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Rechecking with Google Usenet Archivess would turn up lots more additional information and more up to date information.

From Thomas Ogilvy,
a list of MS KB related articles.
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From Rob Bovey,
Excel saves a file in the following steps: first it saves a copy of the current to a temporary file name in the same location as the file you are
working on. It then deletes the original file and renames the temporary file to the old file's name.

This means that in order to save a file to a disk share on a server in a Windows NT Server environment, you must have at least Change-level
permission on both the share and NTFS directory you are saving to. Anything less than this will cause the save to fail.

From Bill Manville -- change virus protection options running on the LAN.  Doesn't say what to change in any particular virus protection program but gives reasons.

Search Google Usenet Archives
To the following Google Usenet Archives search you might try additional combinations with your excel version and the name of the virus protection program.

A search on Google Usenet Archives --
 turns up about 700 hits for:
    Search:  save & server
    Type: threaded
    Forum:   *public.excel*

Microsoft Knowledge Base articles
You can search the MS KB with search argument: save file at which simulates the search form used in Dec 2001 as opposed to the bloody slow screen hogging abortion that Microsoft replaced it with at

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