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Posted by Ralph Fox 2010-04-23 in mozilla.general ------------------------------------ See "K" folder for description on how to use the k.html file ------------------------------------
decrement url
increment see next: Next (article), also see n, p, LT sign, GT sign, next: Next (article)
toggle 3rd column on GG search Makes Google Groups threads much more readable. Ralph Fox (rev 2008-09-08 for Fx2/Fx3)
Google Voice available in US can call US and Canada for free -- This bookmark opens your Google Voice input box. Also see
Highlight color yellow for selected text Posted by Ralph Fox 2010-04-23 in mozilla.general
from Show Links Dest. ttp:// -- I intend to include title below the link. There seems to be a 1 second delay before altered title tooltip appears.
Sp -- thought I already had such a bookmark
text area character counter from


2011-05-20(not recounted for each version) -- date processed for website Generated for K folder on Bookmarks bar -- 750 Key word shortcuts (keywords:count). 466 bookmarks w/o keywords, for awesombar reference, 299 JavaScript bookmarklets (bml:) in K folder, 1216 bookmarks included in K folder, 264 substitution %S (href: - then using Find All (Find Bar count) before/after. * * If you are viewing an HTML listing then parentips: will not work because the descriptions are already shown in text. If not already done, you will have to edit the bookmarks.html list to change file: / //copiedsite/dmcritchie/ to yourself. See for directions to install. Click on any of these bookmarklets. "keywords:" to see keywords, "href:" to see urls, "bml:" to identify bookmarklets, in bookmarks.html type listings. Rename the "k (yyyy-mm-dd)" folder to just "k" after importing a local copy of this file to your Bookmarks Menu and move K folder to your bookmarks toolbar per instructions in and in ** Install Style 9091 to make Bookmarks Toolbar easier to read with folders in blue and bookmarks in red. ** For best viewing of this file in an exported bookmarks.html listing, use the following bookmarks in this order -- href:, subs:, bml:, and keywords: -- use subs: before bml: not before. ** For easiest introductory testing use the bookmarks sidebar to see what they can do on various pages. For normal use -- use the keyword shortcuts. This file is about 500KB when exported. An interesting thing to do is to display the favicons that are included see for an example of that.


These are just a few of the bugs that I have an interest in either for or against. Those I voted FOR or made comments in can be seen using the keyword shortcut bugs:dmcritchie also see BugsBML which may or may not be included with my k.html file.

Bloggingheads Playlist - Video Library - The New York Times
Plays in 3.0.20 in Safe Mode but not with my extensions -- test this when binary testing of extensions (can play a .swf file identified with adblock. Works now 2010-04-06
bug -- Retrieve Bugzilla Bug Report Number
same as bug: keyword shortcut but w/o colon so can copy and paste to location bar from articles w/o colon. e.g. bug nnnnn#c15
Bug 406646 – Clicking to open slow menu (e.g. Bookmarks) invokes first item in menu (e.g. "Bookmark This Page")
Bug 446294 – FireFox no longer takes focus when clicking on links in external applications.
Bug 446568 – New window losing focus in 3.0.1 under Windows XP
Bug 455694 – Implement animation for tab reordering and detaching (via drag and drop)
Could introduce a problem with MTH extension, but coluld solve problem of quickly grabbing a tab just so you don't make multiple selections with MTH before moving a tab.
Bug 513147 – Get rid of the "Properties" context menu item
Really STUPID, to regain what was lost install: see #c40 -- Element Properties --
Bug 515368 – missing page and image "Properties" menu item
Bug 517902 – Reimplement image properties, using the existing "Media" panel
To really regain what was lost install: Element Properties -- per bug 513147#c40
Bug 522913 – Reimplement access to context-specific language properties
Bug 561290 – alphabetical sorting for cookies, history, and saved passwords does not sort by domain name
Bug 57805 – front end for customizing keyboard shortcuts (configurable/user-defined keys)
See comment #c113 concerning keyconfig extension
Bug 581646 – After bug 578614 landed, there is no tab context menu when right-clicking on the empty space to the right of the tabs, but some commands actually do need it.
Bug 633282 – Aero glass glaze effect jumps down when status info overlay appears
Enter A Bug

Builds - Shiretoko 3.5.4/1.9.1, Namokora 3.6/1.92, Minefield 4/

Trying to keep this up-to-date is trying to hit a moving target as the designations for Minefield later become another version

Firefox Testing 3.2pre Builds
Minefield Start Page
minefield: Firefox-3.8a1pre or later
this is where to get Minefield
Namokora 3.6 - 1.9.2 ftp index

Chrome folder, Chrome shortcuts

Chrome shortcuts

Chrome refers to color and appearance in a browser.

Error Console
Keywords Manager
Requires 'Keyword Manager' shortcut
Manage Search Engine List

Ad Blocking for Mozilla, Netscape 7, and Safari
Jesse Ruderman » Chrome URLs in Mozilla and Mozilla Firefox


Cosmin | Color Detector
HTML Color Names
HTML Color Picker

Conversions from units to one or more units

the keyword shortcut will designate what you HAVE, since you might want several different dervived units.

d -- Decimal to Hex
from return d.toString(16); return parseInt(h,16);
Hex to Decimal and Decimal to Hex
How to convert between decimal and hexadecimal.: sans serif font decimal to hex hex to decimal return parseint hexadecimal equivalent
x -- Hex to Decimal and Decimal to Hex
from return d.toString(16);x


Download the Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin - Port 25: The Open Source Community at Microsoft
Mozilla Crash Reporter
PluginDoc: Windows (Most Popular)
PluginDoc: Windows Media Player Plugin Test Player (XP/Vista)
Troubleshooting with your Teddy Bear


Business and Economics: Videotapes in the Media Resources Center, UC Berkeley
Dev : Firefox Chrome URLs - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
google_new: Google use of target="new" instead of target="_blank"
The book behind the book behind the book...


Specifically included here so they show up in awsomebar as bookmarked entries. For bigger list of extensions of interest see some of these have also been included in recommendations in and in

Adblock Plus :: Add-ons for Firefox
Adblock Plus: Element Hiding Helper :: Add-ons for Firefox
Add Bookmark Here ²
Add Bookmark Here 2 (.txt usage notes)
Add to Search Bar :: Firefox Add-ons
Make any pages' search functionality available in the Search Bar (or "search box")...
Add to the links toolbar (bookmarklets)
Capture Fox (not yet tried) addon: Firefox (record video and voice captures)
You can use this tool to capture firefox window or the whole screen and make screencast videos. You can compose tutorials, e-lessons or videos. You can also record your voice. (564KB download). Since it is very large may be sometime before I ever actually try it.
Close Tab by Double Click :: Add-ons for Firefox
Collection of Google Bookmarklets | Startup Meme - The Unofficial Web Guide (bookmarklets)
Bookmarklets have always been a great help to Internet users who loves surfing or are always in search of something new and interesting. The small computer app
Context Highlight :: Firefox Add-ons
Copy URL + :: Firefox Add-ons
Extended Link Properties 1.2.6 (FL) - Add-ons Mirror
Extension Manager Extended :: Firefox Add-ons
Fox Splitter (formerly Split Browser) :: Firefox Add-ons (mod. use SHIFT+)
Go Parent Folder :: Firefox Add-ons
Grab and Drag :: Add-ons for Firefox
HeadingsMap (use instead of Document Map)
Image Zoom - Home
InfoLister :: Add-ons for Firefox
Many people may be able to just make use of builtin feature of Firefox 3.6 Help -> Troubleshooting ...
keywordManager :: Add-ons for Firefox
KrickelKrackel - Full FullScreen for Firefox (author site)
KrickelKrackel :: Autohide for Firefox/SeaMonkey
Launchy :: Firefox Add-ons
Link Visitor 3 :: Add-ons for Firefox
Linkification :: Add-ons for Firefox
Linky :: Firefox Add-ons
List All Images :: (optional) Firefox Add-ons
Locationbar Limit :: Add-ons for Firefox
Manage Folders :: Add-ons for Firefox
McAfee SiteAdvisor Software – Website Safety Ratings and Secure Search
Menu Editor :: Firefox Add-ons
MouseZoom :: Firefox Add-ons
Multiple Tab Handler :: Add-ons for Firefox
Open Long Url :: Firefox Add-ons
Open Profile Folder :: Firefox Add-ons
OptimizeGoogle :: Add-ons for Firefox
Organize Status Bar
PageDiff :: (optional) Firefox Add-ons
PermaTabs Mod :: Firefox Add-ons
Read Easily :: Firefox Add-ons
Restartless Restart :: Add-ons for Firefox
Show Parent Folder :: Firefox Add-ons
SortPlaces :: Firefox Add-ons
Status-4-Evar (add-on bar replacement fix to be like status bar)
Status-4-Evar Addon Bar Customization
Firefox 4 eliminated the
Stay-Open Menu Extension for Firefox
Stylish :: Firefox Add-ons
Stylish-Custom :: Add-ons for Firefox
Required companion to the Stylish extension, so that Stylish works like it used to.
Tab Counter :: Firefox Add-ons
Table2Clipboard (Dafizilla) :: (optional) Add-ons for Firefox
TableTools :: (optional) ( Ctrl+Alt+click, sort), (Ctr+Shift+click, filters) Firefox Add-ons
Web Developer :: (optional Firefox Add-ons
Work Offline :: Firefox Add-ons

