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Every one of these suffer by having a big footprint, most force a choice of MS product, include Help information where it does not belong  MS KB [alt], [old] [G-MS], supp-MS, All-of-MS.   Babelfish Language Translator for Webpages and text babelfish* AltaVista* Google [ref, op],  * Yahoo [dir]dmoz [G],  * acronymAF jargon [2],  Symbolswayback machineLG,    SearchesDatabases, and Information links  domainsasciidictdnhtmlFlights,   PHTV☂ weatherzip 
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The original of this page is what I actually use for my browser's home page.

Originally Search engines external to this page were limited to my Excel home page which is the single most relevant Excel page on my site.  The restriction was created by use of NOINDEX in an HTML meta tag.  The specific search on my site, below, being limited to my site will report on ALL HTML (.htm) pages found under the Excel directory.  On 2004-11-08 removed NOINDEX from 69 articles and now most articles are available on a Google search -- the page you are looking at remains unindexed because it is just links and the links are not related to Excel. 

   Search This Site:          powered by FreeFind 
The above search is a FreeFind search.  Correct spelling is necessary, letter case is unimportant.  If not sure of your spelling try a Google search (below).
Find:  (Boolean Operands are supported.)
word “phrase” [near] {far}, wildcard * at end, ? in position, +required, -never, AND, OR, NOT (parens)
i.e.    vlookup AND (match or index)
i.e.    vlookup AND (match or index) AND {syntax vlookup} -- braces for far (several words), most pages do not show syntax, near is within a couple of words.  Without operators ALL words must be found in the search. 
I try to avoid spelling error, so if something is on my site, it would be best to spell words correctly when searching.  Use of the Google Toolbar might be helpful to make sure words are correctly spelled.

Site Map: provides an Alphabetical list of Titles (List of Web Page Topics).
You can click on some of the directories and then sort ascending/descending on name, date modified, or on size, if provided for by your browser.
Some very creative people appear to have discovered that by searching on the word  “the”  all of my pages will be found, which can actually be useful to see the web page descriptions, instead of just a list of titles as found in the Site Map at the Search window.

Google reduces hits per site by default so most of my pages will now be found in Google, and noindex is used more now to keep my incomplete pages out of indexes than to restrict the number of hits.  AltaVista does not restrict by default but does provide a “Site Collapse” option. 

   Google site search for

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   Google web search eliminating newsgroup discussions
   Web Search Excel (exclude newsgroups, ads, & directories) not working yet  
Google Help:  Basics, Cheat Sheet, Advanced Search Operators || features || preferences

Firefox provides a Search bar that defaults to Google but has other search engines in the search menu drop down.  Firefox also provides for user customized keyword shortcuts that can point to Google web, groups or other searches or actually anything that could be entered on the location bar (address bar).  The above Google searches are for seaching ONLY my website.  See below to search Google Groups or to search the web with Google.

Set up a Search shortcut in your Start Menu for a search of your local hard drive (#fnd)

Windows Explorer:  You can search your hard drive for a word or a phrase using Windows “Search For Files and Folders”  with your own preset up directory and search words.  To set up a shortcut into your Windows Start menu.  Set up a search using browse to set up a directory and fill in the type of files or the words to search.  Invoke the search.  To save the search:  right-click on the search results, save into a file such as c:\temp note the file extension of .fnd which you can select and SHIFT+drag to move it the Windows Start menu, then place it into a specific spot or directory within the Start Menu.  If you didn't use SHIFT you would only be creating a shortcut, to the one in temp, so be sure to hold the SHIFT key.  You can get to the START directory by Right-click on START, choose “Explore all Users”, then look in the  “Start Menu”  directory.

From Internet Explorer you can search a directory from a directory view using a right-click on the icon to the left of the title bar or on a selection within and choosing Search thus saving a step by not going through the Windows Start button.

Agent Ransack, David Vest, file searches, supports regular expression (RegExpr). Reported as making it pleasant again to search. Microsoft OE6 and accessories file search destroy use of cut/paste, hopefully this one won't. Ran a quick test, looks good. Downside is that it is a line by line search so search cannot find text split between lines.  [AgentRansack]

Set up a Desktop Shortcut for use within Quick Launch (#desktop)   {W]

right click on the Windows Start button, Explore All Users, choose Desktop at top on the leftside Like any directory if you want to see more information you can right click to look at properties, or you change the display with choose View, view columns to add additionl columns (sorted alphabetically would be best for viewing). to complete installation: File, Create Shortcut drag the complete shortcut from this directory list to the Quick Launch.  Once inside QL change the properties to title as "DESKTOP for use within Quick Launch", change the icon the same as the Windows button. Delete the desktop shortcut from the actual directory.
Additional useful shortcuts within Quick Launch Additional suggestion for Quick Launch, keep wanted shortcuts at beginning by renaming the first four so that their names begin with 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 respectively, then all can be sorted in alphabetical order and the four at top will show on quick launch.

