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Descripton of Names

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Entry of a Name

The quickest way to enter a name is in the name box at the far left of the formula bar.

Restrictions on Names

Let's get what you can and can't do with names in the name box clear, Posting by Norman Harker, 2003-01-27, misc. Syntax of a name: A name is applicable for the entire workbook, unless explicitly given a sheetname. [..find a specific reference and usage...]

Macros involving named ranges (#names)

Macro to Show Names
Sub ShowAlllNames()
'Bob Umlas, excel.misc,  2007-05-03
Dim nName As Name
    For Each nName In Names
    Next nName
End Sub
Macro to Delete all names in a workbook
 Sub DeleteallNames()
 'Mike, excel.misc, 2007-03-14
 Dim nName As Name
     For Each nName In Names
     Next nName
 End Sub


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