Firefox Presentation 2011-04-02

10 Firefox 4 Introduction (Presentation Outline)
15 Firefox Problems & Issues (Notes)
17 Firefox - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
19 Status-4-Evar Addon Bar Customization
30 ff_bookmarks_slide.png (PNG Image, 827x660 pixels) - Scaled (69%)
31 Firefox Keyword Shortcuts
33 Keyboard shortcuts | How to | Firefox Help
41 Scrollbar Context Menu - Themes and Skins for browser -
42 Scrollbar Menu - Themes and Skins for browser -
51 Search and Substitution Shortcuts especially for Firefox users
61 win7_quicklaunch_large.png (PNG Image, 1366x768 pixels) - Scaled (60%)
62 Windows 7 Home Premium
63 Quick Launch additions for Firefox Usage

Image Capture for Presentations
(not public -- will not be seen on website)
Paint.NET Documentation
PicPick :: All-in-one Design Tools, Screen Capture, Image editor, Color Picker, Pixel Ruler...
PicPick :: All-in-one Design Tools, Screen Capture, Image editor, Color Picker, Pixel Ruler, Magnifier, Protractor, Graphics, Paint, Frame Effect, Freeware
YouTube - tutorial 3 [Dareskog]
Heres the third one!
YouTube - The Very Basics of Paint.Net (part 2) [ozwalled2007]
This tutorial is aimed at getting people used to some of the essential and basic tools that the FREE graphic software Paint.Net has to offer.<br><br>Paint.Net can be...
YouTube - The Very Basics of Paint.Net (part 3) [ozwalled2007}
This tutorial is aimed at getting people used to more of the essential and basic tools that the FREE graphic software Paint.Net has to offer.<br><br>Paint.Net can be...

Map Generation

Map Multiple Locations by Address
NJFCC Club Meeting Locations
NJFCC Meeting Locations |

All about SUMO: an interview with David Tenser | -- David Tenser (SUMO project), Chris Ilias (kb), Jason Barnabe (support forum), Majken Connor (live chat), Nelson Ko(Sumo wiki variant)
David Tenser (SUMO project), Chris Ilias (kb), Jason Barnabe (support forum), Majken Connor (live chat), Nelson Ko(Sumo wiki variant)
Drag and drop - MDC
Index of /pub/
mozilla - Developer Central -- Developers, Nightly Builds (3.2), Testers
mozilla - Mozilla Support
all links for FF and TB in article are properly marked as links. offsite links (IT)
Mozilla Firefox 3.5.4 Release Notes - Home of the Mozilla Project
sumo:top Mozilla Support Top Articles (sumo:top)

Mozillazine Articles

Mozillazine Articles of particular interest, bookmarked to that the will appear on the AwesomeBar (Location Bar Autocomplete)

13 « December « 2010 « Fighting Malware!
About:config - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Accessibility features of Firefox - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Adobe Reader - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Allowing only certain sites to use JavaScript - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Article naming conventions - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Autoconnect - MozillaZine Knowledge Base (dial-up)
AwesomeBar (Location bar history Problem --
Backing up and restoring bookmarks - Firefox - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Blocklist.xml - MozillaZine Knowledge Base *blocklist*
Bookmark dialog - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
bookmark folders, how to restrict choice to selection - MozillaZine Forums
Bookmarking methods - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Bookmarks - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Bookmarks not saved - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Bookmarks.html - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Browser.bookmarks.file - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Browser.cache.disk.parent directory - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Categories - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Category:Bookmarks - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Category:Location Bar - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Change the style of tab markers - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Chrome URLs - MozillaZine Knowledge Base (chrome shortcuts)
also see
chrome: Dev : Firefox Chrome URLs - shortcuts MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Command line arguments - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Connections established on startup - Firefox - MozillaZine Knowledge Base (ghostly background processing)
(ghostly background processing)
Cookies - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Corrupt localstore.rdf - MozillaZine Knowledge Base (bookmarks)
Counts - Counting bookmarks history links and other data - Firefox - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Creating a new Firefox profile on Windows - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Customizing Mozilla -- Customizations (anyone not just UNIX): userChrome.css, userContent.css, about:config changtes, key bindinds
Customizations (anyone not just UNIX): userChrome.css, userContent.css, about:config changtes, key bindinds
Customizing your Firefox with add-ons
Default browser - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Deleting autocomplete entries - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Disabling autocomplete - Firefox - MozillaZine Knowledge Base » Blog Archive » Firefox 3: Site Identification button
Error loading websites - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
expanding support options/needs as the fx user base grows • mozillaZine Forums
File types and download actions - MozillaZine Knowledge Base (Tools/Options/Applications)
Firefox 3 for developers - MDC
Firefox CPU usage - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Firefox crashes - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Firefox FAQs - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Firefox hangs - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Firefox web browser|Download beta release | International versions: Get Firefox in your language
Firewalls - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Flash - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Import bookmarks - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Inline autocomplete - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Installing extensions - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Installing Firefox - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Internet Explorer - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Issues related to plugins - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Issues with Firefox - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
It's Almost Definitely FF: No Audio in Browser. • mozillaZine Forums
Java - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
JavaScript - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
List of keyword searches - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Live Bookmarks - Firefox - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Location Bar search - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Locked or damaged places.sqlite - MozillaZine Knowledge Base (bookmarks)
Lost bookmarks - MozillaZine Knowledge Base (bookmarks)
Master password - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Mozilla Firefox 3 Release Notes
mozillaZine - Your Source for Daily Mozilla News and Advocacy
mozillaZine feedHouse
MozillaZine Weblogs
Mozillazine:users with real pages
Multiple parameter keyword searches - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Multiple profile files created - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Netbooks - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Not found 404 error pages - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Opening a new instance of Firefox with another profile - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
also check out
Parental controls - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Popups not blocked - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Problematic extensions - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Problems printing web pages - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Profile folder - Firefox - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Profile in use - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Profile Manager - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Quicktime - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
RealPlayer - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Reducing memory usage - Firefox - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Related changes - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Resetting preferences - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Restore the mail commands in Firefox - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Safe Mode - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Scrollbar gone - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Scrolling with arrow keys no longer works - MozillaZine Knowledge Base caret browsing spacebar pageup pagedn f7
caret browsing, spacebar, pageup, pagedown, F7, pagedn
Search Bar - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Security Policies - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Session Restore - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Shirky: A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy
Clay Shirky's writings about the Internet, including Economics and Culture, Media and Community, Open Source
Shockwave - MozillaZine Knowledge Base : View Profile - ////Linda Sloss (presumeed ficticious)
Side by side and other alignments and comparisons - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Slow Performing Add-ons :: Add-ons for Firefox
Software Update - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Sorting and rearranging bookmarks - Firefox - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
sorting bookmarks alphabetically and other arrangements, bookmark separators
Standard diagnostic - Firefox - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Testing plugins - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Text links - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Themes - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Toolbar customization - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Tools for copying plain text or page source from web pages - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Tools for copying text and other content from web pages (Research Plain_Text_and_Other_Documentation_Copy_and_Paste) - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Transferring data to a new profile - Firefox - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Unable to search or add new engines - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Uninstall search plugins - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Uninstalling add-ons - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Uninstalling Firefox - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Uninstalling toolbars - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Unresponsive Script Warning - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Updating add-ons - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Updating add-ons - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Use my colors - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
User name and password not remembered - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
User.js file - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
UserChrome.css - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
UserContent.css - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Using keyword searches - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Video or audio does not play - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Viewing the browsing history - Firefox - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Websites look wrong - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Windows Media Player - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Zoom text of web pages - MozillaZine Knowledge Base