Additional information on Windows Quick Launch and desktop shortcuts with a focus on Firefox testing, and with a focus on Windows Vista installation.

Firefox, “Add a Search to the Searchbar” or “Add a keyword search” (#keyword)

You can add a search to the Firefox searchbar by right clicking within the search box on a page to “Add this search to the searchbar...” or yet another alternative  “Add a keyword (bookmark) for this search”,  Method requires installation of Add to Search Bar also see my notes.

In Opera there is now an editor for editing, adding new and deleting search engines.

Search help information is frequently difficult to find for a site, so most of those listed here include a reference to their HELP area(s).  If you are not already familiar with a site you should also visit their home page.     Return to TOP for site search.
Microsoft Knowledge Data Base (MS KB)
MS KB Microsoft Technical Support -- Knowledge Base
My search is about:  Excel for Windows   Skip specifying here if you use XL as a keyword below
Keyword Search:  Boolean Expression Stupid as it looks, you must specify Boolean, each time.
[Boolean] [Online Answers] 
Boolean:  and, or, and not, use of parenthesis -- no symbolic and, or, and not
The new format for the MS KB drops the widely recognized “Q” prefix  
Newsgroup Searches -- Newsgroup Archives -- Google Usenet Advanced Search
“Usenet Advanced Search”
Many of the searches in these sections are in the abbreviated search symbols at top of page.
Google Usenet Advanced Search (coverage extends back to May 12, 1981). 
Google Groups Advanced Search  Google Groups -- Search Newsgroups with Google Groups 
  xl -- Google Groups Search for *Excel* Newsgroups
   m3 -- within last 3 months in *Excel* Newsgroups ]
  [G]  -- Google Groups Search within google.public.*   Use *excel* to pick up the microsoft.public.excel.* newsgroup -- additional hints on my Newsgroups page.  Also see my historical notes[Google Usenet Groups Help] 
Alternative(s):  don't know of any left. 
Netscan/Tech - Newsgroup Statistics,
Web Page Searches             MVP:  SitesWhatIsProgramWhois     || Search Engine WatchSearch Engine Sizes Internet Traffic
  web search
(use Search with Boolean)
Alta Vista -- Basic SearchIntermediate searchAdvanced Search [syntax] -- (portal site) --

Provides a decent Boolean search syntax::  AND, OR, NOT.  You can indicate where you want to look for each of your words or phrases such as in the url: (address),  host:domain:like:title:text:anchor:applet: (Java),  object: (ActiveX),  link:, or image: 
Choose where to search: Web, Image, MP3/Audio, Video, Directory (like yahoo directory), News.
There is also a separate Webmaster page, find references to your site url: image:  Site appears to be reemerging as back to it's former glory after a not so brief period of having been dumbed down to another web advertising portal.  It has consistently maintained and it's unique search tokens above, and still has the popular Babelfish language translator.

Google search
  web search
Google Advanced Search
Primitive search interface.  If you don't know what you want Google will do very well for you.  Ask questions as sentences.  If Google can't find prepared answers it will also invoke search engines to help cover itself.  If a page was indexed and is no longer available Google will show you a cached copy of the page.  Actually it makes entry easier for people who might not otherwise use some keywords. 
  [Search Help]  [Site Map] [preferences] [portal features]
parameters:  +(required),  -(must not contain),  ~(synonym),  site: (address), 
Phrases should be included in double quotes.  Not documented but if you don't know if a name is one word, two words, or hyphenated then use the hyphen it will find all of them.  if you mishyphenate ie. mcritch-ie ex-cel you will be asked did you mean mcritchie excel
Search Operators:  allintitle:, intitle:, allinurl:, inurl:, site:(domain) || cache:, link:, related:, info: || filetype: || define:, spell:, stocks:
More Google: [language],  [tools], toolbar | [help]    ||  Fagan Finder interface to Google provides a more flexible date range for searches. || Google Hacks

