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page breaks

To hide the page breaks
       Tools,  Options,  View (tab),  uncheck  Page Breaks

To change your automatic page breaks, you can move your
       margins  and column boundaries,  which you can do from  
       Print Preview,  Margins 
You can switch between Portrait and Landscape with
       File,  Page Setup,  Page  -- choose  Portrait or Landscape
  another choice would be to change the  Print xx pages wide,  and/or
      Print xx pages high.    Changing the Font size,  or alignment options
      would also change your presentation.  

Another interpretation.   You are in Page Break Preview, where you
see numbers superimposed on your worksheet    from
the View menu  and you would find the 
   Tools, Options, View,  Page breaks
is grayed out.     To get back to the normal view use
   View (menu),  Normal  (as in normal view) 

Still another interpretation  involving actual changes to the
page breaks rather than seeing them..    

To remove all inserted manual page breaks.
     Select all cells (ctrl+A)
     Insert (menu),  Replace ALL Page Breaks

To remove a specific page break on a column
     Select the column after the page break.
     Insert (menu),  Remove Page Break

Similar action to remove page breaks before  row(s).

Automatic page breaks will be changed as required based on
any addition or removal of manual page breaks. 

You can insert a manual page breaks before a selection use 
         Insert (menu),  Page Break.
   A page break will be inserted before the selection.

   If  you select a column the break will be inserted before the column.
   If you select a row, the page break will be inserted before the row.

   If you choose a cell say at   D48  or a range like D48:G54,
   a page break will be inserted before row 48 and a page break
   will be inserted before column D.

Choose correct orientation (#orientation)

Choose an orientation that fits the data best -- Vertical or Horizontal, under file, page setup, General (tab).

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