Posting a clear consise question that is to the point is more likely to get a correct response the first time, and makes it easier for others to search archives for previously posted responses.

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Posting a Question

Basic Mozilla Document concerning newsgroups

Mozilla Forum Etiquette []
Includes more than just etiquette, but it does not include additional topics below.

Research the Problem before Posting.

Asking a clear question is not easy, please do your research before posting, learn to use search engines. Most questions can be answered directly from material at

Some keyword shortcuts for searchs to help with your research can be found on my Keyword Shortcuts page, (more shortcuts at k.htm).

Describe the Problem. (avoid ambiguity)

The question should be completely described in the body of the question without having to look back at the subject for part of the question. The question should attempt to ask a clear question without someone having to ask who, when, where, why, how, how much, and the url.

Simplify the Problem.

Keep the question brief and simple to understand, and use your spelling checker.

Be very careful what you say (write),

No matter how careful you are, someone is going to misinterpret what you say.(write).

Special Instructions

Basic References (#basics)

Specific Help with Firefox newsgroup:
* Chris Ilias’ Blog ’ Instructions for new newsgroup server
    how to subscribe to newsgroups on the new Mozilla server.
    Connect with your newsreader through
    though you probably want to use directions above rather
    than executing the following via your newsreader.
* Mozilla Forum Etiquette, ground rules for participation in forums
   hosted by
* How to survive in Usenet
* Search previous postings in Firefox newsgroup at Google Groups
  or see recent topics
* Suggestions for posting to
* Basics of asking for help, not neccessarily Firefox:
  How To Ask Questions The Smart Way, Eric S. Raymond, Rick Moen;
  How to ask a question, Daniel Petri.

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Specific Help with Firefox newsgroup: 
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