Google Desktop Search [new], free Download, search your personal PC files (office files: Excel, MS Word; email; text) [LG] [Yahoo]-- My opinion is this Beta interferes with system (Win 2000) and with IE and Firefox web browsing essentially using all available CPU time even if set to idle.
Netscape Search LinksNetscape:  Net Search Page
Used to have a collection of search engines, now appears to have a directory of websites like Yahoo.  The open directory probably is the same list.
[Site Map]  -- (Portal site)
Other Search Engines /Portals
and collections
Ask Jeeves  [Help],,   AlltheWeb [Query Lang.],   Excite Precision Search,   GoTo Overture,   Hotbot & Lycos,   Look Smart,   Lycos [site mapHelp],   Site-Finder,   Yahoo
Rank ( Google • Yahoo! • Inktomi • The ODP Overture • Alta Vista • Looksmart • FAST • Teoma • Ask Jeeves
Meta-Searches (Multiple: search engines/news, about):  Vivísimo [Syntax],  DogpileKartooIxquickIthaki
Reference Desk ( heard about it on MSNBC “Power Lunch” Oct 10, 2001,  Directory of Search Engines
Collections of Links:  Search Systems -- collection of Public Records sites
Learned about Search Systems from PC World Fifty Timesaving Web Sites, Feb 2003
The Green Eggs Report, [monthly] URLs from newsgroups. i.e. for microsoft.public.excel.misc or Excel Groups
Open Directory Project (dmoz) - All the Web - AltaVista - Google - HotBot - Netscape - Northern Light [news] - Yahoo
How to articles on searching: 
Search Engine Showdown: The Users' Guide to Web Searching
About Web Search - Guide to Search Engine Optimization & Online Search at
How to Choose a Search Engine or Directory, specific information for many search engines, University Libraries
Specialized searches Warning: be sure to have Adblock enabled before continuing:  Specialized Search Engines & Directories 1,000 Specialized Search Engines - Encyclopedia,  Specialized Directories & Search Engines Compiled by Nancy Picchi,  Blog Search Engine
    (big list)
   My Yahoo
An organized list is a great way to find web pages that specifically address a topic.  Recommend using power search at AltaVista to search using something like: & excel & (“bar code” | bar code)
Yahoo has set up it's own searches: [Search Help]  [no Site Map] [preferences] [portal features]
A new feature for Yahoo is you can use a prefix shortcuts of map, weather, news, (zip/subject), and define.
Additional Search Engines Links and Descriptive Summaries. 
Search engine ToolbarsGoogle, Yahoo
Internet Archives  -- wayback machine 
Archives You can find old copies or missing web pages by feeding in the URL that you need into the wayback machine, in fact 10 billion web pages were archived when unveiled on October 24th, 2001.  Also archives UseNet, but for UseNet you might want to look at Newsgroup Searches (above)Alexa [see privacy policy] and the Internet Archive have stored over 100 terabyte's worth of Web pages and add about one billion pages per month. To put some perspective on the matter, the entire Library of Congress is estimated to hold about 20 terabytes of information.   Prefixing a broken link with  “”  will probably get an acceptable page until you can find an updated link if there is one.   i.e.
Ghost Sites of the Web, Where Dead Web Sites Live On... (blog);
Web rankings via AlexaEnglish 100Global 500, by subjects: Computers; by category: categories [Multiple Sites] and sister site linkstoyou
Return to top of  Notable Search Sites & Databases Table,    Return to TOP for site search.,   [My Excel Pages], [index]
Google Groups Advanced Search  Google Groups [xl, m3 -- within last 3 months in the *excel* Newsgroups  
Microsoft Knowledge Base (Search),
Every one of these suffer by having a big footprint, most force a choice of MS product, include Help information where it does not belong  MS KB [alt] [old] [G-MS] supp-MS, All-of-MS.   Babelfish Language Translator for Webpages and text babelfish* AltaVista* Google* Yahoo [dir]dmoz* acronymAF jargon,  wayback machineLG,   Searches, Databases, and Information links  domainsdictdnhtmlPHTVzip 

Additional Search and Information Things (#information)

