beban just started his site end of 1999 looks like it will be mainly Array Formulas.
AltaVista Personal Search or Discovery
Alternate-Row Shading in XL97 and above using filters
Alternate-Row Shading using a macro
Analysis ToolPak (list of Analysis Toolpak functions [pak] shown in MS KB Q291058) -- tool pack, toolpack
Additional information and Instructions to install can be found on Chip Pearson's Install ATP page.
AntiVirus Sites/Information
Array Formulas, Bob Umlas (also see Alan Beban's site for Array formulas)
AutoFilter, Display AutoFilter Criteria in Excel (broken link)
Steve Bullen's code to show the criteria actually in use when Autofilter is in Effect.  Article in PC World also has information on use of RANK when tied, and use of alternating stripes via conditional formatting
AutoFilter, Find Excel 2000 Data Quickly With AutoFilter
AutoFilter and Advanced Filter examples using programming (search based on:  excel filter sub programming)
Excel Filters -- AutoFilter Programming (contextures.com)
XL: How to Control the AutoFilter with a Macro (defective HTML coding in MS KB must be viewed in IE)
An advanced filter to extract records in Excel (meadinkent.co.uk)
AutoFit rows of merged cells, Jim Rech, programming, 2002-03-26.
Automation for Project-Based Accounting Systems, (white paper) James A. Litten, Jr.,
Requirements:  Excel 97, 2000; Access 97, 2000; Visual Basic 6 -- also see Q186122
AutoSave, fix for XL2000 not saving settings, Q231117
Average of non zero entries: =sum(a1:c1)/countif(a1:c1,"<>0")
Baarns Consulting, archived Developmental area
Backup your Files, see related area of topic for tips on Data Recovery
Bank Reconciliation by Check Numbers
Beeps set of macros using BEEP command or Wave files
includes the means to create a list in Excel of every wave file, and the means to play all of them or play individually.  An earlier posting indicating how to space beeps apart, BEEP, multiple beeps.  Also see Test Wave in my code area of .wav files. 
Binary to Decimal Converter (dec/hex/binary)
Blinking cells, flashing cells by alternating interior color using ontime, Bill Manville.
BookMarklets, see example on this page that distinguishes between internal or external links.
Regaining control over badly colored webpages with background images are among many things that can be temporarily "corrected" by using bookmarklets.
Bookmarks, Favorites, My Places, Most Recently Used files
Bus Schedule example, with boldface for PM hours.
Birthday and other Date Calculations
BTW, By The Way
Build Table of Contents (BuildTOC) to sheets in your Workbook
Use a sheet named $$TOC for a Table of Contents complete with hyperlinks.  Includes similar material to build a list of hyperlinks for Subroutines and Functions.  Build TOC Another Approach
Backup your files, always take backups
Built-in Constants in Visual Basic for Applications" (WC0993),
xlconstants, Q112671, -- also note use of PF2 in the Visual Basic Editor
Camcorder, Excel; screenshots, creating a Tutorial
Calculate worksheet or workbook (F9 items)
Cells coding (also see Sheets / Worksheets coding
Cell Comment indicator triangle, change color of, Stratos Malasiotis <ieaaf@csv.warwick.ac.uk>
Cell Comments and [and Example]
Change Case (a posted reply)
Also see Proper.
changing date and/or time in footer, without a macro
Charts, Graphs, Examples, Jon Peltier --
site is almost exclusively charts and graphs [site moved from Geocities]
Also see Some Charting Tools for Excel, Ed Ferrero,
Checkbook, "Easy Checkbook for Excel" a PC World Download, also
Check digit for 16th digit of credit card numbers.  Warning if you dropped the 16th digit by accident, rounding may have changed the 15th digit, so the number could still be incorrect even if originally properly entered.
Checkbook, Easy Checkbook for Excel
in PC World.  Also see mine in insrtrow.htm.
Chip Pearson's Excel Pages
Combo Boxes, Create User-Friendly Forms with Combo Boxes (Inside Microsoft Office 2000 (2000)), by Sean Kavanagh, Feb 2000
Class Modules
Discussion of Class Modules.
Links to Chapters from MS publications and papers
Clear Constants from Selected Cells
Code Cleaner, VBA -- Rob Bovey.
Cleaning a project involves saving all of its VBComponents out to text files, deleting the components, then importing the components back from the text files.  Versions for XL95 and XL97/2000.  Stripping comments is optional in XL97/2000 version.
Code names for Microsoft products, i.e. Blackcomb, Longhorn, Office Longhorn, Whistler, Whisper; Other interesting product code names: FoRK Archive: Code Names Uncovered
Collections, some VBA code for looping through collections
Color-MatchingBlues [http://search.zdnet.com/pcmag/issues/1507/pcmg0103.htm]
Color Palette -- the 56 Excel Colors
also see Conditional Formatting
Color, Sorting on Color
Color Stripes, Range, Conditional Formatting, Banding, Greenbar stripes (also see autofilter)
An example of coloring lines when the value in Column D (4th column) is negative. Some information on ranges. A quick look at conditional formatting available with XL97 and later.
column heading rows
can be used in place of headers and can be colored
Column letters in VBA
Alpha to Number:  MsgBox Range("iv1").Column -- MsgBox [iv1].Column
Number to Alpha:  MsgBox Left(Cells(1, 120).Address(0, 0), Len(Cells(1, 120).Address(0, 0)) - 1)
Comments, printing cell comments, Nick Hodge 1999-11-13
Compare two workbooks
Compare, Bill Manville & Myrna Larson see Compare at http://www.cpearson.com/excel/download.htm
Compare two worksheets utilizing a 3rd to mark differences
=IF([Book1]Sheet1!A1=[Book2]Sheet1!A1,"","X") -- Chris Nelson 1999-03-08 -- Jim Rech 1999-02-22
Compare, Robert Bruce see compare at http://www.analytical-dynamics.co.uk/default.aspx?section=utilities&page=home
Comparisons ( of workbooks, worksheets)
Conditional Formatting (onsite), also see 
David Hager's "Excel Experts E-Letter Archives" letters 3, 8, and 14.
(some techniques for those still on XL95 can be found at John Walkenbach's tip 25).
Convert an Excel range to an HTML Table --Charles Balch
Convert negative numbers with a trailing minus sign
Converting Dates to Text
Converting Formula to/from absolute
PF4 will change relative to the absolute (A1, $A$1, A$1, $A1).
Converting Text Data
Converting Text Dates to Dates
Converting Units -- decimal feet to feet and inches
Cool "Secrets" About Microsoft Excel (MS KB) -- Cool Tips
Copy color palettes between workbooks
Copy cells from one sheet to another, Ron de Bruin
Copyright Notice
Count, number of formulas, number of conditional formulasPhil Coxen / Walkenbach (this is not the originally identified articles Walenbach/Hager)
COUNT, Tip 52:Cell Counting Techniques
range using: DCOUNT, COUNT, COUNTA, COUNTBLANK, COUNTIF, and includes one ...
    count of nonblank cells - cells beginning with y - cells beginning with n
    =COUNTA(A2:A100)-SUM(N(A2:A100={"yes","y","no","n"})) -- array formula Alt+Enter
Also see  Summing and Counting Using Multiple Criteria (tip 74)
Also see  COUNTIF stuff, Harlan Grove, Counting blanks (ISBLANK), empty strings, strings with positive length.
