SKEL#MEM edit macro

Macro name. SKEL#MEM Edit macro SKEL#MEM
users. HTML authors dxxd Author: David McRitchie
type. Edit Macro resides in SYS1.TSOCLIST for use with TSO
Edit Macro resides in d:\spfmacro  for use with SPF/PC
SKEL#MEM dxxd...Edit macro reformats data
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SKEL#MEM allows the user under PDF EDIT (or SPF/PC EDIT) to ...dxxd...

SKEL#MEM can be a very useful tool when doing documentation or when preparing data within a PDS member.

ISREDIT  SKEL#MEM  [lptr-range | ENTIRE]  [NX | X]  [LEFT | RIGHT]  [LVL1]  [LVL2]  [LVL3]  [NEST]

CC-range The process range for this macro may be further restricted to a single line using a single C over the line number, or a block of lines using a pair of CC line commands.  The default range is to process all lines in the entire range .ZFIRST to .ZLAST .
lptr-range A pair of line pointers can be used to restrict the lines under consideration  The line pointers must be a labels.  Specifying one line pointer is invalid.
ENTIREwill be substituted by .ZFIRST .ZLAST
NXAffects only lines that are NOT EXCLUDED from the display.
XAffects only lines that are EXCLUDED from the display.
INITUse only within an edit macro that will be used as an INITIAL macro. The use of ISREDIT UP 4 for example is not allowed within an INITIAL macro. 
col-pairA pair of columns is required. Specification of a single column only will terminate the edit macro before reformatting proceeds. If 0 (zero) is used for the starting column then the second number is used to indicate the number of blanks (150 max). An L can generally be used to indicate the last column of data in the record. Unavailable for use with UNHEX

Additional-pairs, additional column pairs may be specified


skel#mem ...
eformat .zfirst .zlast 10 30 0 01 'constant string' 31 40
skel#mem .refa .refb 40 45 1 3 75 L

Descriptions dxxd ...

Internal Aspects:    [TSO code]  [SPF/PC code] 

  1. Checks that no labels or exactly two labels appear in operand list.
  2. Other features checked for NX HEX UNHEX.
  3. Column pairs will be checked such that the second column must be higher than the first.  At least one column pair must exist.

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