needs usable updated content

newsgroups Mozilla -- Mailing Lists

Optimize - Firefox

Speeding up Firefox the right way - Darrell Norton's Blog [MVP] - CodeBetter.Com - Stuff you need to Code Better!
The blog of Darrell Norton, a software architect, manager, and Microsoft MVP
SpeedyFox - Boost Firefox in One Click! | CRYSTALIDEA Software
Boost Firefox in a single click with SpeedyFox absolutely for free on Windows and Mac

Reference Cards - Software, Hardware Anatomy

about: URI scheme - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
about:about reference for top browsers
Firefox Keyword Shortcuts (kws.htm)
Some suggestions for creating and maintaining keyword shortcuts for use in Firefox.
Kanguru Zipper Pro USer Manual version 1.0
Microsoft Vista - Quick Guide
Timeline of web browsers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Resize - Resolution 1280:800 is *3:2*, 1600x1050 is 5:3

to work, JavaScript browser window resizing must be enabled in your browser preferences (Tools, Options, Content, Advanced) -- Centering is based on having resolution width of 2560, see article This is a also available in Web Developer extension You can find these bookmarked shortcuts by typing the following into the Location Bar -- javascript resize *

fittowidth: Fit to Width (meaning Word Wrap, reduce need for Horizontal scrollbar)
A style to wrap words will generally work "Wrap PRE text (http and https only)" -- The code contained here works differently and works on the example site that was asked for and this bookmarklet came from the mozillazine page:
iPOD: simulate iPOD on larger screen
Firefox is not available in mobile version. Fennec is the Firefox mobile project.
max:v Maximized View (does NOT toggle)
Advantage, if window is closed Firefox will not remember this resizing. quirky -- when maximized hides a bookmarks property dialog (
mini: 341 x 384
netbook: simulate 800x400 resolution on a larger screen
pop: fit six smaller 341x384 windows on 1366x768
Resize: to screen specified width and available height


RFC 1945 - Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP /1.0
RFC Archive

Screencasts and hosting

free image-hosting free; +image +hosting - Google Search
GrabUp - Home (image capture - not sure if download is a Free version)
All the screen capture and image editing functionality you'll ever need, in one simply powerful program. Download your free trial!
Web Hosting - FREE

site: folder bookmarks

Many of these won't work for others as they are designed for specific use on local files. See note at beginning to convert file://c:/copiedsite/dmcritchie/... to

bravenet: Convert a Geocities site to a Bravenet site
Converting from Geocities to Bravenet assumes that you maintain all of your web content on your local drive and have been uploading files to Geocities.
FF: Firefox on local HD
PPP Compound Bookmarklet, see
FF:f Firefox on test USB drive F:
ff:new New page skeleton (#skel.htm is not on the web)
This page is a skeleton on local drive for new Firefox pages and that page is not copied to the web.
FF:test Firefox on local HD
PPP Compound Bookmarklet, see
How to let your users move entire columns in a table around? - Javascript FAQ - Tek-Tips
icons: directory for website support
intro: Firefox 4 Introduction
Firefox 4 Introduction -- Presentation to ExxonMobile Retirees Group, and TCF-NJ (as Fx3 or fx4)
intro:p Firefox 4 Introduction (mvps - production version)
Firefox 4 Introduction -- Presentation to ExxonMobile Retirees Group, and TCF-NJ
kws: shortcut to my firefox kws.htm
Documentation for keyword shortcuts in
n.: note (directory) as in .../firefox/#note.txt
for use of quick (Firefox) notes such as hendrix, newsgroups etc. for pasting into replies actually same shortcut as "ff: ." the # note files are at the beginning
n: note as in .../firefox/#note.txt
for use of quick (Firefox) notes such as hendrix, newsgroups etc. for pasting into replies
nj_interest: points and events in and around NJ
oe: Outlook Express
rexx: The REXX Macros Toolbox -- Brief Descriptions of The Edit Macros
skel: skeleton for Excel
skel:ff Skeleton For Firefox web page
<font face="wingdings" color="#FF0000">&#171;</font>
YouTube - Monument Valley Timelapse Sunrise HD (2009) USA
Cinematography, Edited & Directed by Yo Suzuki / 鈴木陽 (

SUMO and other reference materials

SUMO stood for but support help is now in don't know what mozilla calls it now or why it was moved to the corporation owned by

"Edit this bookmark" box gone! | Firefox Support Forum | Firefox Support
A website "http: // supportfirefox .perl .sh/" designed just like Mozilla Firefox site, is driving users to download fake browser. Please check. | Firefox Support Forum | Firefox Support [dmcritchie dec 2010 sumo]
Add Bookmark Here ² :: Add-ons for Firefox
Add-ons Blocklist | Troubleshooting | Firefox Support
Add-ons Blocklist | Troubleshooting | Firefox Support
Add-ons Manager
Bookmarks [Bookmark Star]
Bookmarks and toolbar buttons not working after upgrading
Chapter 14. Browsing with Firefox (
Clear Recent History | How to | Firefox Support
Configurable Security Policies (CAPS) (user.js policy)
Covert Affairs TV Show Blogs -Covert Affairs Music Guide
Covert Affairs Creator and Executive Producer Doug Liman takes you behind the scenes of the new original USA series with his blog.
Customizing Mozilla
Deleting cookies
Dynamic Drive DHTML Scripts- DHTML Window widget
Click here for a window script constructed using pure DHTML
Extension Blocklisting:User Interface - MozillaWiki *blocklist*
Extension Manager Extended :: Add-ons for Firefox
ffmenu: Menu Reference | How to | Firefox Help
Firefox does not ask to save tabs and windows on exit (BAD SUMO needs to accept change)
Change submittited not approved, there is no help at all for settings on Fx4. And I can't see the changes I submitted.
Firefox is already running but is not responding
Firefox Support Home Page
Firefox/Roadmap - MozillaWiki
How do I edit options to add Adobe to the list of allowed sites
How to clear the cache
How to Remove Bing as Your Default Search Engine and Get Firefox to Work the Way it Used to |
How to set the home page
Make Firefox Remember Passwords without a Bookmarklet
Menu Reference | Troubleshooting | Firefox Support options file edit view history bookmarks split tools help
Mobile/Platforms - MozillaWiki
myip2: IP Address Lookup
IP Address Lookup - Get Host Name, City, Region / State, Postal Code, Country, Time Zone, Latitude, Longitude, ISP, Net Speed, plus more on ANY IP address
myip3: What Is My IP Address - Shows Your IP Address
What Is My IP Address - IP Lookup, Change IP, IP WHOIS, Internet Speed Test, Trace An Email, Host Name Lookup, User Agent, Server Headers Check, IP Commands
No sound in Firefox | Troubleshooting | Firefox Help
Paint.NET - Free Software for Digital Photo Editing
Paint.NET is free image and photo editing software for computers that run Windows.
Places:Design Overview - MozillaWiki places.sqlite links to MDC development
Pop-up blocker
Private Browsing
Private Browsing | How to | Firefox Help
Recreating the Places folder in Firefox 3 Beta 2 | RED66
Releases - MozillaWiki (Firefox upcoming release tentative release dates)
Removing the Search Helper Extension and Bing Bar | Troubleshooting | Firefox Support
Setting Prefs for the Mozilla Rich Text Editing Demo
The Adobe Flash plugin has crashed
The Event - Full Episodes and Clips streaming online - Hulu
The Event: What if there was a cover-up so big that even the President was on a need-to-know basis? And what if some average guy stumbled upon the truth - a secret so powerful it could literally change the course of humanity? You think that guy would stand a chance of survival?
The Places database - MDC
Update:Remora Meeting Notepad - MozillaWiki
Using the spell checker
What is plugin-container
YouTube - Fractal Z=((Z^3+3Z(C-1)+(C-1)(C-2))/(3Z^2+3Z(C-2)+(C-1)(C-2)+1))^2
The absolute final draft with audio! Edited to a more pleasing length and with an informational intro added!
YouTube - Product Testing Institute - Guidos
Can three Jersey Shore wanna-bes figure out who is calling them on their smartphones?<br><br>Get a smartphone with muscle. Who knows, it might help you get the girls...
YouTube - Product Testing Institute - Models
When three blondes are asked to find photos on an Xperia™ X10, iPhone4 and Galaxy Vibrant, it&#39s clear which smartphone really is the smartest.<br><br>Don&#39t feel dumb...
YouTube - White Christmas - the Original Cast List
Written by Bill Oddie &amp; Graeme Garden, from The Making Of The Goodies Disaster Movie book. A Christmas favourite in our family.