And an article for Microsoft Office -- Count and Sum Your Data in Excel
For the equivalent in VBA see Macro to simulate StatusBar Reporting
MsgBox "Count=" & Application.CountA (Range("G:G"))
Counting Years,Months and Days
Tip 55 - John Walkenbach - also gives an idea of what an array formula
is and how to implement.  Also see Tip 43 Multifunctional Functions.
i.e. -- count of cells that contain a number between 3 and 10
Country -- Country Code List, ISO 3166-1 Standard, lists 240 official short names and code elements
Creation of Shortcut keys spreadsheet
CRLF, elimination using a macro; Remove CRLF characters from ClipBoard and/or take the link
CRLF - Lines Split by Carriage Return, Line Feed
CSV (Comma Separated Values .CSV) files
Ctrl+Alt+Delete, David Bradley, "I may have invented it, but Bill made it famous". CNN 2004-01-29
Current Data Region and related items
see your MS Office 95 CD-ROM
Data Recovery, "How to Troubleshoot Damaged Workbooks"
also see related information in backup.
Data Type Summary, VBE HELP: Contents, Visual Basic Language Reference, Groups, Data Type Summary
byte, boolean, integer, long, single, double, currency, decimal, date, object, string, variant, User-defined.
Date & Time this site
Date and Time serials
Date Calculation
Date formatting, windowing and Y2K
date time - DATEDIF (Chip Pearson) Q129277
and see John Walkenbach's XDATEDIF for one without the problems built into Excel dates, developer download for XL97 and above.
Date And Time (David McRitchie)
Date And Time Entry (Chip Pearson)
for XL97 describes how to enter time or dates without separators -- i.e. 1234 for time entry 12:34.
Dates Prior to 1900 and George Washington's birthday
DATETIME (Chip Pearson)
David McRitchie -- My Excel Site
Delete Cells/Rows in Range, based on empty cells -- also macros to delete based on cells that look empty
Delete Rows, with empty cell in a column, Delete Empty Rows
DeleteBlankRows() (Chip Pearson)
on Chip's pages.  If cell in the selected range (one column)
is empty (ISBLANK) then the entire row will be deleted.  Select a single cell, a range in the cell, or the entire column.  Only the usedrange will be processed.
DeleteDuplicateRows() (Chip Pearson)
Chip has made a specialty of Identifying and Deleting Duplicates, and matters concerning Date & Time.
Deleting/Inserting Lines, is easier if OFFSET(row,col) is used
Relates to INSRTROW macro which facilitates inserting lines while retaining formulas. 
Deleting All VBA Code In A Project -- Chip Pearson's "Programming To The Visual Basic Editor"
Determining the Number of Printed Pages (J.Walk tip 65)
Determiningthe Data Type of a Cell (J.Walk tip 62)
Dialer code for Excel, John Walkenbach, 2000-12-22, (phone, telephone), examples:

Using Message-id in Google: COYXnCHEbAHA.996@tkmsftngp03
Using Article Number in Google: http://groups.google.com/groups?oi=djq&ic=1&selm=an_
Using newsid in browser: news:COYXnCHEbAHA.996@tkmsftngp03 will obtain posting from the server, IF and ONLY IF, it is still available.
Digital Signature, Create your own digital certificate
Disk Directories
recursive list through directories -- Jake Marx, programming, Mon Oct 8, 2001
Read a Disk Directory into a Spreadsheet
Dispersion Pattern Analysis [dead link]
Display Sheet Statistics *Tom Ogilvy*
DLL Help Database [http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=/servicedesks/fileversion/dllinfo.asp]
Also see these LockerGnome articles 2003-08-04, 2004-03-01
DOS assignments of the 16 colors (0-15)
DOS Command Line Reference, also available in Windows HELP by that title.
downloads MS Office updates
Drop-Down List of Possible Input Values (Excel), Create a,
Oct 1998, John Walkenbach's column in PC World [broken link] (no macros involved), Or place the values directly into the validation as in another example (Beyond Technology).
Duplicate, delete if entire row equals another
Re: Find and delete duplicate rows macro requested please --- Jerry Hunt
Duplicate Entries (Chip Pearson)
Duplicate Row, remove using Advanced Filter
Re: Locate Duplicate Rows? -- Ogilvy, Thomas -- also works in XL95
Duplicate Entry prevention Chip Pearson has several topics, also -- with Data Validation/settings/custom: =COUNTIF($A$1:$A$20,$A3)=1
Duplicate identification
To show occurrences above 1 to that point (use fill-handle)
or to just show the "Dup" beginning with the second occurrence
or to just show the "Dup-1 o 3", "Dup-2 of 3", ... for all duplicate
    =IF(COUNTIF(A:A, A2)>1,"Dup-" & COUNTIF(A$2:A2,A2)&" of " & COUNTIF(A:A,A2),"")
Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) and NetDDE FAQ
Why it is not replaced by COM, how it works, network DDE, links to other sources of information
Dynamic dropdowns in this context refers to a dynamically changing secondary list,
that changes dependent upon a selection from a primary list. An example is a primary list of continents, and a secondary list showing the countries associated with the selected continent.
Easter Eggs, by Gil Bates PC-World, April 9, 1998
Also see eeggs and check out Easter Eggs at John Walkenbach's Excel site.
EBCDIC, BCD, ASCII, and Excel Sorting considerations
Economic models, Excel workbooks, basic economic models
homework examples from a previous semester (idbsu.edu)
Elapsed Time and Count-Down Timer
ElapsedTimeon *DejaNews* thread
Engineers, Internet Software Guide for Engineers
Watch out for ad popups (see my excel.htm if this link is not found) [archive], Also see Civil Engineering (ICE), Also see Coastal Guide - a quick reference to coastal engineering resources -- Internet Connections for Engineers.
Enhanced Font List available from Woody's VBA Power Tools
EnumerateAddIns() List the add-ins into an "AddinsSheet" in your workbook.
EnumerateSheets macro to list sheets found in workbook, requires two columns. See BuildTOC macro for one with hyperlinks in XL2000.
Equal Length Cells per Column, to copy and paste to a newsgroup
Escape characters  in formats and in System Search
use a backslash (in Unix it is escape character for #,@, and $), in Find/Replace use a tilde.
to search for * or ? or ~, you enter it as ~*, ~? and ~~, respectively.  In headers and footers to see an ampersand (&) double them as in AT&&T.  Double quotes within double quotes are doubled.
Errors, in worksheet functions
Euro currency symbol - euro FAQ (MS KB) and Printing Euro (MS) Also see my home page.
Event, Worksheet Events «, worksheet events provide a means of automatically
triggering a macro when something happens on the worksheet. (change, calculation, double-click, right-click, selection change, worksheet become active or is deactivated, and follow hyperlink).
Excel (J.Walkenbach's site)
Excel 97 SupportSites? response by ...
