Using Regina Rexx interpreter 0.08d

Install Regina on your Windows 95/NT system

On Feb 7, 1998, I obtained Regina 0.08c (22 July 1997) for Win 95/NT from the ftp site listed next. Regina 0.08d (10 Feb 1998) available and downloaded should fix problems listed below. ************
reginadoc.zipDocumentation for Regina 0.08c in Word 6.0 format (; 449,142 bytes expands to 743,424.  Printed copy is 165 pages.  Documentation also available for Postscript ( and in Adobe PDF (  [current version now is at least 0.8g]
rx08cw32.zipRegina 0.08c for Win95/NT.  224,061 expands to 526,133 bytes including subdirectory DEMO.
rx08dw32.zipRegina 0.08d Beta for Win95/NT.  284,455 expands to 526,133 bytes including subdirectory DEMO.  Includes only the new REGINA.DLL REGINA.EXE and README.08D to be used in addition to and in place of those from 0.08c   Also contains a REXX.exe of unknown purpose that doesn't appear to be needed.
You probably don't need it but this is the Standard C (ANSI C) code for Regina REXX.

Install RX08DW32 in a library of your choice:

pkunzip  rx08dw32  -d
To invoke one of the tests from the library that was unzipped into:
    regina demo\timeconv
    regina demo\timeconv.rex

Read the "README" and each of the "README.08x" files.

Following the instructions (Rx08cw32\readme) included with prevous non beta Regina REXX install regina.exe (from the Beta) and regina.dll (from the Beta) into a directory specified in your PATH environment variable.  Path can be checked quickly by typing PATH on the command line of DOS session.

Additional installation things to do install Regina on Windows NT

work in process under this section

I added .rex as an extension recognized in Explorer

     My Computer --> [single click on a .rex file] --> shift + RClick -->
         Open with:  Regina   and check on    [x]  always open with

You can also do the same for .rexx and .cmd (I guess).

The above provides you with the ability to invoke REXX without typing REGINA in front of the command as long as the extension matches (includes no physical extension), or has an assumed extension of .rexx, .rex, or .cmd

regina myprog.rex  Full specification of everything
regina myprogBecause Regina is being excuted the .rex extension can be defaulted.
myprog.rexThe My Computer change (Explorer) above will invoke Regina upon seeing the .rex extension.
myprogTo evoke the execute and check for the .rex extension as a default you must have PATHEXT= in effect (see table below).  Upon finding that the extension is .rex then Regina will be the program in effect.
regina myprog1If myprog1 in fact has no extension then you must specify Regina in order to invoke Regina.  Meaning it is not going to be recognized automatically.
regina murphy.txt Not a normal extension, you must indicate Regina.  Means that can do this, though to actually make a habit of executing code with the wrong extension would be inadvisable and confusing.

I think version 0.08d pretty much takes care of this, at the moment I am not using the material in this box; nevertheless, I am keeping it handy if it turns out that I do need it after all.
in a .bat file
         set PATHEXT=.rex;%PATHEXT%
which together with the first change allows "DOS session" to invoke a REXX excute by merely typing
      pgmname     instead of      REGINA pgmname.rex

You can verify what PATHEXT= you currently have (from McPhee's note) using the following:

To find the correct environment variable, type 'set > file' to dump the environment to a file, and search for a line that's something like:

Note that when you set this variable, you must include all those extensions or, for instance, .exe files won't run.

( Permanent changes can be made to AUTOEXEC.BAT )

One thing fixed with 0.08d Beta was the ability for pgmname to call pgmname1 without having to include the .REX extension.
         say pgmname1.rex()     will work within pgmname
         say pgmname1()           will not will now work within pgmname

Some more food for thought from reply from Mark Hessling in comp.lang.rexx

I have just uploaded to my anon ftp site a beta of 0.08d. This version does exaclty what you want. It uses the REGINA_MACROS environment variable which is a list of directories (like PATH). Regina will look first for the file pgmname, then pgmname.rexx, then pgmname.rex and lastly pgmname.cmd.
I guess I'd better check into the REGINA_MACROS environment variable.