Tab Capacity Testing

Used for testing appearance of many tabs on the tabs bar, the rest through 060 can be accessed from the 001 page.


A- Tab Capacity Test
B- Tab Capacity Test
C- Tab Capacity Test
D- Tab Capacity Test
E- Tab Capacity Test

000 Tab Capacity Test
001 Tab Capacity Test
002 Tab Capacity Test
003 Tab Capacity Test
004 Tab Capacity Test
005 Tab Capacity Test
006Tab Capacity Test
007 Tab Capacity Test
008 Tab Capacity Test
009 Tab Capacity Test
010 Tab Capacity Test
011 Tab Capacity Test
012 Tab Capacity Test
013 Tab Capacity Test
014 Tab Capacity Test
015 Tab Capacity Test
016 Tab Capacity Test
017 Tab Capacity Test
018 Tab Capacity Test
019 Tab Capacity Test
020 Tab Capacity Test
021 Tab Capacity Test

Tools - online

Alphabetical Order Tool let's you alphabetize text online.
Free alphabetical order tool makes alphabetizing text easy. Alphabetize text items such as blocks of text, word lists, csv files, and other similar text items with this alphabetical order tool
Convert CSV or Similar Text Data into a HTML Table
Online tool for converting structured text like CSV data or similar chunks of text into a HTML table.
Convert Word DOC to HTML
Convert a word document to HTML code with this free online word converter. Get clean HTML from a word doc using this conversion tool.
Country list with ISO code for dropdowns.
Country list with ISO code for dropdown lists. Quick copy and paste country list reference for HTML code.
ExamDiff - The freeware visual file compare tool
ExamDiff is a freeware Windows tool to visually compare text files. It offers a quick, intuitive, and powerful way to keep your files in sync.
Free Programming Tools
Free Programming Tools and Utilities, IDEs, Editors, Virus Scan Freeware, FTP Clients, and Disassemblers
Online tool for making compressed HTML readable by adding line breaks back in.
Use this tool to make compressed (optimized) HTML code readable by adding line breaks back into the html source code text.
Quick Diff Online Tool
also have same with a keyword of quickdiff:
Remove Line Breaks Online Tool
Online tool for removing line breaks from text and html. Many other text tools online.
Text Fixer - Free Online HTML Tools
Online HTML tools for converting, changing and modifying text and html code.
Text to HTML
Convert plain TEXT to HTML paragaphs with this free online text to html tool.


Also see keyword "tr:" which will use Google to translate almost any webpage to your own language.

Bloghaus (German) Malte Kraus - (Danish) Bekymret om privatlivets fred? Efterlader din browser for mange digitale aftryk?
Microsoft Company Main Campus - 鸟食轩 - 博客园 (Chinese)
Online Pirate Translator (humor)
Yahoo! Babel Fish provides free online text and web page language translation tools! (also see gt: Google translate)


How to Quickly Lock Your Computer and Use Other Windows Logo Shortcut Keys (WinKey)
This article describes how to quickly lock your computer as well as the other Windows logo shortcut keys that you can use. Windows XP includes a new Microsoft Natural Keyboard shortcut to lock your computer. Any other compatible keyboard that...
Keyboard shortcuts for Windows (WinKey)
This article lists keyboard shortcuts that you can use with Windows.
Shortcut Keys (WinKey)
Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts |WinKey Tab (WinKey)
Microsoft Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts and especially featuring the WinKey (Windows Key). A list of computer keys as an alternative to clicking with the mouse. Troubleshooting shorcut keys.
Windows key - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (WinKey)
IBM/Windows keyboard layout, links for each key


some miscellaneous items

(dodgy contd) Calendar of Updates: Windows, Security Updates and Software Help
(dodgy installers 2009-07-29) Calendar of Updates: Windows, Security Updates and Software Help
Add-ons Mozilla Recomends (Generally bad choices)
This is a chrome shortcut to show addons, run from bookmarks, or Paste to the location bar, cannot be run from a link. Better read about the extensions carefully be very wary of any extension more than 30KB download.