(Google Usenet archives)
Excel and VBA portions of Internet Software Guide for Engineers(broken link)
Excel and VBA pages -- Frank Isaac
Excel DeveloperTip Archives
Excel FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
Excel FAQ - Excel Application and Files - Contextures.com
Excel FAQs -- list of FAQ by John Walkenbach
Personal Online Support Highlights, access to MS KB and Browseable lists FAQ and articles. (duplicate listing)
Developer FAQ, Baarns.com (archived pages)
ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/usenet/comp.apps.spreadsheets/faq (missing/dead)
Links to some Frequently Asked Questions (excel.htm#faq)
Links to Frequently Asked Questions (faq.htm)
Microsoft Excel for Windows Frequently Asked Questions(MS KB article)
MVP - Most Valuable Professional (duplicate listing)
Posting to Excel Newsgroups - with my additional comments
Excel Newsgroups and Searching Newsgroups, about newsgroups
Excel site (John Walkenbach's -- Excel Spreadsheets pages)
Excel Tips -- John Walkenbach
Excel to HTML links, various references to HTML
on "My Excel Pages (homepage), also see many macros on Build TOC and a page for creating HTML XL2HTM (xl2html.htm)
Excel XP topics
CNET review
Excel Stuff at .edu sites (url:excel and url:edu)
Excel 2000, on MSDN Online Library
What's New for Microsoft Excel 2000 Developers
Excel 2002 (part of Office XP, Office 10), notes from John Walkenbach
Excel 12 Blogs/Information posted by David Gainer (Microsoft)
David Gainer -
Jensen Harris: An Office User Interface Blog
Extrct External Data Examples, Nick Hodge, extracting Access data with query directly from within Excel.
Extract the first two initials
Extraction of a Group of Digits and Dashes, from postings by Harlan Grove
Feet and Inches from feet on Formula page as an example under GetFormat
File Access with Visual Basic® for Applications
How to process files with the file input/output (I/O) functions that Visual Basic for Applications provides. -- MS Support Article        
File Extensions
Places to find them - excel.htm#ext
Filename in a Cell, Header, or Footer
Fill-Handle, Replication and use of the Mouse, ***Fill Handle
Fill handles are used to propagate data through contiguous rows and/or columns based on the current selection.
Fill in the Empty Cells
this macro will fill in empty cells with the content of the cell above
it, providing the cell above is also within the selection range.
FillBlanks() -- like FILLEMPT but works in Excel5 version and up, Gary Barlow 1998-06-30
FillEmpty() - Fill empty cells with value of cellabove, XL95 and above
FillEmpty, Fill in empty cells
Find number of characters in a cell
Find the nth occurance of a word in a string, etc.
Find the nth word in a string
Find the number of words in a string
Find, VBA to search across multiple sheets?
also check two more listed in Find across multiple sheets
First Character checked as alphabetic character
Fit Print to Page, and Adjustments to Layout
FixRightMinus, fix for numbers that have minus sign on right and are treated as text.
Folder, dialog with user suggested folder, for browse or output
FontInfo(cell) displays FONT information for a referenced cell.
Font some information (sketchy)
Fonts, Getting a List of Installed Fonts -- John Walkenbach (tip 79)
A simple technique (for Excel 97 or later) to retrieve a list of installed font names. and an alternative to an API function on Stephen Bullen's site.
footers -- full filename including pathname in Headers and Footers
Format, display format used in another cell, and some custom format examples
Formatting for Date and Time
Formlst.xla and Simtools.xla add-ins available from Northwestern Univ
for heavy statistical modeling, Monte Carlo simulation and Tornado simulation.  Includes formlst.xla to document formulas in use in a given range.
Forms, some links posted by Harald Staff, misc 2001-04-05
Forms, Creating a Custom Form in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office Developer Forum
Formula, Creating a List of Formulas
(J.Walkenbach) uses less coding but is identical in function, to the GetFormulaInfo example from Microsoft.
Formula, Determining the Data Type of a Cell
Tests include ISTEXT, ISLOGICAL, and ISERROR. In addition, VBA includes functions such as IsEmpty, IsDate, and IsNumeric.  Also see GetFormula and GetFormulaInfo.
Formula, Display Formula in a MsgBox
FORMULA, display, in use in another cell
Fun Stuff mostly in Excel, things like an Excel mouse maze, playing all of your wave files, things like that.
Fractions rounded to 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64, 1/128
Free Excel Downloads(Rob Bovey) old site
Freeze Panes for viewing and Repeating descriptive Rows/Columns for printing.
Also see Headcols
Functions, Worksheet additional information
Function Names, Origin of Excel Worksheet ... Descriptive summary of functions and how they were named
why is this looking for c:/winnt/web/jejit.htm ???
FWIW, For What It's Worth (acronym)
FYI, For Your Information (acronym)
GET.CELL, obtain cell information without using VBA using the old Excel4 function GET.CELL.
GetFormat(cell), display the format used in another cell
GetFormula(cell), display the formula found in another cell
Getting Started with Excel VBA macros.
Google "Usenet Advancd Search" coverage back to Mar 29, 1995 of newsgroup postings.
Google has taken over the D e j a News archives.  Google does not support Boolean searches, does not provide wildcard asterisk except at the end of newsgroups to search.  [portal features]
[Refine your Google Usenet search, reads as if for web pages not for newsgroups] 
Alternative(s):  [ETIN] Search, Browse and Post USENET messages (smaller database). 
Gradebook,Creating a (broken link)
Grades --USING EXCEL 5.0 TO KEEP GRADES UCSB Psychology Department TA Training
Program (Santa Barbara, CA)
Gradesheet,Creating a,  with MS Excel by Peter Friesen, Plattsburgh State Univ(broken link)
Graphics in Headers or Footers
Green Eggs Report:  see the following for HTML files reported
in Excel newsgroups -- .misc.newusers.programmingworksheet.functions,  For more information about newsgroups see xlnews.htm on my site.
Grayed Out Options
Gridlines and Borders
Hans Herber [Translate German to English]
A similar VBA function combining features of GetFormula can be found on John Walkenbach's site “Determining the Data Type of a Cell (tip 62)
Header or Footer, adding pathname tip 22 (J.Walkbach)
Header, Make first row available for logos
Header, You can dedicate the first row(s) to your header
Headings for Columns
HELP disfunctional, can't enter into input areas of Index and Answer Wizard
solution:  Look for msohelp as a running task and terminate it.  followed downloading an Excel file that opened in Internet Explorer.
Help with gradecalc formula, response R.V. Mendoza's
HELP within Excel, Creating a HELP file.
Hex Color Chart - wish he used 3 bytes &160; instead of a space
for the HTML Resource Guide. [http://www.bitmedia.com/colors/], also see Color
Hidden Worksheets
Hiding gridlines with borders or white pattern fill
Highlight, Change Highlighting
Hints for New Posters - Chip Pearson also see Posting David McRitchie
Historical Stock Quotes
One ticker at a time.  Daily quotes for 12 months. (redirect within MoneyCentral)
History of Spreadsheets:  D. J. Power , more history links (John Walkenbach);
A new face for spreadsheets, PC Magazine;  The Idea, Dan Bricklin
holidays- Chip Pearson's site
HTH, Hope This Helps (acronym)
HTML downloads
HTML in Excel 97 -- Microsoft Excel 97 on the Web, XL97 to and from HTML (MS KB article, Product Support Article)
HTML, ** EXCEL conversion to HTML
XL2HTML macro and other material of interest.
