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..u2014-08-11-t2014-03-28 Port Authority Chairman Resigns, Christie Announces -
acr: Acronym Finder Search: %
ahd: American Heritage® Dictionary %
alt: alt visible
ans: - Ask us anything %
arc: wayback check of current page
ax: Alexis page rankand profile (SEO)
back: BACK like the Back button
bml: mark/count bookmarket links in bookmarks.html list
bold: highlight boldfaced text
borders:elements Add borders to all elements
charset: Get the charset of the current page
chk: toggle checkmarks
class: Show Classes and IDs (bookmarklet) [Excessive changes to work in DOLPHIN)
CopyUrlDesc: ready to copy from prompt
Date: updated timestamp for page
dbr: reopen in Dolphin Browser
Dbr: reopen on Dolphin
ddg: DuckDuckGo search %
dead: deadurl assistance (also see arc: and on desktop LAZARUS extension)
def: have Google get definition %
dict: lookup %
diff: Quick Diff Online Tool (Before/After comparison -- diff checker)
diff: Quick Diff Online Tool (url)
digg: What the Internet is talking about right now %
Dolphin_gestures.txt (Bookmarklets)
dupw: copy to new window
forward: Forward like the FORWARD button
g-ag: google cache copy from address bar
gender: Baby Name Guesser - the first name Vianne - analysis of first names, popular boy and girl names, male names, female names %
geoLoc: get latitude/longitude from Google Map center %
gmt: Local, GMT, Internet Time
gs: google search within site's hostname/domain %
Hello world test
hi: highlight links with yellow background
his: highlight links with found string
hit: hi + int
host: Discover Who Hosts Any Website | Who Is Hosting This
how: HowStuffWorks - Learn how Everything Works! %
href: links visible
href:count Count of HREF in HTML anchor tags
href:x href visible experimental
id visible (would prefer in front of id tagged item)
idioms: idiomatic expressions at TheFreeDictionary %
images: Search Google Images %
images:face Search Google for Face Portrait images %
images:huge Search Google for huge (high resolution) Images %
int: int/ext internal links in red, external in Blue
invert: (color) 'invert lightness'
k: k.html dmcritchie bookmarks bookmarklets
key: display keywords (shortcuturl=) in bookmarks HTML file (keywords:)
L: - Librarians' Index to the Internet %
ldoc: combine parentips+hi+int/ext
Lg: - Solve Your Tech Problems with How to; Keeping You Informed and Entertained Since 1996! %
li: (bullets:#) to numbers List Items (LI) counting
linked: to here using Google (linked: but for Dolphin) (not really sure if it works)
linkify: (basically requires text to include http:// prefix)
links: List All Links
loc: provide title and location in a prompt box for copy and paste
m: (minus) change current url by decrement (NOT working in BOAT)
maps: Google Maps %
nav: navigate to top/bottom
next: Next (article)
NJNEWS:w current week [njnews:w] %
ns: nostyle: Toggle CSS Stylesheets
nt: New Tab (Opens links in a New Tab)
p: (plus)
Papers: NYT, Wash. Post, USA Today
parentips: show title comments within webpage (gesture paren)
pgdim: pagesize dimensions (results)
play: (Dolphin browser version) free stuff at Play store %
pro: Definition and Pronunciation via Free Merriam-WebsterDictionary %
prompts: possible substitutions for %S
qr: qrcode (Quick Response Code)
related: Google for current url (Wrong)
remember: remember password
ren: rename tab title (tab-rename:) %
Reset (F5)
reveal: Firefox Asterisk Revealer
rude: lmgtfy: Let me Google that for you (very impolite) [lmgtfy:]funny once, but essentially calls the recipient an idiot %
sci: science: search %
send: title, url, desc to my EverNote inbox DAVID
Send: title/ description/ url (also see CopyUrlDesc)
similar: Search - Easily Find Similar WebSites
snopes: Urban Legends Reference Pages %
sortselect: Sort all the select lists on the page. (487)
SortTable: Sort table in a web page (1762 chars)
Src: (source via javascript)
subs: Substitution via %S
sym: SYMBOLS for HTML and Excel Use
t: thes: synonym |, synonyms, antonyms, and definitions. Dictionary and Word of the Day. %
tab-rename: (bookmarklet) %
tic: tickall checkboxes (use chk: to toggle)
tickall: checkmark all checkmark boxes (also see chk)
tineye: bookmarklet photography fingerprinting of the internet
tr: google translate -- Translates from another language as found to your own language
tt: 001 Tab Capacity Test
u: Urban Dictionary %
up: up one Directory level
upd: up to domain level
w: Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia %
whois: ("who") whois search at network solutions for current url
whois:ALT domainfinder: whois search for current url
wrap: wrap HTML pages
wrap:txt wrap .txt file
yel: yellow highlight selected
zt: zap timers
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