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This page is essentially a list of links to FAQ pages maintained elsewhere that I think may be of interest to Excel users though not neccessarily directly related to Excel in addition to those already included on my Excel home page.


Tom Haapanen posts several lists to FAQ for Windows which can be seen on DejaNews for such topics as the following:

Use your BACK button or the Return ... hyperlink to return here.  DejaNews provides the hyperlinks to http and ftp sites listed in the newsgroup postings.  Only look at the latest per subject the others are duplicate postings.  Some of the links may also found in SoftwareMetrics Other Links without the descriptions seen in the postings.

Excel -- Help, Help About

Have put on some AutoSave fixes, myself, but not SR-1.
Office Update --
Microsoft(R) Excel 2000 (9.0.2720)Out of the box (I think)
Microsoft(R) Excel 2000 9.0.3821 (SR 1)SR-1 applied

FAQ on Microsoft Applications at Microsoft

Excel FAQ pages of frequent posters in the Excel Newsgroups

Pages of General Nature including FAQs

Marek Dabrowski's MDWin site home, Win95/98 & NT FAQs:

Pages on Newsgroups

Posting to Spreadsheet Newsgroups

These are really more related to posting questions than created in response to Frequently Asked Questions. 

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