http://www.CPearson.com/excel/newposte.htm -- Chip Pearson's site
Steve Bullen's site (http://www.oaltd.co.uk)
Hyperlinks in cells, and building a TOC
IF Worksheet Function, and IF...THEN in VBA
Including a Date in a footer
Insert a Row using a Macro to maintain formulas
Insert Row using a Macro
Insert the logo onto the spreadsheet
Inserting cell data into header/footer
Install a button to invoke macro
Install a Macro, for more depth after Getting Started with Macros
Internet Explorer 6, updates, security, software to help with IE and OE (Right-Click menus for IE moved to another page)
Internal Format of Excel files (broken link) -- full details about the file format of Microsoft Excel -- Excel Developer's Kit
Internet SoftwareGuide for Engineers (broken link)
INTERPRET check the INDIRECT and OFFSET Worksheet Functions (INTERPRET is in the REXX language)
Invoices and Billing sample files from Microsoft's Template Gallery
Invoices, newsgroup posting,
Contains information to tweak the Invoice template (MS Word invoice.dot) in MS Office 97 value Pack.  Also see Harald Staff's use of a text file to store numbers in msgid: <01c00138$4c905e60$31228fa4@UK679621.gbcoopers.com> (pre Aug2000)
Saving/retrieving Invoice Number using the Registry (Bob Flanagan, programming, 2000-02-17)
Invoice Numbers -- Sequential numbers, Using sequential numbers:  (solutions offered use Registry or a text file)
One common question on the newsgroups is "how do I increment a number in my sheet each time I use it", whether it's an invoice, an order form, or some other numbered form. (J.E. McGimpsey)
John Walkenbach
John Walkenbach in PC World [broken link], ...List of Published Articles...
Note: The "Here's How: Spreadsheets" column has been canceled. No new tips will appear. But there is a wealth of information up until July, 2000 issue. Let's hope PC World invites John back.
Join() columns - opposite of Text to Data
Julian Date conversions (Myrna Larson)
Language, working with languages other than English
in Excel and in Web pages.  (Short summary at bottom)
Large and Small Worksheet function to find the nth largest or smallest value in a range.
Last Saved Date
Put lastname before firstname, unless cell in the range already has a comma.
Latitude & Longitude Calculations (Chip Pearson) example spreadsheet of distances between 1200 US cities;
postings:  spherical coordinates (Glenn Tarpley, 1997-03-01), formulas for Mercator Sailing (Andy Dulavitz, 2002-01-21). 
Nautical Waypoints, example file, "great circle & rhumb line" by Vedran Cetkovic (zipfiles/waypoints.zip, 95KB).
Navigation - GPS (Calculators)
Laurent Longre http://longre.free.fr/   [translate French to English]
-- Entire site in French
Laurent Longre http://longre.free.fr/english/
English subset only has -- Morefunc.xll, 33 add-in worksheet functions
Leading capital(a posted reply) remainder of sentence in lowercase.
Leading dot or other character, precede with asterisk
as in "*.@", see Help, Repeating Characters in Format.
Learning Microsoft Excel
(Iowa State Univ)
links -- J.Walkenbach
linksJohn Raffensperger [spreadsheetstyle], describes and rates Excel web sites/pages.
Loans and Mortgages, Mathtools.net > Excel > Loans and Mortgages, Amortizations -- registration required for access

Logical Expressions

Logo or graphic into a header or footer
Information is included for creating a test logo (Picture)
Lotus 1-2-3 conversion, Andy Wiggins.  you might also check the MS KB for more information.
Mail Merge, using MS Word to print mailing labels with postal bar codes,
additional information on UPC, Avery labels, Name and Address listings with hyperlink to obtain a map.
Map and Map Tools,
Getting What's Missing in Excel 2002, WinPlanet - Tips, You Can Put Back What Microsoft Took Out of Office XP's Spreadsheet
nother link
nother link
MarkCells() - marks cellswith address when invoked
MAX value in a column, associated text value in next cell
=HLOOKUP(MAX(B2:B4);B2:C4;2;FALSE)     -- HLOOKUP is similar to VLOOKUP
Menus (related: Toolbars, BuildToc, Right-Click (context) menus)
Menus, User Interface, Nick Hodge, understanding Excel through it's menus.
Microsoft Menu Links, posted by Tom Ogilvy
Custom Menus in Excel 97, Tip 53, John Walkenbach
Menus and Command Bars , Jon Peltier
Create Menu with Call to Another Sub, Pattrick Molloy
Fixing references in Toolbars (.xlb) and menus, Bill Manville,
fixup using recursion after new system or Excel changes location of your personal.xls macro library
Recursive program to fix links in menus and toolbars,could program table for Menu Maker based on this coding.
Q166755 - XL97: WE1183: "Customizing Menu Bars, Menus, and Menu Items"
CommandBars, Menus, ToolTips, SubMenus, Pop-Up Menus, Ole P. Erlandsen
Merge and Unmerge cell borders
Mi(broken link) -- http://demog.berkeley.edu/~gene/193/excel.htm
Microsoft,   and a Microsoft fact sheet
Microsoft Excel -- What's New
Microsoft Excel97 and Visual Basic for Applications list --Ricardo Carvalho (broken link)
Microsoft Office97/Visual Basic Programmer's Guide **** (Broken Link)
Microsoft Support site - Excel
Microsoft Technical Support -- Knowledge Base
Registration is required to access the MS KB, cookies on, Java on, not easy to work with, not always working, sometimes unusable with the "wrong" browsers; sometimes things move around; but you somehow manage (and sometimes you don't).
Microsoft Technical Support- Ref Guide****
Microsoft Trial Software Center
MIME elimination
MS KB elimination of E-mail and Newsgroup HTML and RTF attachments; also see my comments item#9 in Posting comments.  Also see index topic "Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME)"
Miscellaneous Code fragments of Worksheet functions
Move, Copy, Replace, Populate
Miscellaneous Things unrelated to Excel (but found on my Excel home page)
Money 98 to Excel Filter, PC World Online: Fileworld: (not sure if same)
Win 95, XL 97 Freeware written by Microsoft.
Mortgage Calulations US and Canadian are calculated differently.
Mouse Operations in Excel (Fill Handle Page)
Mouse Usage, [Mouse Tutorial (word doc)] [Using the Mouse (HTML)]
MS KB -- Search the Microsoft Knowledge Base of technical support information.
Microsoft has a nasty habit making their websites responsive only to Internet Explorer.  Pages with an .ASP extension are particularly troublesome.  If you cannot use the above you might try one of the following:
     SEARCH -- microsoft.com Search Wizard
   Replacement for the good KB Search form.
     Microsoft Technical Support--Support Options
     Microsoft Technical Support- Ref Guide (not found)
     Support Online from Microsoft Technical Support -- Advance Search
      Personal Online Support Highlights, access to MS KB and Browseable lists (FAQ, and articles).
     Advance Search Maxwell free zone, but still has $%%%#$#@ frames.
MSP (broken link)
Microsoft Solutions Provider
Multiplication Table
Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME)
Must Have Things for XL2000
MSDN Library - Excel Technical Articles
Most Valuable Professional.
My Excel Pages -- David McRitchie
Convert 1-UP Name and Address labels to multiple column spreadsheet table.
Name Box, Resize Excel Name Box with COM add-in, XL95, XL97 solution also available.  (Robert Gelb)
Names in workbook, difference between book-level & sheet-level names
names of all open workbooks -- for each wb in workbooks -- xx = wb.fullname
Navigating within a Sheet and Around a Workbook
page on Yahoo
Newsgroups, Excel
Newsgroups, Outlook Express 5.0 or with Netcape
Number Conversions
Number of days in a Month
Numbers to words (as in check protection wording)
OBTW, Oh By The Way (acronym)
Office Assistant Getting rid of or taming Clippy and his ilk, in Office 97 and 2000.
