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Viewing the VBE Window

Hopefully, you never have to touch this.  But things suddenly got messed up and I had a lot of difficulty getting things back to how Excel had been packaged.  This is how I want it to appear -- docked as follows:

Project Explorer (ctrl+R)  
displays a hierarchical list of
the projects and all of the
items contained and
referenced by each project.
Code (F7)

Code modules will display in this area.
-- can overlay other code module windows, or
-- can be tiled horizontally or vertically or cascaded via the Window menu, or
-- can appear separately if not docked.
-- whether docked or not double-click on title bar makes it fill this area.
Intermediate Window (Ctrl+G)
  displays information resulting from debugging statements in your code or
  from commands typed directly into the window.

The Project Explorer (Ctrl+R) window is to appear on the upper left corner of the VBE window, and the Code (PF7) window is to appear on the upper right corner of the VBE window.  If the Intermediate window (Ctrl+G) is brought up it is to appear across the entire bottom of the VBE window.

The Code (PF7) window if maximized will appear on the right in one place on top of other code if additional code is also open and can be exited out backing out in the order they last appeared. (Last In First Out).  Meanwhile the Project Explorer (Ctrl+R) remains in place on the left.  These three windows should appear distinct and not hide one of the other windows, and should remain adjacent to each other if the VBE window is resized.  The Tiling options on the Window menu only apply to the Object (PF7) code window(s).

  1. From Excel spreadsheet invoke the VBE (Visual Basic Editor) Alt+F11
  2. Window menu, Close all Windows
  3. Tools menu, options, docking tab, [x] Immediate Window, [x] Project Explorer
  4. Ctrl+R (Project Explorer), Window menu, Tile Vertically
  5. Dock it on the left by dragging the blue title bar to left side (and down) of VBE window, if not already positioned down entire left side of the VBE window.  Double-clicking the title bar also results in docking.  Actual docking options are shown later, but the means to success is moving the blue title bar.
  6. PF7 (Code), Maximize the code window.  Exit each code window individually when finished or close all windows, as they will involve additional storage requirements.
 Docking other things:
To dock the Windows task bar to side, top or bottom hold the Ctrl key, grab, drag and dock.

I have no idea  of  what  options below  came  with installation, or  if anything was changed, and if changed  for the better  or not.     This is what I have.   (2002-08-14).

Editor Options:
[x] Auto Syntax Check
[x] Require Variable Declaration
[x] Auto List Members
[x] Auto Quick Info
[x] Auto Data Tips
[x] Auto Indent
     Tab  width [____4____]
Window Settings
[x] Drag-and-Drop Text Editing
[x] Default to Full Module View
[x] Procedure Separator  
Editor Format:
Not going to go into this in depth but you can change the colors for background, font and indicator for each of these texts:  Normal, Selection, Syntax Error, Execution Point, Breakoint, Comment, Keyword, Identifier, Bookmark, and Call Return,
Form Grid Settings:
[x] Show Grid: width 6,  Height 6
{x] Align Controls to Grid
[x]  Show ToolTips
[ ]  Collapse Proj. Hides Windows
Edit and Continue
[x]  Notify Before State Loss
Error Trapping:
[_]  Break on All Errors
[_]  Break in Class Module
[x]  Break on Unhandled Errors
[x] Compile demand,  [x] background compile
[x]  Immediate Window
[x]  Locals Window
[x]  Watch Window
[x]  Project Explorer
[x]  Properties Window
[ ]  Object Browser
(doesn't matter much if Object Browser is checked or unnchecked)



This page was introduced on March 29, 2001. 

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