Identification of an Internet Site and Domain names  (#domains)
Domain names
(domain)|name|company|IP|(NIC)Handle [Whois] [Arin Whois] -- you may have to use a prefix, see notes on whois page.    Two Letter domain name code [TLD] countries -- once you have gone to the domain registry agency for the id you may have to look hard for a Whois link.    Smart Whois domains around the world ,  Whois ( (multi tests)DNS Stuff (tools, tests, tracert);  Combat Spamnetwork Solutions,    Domain name registries around the world [TLD], Web Interface to Whois [inaccurate]UXN Combat SpamSpamCop, Spam fighting links unrelated to (why does this click every 5 seconds),  || What's my IP AddressYour IP and browser information, whatismyip, Location, ||DNSBL Lookup (Blackhole/blacklists) || cheap registration, GoDaddyCNET Bandwidth Meter Speed Test (1021kbps or on UCB 977kbps not 3.0Mbps but still much faster than 52.8kbps dialup)  Domains reserved for documen­t­ation usage:  “”, “”, and “”.  The suffix .invalid is reserved as invalid.
Other things
acronym search - Univ. of Cork   AFAIK, As Far As I Know.  BTW, By The Way.  FYI, For Your Information.  FWIW, For What It's Worth.  HTH, Hope This Helps.  IOW, In Other Words.  OBTW, Oh By The Way.  OP, Original Poster.  OTOH, On The Other Hand.  TIA, Thanks In Advance. 
Jargon File Resources: -- STFW
More acronym servers via
emoticons/smiley's (graphical, search, wiki, multiple meanings) // Don't use acronym servers as a dictionary or in place of a search engine.  If it is not capitalized, it is probably not an acronym; computer (list), military (list);
Airline Flights Travel (#airline) - Flight Listings,   Yahoo! Search Results for airlines   lowest fare,   QIXO  
More flight trackers:  FlightAware (tracker) || - Live flight tracker! (Squawk)
FlightView, FlightStats [ Planning, Parking], FlyteComm, Orbitz,
Airport parking: Newark(EWR)
Many of these services have mobile website versions, as well as having APPs for tablets and smartphones.
Travel Links,   Currency-converter [alt] [table]  [2]CDC Travelers' Health, (Worldwide Travel Guide),  
Blog Technorati:  find current blogs with a single keyword –
Calendar Virtual Perpetual Calendars (0-13)
Computer, Club Computer Club or SIG near youAPCUG User Group Online LocatorList of Computer User Groups on the Web
Computersdrivers:,printer drivers, cdrom drivers, modem drivers, sound drivers, mouse drivers, monitor drivers, etc. - signup required.
Conversions Mass and Weight [more measurements], Martindale's CalculatorsMetric conversion calculator\ (temperature, linear, area, volume, weight), Sci 4 memory JavaScript Calculator
data basesBusiness Intelligence Lowdown: Top 10 Largest Databases in the World
Dictionaries, References  (#dict) American Heritage DictionaryWikipediaWebopediaEncarta(Microsoft),   Merriam Webster(pay),   Webster's Online,     (stay clear of the electric library it is pay for subscription based) // downloadable dictionary: WordWeb [free version] // Urban dictionary slang  (Brit),  The Word Spy,   // Encyclopædia Britannica on-line loads of ads,  // off-topic: Reason & Logic   // OED is by subscription but interesting reading even if it doesn't mention LEXX, (2) // Useless Information,  
Dewey(DDC)History Links  // Calculators On-Line (over 23,915)Webopedia
Quotations  ||  Roget's Thesauras  ||  phrases, The English-to-American Dictionary (a Scot in America),  American/British Spelling (,
How stuff works  
(Domains)Domains are at the top of this table
Downloads/ Help (#dn) PC WorldZDNETTechTVMajorGeeks; ||  orientation from my site:  Firefox (Mozilla), bookmarklets, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express || see Updates later, primarily Microsoft downloads and security material.
Genealogy Cyndi's Lists (genealogical resources),  50 Free Genealogy Sites to Search TodayUSGenWeb Project - Always Free
HTML coding  (#html),   HTML 4 spec   Index of the HTML 4.0 Elements   Validator   -- HTML-kit (includes HTML Tidy)   -- HTML 101 Tutorial, USD   -- HTMLWORKS  
Image Hosting||Haven't tried|| Image-UpImageShak QuickShot (exe), TechRepublicShup - Capture and Upload Screenshots to Several Storage Services like Flickr, Imageshack, Photobucket, Stashbox » Digital PassionImageShack® - Quickshot
InstuctionsInstructional Manuals:  Retrevo instruction manuals for most products.  Also check out individual manufacturer and store websites.
