Some Real Examples for Advanced Searches

Learning to use the Advance Search in Alta Vista will greatly increase your ability to find relevant material on the WEB. By narrowing down your request you will obtain shorter lists with more relevant material. You will also place less of a strain on Alta Vista server at Digital when you receive shorter lists and don't look inside so many irrelevant articles.


(title:excel | url:excel) amp; (loop | loops) amp; (vba | visual)

[The use of the word AND instead of the symbol &, and the use of the word OR instead of the symbol |, and the use of the word NOT instead of the symbol ! are equivalent, it just takes more typing.]

(title:excel or url:excel) and (loop or loops) and (vba or visual)

cigarette amp; smoke amp; health amp; url:edu amp; (GASP | ASH | url:ucsf | url:upenn)

url:yahoo amp; Camry

url:yahoo amp; automobiles amp; (1996 | amp; 1996 amp; prices amp; (rebates | incentives | MSRP | invoice)

(Camry | Honda) amp; models amp; (car | automobile | automobiles) amp; 1996 amp; new MSRP

(title:excel amp; url:excel) amp; free & (url:ca | url:microsoft) & !(telecommunication* | passport | customer) & !(price | prices | cost | student | prerequistes | trainer | video) amp; !url:pubcat amp; !url:catalogo amp; reviews amp; 1996 amp; (Honda | Toyota)
why was this included?-->
-- it was interesting, but does not have the words "new" and "cars" together.

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