__ Double underscore for 3 app-tabs for testing
see kws.htm multiple won't work with local files in Fx4
Bug 385077 – ability to set path to places.sqlite by a preference like browser.bookmarks.file did
tagline: Taglines Galore: Search (tag-a-line) [humor]
The stuff that people stick after their signature that often changes daily (humor, wit, poliitically correct or not)
! Bang search engines at DuckDuckGo
: (quick access to firefox.htm page add #frag-id)
:: - Mozillazine Knowledge Base search
same as keyword ("kb_")
::: SUMO wrestling with Mozilla
::T - Mozillazine Knowledge Base Get exact Title
same as keyword ("kb_")
? Google search like Google Chrome
< decrement
decrement see next: Next (article), also see n, p, LT sign, GT sign, next: Next (article)
> (copy of M:) convert abcdotdefatgmaildotcom to
dmcr, Last "at" conversion to "@" from TEST: m: email: daveatattdotnet
>| increment url (see next: keyword)
increment see next: Next (article), increment see next: Next (article), also see n, p, LT sign, GT sign, next: Next (article)
1st: "back to first" page of window history
Goes to the first page in this window's history Also see from: "go to referrer" similar to How'd I Get Here
2g: -- 2g color colour (compare 2 words in separate searches)
a: Archive for specified url using Wayback Machine
Also see archive: which will check from a current or Not Found page.
aaaa: test
Customizing the Firefox web browser, blocking ads, use of all of the fonts, useful extensions
Aardvark bookmarklet
aardvark: Aardvark Firefox Extension
aboutchrome: in tips and tricks
fictitious fragment-id, so keyword does not get change in Firefox 4.0
aboutconfig:default mozilla-central mozilla/browser/app/profile/firefox.js
Source contains defaults for about:config
abouturl: -- About: URI scheme - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
ac: - Definition by AcronymFinder
Acronym Finder: Definition of OP. What does %S stand for?
acr: The Internet ACRONYM Server
acro: Acronyms - (
see also -- acro:, dict:, thes:,
acronym: Acronym Finder Search: What does s stand for?
acronym:: Acronym & Abbreviation Finder
add_ext: add_ext.txt
addon: supply addon id number
formerly: until 2011-01-15 when addons now known by hyphenated names instead of numbers.
addons: Search for extensions at
This is a Google search not the same as the one on the Search Bar for Addons
addons:s Search with it's own search
addons:tst Firefox Add-ons Test Advanced Search
addons100: Mozilla's own search of addons
addons2: Search two places for Firefox addons
advisor: mcafee Site advisor
McAfee SiteAdvisor - Protection from adware, spam, viruses, and online scams. was
agent: user agent (script will cause a reload)
Alexa: (web traffic rank)
Alexa - The Web Information Company. Services: Alexa Web Information Service - information about the Web available via Web Services; Alexa Toolbar - get information about each site you visit; Alexa Search Engine - built on the Alexa crawl; Alexa Site Info Pages - detailed information about Web sites, like traffic details, contact info, related links and more.
alexa: Alexa this
ALT: visible
alt: show alt within IMG (under construction)
dmcritchie, see documentation for href: Related keywords - href:, id:, parentips:, alt:, and keywords:
amo100: test for AMO 100
Anonweb: - Anonymous web searching
ans: keyword search
archive: Internet Archive Wayback Machine
Wayback Machine at for use from a current or Not Found page. (also see a:)
as: Archive for specified url with lower case %s using Wayback Machine
ascii-hex: ascii-hex converter @123 -> %40%31%32%33
audit: Firewall Test, Web Tools and Free Internet Security Audit
Test your firewall and audit your website with these free online tools for webmasters and home users.
autodial: Auto Dial Content currently the extension is unusable to me because it destroys blank page (about:blank) usage. The keyword shortcut set to the chrome shortcut, and not defaulting AutoDial for intended blank pages would make it right again.
av: AltaVista Search
b: Bookmarks Manager
babelfish: AltaVista - Babel Fish Translation
back: BACK like the Back button
Bible: passages provides book chapt:verse
bing: Microsoft Live Search
Search. Explore. Decide.
bloglines: Bloglines this
bmk: search bookmarklet OR favelet
bml: mark/count bookmarket links in bookmarks.html list
Identification but w/o link modification seen in example at -- BookMarkLets(bml:) name from Jesse's style class for bookmarklets at Related keywords -- href:, parentips:, bml: keywords:, subs:, alt:, and id:
Bookmaplet: highlight/select address invokes Google Map
Similar to MapThis:, highlight an address in your browser and click on the bookmarklet. It will automatically open a Google Map with the address.
Bookmarks: Bookmarks
Exported bookmarks in a temp file for use with counting
borders: Show Table Borders
Shows borders for all tables on the page. from
borders:elements Add borders to all elements
bug: Retrieve Bugzilla Bug Report Number
Display my votes (current user) at
bugs: bugzilla mozilla firefox
bugs:adv Bugzilla Advanced search form
bugs:dmcritchie Bug List
bugs:how How do I use Bugzilla?
bugs:s Bug list search mozilla
search for bugs atg mozilla
bugsq: Firefox
bullets:# bullets to numbers List Items (LI) counting
cache: Google cache
cached: Get cached version of current url
champs: (placeholder) The Official Mozilla Champions Web Site
(place holder) page is gone
character:count for each text area
charset: Get the charset of the current page
created by *>Q<* 2009-01-08 Message-ID: <>
chipy: index of Firefox items in Live Chat support tips and tricks: Welcome
chrome: userChrome, userContent, launchy (profile)
PPP - must be customized for user -- about:cache
chrome:doc Dev : Firefox Chrome URLs - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
chrome URLs shortcuts
chrome:h Firefox Help: Tips & Tricks
chrome help / tips fictitious fragment-id, so keyword does not get change in Firefox 4.0
cleartimeouts: Clear Timeouts
Chuc Anderson 2009-01-20
clip: clips in file:///c:/bk1/d/clips
Clippable: rfeadability 2, readability mod
* left and right arrow keys apply darker and lighter styles, respectively * Delete key returns to standard formatting. * Escape key reloads the page with original formatting * Better job of grabbing code chunks, removing line numbers on most highlighters
clusty: Search Yippy - Search »
Ralph Fox (num= equivalent) Interesting Search:
clusty:simple Clusty Search » "%S"
Search in clusters. Do set preferences to return 100 at a time. Search Engine.
cnt: count chars / words / lines uses a website
color:contrast r contrast with text colour
color:page change page color -- reverse colors
Colorblind: Colorblind Web Page Filter
colorlist: Color List
config: about:config
shortcut not needed - I know it now by heart
coolwebsites: Cool websites. Exxon EACMA Computer Club presentation personal / customized macros
copy:sel (just to an alert message box but like CopyURLplus) also see
copy:title (like CopyURL PLUS) also see copy:wiki notes
copy:wiki create link for a Wiki (as in my CopyURLplus) requires about:config signed.applets.codebase_principal_support set to True (security risk)
crazy:scrollers bounces scrollers
cs: cheatsheet (cs:)
d: reopen in directory, so Launchy can open with Windows Explorer
see documentation in
Darken: restyle with grey type on black background (color inversion)
daysleft: Days Left this Year
def: American Heritage® Dictionary - Yahoo! Education
deli: search at
Keep, share, and discover the best of the Web using Delicious, the world's leading social bookmarking service.
dicesgtacking: denyoo06 (Dice Stacking) on TV
missing denyoo06 page converted link to a Dice Stacking search on YouTube
dickvl:addkeywords to bookmarks.html type list
dict: dictionary search at
dict:tech ComputerUser High-Tech dictionary
ComputerUser provides online technology dictionary, online definitions. High-tech dictionary for Y2K terms, emoticons, chat stuff, HTML tags, file types, domains and virus terms. -- LACKS some Mainframe stuff like ISPF
dictionary: lookup selected word (also see dict:)
DictionarySearch: "Search easily in online Dictionaries"
digg: digg this
Digg is a place for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the web. From the biggest online destinations to the most obscure blog, Digg surfaces the best stuff as voted on by our users
doc: Index of file:///C:\Documents and Settings\administrator\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files
doc:date Check Document Last Modified
doc:size Document size (NN4+)
