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When you manually set a row height Excel treats that as an override to its automatic row height and respects it. What you could do is give an out of the way cell like in column IV a font size of say 16 so the default height of the row will be about what you want and yet it will enlarge as needed. -- Jim Rech

Resize Rows

Resize Manually

Once you resize a row, you are basically committed to resizing such rows from that point on.

To manually resize all rows, select all cell (Ctrl+A) then double-click on the any boundary between the column numbers. which is the same as Format, rows, resize ...

Resize Rows with an Event Macro

You can solve your problem by resizing all rows after a manual change to any cell. If the problem content is due to a formula it would get corrected on the next manual cell entry.

Install the following by right-click of the worksheet tab, then view code, and place the code inside. You now have a macro. If you did not have macros before you will now. You should make sure that your security level is set to medium. Tools, Macro, Security, [x] Medium

Option Explicit
Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
    Application.EnableEvents = False   'should be part of Change macro
    Application.EnableEvents = True   'should be part of Change macro
End Sub 
Warning when you turn off EnableEvents and the macro fails after turning them off you will have to run a regular macro to them back on.

More on event macros in

Resize when Merged Cells are involved

Merged cells will allow "wrap text" from Format>Cells>Alignment but Excel has a problem auto-fitting merged cells.  Jim Rech has a macro to unmerge them remerge cells to adjust row height. 

The macro will increase row height, but because another cell may need the height it will never reduce the row height, see AutoFitMergedCellRowHeight macro and a revision was written by Greg Wilson which he indicated is essentially the same as Jim Rech's code but is invoked on a selection change.

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