Clippy who set back HELP a few years has been eliminated in Office 2002.  MS spin doctor's report: Office Clippy
Office Automation, Microsoft, Discusses Office 97 and 2000 Automation and Provides Sample Code in Visual Basic, C/C++, and Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC).
Office vs. Office, Paul Murphy, ZDNet, will be collecting criteria for comparisons.
Office 2000, my experience in installing - Progress report
Office 97/VisualBasic Programmer's Guide
OFFSET, Worksheet function, example in INSRTROW
Ole P. Erlandsen's pages. Utilities, Addin pages.  English version and Norwegian webpages.
Online Lessons
Excel -- North Dakota State Univ. (see more "Tutorials" on my home page)
Open, Macro Code to Check Whether a File Is Already Open
Ordinal numbers, and Ordinal numbers in dates as in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 11th May, 1999
OTHO, On the Other Hand (acronym)
Outlook Express 6.0, some tips on using OE6, Message Rules and Views for email and newsgroups, AntiVirus software (some is free)
Outlook Express 6.0, Newsgroups
Pages needed to print the activesheet, Myrna Larson, 2001-05-30 (and many previous times), also see Related Area on Pathname page.    NumPages = ExecuteExcel4Macro("Get.document(50,"")")
Page # of ## into a cell solutions Myrna Larson (1999-07-27) using older GetDocument coding, and one by Laurent Longre (2000-04-21).
Page Breaks, and Page Breaks and Inserting Blank Rows
Paste Rows
Pathname in headings, footers, and cells
PC World current issue
PC World Spreadsheets column (until July 2000)
PDF with Excel, transferring data from PDF files to Excel
PDF conversions to/from MS Office via GoHTM.com, free online document publishing service by BCL Technologies maker of Adobe® Acrobat® plugins
PDF, Creating PDF Files Using Only Available Free Software , also check my webnofee page for more PDF creation tools.
Pearson, Chip
see Chip Pearson
Permutations, Combinations, n factorial (look for postings by Harlan Grove, Bernie Dietrick)
Michael Bednarek, 2005-06-17, microsoft.public.office.misc
Pet Peeves (an Excel wish list) by Aaron Blood,
Perhaps not the best thing to identify a site, but it is unique.  Rest of site looks interesting also.
Pivot Tables, Introduction To -- Harold Staff
Pivot tables require distinct data to be on separate input row, see reply by Tom Ogilvy 2001-05-06 that separates months on original input row to distinct rows.  Macro gets data from seveal sheets.  More websites on pivot tables.
Pivot Tables, Memory errors in (Q1576486)
Not enough memory to completely display PivotTable.
Pivot Table Tutorial Ed Ferrero (found this on John Raffensperger's Reviewed links to spreadsheet sites)
PivotTable Reports 101 for Excel 2000, download a Tutorial
A complete tutorial, including animations, for creating a PivotTable report and modifying it.  also see http://office.microsoft.com/assistance/2002/articles/xlconPT101.aspx   http://office.microsoft.com/assistance/2002/articles/xlconPTExamples.aspx
Placing a current date or time constant that will not change later
Placing a current date or time that will update on recalculation
Pocket Excel, Pocket PC,
Some tips and at bottom is a list of things not available in Pocket Excel.
Populating a Table based on number of rows and columns
Posting to Excel Newsgroups - with my additional comments
Posting to Spreadsheet Newsgroups
Power Point, Excel and, Jon Peltier
Power User's.  downloads, Karen Kenworthy, writer for former Windows Magazine, writing their Power User's column.  [LG]
Printed Colors Different than on Screen: Blue is Purple, etc.
Problem is RGB colors (light) are additive.  CMYK colors
(pigments) are subtractive. This is not a problem with your printer driver or with Microsoft Windows
Printer dialog box (Jim Rech) -- Application.Dialogs(xlDialogPrinterSetup).Show
Printing Multiple Ranges on One Page (posted Jun 3, 1999)
also see snake columns for a macro this site, and Print tips for Excel including print one liners by Ron de Bruin
Printing using macros
Programming, Programming Microsoft® Excel for Windows® *****
Propagation using the Fill Handles
Proper, and other Text changes -- Use of Special Cells
Properties for DOS Session under WinNT
Protection of worksheet against accidental damage.  Protect UserInterfaceOnly
Q000000 -- Search the Microsoft Knowledge Base of technical support information
The Microsoft articles below are arranged in alpha order not numerical order, so Q0... is really Q...
In January 2002, Microsoft, crippled site with a new search interface very slow, but won't affect direct MS KB articles below
(no longer avaiable-->You can also get articles by sending an E-mail with the article number as the subject to mailto:mshelp@cdolive.com?subject=Q123456 formerly this was available through mshelp@microsoft.com
Q42980 -- (Complete) Tutorial to Understand IEEE Floating-Point Errors -- [IEEE 754R committee minutes from March 21, 2002 -- requests for decimal]
Q048606 -- Excel: Comparison of Values Does Not Return Correct Result
Excel does an exact match on floating point binary numbers (read about Rounding errors)
Also see Q48606, Q78113, Q42980
Q072578 -- XL:Converting Hours in Decimal Form to HH:MM:SS Format
Q078113 -- Excel: Floating-Point Arithmetic May Give Inaccurate Results
Q081026 -- XL:Calculating Days Remaining in a Time Period
Q081694 -- XL:Formula to Calculate Number of Days in Month
Q089228 -- Excel: AutoFill Rules for Creating a Series
Q094870 -- XL:Changing the Date or Time Format in a Header or Footer
Q099349 -- XL:Working with Time Periods That Exceed 24 Hours
Q105069 -- XL: Macros to Sort Tabs in the Active Workbook
Q107564 -- XL: Not All Worksheet Functions Supported as Application (in VBA)
Q108278 -- XL: Macros to Return Windows and System Directories Paths
Q108425 -- XL: How to Create Add-in Application Name and Description
Q112361 -- XL: Negative Date/Time Value Displayed as Pound Signs (###)
Q112671 -- "Built-in Constants in Visual Basic for Applications" (WC0993) (xlconstants)
Q112632 -- XL: Setting Status Bar Text and ToolTips for Toolbar Buttons
Q116281 -- XL: Visual Basic Procedures for Julian Date Calculations DO NOT USE as it stands Mar 1999 instead see Myrna Larson's posting
Q120596 -- XL: Importing text files larger than 65536 rows Breaks files longer than sheet limit into more sheets.
Q123183 -- XL: Procedure to Export Text File with Comma AND Quote Delimiter -- coding for subroutine / CSV .csv .txt
Q124105 -- XL: Find Command Doesn't Work Across Worksheets in Group.  Sample FindData() macro included.
Q126895 -- XL: Macro to Change the ToolTip Name for Custom Toolbar
Q129277 ++ see missing DATEDIF() documentation at Chip Pearson's site, or in Excel 2000 HELP
Q129277 -- XL: Undocumented Worksheet Function DATEDIF
Q130050 -- XL: Macros to Set Row Height and Column Width (in inches or centimeters)
Q131554 -- XL: Formatted Text (.prn) Limited to 240 Characters Per Line, provides a macro solution.
Q134617 -- XL: Resetting the Last Cell Fixes Memory/Printing Problems
Q138053 -- XFOR: Preventing WINMAIL.DAT Sent to Internet Users
which explains what WINMAIL.DAT is and how to disable the attachment to E-mail messages.
