Key items for articles at SUMO, is it really going to be different than MozillaZine and will it really not replace years of collaborated effort to be attributed to a new group with all history from the old KB articles missing.

New SUMO site, and Firefox wrestling

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Initial SUMO orientation

Trying to find out how the new support site is to be accessed and guidelines for creating/updating.  Plus how is this not going to destroy the work already done with MozillaZine and specific attributions of individuals authors within each article when is is copied over to a Mozilla corporate site and gets a brand new site and starting as if the work of what is often a completely different author.

Personally I think it is a matter of killing off the Golden Goose in the hope that the watered down material will be more useful to the kind of people who tend not to read documentation who and don't have a clue.  There is also a very deliberate attempt to make things harder to find and place people at the mercy of extension writers, many of whom write are writing (or copying) inefficient coding. (more of my opinion on useless extensions).

Nor can I ignore that SUMO ( sounds more like a sumo wrestler rather that a help area.  Not to dissimilar from defacing users and calling them customers when no money changes hands within a corporation.

  1. Support:Overview - MozillaWiki, Current disparate and often confusing support offerings no longer meet the needs of the expanding Firefox user base. (chart in links)
  2. Even a simple suggestion to make the users profile easier to find by users was rejected (Message-ID: ) even though extensions have no problem finding it, so it is NOT a matter of security.  There may or may not be help in Bug: 367596 the trouble is you have to wait and see if nothing is accomplished or made worse, but it still doesn't address having it accessible like in a bookmark.
  3. Summary of Support Meeting (about 2007-05-21
    English now only accounts for 49% of Firefox users [ref]
    Where people look for support (help)
    The question of what wiki to use hasn't been determined yet, but will it matter, because by the time you know what the differences are it will be too late to have an opinion. The inclusion of Admin: Use the log-in "scott" and password "demo" don't matter because you can't really test.
  4. This is the wiki that was selected
  5. Lists of KB articles from Chris Hofmann (posted 2007-05-21) mozillazine-kb-articles, and an alphabetized version
  6. Next forum 2007-05-22)
  7. Fluffy support pages make it hard to find Firefox update (2007-05-25 DM)
  8. Bad Search form, going the same route of the bad remora AMO see 2007-05-25 DM)
  9. Criteria list, won't be important once chosen which wiki to use (2007-06-07 CI), some preliminaries on templates (2007-06-25 JTB)
  10. Important discussion at MozillaZine (2007-06-24, kerz (MozillaZine Admin)), time will tell what impact SUMO will have on the MozillaZine KB.
  11. How do I get started contributing to articles see Contributor Home Page. (getting logged in) -- Gee and I already had my login set up and you can't find where to login from there. Now maybe rest of page can deal with more important matters.
Okay found what I wanted, and I already had login setup.

Appearance at SUMO (#appearance)

Well the wasters and rounders are still at it one half of page fully dedicated in a useless waste of screen real estate (1/3 of page if you know how to get into Full Screen mode (without: titlebar, toolbars, status bar, task bar).  Colors, rounded corners, fuzzy edges, and text balloons, always trumps content.  Never any regard for those who do not want use full screen mode on a not so small monitor.  Remember MOM is using hardware discarded by her grandchildren.  With all that crap there is Search appears twice, there is no advanced search, nor a description of the search parameters, if any.
Option Explicit
Fixed font for coding

The information here ...

Descriptive stuff here.

Examples of Page Layouts from anywhere (#layout)

Syntax (#syntax)

 HTML mediwiki tikiwiki
 <a href="url">url</a> {url] {url]
 <a href="url">title</a> {url title]  [url|title]
 <ol><li> # as prefix # as prefix
 <ul><li> * as prefix * as prefix
 <h1>.. = as prefix = as prefix

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