Internet TrafficInternet Traffic ReportNorth America7-Day ReportEuropeRaw MeasurementsDemographics(links)Internet Health ReportPulse future,  || GoogleBackbone || UCLA
LibraryLOC,   Gutenberg Project  
Maps MapQuest (map size too small) also aerial view; (ugly) Mapblast street maps (navigation poor)-- Use phone number for easiest access to maps to avoid hassle with userid access (see Phone section),   Map Point (Microsoft)Maps on UsMap 24 (US/Can),  Multi-Map (Microsoft) maps and birdeye viewsExpedia Road Map,   Google MapsGoogle Earth (/\),  EarthaMaps (Delorme)Street Level Maps:  A9.comFR Maps in general and especially street maps have too much trial and error in use suffering from at least one of the following problems: size of map is too small so there is no zoom value that works well even if somewhat familiar with the area, inability to recenter on a point (navigate), lack of resizing option, street names missing or obscured.  None of the above maps work very well online with phone connection. || latitude & longitude of any US address
Driving Directions:  MapQuest,  the following does not print pg || Pedestrian directions: NYC via subways, streets, undeground tunnels, walking times in minutes (2005-02-09 site down).
Cool Maps: Cool Google Maps (blog), panoramic maps, Off The Wall Maps (collection)
Route Planning sites (informationweek)
National Mapping Information (USGS)GISDATA Web Mapping PortalEROS Data Center (Earth Resources Observation Systems), satellite images (EarthExplorer),  ||  Topographical USGS:  TopoZone, Mapping,    USGS Store,  ||  US population: Tiger Mapping Service (US Census).  List of map sitesGalinskySite map linksmap links( Tools/Resoures (Mashable)
Distance between:  AirportsMajor US cities[more]
Recreation Index (USGS): hiking;  ||  TerraServer (MSN) hiking, streets, topo, aerial || Install TerraClient to print Satellite images and superimposed Road Maps (986KB download).
Find a Trail by US Zipcode (get map elsewhere or subscribe)
Maps (Europe) US and Europe: Expedia [Maps],  Europe: Driving Distances (Shell), others: Australia,
Medicine eMedicine, Merck, CDC, Univ.Phil., Yahoo: [Medical Schools],
Name Statistics Name Statistics - How popular are your first and last names?  || Census: Search Names Files From 1990 Census  || Baby names: PopularWizard (active graph)study by income level in California
News / current CNN [Sci-Tech],    Google,    simmtester ^,    TechNewsWorld ^,    Techzonez   ZDNet Anchor Desk,   Yahoo (Daily News) (My)   Note: ^ recent additions may be kept or dropped. || - Links to over 10,000 Newspapers Online!
Newsletters LockerGnome Search,   Microsoft Windows update tips (Windows Secrets),   Computer Companion Google -- If the newsletter is a webpage you can use Watch That Page to email a notice when a web page changes.
No Blank Pages
For people who can't stand blank pages:  All My Faves | Why Search?
Auto Dial :: Firefox Add-ons, Quick access to frequently visited pages on new tabs (Ctrl/Cmd-T)
Phishing, Spam, Scam, Fraud Spam Reporting:"Spoofing" or "Phishing" for banking or credit card data — and — Spam Reporting Addresses including 3rd part reporting, and identity theft.
Phone / name
 address (US)  (#PH)
AT&T (r),   AnyWho AT&T  (Reverse),   Verizon/White Pages/SuperPages (Find Person),   White Pages and Reverse by phone/address(street/neighbors) uses MapQuest(street map/aerial photo),   address(reverse),      Ultimate White Pages (cell),   Yahoo,   || Melissa DATA: Free Lookups (phone, geo)
Free 411 information calls at 1-800-411-SAVE,  || [White Pages - Canada],   World Directories (teldir),   
Local Calling Area || North American Area code regions,    Embassyworld  ||  Area Codes/ST/US
Onesuite (2.5¢/min),     ||  ||  MESA: email address search || teleflip (Send text messages to cell phone) || Verizon: Calling Area Tools - Local Exchange Finder Anonymous
Free computer to computer: Skype || text message via Google || free text msg to voice
Popdex : the website popularity index,  
Public RecordsSearch Systems - Largest Free Public Records Database CollectionCity Data (US)Bamboozled: How you can search for public records |
Real Estate CyberhomesRoost (about),  Zillow -- Notes on accuracy
RepairHow Stuff WorksThis Old House15 Quick DIYHousehold RepairsHome repair - Wikipedia
Space (NASA) NASA ScienceNational Archives Info on Space ExplorationAstrophysics - Astronomy Links (Univ. of MN),  Mars Exploration, Mars Rovers Information, Facts, News, Photos