Q141288 -- XL: How to Use a Custom Function in Another Workbook
Q141688 -- XL: Visual Basic Macros to Add or Delete a Custom Menu
Q142117 -- XL: Summary of Methods to Recover Data from Corrupted Files
Q142122 -- XL: Macro to Search for Cell Formats: Font, Border, and Interior
Q142126 -- XL: Looping Through Worksheets
Q142136 -- XL: Inserting and Formatting Text in Headers and Footers
Q142140 -- XL: How to Add the Workbook Path to the Footer includes directions to install a macro
Q147273 -- XL: The Internet Assistant Wizard (Html.xla) An addin for XL95 (Excel 7.0a)
Q149502 -- Resources for Programming with Visual Basic for Applications
Q149689 -- XL: Visual Basic Macro Examples for Working With Arrays
Q149777 -- XL: How to Play a Warning Sound If Critical Value Is Exceeded
Q150363 -- XL: How to Use a VBA Macro to Sum Only Visible Cells
Q151490 -- XL: How to Create a Global User-Defined Function
Q151503 -- XL: How to Call a Macro Repeatedly on a Fixed Time Interval
Q156942 -- XL97: How to Create an Add-in File in Microsoft Excel 97
Q157202 -- XL97: Color Palette Looks Different in MS Excel 97
Q157486 -- XL97: Limits of PivotTables in Microsoft Excel 97
Not enough memory to completely display PivotTable.
Q157763 -- OFF97: Memory Problems When Hyperlinking Between Programs
Q158140 -- XL: How to Play Sounds Using Visual Basic for Applications
Q159466 -- XL97: List of ID Numbers for Built-In Command Bar Controls
Q159619 -- XL97: Sample Macros to Control Menus and Submenus
Q161235 -- XL97: How to Use a Toolbar Settings File from a Network Share
Q161607 -- XL97: Macro to Change the Date/Time Format in a Header/Footer
Q163435 -- VBA: Programming Resources for Visual Basic for Applications
Q163678 -- XL Err Msg: "Too Many Different Cell Formats" Also see my too many formats on my Slow Response page.
Q164406 -- XL: How Microsoft Excel Works with Two-Digit Year Numbers.
Q166755 -- XL97: WE1183: "Customizing Menu Bars, Menus, and Menu Items"
Q168561 -- XL97: How to Programmatically Save a Worksheet as HTML
Q168650 -- XL97: "Not Enough Memory" Error Adding Chart to Workbook
Q172305 -- XL97: LastUpdated Argument of Htmlconvert Is Not Functional
Q181370 -- XL: Microsoft Excel Incorrectly Assumes 1900 Is a Leap Year
Q183626 -- XL:How the DateSerial Function Works with Year Arguments
Q188449 -- XL97: Delete Links Wizard Available
(also see FindLink by Bill Manville, and John Walkenbach's Tip #54)
291288 - Startup Switches for Microsoft Excel (2002: 291288, 2000: 211481; 97: 159474) (SAFE Mode, Re-register/Reregister Excel extensions)
Q211494 -- XL2000: Excel Opens Without Displaying Workbook (Turn off Ignore Other Applications)
Q211774 -- XL2000: How to Use Visual Basic Constants in Text Strings  [VBA]
Q213552 -- XL2000: List of ID Numbers for Built-In CommandBar Controls, Excel menu items
Q213730 -- XL2000: How to Programmatically Perform a Web Query
Q213730 provides information on IGY queries but the first example, provides for extracting the table, which I'd not seen before.  (this may be Excel 2000 only)
Q223789 - XL: How to Minimize Metadata in Microsoft Excel Workbooks
Your name, initials, company or organization, name of your computer, network server, or hard disk where you saved the workbook, Other file properties and summary information, Non-visible portions of embedded OLE objects, Document revisions, Hidden text or cells, Personalized views, are stored in the workbook.
Q214118 -- XL: How to Correct Rounding Errors in Floating-Point Arithmetic, also see Q78113.
Q231002 -- XL2000: How Auto Extend List Behavior Works
Q231117 -- XL:AutoSave, fix for XL2000 not saving settings
Q233073 is defunct -- see Using an Event Handler to disable automatic hyperlinks (McGimpsey)
also see my BuildTOC for more hyperlink related information.
Q236299 -- XL2000: Error Message: "An error occurred while loading 'Sheet1111111111111..."
Q240150 - HOW TO: Use Excel Startup Folders in Excel 2000
Q241498 -- XL2000: How to Use an Excel Database to Send E-Mail,
also see Sending Personalized Email from Excel, Tip 86 John Walkenbach.  To send an attachment include additional code.
Q242417 - XL2000: New Workbooks Open Repeatedly Starting Excel
Q258781 - XL2000: Multiple Documents Opened or Errors When Excel Starts
Q260410 - OFF2000: Microsoft Office 2000 Automation Help File Available
Q282847 - XL2002: Excel Functionality Missing When VBA Is Not Enabled - Active-x, Analysis Toolpak not available, Read-only, readonly
Q287027 -- XL2002: Web Query Converts Numbers That Contain Hyphens into Dates
solution: Excel 2002 provides a long needed option to Disable date recognition when importing data.
Q288118 -- XL2002: Add-Ins That Are No Longer Included with Microsoft Excel
Q288291 -- XL2002: How to Use New "Find and Replace" Dialog Box in Excel 2002
Q310123 -- Explanation of Error Codes Generated by Device Manager (kbhw)
Q312589 -- OFF: Menu Bar or Minimize, Restore, and Close Buttons Are Missing,
Question, Meaningful Questions relating to posting in newsgroups.
Random Numbers
Ranking Data In Lists, Chip Pearson, ranking things like team scores
Read-Only in Excel, Problems with
Real-Time Clock
Realtime Clock
US Naval Observatory
Rearranging Data in Columns
Recalculate worksheet or workbook
F9 and Shift+F9 and Ctrl+Alt+F9
Recorded Macro to a Usable Macro
Recording VBA Macro and Fixing
Redirect mailto: for Spam Prevention, by James Thornton, examples of spam proofing email addresses with additional examples in comment replies.
Remove CRLF characters from ClipBoard
Removing default Header and/or Footer
Removing macros from a workbook, Jim Rech 28Oct1999 misc.
Reopening, Excel attempts to reopen when starting
filename.xls is already open.  Reopening will cause any changes you made to be discarded.  Do you want to reopen filename.xls? -- Solution provided by Jim Rech, involves registry change.
ReplaceCRLF using a macro
Reproduce Formula in ActiveCell to selected ranges(s)
REPT Worksheet Function, example
ResetLast Cell Used
Resize the Name Box -- Robert Gelb *****
Reverse Cells in Selection endfor end
ReversI() - reverse orderof items in row, column
Revised Real-Time Clock
RFC 2795
RGB Hex Triplet ColorChart, Doug's
Right-Click Context Menus in Excel
Right-click menus in IE
Right-Click, 213757 - XL2000: How to Turn off Shortcut Menus
cutomization of "CELL" and "PLY" meues, Also see oe6 and toolbars.
Rob Bovey at Application Professionals [Apps Pro]
VBA Code Cleaner Dialog Converter VBA Code Documentor XY Chart Labeler,   Excel Utilities
Running Tasks list found in Microsoft System Information -- MSInfo32.exe,
and msconfig.exe for control of started tasks
Rules of Conduct,  Microsoft Product Support Services Newsgroups - Rules of Conduct
Samples from CD-ROM yourdrive, or maybe your CD-Rom on D:
SAVE file problems
Scroll Bars in Excel
Search the InterNet
Search Page for "My Excel Pages"
Search VBA project libraries.