docindex: Index of file:///C:/Documents and Settings/Administrator/Application Data/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/q68768wt.Default/Chrome/
docinfo: Page Info
documentation: Firefox Documentation Locators
dogpile: Dogpile - Web Search: %S
domainfinder: whois search for current url
don:Science Don's Notes -- Science
dos:1 DOS Command-line Ref
dos:2 MS-DOS help and commands
Helping you with DOS and explaining all DOS commands and examples on how to use them as well as other computer information.
down: Down for everybody or just me -- It's just you -- It's not just you!
Check to see if a site is up or not e.g. (better check whois as well)
downloads: My downloads in documents and settings
draganddrop: Mouse tips - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
dupw: copy to new window
echo: Javascript alert
echo: "Hi Sailor!" echo: location echo: location.href='' echo: "" echo: location.href=''
echo:q Javascript alert (%S quoted)
echo: "Hi Sailor!" echo: location echo: location.href='' echo:q C++
echo:s Javascript alert (with lowercase %s)
echo: "Hi Sailor!" echo: location echo: location.href='' echo: C++ echo: "C++"
echo:sq Javascript alert (lowercase %s quoted)
echo: "Hi Sailor!" echo: location echo: location.href='' echo:q C++
untested for table in kws:
edit: edit web page in browser (this or something similar used as sp: on bookmarks bar)
eggtimer: E.ggTimer
1min, 20minutes 1hour
email: Email Title / URL / Selection (send:)
Email the url of the current page D.McRitchie (2009-10-24)
enable:paste allow clipboard paste also see code in
enable:rc Enable Right-click
encode: convert mailto text
Excel12: Microsoft Developers blogs
explain: WNYC - Lopate - Please Explain
ext: FILExt - The File Extension Source
ext: extension information
ext:new Newest Firefox Extensions (show 50)
ext:s search extensions -- addons extensionroom
faveletsuite: Favelet Suite
several bookmarklets on a menu -
find links w/o loading my own page
ff:linked AltaVista Advanced Search: -excel
ff:linkedg link to firefox.htm
ff:team Firefox/Team/whois - MozillaWiki
responsibility for the successful delivery of the Firefox product (could have fooled me one in particular seems to be opposed to success)
ff_temp: Firefox Temporary directory
ffh: Firefox Home (Production)
ffL: - Google Search
ffmenus: Firefox Help: Menu Reference
ffp: Firefox customizations (Notes) (Production)
Customizing the Firefox web browser, blocking ads, use of all of the fonts, useful extensions. use a period to access firefox.htm for my Firefox site (the directory is not available). (must not be same fragment-id as on ff: )
ffp:s site search of my Firefox webpages
ffS: Firefox %S
fftips: Firefox Help: Tips & Tricks (Customizing Mozilla)
Used to be Firefox Help Tips & Tricks available two clicks from installing Firefox -- now hiddend away.
FFweb: search and
search and
FFweb3: search and
search and
ffwiki: search Wikipedia for Firefox articles
findprofile: testing 1 2 3
Firefox Help: Editing Configuration Files
Firefox Problems & Issues (Notes)
Firefox problems
Firefox Problems & Issues (Notes)
Firefox problems
firefox:tips - Firefox Browser | Tips & tricks to help you get the most out of the Web
Finally found what Mozilla thinks of Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced usage. This page is BS, no links, no tutorials, assumes people are stupid and provides no real help.
fm: is for freshmeat
foisted: Aza’s Thoughts » Tabs on the side? (waste of space)
bad things with tabs
font:friend - FontFriend: check how page would look with diff fonts bookmarklet made for web designers who want to rapidly check how different fonts and font styles look on their screen without editing code and refreshing pages.
fontFamily: Comic Font
fonts: Font Tables as Rendered by your browser
fontSize: asks for change to page Font Size (fontSize: 12pt) -- example: fontSize: 12px -- does not change image sizes.
forward: Forward like the FORWARD button
Fotosearch Stock Photography helps you find the perfect photo, fast! Our search engine features 100 royalty free photograph vendors, digital footage, video clips, vector clip art images, clipart pictures, background graphics, medical illustrations, and maps.
free: Search for free stuff using Google
Word list used to find free stuff in a Google Search
Fun Stuff
Just some fun weblinks
g: Google
Google quick search example
g:: plain Google Search (stock:
define: info: link: related: stock uses %s (lowercase)
g:adv Google Advanced Search
G:chr Google Characters search
untested --] Fjalar Ravia (Fravia) removes crap like &hl=en&lr=&ie=ISO-8859-1 crap anyway?
g:def definition search (word) -- define:%S - Google Search
g:hi Highlight Google search query words if came from Google alternative to extension "Color Results" (7996)
g:pass Generate password
g:sel Google Selection(s)
g:showall Repeat the search with omitted results included
Fjalar Ravia (Fravia)
g12: another google search
with as_q=%S
gada: earch
gas: Gas Prices - MSN Autos
You can add make your zip permanent instead of %S
gc: Google Cache of current page
gdocs: Google Docs - Owned by me
gender: Baby Name Guesser - the first name Vianne - analysis of first names, popular boy and girl names, male names, female names
Guess gender based on first name, also see Documentation and Methodoloy for Frequently Occuring names in the U.S.--1990 Most Common Male First Names in the United States Most Common Surnames [Last Names] in the United States (top 1000)
generatedsource: Generated Source
After running, extract modified code from source list. -- (wanted to add robots NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW)
geoLoc: get latitude/longitude from Google Map center
gff: Search OR
documented in search.htm (g) Google web search, (ff) Firefox
gg: Google Groups -- Firefox
gg:a Google Groups - Advanced Search *excel*
gg:adv Google Groups : Advanced Search
gg:fix toggle 3rd column on GG search
Makes Google Groups threads much more readable. Ralph Fox (rev 2008-09-08 for Fx2/Fx3)
gg:help2 Google Help : Search Results Page
Help for Google Groups but missing
gga: Google Groups Advanced search Panel
reworked for new url -- always an Excel search
ggadv: Google Groups : Advanced Search
ggff: Google Groups -- Firefox
ggff:all Check all postings last month (as_qdr=m)
ggff:dev Google Groups -- Firefox
develeoper search (
ggff:devall Google Groups -- Firefox
develeoper search (
ggff:feedback Google Groups -- (Hendrix not a newsgroup)
ggff:mine Check my Firefox postings last month
as_uauthors=mcritchie (author:mcritchie) in last month (as_qdr=m)
ggffd: Google Groups FF D (day 24 hours)
google groups search of in last three months.
ggfff: Discussions - | Google Groups
ggffg: GROUP | Google Groups (latest discussion in GROUP)_
ggffg:dev GROUP | Google Groups (latest discussion in developer GROUP)_
ggffm3: Google Groups FF M3
google groups search of in last three months.
gglive: :ove Mail Desktop - - Google Groups
live mail desktop groups search
ggm3: Google Groups M3
google groups search for last three months.
GGUK: advanced UK Excel groups search
gguk: GoogleGroups Advanced Search
w/o the #%$%# Beta version
ggxl: Google Advanced Groups Search
Google groups advanced search *Excel*
g-h: Google Search History (broken placeholder)
Google Search History for logged in user
ghc: Google Help Central
GI: Google Images (words)
gi: Google Images
GIFL: Google, I'm Feeling Lucky
glabs: Google Labs
glbs: More Google Products
gm2: google maps from to
gm3: Google for months(3) g as_adr m3
Google quick search example
gmail: Gmail - Inbox (white) BASIC HTML
gmail:search URL Trick in Gmail
gmail:tips Gmail Tips - The Complete Collection
Gmail Tips, The Complete Collection, by Jim Barr
gmail:url Gmail Access Methods and Login Link URLs » My Digital Life
gmail2: Gmail - view=pu (blue) STANDARD has a star
example of a gmail theme
GMT: Local, GMT, Internet Time
bookmarklet for Universal Time -- warning internet time is a Farce devised by a Swiss watch maker.
gnum: Number Google results
Google Blog Search - Advanced Options
google: (broken link, placeholder can prob. delete)
test of %s
google:everything - Everything Google Menu
goto: remove spaces and '>' from %S and open in new tab (longurl)
gov: The U.S. Government's Official Web Portal
grid:960 960 Gridder (see grid: )
gs: Google Searching stuff
gsite: Google Search with page's domain ‡‡‡ Also see keywords -- ssd: (directory)
gt: google translate
Translates from another language as found to your own language
gtest: testing c:\temp\googlesearch.htm
gtxt: Google selection text into a new tab
guru: DevGuru Home HTML XHTML JavaScript
GV: Google Voice
gv:c Google Voice - Contacts
H: Windows Live Hotmail
