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[View without Frames] requires Windows Media Player which requires Active-X, so is of no further interest to me.  Look for other choices in the Related links (at the bottom).

This one ( looks like a good link for watching TV, includes all major US network programming and lots of real choices not just News.

But it would be best to watch in a browser other than your normal browser (Firefox).

  1. Windows users, clicking on another window removes full screen view (of video). A Windows problem, that browsers could get around, but don't.
  2. Watching something in Firefox means you can't update Firefox or add extensions or restart Firefox in the meantime, because it would also take down the window with the movie.

Google Chrome (browser) is set up well for You Tube and other videos, and works well with the website (which has a green WOT user rating).  I find Google Chrome very difficult to work with but my unchanged Google Chrome acts very much the same as Firefox using keyboard shortcuts and mouse just like Firefox and most other browsers. I use the "Launchy" extension to bring up another browser for the url being browsed in Firefox, but it doesn't really matter Copy and Paste works well too. Using about:plugins in Google Chrome looks like practically every media plug-in is included, as far as I know it was automatic, all the more reason to use a different browser than Firefox for this, since there are many plug-ins required by and other media sites.  Once in Google Chrome or another browser.

  1. Open your station or movie window on another monitor
  2. Use F11 to get Full Screen
  3. Enlarge Movie with Ctrl++ or Ctrl+wheel to Enlarge Zoom
  4. Use scrollers to center movie/show
  5. You can view Full Screen at this point to improve but it wouldn't last long because anytime you click on another Window it will be lost, but since you've made the window already as large as possible it won't make much difference when you want to also do something else.
Additional suggestion put all your links to TV stations or shows into a folder (TV) on your bookmarks toolbar in whatever browser you are using for your TV stations, and rename the bookmarks for your convenience in locating them.

TV folder on bookmarks toolbar   (#tv)

There may be a couple of placeholders as nothing shows on Firefox, but my intent would be to use a different browser (Google Chrome).


TV Listings, Local TV Shows and Schedules - Yahoo! TV
Must be customized for your locality, uses cookie, and a different cookies if signed in as a user - Channel List (Live TV) - Show List (archived series shows)
TVPC:s TVPC Channel Search
To find ABC stations -- TVPC:s ABC - ABC - East (Boston) - ABC - East (General ABC Station with all ABC programs - seems to be Boston based on news - Animal Planet (Real Player) - Animal Planet .alt (Real Player) - Bloomberg - CBC News (Canada) - CBS - East (Microsoft Silverlight) - CBS - East 2 (Adobe Flash Player) - CNBC USA NJ (Real Player) - CNN (Adobe Flash Player) - Comedy Classic Channel - Discovery (Real Player) - Discovery Science (Real Player) - Fox Business (Real Player)
Watch Live TV, Never a fee. No sign up. - Fox Network East (Microsoft Silverlight) - Fox News Channel (Microsoft Sliverlight) - Fox NY - NASA TV - Nasdaq live - National Geographic HQ (Marked IE only) - National Geographic HQ 2 (Marked IE only) - Show List (TV Shows) - archived TV series - University of Michigan - UWTV (Washington University) - Weather Channel (Real Player)

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