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Normally I would create a page with my stuff and place related material below in a separate area.  I figure there is a lot of comparison code available free where people have spent a lot more time, so I expect this page to just be some links, and I've not really needed to compare files so these are basically untested.  I have done things where I want to make sure I can find a subroutine and don't have duplicate names etc, which you can check out at buildtoc.htm.  Actually some of there were already in my index.

Old Deja links have been converted to Google -- everything should be working now.

Compare two workbooks
Compare, Bill Manville &. Myrna Larson see Compare at
Compare two worksheets utilizing a 3rd to mark differences --
=IF([Book1]Sheet1!A1=[Book2]Sheet1!A1,"","X") -- Chris Nelson 1999-03-08 -- Jim Rech 1999-02-22
Compare, Robert Bruce see compare at
by Alan Linton -- <> Alan Linton, programming, 2000-08-05, also created but did not test a copy as sheetdif_xl95.xls for XL95 users.


This page was introduced on August 06, 2000. 

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