HD: HighRes: High Res YouTube (adds &fmt=22) high resolution
set YouTube video to high resolution
HelloWorld: typical JavaScript example
See examples for echo:, echo:s, echo:q, echo:sq and
help: Firefox Help - Online Help for the Mozilla Firefox Web Browser
also see toolsoptions:
help: firefox support
help:run Slow Children At Play » Computer Productivity
here: search here
also see "ssd:" search current directory and down, and "gsite:" to search the domain.
highlight: highlight links (bookmarklet)
highlight:divs highlight all divs (bookmarklet) - JavaScript - Snipplr 24794
Snipplr lets your store and share all of your commonly used pieces of code and HTML with other programmers and designers.
HighRes: High Res YouTube (adds &fmt=18)
set YouTube video to high resolution
hightlight:word Highlight the word
History: chrome://browser/content/history/history-panel.xul
history:p History Window pane
home: home page(s) in firefox
host: Discover Who Hosts Any Website | Who Is Hosting This
Discover which website hosting any site uses, plus web hosting reviews, hosting coupons & blog.
hostip: only geo location not provider
My IP Address Lookup and GeoTargeting - Community Geotarget IP Project - domain to IP lookup, what country, city IP addresses map to - IP Trace
hostip:info My IP Address Lookup and GeoTargeting - Community Geotarget IP Project - what country, city ip addresses map to - IP Trace
hosts: Blocking Unwanted Parasites with a Hosts File (pests, blocking)
pests, blocking
hotmail: Windows Live Hotmail
hphosts: Search hpHosts Online - Simple, Searchable & FREE! (malware, phishing, classification)
hpHosts Online - Simple, Searchable & FREE!
href: HREF visible (bookmarklet)
documented in Related keywords - href:, parentips:, bml: keywords:, subs:, alt:, and id:
href:count Count of HREF in HTML anchor tags
modified from Count keywords example by dickvl in see:
html40: HTML 4.0 Elements (opens two links/tabs)
htmledit: Real-time HTML Editor
HTML code on top / deciphered on bottom []
httpviewer: Search Rex Swain's HTTP Viewer
See exactly what an HTTP request returns to your browser
hurricane: Hurricane tracker (MSNBC)
icons: .
id: Show Classes and IDs (bookmarklet)
will not work in Firefox with Redirect Remover, and does not work in Internet Explorer -- Bookmarklet would need to have it's stylesheet, an archived copy is at -- Related to id: - href:, id:, parentips:, alt:, keywords:, and bml: (also see
ie: Internet Explorer and OE
ieCache: Index of file:///C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp
ifilm: IFILM - Video, Movies, Trailers, Music and Viral Videos
IHTML: ndex of the HTML 4 Elements
Iimageshack: (upload) ImageShack® - Image Hosting
image:dimensions on new page, repeats for each time used also see -- image:dim (on mouseover)
images: Open all images on page as webpages
from spawning one image per window this bookmarklet is less than ideal.
images:count Count all images (only counts images for which you can use 'view image')
images:out zoom images out / Text and Data halves image sizes
imageshack:mine (signed in user) ImageShack® - my imageshace userid - images
ImageShack® Corp - : ImageShack uses a highly reliable dedicated Linux server network to provide its digital content hosting service!
imdb: The Internet Movie Database
IMDb: The biggest, best, most award-winning movie site on the planet.
img: show title (or alt) for images
Ralph Fox, 2009-06-10
img:size Need Firefox extension to display image dimensions on hover - Unix Linux Forum -
imgdim: Image Dimensions on mouseover
infolister: My Firefox Information
infolister:c infolister comparison
Coimparisons of HTML and source: see
infolister:firefoxmain My Firefox Information
infolister:google My Firefox Information Infolister usage (on Google)
infolister:p My Firefox Information
infolister:port My Firefox Information
Portable Firefox listing
infolister:shiretoko My Firefox Information
infolister2: My Firefox Information
Bring up production (old) and test (new) for use with SHOWDIFF extension. MUST be done from a tab with content. (see kws.htm)
infospace: search for word
int:ext internal links int/ext [ID] (bookmarklet)
invert: (color) 'invert lightness'
IP address (myip:)
ip:city City from IP address
check location of where spam originates
Free service to find the country in which almost any web site is physically located from either the web site name or ip address. You can also use this service to find out your own ip address, which is useful if you need to remotely connect to your own computer.
ip:current My IP - What is my IP address? Free IP Tracer, IP Locator, Hide my IP address
What is my IP address? Check IP address locations with free IP Lookup and IP Tracer. Including hide my IP address info.
ip:dns DNS Stuff: DNS tools, DNS hosting tests, WHOIS, traceroute, ping, and other network and domain name tools.
DNSstuff: Free fast, advanced and comprehensive web-based DNS and domain name tools for DNS hosting, going beyond just ping, tracert/traceroute, WHOIS and DNS lookups.
ip:loc ip address locator enter an ip address to
IP:trace IP Address Trace
iphide: free safe anonymous browsing
anonymous proxy
IVR: IVR Cheat Sheet(tm) by Paul English
Getting past IVR phone response machines.
ixquick: Search Ixquick Web Search
Search using 10 search engines that can be turned on/off claims not to record darta.
j::: Placeholder
View JSON file with viewable links
k: Bookmarks for kws: and lessons <br>
kas: Kaspersky site search
Kaspersky Lab -- antivirus, firewall
kb: Microsoft Knowledge Base
kb_: Mozilla KB title search
keyboard: Firefox Help: Keyboard Shortcuts
keyboard shortcutgs, Firefox, IE, Opera (Windows, Linux, Mac)
keyboard:: Firefox and other Browser Keyboard Shortcuts (Comparison Table)
Keyboard shortcuts as used in Firefox, Internet Explorer (IE7), Opera (9.5), and Safari 3.1.1 in Windows
keyconfig:shortcut uses Ctrl+Shift+F12 (extension showing keyboard shortcuts):)
keywords: display keywords (shortcuturl=) in bookmarks HTML file
dickvl in Related keywords - href:, id:, parentips:, alt:, and keywords:
keywords:count count of keywords (shortcuturl=) in bookmarks HTML file
modified from dickvl in Related keywords - href:, id:, parentips:, alt:, and keywords:
kmo:u users* " " - Google Search
L: - Librarians' Index to the Internet
search Librarians' Index to the Internet
lawguru: - Legal Questions,Answers and Research from Attorneys,Lawyers,Law,Legal Advice
LeMasney: Course: Top 25 Firefox Extensions and Add Ons
lg: Lockergnome - search Google
lg: Lockergnome's IT Professionals - January 2005 Archives
LH: Search LifeHacker - Gina Trapani
Link: pages that link to here (AltaVista link:)
AltaVista does a much better job of this than Google.
Link:count (see href:count closer to counts found with WD)
linkbacks: linkbacks
See what users bookmarked a web page and what tags they assigned to it with one click --
linkcheck: W3C Link Checker
linkchecker: Validator
check links on current page
linked: Search links to this page
Linkify: convert plain text links to clickable links
linkify:shortcut Ctrl+Shift+L (toggle) highlilght text links
links:blog blogs that link to this page
Example of javascript that can be run on Google Chrome
links:web web pages that link to this page
Example of javascript that can be run on Google Chrome from h
links:within List All Links
linkstome: Search links to this page
(javascript) same as linked: bookmark shortcut
lists: List of Lists
listzilla: ExtensionsList.html in download_win2000
lmgtfy: Let me Google that for you (very impolite)
funny once, but essentially calls the recipient an idiot
loc: refresh location bar but without reloading (not F5)
Lowercase: change case of entire page to lowercase.
lucky: Google Search - I'm Feeling Lucky
M: convert abcdotdefatgmaildotcom to
dmcr, Last "at" conversion to "@" from TEST: m: email: daveatattdotnet
mag: "magnify selected text"
Posted by Ralph Fox 2010-04-23 in mozilla.general
mailtos: List all Mailto: links on current page
pop-up a window showing all email addresses listed as mailto-links on the current page Found in "List_Mailtos" from
MajorGeeks Support Forums - READ ME FIRST BEFORE ASKING FOR SUPPORT: Basic Spyware, Trojan And Virus Removal
MajorGeeks Support Forums -
mapl: map whatever near Somerville, NJ
maps: Google
maps2: Google Maps
MapThis: Highlight addresses and click on the bookmarklet to generate a Google map of the address.
menueditor: Options for Menu Editor
seen in keyconfig documentations
message-id: Link to Google Groups
mmab: multiple
bug: 124237
moz: search mozilla and mozillazine
moz:f Google Search: %S forums
moz:s search
