BROWSE Macros, Clists, and Executes

CLISTS and COMMANDS -- general information

The original commands that would access information on clists and commands were
as follows:  The first would access preformatted material the same or similar to
what can be found at the site.  The second would create place HELP
information from TSO into a temporary file in EDIT mode for easier examination:

           COMMAND ===> TSO CLIST xxxxxxx HELP     (for clists mainly)
           COMMAND ===> TSO QHELP xxxxxxx HELP     (for commands only)
CLISTS relative to the HELP section
$BROWSEBROWSE any file from any ISPF panel
CLISTBrowse specified member in each of several CLIST type libraries
INFOHELPBrowse specified/unspecified in TECH.INFO.TEXT
LOADMODBrowse selected member in each LINKLST library
PANELSBrowse specified member in IPSF utilized PDS libraries
PANELS2Part 2 of clist PANELS required to complete function
PDSDDPartitioned dataset display -- CLIST PANELS PROC
PROCBrowse selected member in each of several JCL procedure libraries
PROD01Production JCL Library -- EDIT the specified member
Datasets TECH.INFO.TEXT(TECHDS) -- contains dataset names and descriptions. (===> tso infohelp techds) ===> TSO LISTDD ddname -- to display datasets allocated to a ddname. ===> TSO LISTDS '' -- to display dataset attributes.  Can also use quick access to PDF 3.2 using ===> TSO Q DATASET ===> TSO WHOGOT -- to find out who is allocated to a speci- fied dataset (no not use quotes). Datasets -- DMS, TLMS ===> TSO $DMS only(4) -- Use to find out information on current disk da- tasets ===> TSO $MIDI -- Use to find out information on current datasets ===> TSO $MIDITL -- Use to find out information on current data- sets, has information from TLMS merged in, including TRS (Tape Re- tention System) information. ===> TSO TLMS53 -- Use to find out the very latest and complete information stored in TLMS.  Once invoke to display a volume you be- gin by typing in ===> =VL01 Panels, CLISTS, Procs ===> TSO CLIST xxxxx -- Use to locate and browse a clist. ===> TSO LOADMOD xxxxx -- Use to locate/browse members in SVCLIB, LPALIB, and LNKLST. ===> TSO MODELT xxxxxx -- Use to browse a member in TSOMODEL.PUBLIC.TEXT Similar datasets using MODELC and MODELT ===> TSO PANELS xxxxx -- Use to locate and browse a PANEL. To determine the names of panels enter COMMAND ===> PANELID, you will now see the panel names in the upper left corner of your screen. ===> TSO PDSDD ddname xxxxx -- Use to locate and browse a member in your ddname concatenation.  Substitutions will be made accordingly if ddname is PANELS (ISPPLIB), MESSAGE (ISPMLIB), CLIST (SYSPROC), SKELETON (ISPSLIB). ===> TSO PROC xxxxx -- Use to locate and browse a JCL procedure. Humor, Fun and Games MURPHY Murphy's Law (not really), random witticisms in REXX


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