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Example Generated by CommentTestGeneration Macro (#...)

This Example is a continuation of Cell Comments.

Coding used on this page can be found in http://www.mvps.org/dmcritchie/code/comment.txt and in http://www.mvps.org/dmcritchie/code/join.txt

The following spreadsheet was generated by the CommentTestGeneration Macro which simply served to create some test data with text and comments.  The range E11:F13 was selected within and the MarkCells and TextToComments macros were run within the CommentTestGeneration Macro.  The results and the CommentTestGeneration macro are show after this section.

Results of PrintCommentsByColumn Macro (#...)

Cell comments by default are printed (pagesetup/sheets) by row then column.

The PrintCommentsByColumn Macro to populate another sheet with comments by column macro described on the <a href="ccomment.htm">ccomment.htm</a> page  will populate a new worksheet with the cell address, cell.text and the cell comment.  You can view or print that worksheet.  The display here is down one column and then down the next column(s) for cells that have comments.

1   C:\temp\project_text.xls -- Sheet72
3B2:text B2 Comment for B2
4B22:text B22 Comment for B22
5D4:text D4 Comment for D4
6D20:text D20 Comment for D20
7E5:text E5 Comment for E5
11E19:text E19 Comment for E19
12F6:text F6 Comment for F6
16F18:text F18 Comment for F18
17J10:text J10 Comment for J10
18J14:text J14 Comment for J14
19K11:text K11 Comment for K11
20K13:text K13 Comment for K13

This page was introduced on August 10, 2002. 

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