Select cells with either formulas or contants
Separate Last word (term)from remainder of cell
SepTerm() - separate termsafter the first
Serial# of Computer, (Re: Limit xla file to run on one computer)
Shapes,  listing of all shapes in a workbook, and working with shapes,
including deleting all shapes, and how to redimension a shape.
Sheets, Worksheet VBA Coding
Shortcut keys spreadsheet, Creation of
Shortcut keys spreadsheet, Excel 95, Creation and Example
Shortcut keys spreadsheet, Excel 2000, Creation and Example
Show FORMULA of another cell in Excel
Slow Response and Memory Problems in Excel, Speeding up Excel, Enhancing Performance
SnakeCols - flow columns to fewerpages
Sorting Sheets in Workbook macros to sort and list sheets found in workbook, also see Q105069. (also see Enumerateaddins),
SORTING, some notes on sorting in Excel
 SortAllSheets macro by Bill Manville is included on my Build Table of Contents page.
Sorting TCP/IP Addresses, and the like
Sounds, changing and removal use Settings, Control Panel, Sound; i.e. Windows Explorer
Specification limits (See HELP), limit 15 digits in Excel, do not confuse ID "numbers" such as credit card numbers (16 chars) with actual numbers.  There are addins that can extend the number of significant digits up to 200 in calculations, such Foxes & C.'s Multi Precision Floating Point free addin as http://digilander.iol.it/foxes/index.htm
SPAM, Origin of the term "spam" to mean net abuse
spreadsheet, Excel, John Walkenbach
Spreadsheets FAQ at FAQS.org
Status Bar a convenient place to find SUM of a range of cells
Stephen Bullen's ExcelPage -- http://www.oaltd.co.uk/Excel/Default.htm
Stephen Bullen's alternate site's ExcelPage:  http://www.oaltd.co.uk/Excel/Default.htm
Steve Bullen's site or http://www.oaltd.co.uk
Stocks, Quotes and keeping track of
String Manipulations
Style -- 10 Tips to Improve Your Spreadsheet Style by John F. Raffensperger, be sure to see newsgroup discussion. Additional information toolbar addin for auditing(precedents/dependents) Also see John's educational site:  The New Guidelines for Writing Spreadsheets and his links page where he has given ratings on content and spreadsheet style.
Style, Excel Formatting, "Daily Dose of Excel: Invisible Ink", Dick Kusleika (blog)
SUMIF Example ***
SUMIF, Tip 74:Summing and Counting Using Multiple Criteria
using SUMIF, COUNTIF, SUM that should solve most counting and summing problems.
Summarizing Data, and Auto Filter
Some examples for Auto Filter (Data menu), Conditional Formatting (Format menu), Pivot Table (Data Menu), Subtotals (Data menu)
Swap as in Swap Columns or Swap Rows
Symbols in HTML and Excel (also see table above on that page)
System Date/Time into a Cell
Tax Calculations, Sample 1041
Templates, book.xlt, sheet.xlt, and beyond
Templates (dead link)
includes a template for a class roster. (David A Sykes)
Templates, Microsoft -- http://search.officeupdate.microsoft.com/TemplateGallery/
Template articles -- http://officeupdate.microsoft.com/2000/articles/ExCreateTemplate1.htm
  • Financial ct139 -- http://search.officeupdate.microsoft.com/TemplateGallery/ct139.asp
Templates (.XLT) on toolbars
Testing Things on This WebPage
Text Functions
The Land GrantTraining Alliance
Thesaurus, addin, Jim Cone, also ability to list synonyms or antonyms on spreadsheet.  also see An Excel Thesaurus? in MS Office Magazine.
Thai Bhat currency
Things you should have that are Free
TIA, Thanks in Advance (acronym)
Time is recorded as fractional Days
Timesheet, see John Walkenbach's site
Time, What Time Is It? USNaval Observatory time reporting
Tip 52: Cell CountingTechniques
COUNT, COUNTA, COUNTBLANK, COUNTIF, and includes one array formula example.
Tip 74: Summing and Counting Using Multiple Criteria
using SUMIF, COUNTIF, SUM that should solve most counting and summing problem
Tips in Excel, where to find, posted by Tom Ogilvy
Tips SUMIF and others
at http://home.navisoft.com/excelhelp/tip.htm
SUMPRODUCT Worksheet Formula Examples, Ken Wright, 2003-01-04.
=SUMPRODUCT((A9:A25="blue")*ABS(C9:C25)) similar to =COUNTIF(A9:A25,"blue",C9:c25) but does abs value
=SUMPRODUCT((((B1:B1000="X")+(C1:C1000="X")+(D1:D1000="X"))>0)*(F1:F1000="")) -- counts "x" in b:d and F (blank)
Tables, new in Excel 2007, Jan Karel Pieterse, automatically have filters, an extension of lists
Tips&Resources from Microsoft
Tips, MicrosoftExcel 97 -- Tips 'n Stuff (dead link)
Tips,ExcelTips on Ziff-Davis site
Tips,Top Tips and Tricks (MS KB) (dead link)
TipsandResources MS KB Excel (dead link)
Tips for Excel found using AltaVista (excel near tips and not title:cd and not "low prices")(English, 50 per page, 14K links), fewer (+and+mcritchie) links(80).
Title bar, How to put the full pathname on the titlebar
toolbar, recovery
Toolbars and Custom Buttons Excel 7.0a for Windows95
Toolbars and Custom Buttons in XL95
Toolbars to Microsoft Excel Workbooks and Templates, Attach Custom
toolbars, and buttons  *** ***
Toolbars, Custom Buttons and Menus
Toolbar - faceids Available at John Walkenbach's site
Button Faces.  Scroll about 2/3 down and look for "Button Faces." (56k); This
file is for Excel 5/95 from Douglas A. Jankuski -- two toolbars become
available "100 Button Faces" and "Custom Toolfaces" while the Excel file
is up.  You can add them to your own toolbars at that point. 
Also check out his
Toolbar - faceidsList of menu items, tool bar buttons, faceids, used in a workbook can be documented by the CBlist addin by John Green.
Translate, Go Translator
English translations to/from Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese
Troubleshooting Microsoft Excel 2000 [dead link]
Tushar Mehta website, a frequent poster to the Excel Newsgroups.
Typography http://www.microsoft.com/typography/fontpack/default.htm
Unique Entries, count of:  =SUM(IF(FREQUENCY(MATCH(Range1,Range1,0),MATCH(Range1,Range1,0))>0,1))
Univ of Iowa, VBA and Excel
Usenet References
information on What is, Resources, Moderation, FAQs, Netiquette, Usenet Software, etc.
Userforms, reading about, posted by Tom Ogilvy 2000-03-12, 2002-11-23
Userid / machine name / identity / properties
Using a Custom Button to activate a footer
Using OFFSET to maintain formulas when inserting lines
Validation of cell entry, checking for proper values at time of entry.
