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This page is a continuation of examples on Firefox Keyword Shortcuts


K -- Key word shortcuts
aardvark: Aardvark Firefox Extension
acronym: Acronym Finder Search: What does s stand for?
alexa: Alexa this (javascript)
ans: Answers.com keyword search
archive: Internet Archive Wayback Machine , wayback machine at archive.org
babelfish: AltaVista - Babel Fish Translation
bloglines: Bloglines this (javascript)
bmk: search bookmarklet OR favelet
Bookmarks: Bookmarks (customize)
bug: Retrieve Bugzilla Bug Report Number
cache: Google cache
chrome: userChrome, userContent, launchy (customize) , (*FIX*) - must be customized for user -- about:cache
def: American Heritage® Dictionary - Yahoo! Education
dict: dictionary search at dictionary.com , instead of dictionary.com
docindex: Index of file:///C:/Documents and Settings/Administrator/Application Data/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/q68768wt.Default/Chrome/ (customize)
dogpile: Dogpile - Web Search: %s
downloads: My downloads in documents and settings (customize)
email:y Yahoo! Mail - firefox8@yahoo.com
ext: search extensions -- addons extensionroom
FF: Firefox Customizations, David McRitchie
ff_temp: Firefox Temporary directory (customize)
fm: is for freshmeat
free: Search for free stuff with a Google Search
g: Google , Google quick search example
gada: earch gada.be (javascript)
gc: Google Cache of current page (javascript) , http://www.imilly.com/bm.htm
gg: Google Advanced Groups Search , Google groups advanced search *Excel*
gga: Google Groups Advanced search Panel
ghc: Google Help Central
GIFL: Google, I'm Feeling Lucky
gm: GreaseMonkey config.xml (customize)
gov: FirstGov.gov: The U.S. Government's Official Web Portal
gu: Geocities update (file manager)
help: firefox support
highlight: highlight links (bookmarklet) (javascript)
href: HREF visible (bookmarklet) (javascript)
html40: HTML 4.0 Elements
htmledit: Real-time HTML Editor , HTML code on top / deciphered on bottom [squarefree.com]
hurricane: Hurricane tracker (MSNBC)
id: Show Classes and IDs (bookmarklet) (javascript)
ie: Internet Explorer and OE
ieCache: Index of file:///C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp (customize)
ifilm: IFILM - Video, Movies, Trailers, Music and Viral Videos
Index of file:///C:\Documents and Settings\administrator\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files (customize)
infospace: search for word
int: int/ext links (bookmarklet) (javascript)
ip:city City from IP address , check location of where spam originates
IVR: IVR Cheat Sheet(tm) by Paul English , Getting past IVR phone response machines.
kb: Microsoft Knowledge Base
l: - Librarians' Index to the Internet , search Librarians' Index to the Internet
lawguru: Lawguru.com - Legal Questions,Answers and Research from Attorneys,Lawyers,Law,Legal Advice
lg: Lockergnome - search Google
lg: Lockergnome's IT Professionals - January 2005 Archives
linkchecker: Validator w3.org (javascript) , check links on current page
linktohere: Search links to this page (javascript)
lists: List of Lists
listzilla: ExtensionsList.html in download_win2000 (customize)
moz: Google Search: site:forums.mozillazine.org %s , mozillazine.org forums
mozask: MozillaZine Forums
msgid: message-id into Google Groups (UK)
mvp: search selected MVP excel web sites , search a few mvp excel websites -- google restriction of 32 words
mvp:x Google Search: (site:mvps.org AND dmcritchie) OR site:cpearson.com OR site:j-walk.com wordlist wordlist , search 3 mvp excel websites
mvpxx: Google Search: (site:www.cpearson.com OR inurl:dmcritchie OR site:www.j-walk.com OR site:www.appspro.com OR site:www.oaltd.co.uk OR site:www.contextures.com OR site:www.rondebruin.nl OR site:xcell05.free.fr OR site:www.tushar-mehta.com OR site:www.andypope.info) %s , was probably just a backup before changes
mydownloads: Index of file:///C:/Documents and Settings/Administrator/My Documents/My Downloads/ (customize) , this is where firefox put them
nj_interest: points and events in and around NJ
nnn: Convert string to HTML entities (&#nnn) (javascript) , http://www.worldtimzone.com/bookmarklets/
oe: Outlook Express
parentips: paren tips link TITLES (javascript)
ph_local: Local Calling Area Information
platypus: Help (customize)
pro: Dictionary - Yahooligans! Reference - , pronunciation
profile: profile directory (customize) , (*FIX*) - Must be modified to match the user's profile i.e. about:cache
puretext: at file:///C:/download_win2000/puretext20_x86/ (customize)
quote: stock prices at fomamce.yahoo
red: Visted links to RED for visiibility (javascript)
regexpr: Extraction of a Group of Digits and Dashes, from postings by Harlan Grove
reset: Reset (F5, bookmarklet) (javascript)
rexx: The REXX Macros Toolbox -- Brief Descriptions of The Edit Macros
s: test what happens complete url with http
spammy: Report a Spam Result , Google search returns spammy site(s)
Speakeasy: Speakeasy - Speed Test
speed: Bandwidth Meter Speed , DSL, Cable, dial-up speed tes 1031.3
speedtest: Speakeasy - Speed Test
stock: Business Week (symbol)
symbols: SYMBOLS for HTML and Excel Use , (*FIX*)
synonym: www.synonym.com
t: thesaurus.reference.com
temp: Index of file:///c:/temp (customize)
timer: Timer Wizard (customize)
titles: paren tips (bookmarklet) (javascript)
traffic: Network Overview /// Internet Traffic Report
traffic: Network Overview /// Internet Traffic Report , Internet Traffic Report
trans: Translate this page (javascript)
TV: Listings, Yahoo , (*FIX* zipcode to your own)
tvguide: TV Listings - [TV Guide Online]
tv_can: Television - Entertainment - canada.com network
UPS: UPS Package Tracking
uptime: Show uptime for site server (javascript)
usmoney: U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing | New Money | The New Currency
validate: HTML at w3.org (this page0 (javascript)
verizon:c Verizon Central HELP
verizon:e Verizon EMAIL Login Page
verizon:r Verizon Repair
w: is for wikipedia
watch: add to Watch That Page (javascript)
wayback: current page (javascript) , Choose from list of archived, you can check two for a comparison
weather: 7-Day Forecast for Latitude 40.59N and Longitude -74.62W "(*FIX* city to your own)
xl: Excel local files
xlat: Ann Troy (Dream Boat) Microsoft Excel Articles
xlbp: xlDynamic.com : Home Page
xlcp: Chip Pearson's Excel Topic Index
xldd: Contextures -- Excel Tips and Techniques
xldm: dmcritchie excel
xldm: Excel -- dmcritchie
xldm:s Search: site:www.mvps.org:dmcritchie %s
xljem: McGimpsey & Associates -- Excel
xljw:s j-walk mostly Excel
xlmg: McGimpsey & Associates : Excel
xlp: production version of My Excel website
xlrdb: Ron de Bruin's Excel Page
xls: testing with Capital %S
xlsb: Office Automation Ltd. - The Excel MVP Page
xlweb: Google Search of Excel , Excel search attempts to eliminate the newsgroup repeaters -- google limits to 32 words try to keep this to 26
z: Google Search: site:dmoz.org , http://www.google.com/search?q=site%3Admoz.org+
zaba: ZabaSearch.com Free People Search , search for people
ZIP+4: , US Postal Service ZIP+4
zip4: USPS - ZIP Code Lookup - Search By Address
ZoneAlarm: Zone Labs: Download & Buy

