REFORMAT examples pulling code from mainframe


Macros used on the mainframe mentioned here are @DIR and REFORMAT

It's funny, I guess, that I document everything but didn't pull off the code that I used to download from the mainframe.

It's also possible that these steps weren't really done.  Check out WS_FTP if you don't have an FTP, some FTPs (File Transfer Program) handle PDS (Partitioned Data Set) files and some don't.

One way was to generate a set of RECEIVE ..  in a member of the PDS using @DIR macro, transporting it to the PC using RECEIVE.  Invoking the set of RECEIVE populating a corresponding file structure on the PC and then using ZIP for each group of files.

A pause is included just in case something goes wrong, because if there is an error it may take a while to process through errors for 500 members.

In case you can't see the entire RECEIVE and SEND cards they both include ASCII CRLF at the end of each card.  Uneven columns from REFORMAT have been realigned to help you view the generated lines.

Receive files to PC from mainframe

To send to the PC
a:'node1.node2.  is on mainframe userid.MACROS
c: in on PC
edit an empty member (z$) in mainframe dataset
@DIR listmem
create .zf .zl z$dir     (provide some means to save ISPF statistics)
REFORMAT "RECEIVE c:\node1\node2\macros\" s 1 8 ".spf a:'node1.node2.macros(" s 1 8 " ascii crlf"

receive c:\node1\node2\macros\ddd.dir a:'node1.node2.macros($dirDOS)' ascii crlf pause "waiting on pause*/ receive c:\node1\node2\macros\@C.SPF a:'node1.node2.macros(@C)' ascii crlf receive c:\node1\node2\macros\@CMD.SPF a:'node1.node2.macros(@CMD)' ascii crlf receive c:\node1\node2\macros\@COMPARE.SPF a:'node1.node2.macros(@COMPARE)' ascii crlf receive c:\node1\node2\macros\@DATE.SPF a:'node1.node2.macros(@DATE)' ascii crlf receive c:\node1\node2\macros\@DIRSTAT.SPF a:'node1.node2.macros(@DIRSTAT)' ascii crlf receive c:\node1\node2\macros\@ICOPY.SPF a:'node1.node2.macros(@ICOPY)' ascii crlf receive c:\node1\node2\macros\@PRINT.SPF a:'node1.node2.macros(@PRINT)' ascii crlf
on the pc in a DOS session receive c:\node1\node2\batch\xover.bat a:'node1.node2.macros(z$) ascii crlf xover cd macros pkzip macros *.spf actually for multiple nodes would have been something like cd \n1\n2\n3 xover pkzip ..\macros *.spf del *.spf See and

Sending to the Mainframe

Sending to the mainframe looks similar.
a: is on mainframe userid.MACROS
c: in on PC

dir c:\node1\node2\macros\*.* > c:\node1\node2\macros\ddd.dir
dir c:\node1\node2\SPFpc30\*.spf >> c:\node1\node2\macros\ddd.dir
dir c:\node1\node2\SPFpc30\*.doc >> c:\node1\node2\macros\ddd.dir
send c:\node1\node2\macros\ddd.dir      a:'node1.node2.macros($dirDOS)'  ascii crlf
pause "waiting on pause*/
send c:\node1\node2\macros\@C.SPF       a:'node1.node2.macros(@C)'       ascii crlf
send c:\node1\node2\macros\@CMD.SPF     a:'node1.node2.macros(@CMD)'     ascii crlf
send c:\node1\node2\macros\@COMPARE.SPF a:'node1.node2.macros(@COMPARE)' ascii crlf
send c:\node1\node2\macros\@DATE.SPF    a:'node1.node2.macros(@DATE)'    ascii crlf
send c:\node1\node2\macros\@DIRSTAT.SPF a:'node1.node2.macros(@DIRSTAT)' ascii crlf
send c:\node1\node2\macros\@ICOPY.SPF   a:'node1.node2.macros(@ICOPY)'   ascii crlf
send c:\node1\node2\macros\@PRINT.SPF   a:'node1.node2.macros(@PRINT)'   ascii crlf

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