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Didn't know where to put this so made up a new web page.

From the Adblock extensions options, I have the following blocked that relate to and

I am in fact filtering out (because it appears in italics in Adblock)… which is Script

The following block Geocities screen grabbing IFRAME

Geocities will cease to provide free sites after Oct 26, 2009.  Some notes on converting to a free site provided by can be found here for now.

The following pertain to blocking things in Google is more to give an idea of how the adblocking works.  Many more things pertaining to Google AdSense and Google Analytics are probably blocked by other items in my adblock blockers list or if installing Adblock or Adblock Plus extension you would probably install a filter set and all of the following would probably be included, if not you certainly want to add those that would interfere with your own usage at websites.  You might also check out Prevent Google Analytics from tracking your visit at Digital Inspiration Technology Guide and Blocking Unwanted Parasites with a Hosts File []


Outlook Express (#oe)

I have a page specifically on Outlook Express elsewhere, but just wanted to mention that when looking at somewhat dubious email to disconnect from the internet so that you don't download when looking.  When you are specically distrustful -- do not open the email at all, but look at it by right-click on the email and look at the message source through it's properties.

Additional protections (#more)

Adblock just protects Firefox, but you can block a lot more files because of wildcards and/or regular expressions.  You need additional protections as well. Items above are probably mentioned on my home page.

Disabling the Extension (#disabiling)

Adblock can be temporarily disabled from the Status Bar, and you can see what is being blocked there as well.  Adblock Plus can be temporarily disabled from the Tools menu, and you can see what is being blocked there as well.

Disabling any extension can be accomplished from Tools, add-ons, extensions, where you can Disable or Uninstall an extension after clicking on the extension, also you can set some options there as well for many extension.  Some extensions allow you to change options in other places as well such as Adblock (Plus), Web Developer, Menu editor.

With the Adblock extensions it's a matter of changing items that are blocked to suit your needs.  If you only have trouble with one site.  It's no big deal to temporarily disable Adblock (or the other one) if you trust the site will not do damage.  If you don't trust the site, I wouldn't rely on Adblock to protect you.

Lines of Defense (#defense)

  1. hosts file, Blocking Unwanted Parasites with a Hosts File [].
    advantage:  protects entire system regardless of browswer or other access.
    disadvantage:  no wild-cards must include all variations of a domain and prefix.
  2. userContent.css file, additons obtainable through Ad Blocking for Mozilla, Netscape 7, and Safari (formerly
    advantage:  works in your normal profile even if adblock is disabled
    disadvantage:  has to be included in your Firefox profile, and limited to supported browsers.
  3. Adblock or Adblock Plus (described on this page and firefox.htm#adblock
    advantage:  generic wildcards, can be enabled/disabled easily by user.
    disadvantage:  has to be installed with your Firefox profile, and must be enabled.
  4. Ad Blocking FiltersetP | as a style managed by the Stylish extension.

The "Adblock" extension, is one that I do add my own stuff to and very seldom update with a filter set once I started, but add my own entries.  Easy to turn on/off from the Status bar.  (Those using "Adblock Plus" instead turn on/off from the Tools bar. ) With Adblock you can see which files are blocked by change in font, and you can click on it to see the rule that is blocking the file (you can't do that with the style or the hosts file).

The "hosts" file has no extension contains my additions at the top and has the comments and material unchanged below that from   This is the one that protects you no matter what profile or browser you use.  I very seldom update the portion from the website, but add to my entries at the top when someone says that a particular site is very dangerous (viruses) -- I make sure it is blocked, and put it in Adblock as well. 

My original default profile and the main profiles I've used since based on it have the material from which I don't bother updating at all anymore, it is there and it works very well doesn't get turned off.  It is what the other ad blockers and filter sets in Firefox were based on.

Hosts File -- first level of protection always on applies to system; 
Floppy Moose -- 2nd level but not included in test profiles; 
Adblock -- extension, 3rd level in most profiles used regularly; 
Stylish exension and FiltersetP style, 4th level in profiles used regularly

If I want to see more in a webpage that might be blocked by ads I will turn off either Adblock or Filterset P style to see what the file that is and shouldn't be, or is not filtered and should be.  Normally both are in use .

Those that use "Adblock Plus" have to also install additional extensions such as "FlashBlock" , and have more problems in itself or with the additional extensions needed.

Problems (#problems)

Basically problems with Adblock would normally resolve to user problems where portions of a site are blocked because of user filters.  It is up to the user to decide what to block. 

Disabling Adblock at the status bar and using F5 (Reload) will let you now if the problem with a site is with Adblock.  Left click on the Adblock icon on the system status bar -- anything in red is blocked and you can see which filter blocked it by clicking on the items and looking at the grayed out "New Filter" input area.  To change/delete filter right click Adblock status bar icon and choose preferences. The Adblock icon gets red font when an item is blocked.

Adblock Plus (#adblockplus)

I use Adblock not Adblock Plus, but you can gain further insight into both and particularly Adblock Plus from some of the following articles mainly references from.

Adblock plus is similar but instead of being on the Firefox statusbar it is in Tools, and to see which filter blocked you mouseover on a red blocked item.

Diagnostics that may or may seem to be due to Adblock (#diagnostics)

Pop-up Blocking (#popups)

See popup blocking (posted 2007-04-06)

This page was introduced on August 13, 2006. 
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