School Science Projects: Earth and Space Science Fair ProjectsUltimate Guide to Science Fair Displays
States (us.) - States and Capitals
, Family Law Quarterly: Law in the 50 States Charts, State and County QuickFacts, State Summary Highlights, Topics A-Z | American Bar Association
Time***to be filled in later***,  Time Information
Tracking (US) Package & Shipment TrackingFedEx,   UPS,   USPS(US Mail),   Airborne,   DHL,   Roadway
TranslationTranslates between English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish, use Babelfish Language Translator for Webpages and text babelfish or Systran (includes Dutch, limited to 32,768 bytes for HTML) 
Babelfish now also translates between English and Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.
  Note go%46com, which provided Translator.o%46com is another lost company.
Yahoo (TV grid, customizable) or My Yahoo (with links to individual station listings)TitanTV Canada TV Guide (US) , || Radio-Locator, Broadcast Radio Stations (world by region) || Internet Movie Database {IMDb-Grab 0.04b, retrieval tool}
NYC-TV: 2, 4, 7, 9, 11, 13, 52 ||Receptionditch cable ||| Nova - TV programs, NerdTV Archive
Microsof Security Updates second Tuesday each month is "Patch Tuesday"  (you must use Internet Explorer), Office Update, Windows Update includes critical patches for IE and OE.  Microsoft never sends security or other updates as attachments in email, not even in direct response from a phone call you initiated.  All updates or fixes must be downloaded directly from, and to avoid security issues by email and sites masaquerading as Microsoft, you should type in links rather than clicking on them.// Also see downloads earlier.
US govt. House,   Senate,   Info -- Official Search Site,   Plants database (USDA),
Travel:  Warningst.AbroadWorld Factbook Citizens' Handbook , Consumer ContactsGov. sites
non gov't: - Where Stats Come Alive! (see this if also looking at the CIA World Factbook)
US states State Summaries (, Highlights, QuickFacts, Road Conditions,   Law:  American Bar AssociationDMVFamily Law, FindLawState Statutes,  Trails^^,  Vital Records:  Vital Records
Video (#video) Google VideoYouTubeYahoo Video (crap 1 frame per 6 seconds, wants you to sign up and pay), 
Watch (#watch) GoogleWatchMicrosoft-Watch
Spam reporting: hotmail
Weather (US)  (#weather)
☼ ☁ ☂
NOAA Home Page, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (US):  weather, Forecast(Map) NCDC ||
Commercial versions of government collected weather data:  Weather   Accu (has hourly forecasts);   intellicast   wunderground;   || Sunrise/Sunset/Moonrise/Moonset (for any date)  ||Personal Weather Stations Google Map : Weather Underground || JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), 
worldWorldometers - real time world statistics
wwwDomain names (see above), Web page changed: WatchThatPage
Zip codes  (#uszip) ZIP+4   Postage Price Calculator;   Address Types,  abbreviations: State CodesStreet SuffixHistory(zone/zip)zip statsUS rates -- Zip Distances -- Zipcode Map Overlay --,   Canada Post,   UK | Royal Mail [format],   -- Others: [1] [2]   Postal Union world) -- Compare Shipping Rates (USPS, UPS, DHL, FedEx)
This page is what I actually use for my personal home page in Internet Explorer to reduce need for that thing that kind of looks like bookmarks.
Firefox users can get more out of this list by creating their own keyword shortcuts to bring up a link without pulling up their bookmarks.  Also any page with a search box can also be used to create a keyword shortcut or a search engine using the Add to Search Bar extension. 

Specific help with some search engines can be found in Search Mozilla and other Firefox Searches -- SEARCH and Substitution Shortcuts, the cheatsheet on the left side of that page would be of use to users of all browsers.

All users may want to take a look at Introduction to Search Engines (on for this link near the bottom of

BookMarklets; (Favelets) can be used to distinguish between internal or external links.  First click on “highlight links”,  and then on “int/ext links”.  Your browser's Reset button (F5) will reload the original unmodified web page.  Resetting bookmarklet changes can also be accomplished with BACK and FORWARD buttons on the keyboard or mouse.  Use the bookmarklets seen as gray buttons at the top of this page to show the URL titles (Paren tips) and the URL links (HREF visible).

This page was introduced on May 12, 2000. 
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