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Macro name. TAG Edit macro TAG
users. HTML authors Author: David McRitchie
type. Edit Macro resides in d:\spfmacro  for use with SPF/PC
TAG Places a beginning tag before word at cursor and a matched ending tag at the end of the macro.

TAG simplifies the addition of tags around a preexisting words in an HTML document.

ISREDIT  TAG tag [parameters]
ISREDIT  TAG <tag1><tag2>...

tag Name of an HTML tag.
parameters Optional additional parameters for begin tag.
tagN Tags may be used.  A terminating set of tags will be created in reverse order.

tag i
tag b
tag font size="+1"
tag <font size="+2"><i>

Results that might be obtained
000096 Some words are <i>italicized</i>, some are in <b>boldface</b>, and
000097 some have a different <font size="+1">size</font>.
000098 Another line might receive <font size="+2"><i>size</i></font>.

Internal Aspects:    [SPF/PC code] 

  1. Beginning tag is comprised to the initial arguments.  If it is not already a tag it is made into one by prefixing "<" and suffixing ">". 
  2. Ending tag(s) is created based on beginning tag.  Must be in reverse order of beginning tags, and must consist only of the first word of each beginning tag.
  3. Identifies location of beginning and end of word at CURSOR.
  4. Places beginning of line before word, and the beginning tag and parameters before identified word.
  5. Places first part of line before word, then the beginning tag string, the word, then ending tag string, and the remainder of the line.

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