The Beta also fixed a similar problem within SPF/PC of not being able to call a another program that has the extension without including the extension. Though it appears to still use it's own REXX (SPF/PC has it's own REXX for use under DOS).

Hints about PATHEXT and some other additional information can be found in a newsgroup article
Re: Want to run REXX CMD files on a NT Box by Patrick TJ McPhee, and from
  Windows NT 4.0 CMD.exe Help

To invoke Regina from SPF/PC

work in process under this section

C:\REGINA\MYTESTS\SPFTEST.SPF      printed 1998/02/09 at 14:18

COMMAND ===>                                                  SCROLL ===> CSR
****** ********************************* TOP OF DATA **************************
000001 address "ISREDIT" "MACRO"
000002 /* SPF/PC running on Windows NT workstation */
000003 /* have installed Regina REXX but SPF/PC rexx is being used*/
000004 /*  don't know if REGINA REXX can be used by SPF/PC   */
000005 say address()   /* shows ISREDIT */
000006 address "CMD"
000007 say address()   /* shows CMD */
000008 parse version v1 v2 v3 v4 v5 v6
000009 say '----'
000010 say v1  /* REXX/2 */
000011 say v2  /* 1.0.171 */
000012 say v3  /* 14 */
000013 say v4  /* Apr */
000014 say v5  /* 1995 */
000015 say v6  /*      */
000016 parse source s1 s2 s3 s4 s5 s6
000017 say '----'
000018 say s1  /* WINDOWS */
000019 say s2  /* COMMAND */
000020 say s3  /* C:\REGINA\MYTESTS\SPFTEST.SPF */
000021 say s4  /* spftst */
000022 say s5  /* ISREDIT */
000023 say s6  /*         */
000024 address "cmd"
000025  a = mytest1.rex()
000026  say "a="a      /* shows a=1   */
000027  a = mytest2()  /* this is correct, but actual member s/b mytest2.rex*/
000028  say "a="a      /* shows a=2   (after additional material)  */
000029 /*********************************************************************/
000030 /* Content of mytest1.rex                                            */
000031 /*    return 1                                                       */
000032 /*********************************************************************/
000033 /*********************************************************************/
000034 /* Content of mytest2     (no extension)                             */
000035 /*   parse version v1 v2 v3 v4 v5 v6                                 */
000036 /*   parse source s1 s2 s3 s4 s5 s6                                  */
000037 /*   say address()   <* shows CMD  | SYSTEM                          */
000038 /*   say '---- results when invoked from spftest --'                 */
000039 /* invoked:  <* from SPF/PC  | as  Regina mytest2                    */
000040 /*   say v1  <* REXX/2       | REXX-Regina_0_08d                     */
000041 /*   say v2  <* 1.0.171      | 4.50                                  */
000042 /*   say v3  <* 14           | 22                                    */
000043 /*   say v4  <* Apr          | Jan                                   */
000044 /*   say v5  <* 1995         | 1998                                  */
000045 /*   say v6  <*                                                      */
000046 /*   say '----'                                                      */
000047 /*   say s1  <* WINDOWS      | WIN32                                 */
000048 /*   say s2  <* FUNCTION     | COMMAND                               */
000049 /*   say s3  <* MYTEST2      | C:\regina\mytests\MYTEST2.REX         */
000050 /*   say s4  <* MYTEST2      | D:\goodies\Regina.exe                 */
000051 /*   say s5  <* ISREDIT      |                                       */
000052 /*   say s6  <*              |                                       */
000053 /*   return 2                                                        */
000054 /*********************************************************************/
****** ******************************** BOTTOM OF DATA ************************
where you see lines 47-50

Regina 08c listed

Regina 08d lists entire pathname


To invoke Regina as the REXX for SPF/PC

work in process under this section

I would like to know how compatible Regina REXX is with SPF/PC and if I can or should use it for the REXX in SPF/PC.  Anyone have any such experience?

The answer from CTC was that you could not, but by that time it appeared that noone was left that had worked on SPF/PC, and they were pushing the GUI version SPF/SE that used C macros and did not support REXX (1998).  In 1999 SPF/PC is no longer marketed.


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