Removal of Intellitxt link highlighting using Smart Tags.  Smart tags is also referred to as "theftware" and "scumware".  The term smart tags is ambiguous and has been coined since for other usages as well.


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What you see

You will see word or advertising links with green double underlines.  Started by Microsoft which backed down on complaints back in 2001 of Scumware, but now seen as "IntelliTXT" a successor produced by an advertising company from San Francisco, California called Vibrant Media and was launched in April, 2004.  Also seen in a malware form that gets installed on your machine (TopKat).


How to eliminate intellitxt ads

Eliminate from pages you read with Adblock (#adblock)

You can eliminate with the "Adblock" extension, if you find and block the correct Script (.js), but that is really only effective for pages you regularly visit and take the time to find a particular script.  Actually it is possible to effectively block intellitext, intellitxt, vibrantmedia, and burstnet easily with Adaware. [1] These work 2008-04-20

GreaseMonkey not effective vs. IntelliTXT ads (#greasemonkey)

Blocking was at one time possible with a "GreaseMonkey" script that was found and installed from, but it probably missed

Prevent highjacking within your own web pages (#meta)

Microsoft's Smart Tag technology and others using can be turned off with a META tag in your HTML. [1][2]
<!-- scumware/theftware:,
 and  -->
<meta name="MSSmartTagsPreventParsing" content="TRUE">

Vibrant Media supposedly provides a method

Vibrant Media supposedly provides a solution, but even if you trust them you won't be able to do it if you have a decent hosts file blocking their site.

Test elimination of Intellitxt and SmartTags

Warning:  The following pages have Intelli Text advertising.  The ads themselves are believed to be more of an annoyance than a threat to your system.

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This page was introduced on April 20, 2008. 
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