An updated listing can be found k.html, but while it does include the keywords suitable for bookmarking I don't have a way of bolding portions of the description.  Though I may create a bookmarklet to specifically display shortcuturl.

Updating the above listing (#update)

Thanks to a thread on clearing the bookmarks.html of proprietary and other code not needed for documentation I will be able to update the above list in the future based on this thread (2007-01-25. Bassically running a bookmarklet and using Save As to save the changed underlying source code.

The above keyword shortcuts (#description)

The above key word shortcuts should give you a good idea of what I actually have, I keep additional private shortcuts to friends, bank, etc in another folder so I won't have to remove them in the examples.  Some of the above are marked that they will have to be customzied for your own use such as chrome:, profile:, and others.

The HREF: is actually a bookmarklet you can invoke it to the links, or drag it to your bookmarks bar (personal bookmarks) to use as a bookmarklet.  Actually the bookmarks with %s or %S in them have been converted to %25s and %25S so that the page will validate as HTML.  I would be more prone to update my examples if I could decently edit out extraneous material concerning dates used etc.

This page is a continuation of my Keyword search (kws.htm) web page.

Private Keywords (#private)

In addition to the key word shortcuts I have in the “K” folder, I have a private folder in the bookmarks root folder that contains shortcuts in the form of club (acg:), initials of local library (scl:), software and filename (ff: %S. xl: %S) software & person (xlcp:, xldd:), bank (initils:).  I might suffix some operations to clubs initials such s acg:u (update club website), acg:d (disk original of site).  So it is easy to remember lots of additional keywords by their initials.

Some bookmarklets included in the K folder (#customize)

Some bookmarklets were inclued in the above and won't work, the bookmarklets below are are working correctly and you can copy them from below.
Bookmarklets;  There are a lot of links on this page.  The following BookMarklets (Favelets) will distinguish between internal or external links.  First click on "highlight links",  and then on "int/ext links".  Your browser's Reset button (F5) will reload the original unmodified web page. 
This page was introduced on February 02, 2006. 
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