VBA and Excel at Univ of Iowa (think this changed)
VBA Progress Bar also see
Control the LED Display in the StatusBar [http://www.j-walk.com/ss/excel/files/developer.htm], John Walkenbach, Tip 34
Q211736 -- XL: How to Display a Progress Bar with a User FormXL
VBA, MZ-Tools 3.0 [freeware], Carlos J. Quintero, 'all-in-one' add-in for VB and VBA editor, breaking lines, indenting, etc.
VBA, Recording VBA Macro and Fixing
VBE, Programming to The Visual Basic Editor, Chip Pearson, code to add/delete modules, [to manually delete from within the VBE, File, Remove Module]
list names of modules.  Includes macros ShowVBEHelp, AddModule, DeleteModule,AddProcedure, DeleteProcedure,ListModule, ListProcedures, DelAllVBA and ExportAllVBA. 
(for listing/documentation stuff also see BuildTOC content and related areas on my site).
Visual Basic Editor (VBE) Window ***
VBE, Visual Basic Editor in Excel 2000
Version of Excel
=INFO("version_excel") or in VBA as application.version, or
ExcelVersion = "Excel version " & Application.Version & ", build " & Application.Build
Video Resolution, finding and changing, Laurent Longre
Excel Viewer Viewer 2003, Excel , Excel Viewer, (Viewer for Excel, "Excel 97/2000 Spreadsheet File Viewer")
VLOOKUP Worksheet Function, -- Paint Job, Coverage Example
Volatile Functions in Excel, CELL(), INDIRECT(), INFO(), OFFSET(), NOW(), RAND(), TODAY()
Watermark, printing of, Robert Rosenberg.  (see watermark in shapes.htm)
Also Ron de Bruin has a zip file, also see articles by Sean Kavanagh using WordArt: EKJ Online - Use VBA to visually mark sensitive data before distribution - elementkjournals.com and Printing watermarks behind your data to identify confidential information ; also see by Bob Phillips' page, and Aaron Blood has an example watermark zip example with some refinements on Robert Rosenberg's code.
WE1277: XL7:Visual Basic Equivalents for Lotus Macro Commands
Web Access, Free, with Free Email, setting up a website, and some utilities you should have:  Adobe Acrobat Reader, Defragmenter, Alladin Ghost and GSView.  Download sites:  Tucows, ZDNet, WebTV. (also see Search page.) a>
What's New
     What's New (David McRitchie)
     What's New (Chip Pearson)
wildcards, for Search Worksheet Function (not case sensitive) allows
wildcards, precede wildcard characters of ?, or *, or ~ with a ~ (tilde) to match actual character.  FIND Worksheet Function (case sensitive) does not allow wildcards.  Wildcards: ? single character, * any number of characters.  Find (Ctrl+F) and Replace (Ctrl+H) shortcuts are not case sensitive and allow wildcards and overrides of wildcards.
Don't confuse with ampersand(&) formatting text in headers and footers (to type a plain ampersand double them as in AT&&T.
Excel Window, Workbook Window, Worksheet Window
Everyday Tips, Steve Bass of Pc World
Start, Excel shortcuts in folder accessible from START (frequently used files). *deja*
Move Windows Window down, Alt+SpaceBar, move window with arrow key
Move Excel Window within Excel down, Alt+- (minus), move window with arrow key
Wish Lists, Microsoft
mswish@micrsoft.com -- MS Products in General
xlwish@micrsoft.com -- Excel wish list
odcwish@micrsoft.com -- Office Developer Center wish list, includes MSDN
Woody's Office Watch, and Woody's VBA Power Tools Woody Leonhard and Mike Craven
Web, Excel files on the
wikiCalc Beta Test Home, Dan Bricklin
WORD, opening document from Excel, Harald Staff, misc 2001-03-21
WORD, some information for WORD Users
Worksheet Functions and VBA, HELP (onsite)
Worksheet Functions, HELP *** ****
Worksheet Functions additional information
Worksheet Name Tabs, Sorting Sheets in Workbook
macros to sort and list sheets found in workbook,
also see Q105069.  Also see related topics BuildTOC -- Build Table of Contents, Enumerateaddins, Enumeratesheets, and Q142126 -- XL: Looping Through Worksheets.  Particularly for those who have XL2000 see BuildTOC (Build Table of Contents) emcompassing all of the above, and similar listings for Subroutines and Functions.
Worksheet VBA Coding
Wotsits Format file extension, supply extension to obtain software manufacturer's site
Wrapping, not working with Merged Cells, AutoFitMergedCellRowHeight macro, Jim Rech,
reposted 2002-08-09.  Problems with automatic adjustment of row height involving cells with wrapped text when there are merged cells present, originally posted 1999-04-02.
XL to HTML related Charlie's CIS Page -- Charles Balch
XL2GIF routine, Harold Staff
XLSTART, Application.Path & "\XLStart"
XL2HTML -- Excel to HTML conversions and links ***
XL2HTML simple convert
(under 30 lines of code).  I used this simple convert for several of my examples.  The simple conversion will process a preselected range, uses an InputBox to be able to change the output file.  It will also place <tb>&nbsp;</tb> when needed for empty cells
XL2HTML-Konverter for XL5/7
XL2HTML-Konverter for XL5/7in german language -- hwkkonv.zip
simple conversion to HTML without fonts, alignment etc.
XL2QIF macro to make a QIF file from an Excel file that has been
specifially formatted in the desired order needed for the Quicken Interchange File (QIF).
XL4 Macro help file, download, self-extracting zipped file
XL4 Help file To display help topics for Microsoft Excel 4.0 macro functions,
you must first install the complete Macro Function help file (Macrofun.hlp).
xlconstants, Q112671, Built-in Constants in Visual Basic for Applications" (WC0993)
also note use of PF2 in the Visual Basic Editor
Yahoo Search

This is a tip (Tom Ogilvy) on translating English functions to the language of your Excel.

     Go into the VBE in the immediate window
     Put in something like
Range("A1").Formula = "=Sum(B1:B10)"
     Then hit enter.  Now look at A1 and the formula should be translated.

There is at least one MS KB article on obtaining a list of function names used in another language but I can't find them at the moment. -- David

Foreign language URL's can be pasted into the URL section of  http://babelfish.altavista.com  to translate the URL and links navigated to thereafter to the (European) language of your choice.  In IE you can right-click on a hyperlink and copy shortcut for pasteing.  Available languages to or from English are: Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese.

For example you can paste Laurent Longre's url into Babel Fish for a translation.  or by a direct link automatically from French to English using Babel Fish   (more information on my language page.
or a generic translate where you specify the languages:  http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish/tr?url=http://longre.free.fr/index.html
Once you do the translate it is hard to believe you are looking at a machine generated translation of Laurent Longre's page from French to English, linked to pages will also be translated, watch out for coding.  You should be able to tell you are looking at a translation by keeping an eye out for foreign words and the URLs shows bablefish. Note:  Laurent has some pages in English -- Excel add-ins [-- http://longre.free.fr/english/ --]

Broken Links:  If you have a correction for a broken link please email me; include the url of my web page, as well as the broken and corrected url.  I have over 250 HTML pages (184 are Excel) and 1120 .txt pages (152 are Excel) on my site, so telling me I have a broken link on my web page without specifics can be very difficult.  You can feed a broken link into the wayback machine or prefix the broken link with http://www.archive.org/web/http://... to see what I probably saw.  The wayback archive does not do pages where the content varies is rebuilt with each visit such as .asp pages at Microsoft, or pages are marked NOINDEX as most of mine are, or are marked NOARCHIVE.
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