Some suggestions for creating and maintaining keyword shortcuts for use in Firefox.
moz2: addons or mozillazine
improve on moz: and using own preferences which include English and 100 hits.
mozask: MozillaZine Forums
mozdev: locate extensions at
mozdev2: search
Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 1 Release Notes
mozsearch: Searching official Mozilla and Firefox sites only.
mp3:speech vozMe - From text to speech
msg:m mozilla newsgroups
msgid: message-id into Google Groups
msmaps: ms live map search
Explore the Earth with interactive maps, directions and traffic, satellite and aerial images, bird’s eye view, 3D maps and 3D cities. Search addresses, yellow pages, white pages, and more.
multi: Tabbed Browsing (#multitabs_loadtest)
Tabbed browsing in Firefox lets you load multiple web pages into separate tabs within the same browser window
mvp: search selected MVP excel web sites
search a few mvp excel websites -- google restriction of 32 words
mvp:x Google Search: ( AND dmcritchie) OR OR wordlist wordlist
search 3 mvp excel websites
mvpxx: Google Search: ( OR inurl:dmcritchie OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR %S
was probably just a backup before changes
My Firefox Information
my:ip What is my IP address? Free IP address Tracer, IP Locator, IP Lookup. Hide my IP address, check IP address!
myvotes: Change Votes bug: bugzilla
myyahoo: My Yahoo!
name: (copy of M: ) convert abcdotdefatgmaildotcom to
dmcr, Last "at" conversion to "@" from TEST: m: email: daveatattdotnet
nasa:tv NASA TV
next: Next (article)
GT sign on bookmarks bar , increment see next: Next (article), also see n, p, LT sign, GT sign, next: Next (article)
NJNEWS: current month
several newspapers
NJNEWS:w current week
nnn: Convert string to HTML entities (&#nnn)
NoScript: deactivates Scripts
deactivates Scripts- though does not show NOSCRIPT content
nostyle: Toggle CSS Stylesheets
from: better than just zapping stylesheet (
notepad: Edit current (local file) with notepad
number:links make numbered list of links
numberedlist: numbered list bookmarklet
Outline for Firefox Presentations
Some Firefox Tips presented at ACGNJ -- Firefox SIG
outline: outline for ACGNJ Firefox workshop
owner: domain owner - WHOIS Records
WHOIS Search provides domain name registration information - registrant information, DNS, and expiration dates. Search by domain names, IP addresses and/or NIC handle. Also see keyword -- whoisdns:
p: paren tips link TITLES
same as parentips:
pagerank: Google Page Rank current page also see "rank:"
PageSize: Page Dimensions extended to bottom/right corner also see WindowSize:
PageZipper: streaming to next page(s) on approach
parentips: paren tips link TITLES
Related keywords - href:, id:, parentips:, alt:, keywords:, and bml: || test-page:
Passivator: check for passive words/phrases/...
pdf:help Adobe Reader 8 User Guide [PDF Format]
people: White pages
Find people with the free people search of our white pages directory.
peopley: Yahoo people search
No need to restart Firefox. Mouse over to Try, Wear to install. Uninstall through Tools, Add-ons, Themes. For those with hugh/wasteful toolbars/icons, not much to see with reduced height or minimal toolbars.
PH: phone area on search page
ph:: provide last name for phone search in NJ
ph:411ca - Canada's Local Search Engine - Reverse Phone Lookup
Find business listings nearby with, Canada's Local Search Engine. Find a person and reverse phone lookup directory services.
ph:bp Business Phonebook with Google Map
ph:can white
The Canada white pages phone directory is your source for free people and business searches in the U.S. and Canada.
ph:google Google phone search
lot of searching on phone number
ph:r Reverse Phone lookup (White Pages)
WhitePages reverse lookup accesses over 170M phone numbers and addresses for the most accurate results!
ph:rp Residential Phonebook with Google Map
ph:tracer CELL PHONE (pay service front end, WOT poor rating) Search Free Phone Tracer and Reverse Phone Number Tracker
This free cell phone number tracer will give you owner information about a phone number for free. Search for a cell phone number today to begin your free trace!
ph:whocalledus Who Csalled Us
Provide station location only. Also use to file complaints.
ph:whocallsme telemarketer complaints
Got a call from an unknown number? Use this free reverse phone directory to find out who called you.
ph_local: Local Calling Area Information
phone: reverse phone search
Use our free reverse phone directory to find people.
phonebook: Google PhoneBook
piracy: of
Compare legitimate page to stolen pages -- piracy: excel Google and the pirated pages ISP are unresponsive.
place: place finder
Alexander Mayrhofer personal page. Articles, software projects, photo gallery plus additional features.
Places: Places -- bookmark tags
Places is a new feature in Firefox 3
places:: Show All Bookmarks in Firefox 3 (chrome shortcut)
chrome url:
portapps: (mine)
pp: Photo Points - PhotoPoints Photography Community. [Photographer - Barb Frank]
using Photogorahper's id tag.
ppp: Profile - Get Current Profile
pr: Alexis page rank (on location) -- Search Live PR | Live Pagerank | Check Your PageRank | PageRank Checker
pro: Dictionary - Yahooligans! Reference -
Profile folder - (mzprofile:) MozillaZine Knowledge Base
profilefolder: Profile folder - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
programchecker: get info and test vs database
An online database of programs and files. Use our online tool - instead of Windows Task Manager. Download our free tool, ProgramChecker and learn the details of your running programs.
Pure Digital / CVS Disposable Digital Camcorder
Reverse engineering the Pure Digital / CVS camcorder for compatibility with MacOS and windows. Also evaluatiing the effect of the DMCA on legitimate interoperability projects.
puretext: at file:///C:/download_win2000/puretext20_x86/
q::: placeholder
ql: Quick Launch image
quickdiff: Quick Diff Online Tool (Before/After comparison)
Online tool to paste into BEFORE and AFTER text areas. See also PageDiff extension invoked from Tools (Start Diff/Show Diff).
quote: stock prices at
qvallidate: quick validate
sqfree.../news.htm skipf the "can't fine doctype" and "can't find charset"
R: BACK like the Back button refer back
Readability: similar to ReadEasily ext, make page readable
GreaseMonkey like script to find the printable area, probably won't show links for continued pages.
readable: Readable (colors)
red: Visited links to RED for visibility
redneck: You May be a Redneck
Laugh along with Al Lowe, the creator of Leisure Suit Larry and computer software's best-selling humorist. Free humor downloads. Free daily jokes. Inside stories about Sierra Online and Leisure Suit Larry.
referred: "go to referrer" How'd I get here
Like clicking Back, but works even after opening a link in a new window
referrer: go to referrer
regexpr: Extraction of a Group of Digits and Dashes, from postings by Harlan Grove
related: Google for current url
related: Find Related Pages indexed in Google
remember: remember password
ignore website requests to not remember password -- also see Also make sure user is not clearing cookies on exit.
Reopen: reopen page in another browser/application Use the Browse option to choose what to reopen the page (i.e. Internet Explorer)
Reporter: Compatibility Reports for GUID supplied (Add-on Compatibility Reporter) guid: about:support troubleshooting
addon: 15003, get GUID from Troubleshooting information (about:support)
Reporter:old Compatibility Reports for GUID supplied (Add-on Compatibility Reporter) guid: about:support troubleshooting
addon: 15003, get GUID from Troubleshooting information (about:support)
reset: Reset (F5, bookmarklet)
reveal: Firefox Asterisk Revealer --
rightclick: Right Click (also see - restore context menus) improves the basic javascript:void(document.oncontextmenu=null\)
robots: Show robots.txt for this Domain
robots2: Show robots.txt for this Domain (looks exactly like what I had been using but this one works)
roost: Enter a cit & state or zip code
Find ALL Homes for Sale & Real Estate listings on Roost. (Listings updated last night) Search for homes in the MLS. Also search condo's for sale, new construction and for sale by owner listings. (FSBO) Search by price, size, beds, baths, neighborhood, school district or any keyword you want. Like gazebo, pool or heated driveway. Peace of mind. If your home is out there, it's on
ruler: Draggable Screen Ruler
s: Scroogle Proxy
safecolors: Dave Raggett's Intro to CSS
science: search
looking for kid friendly links
scitech: Sci-Tech Today
scripts: Search (GreaseMonkey scripts)
scroll: Scroll Page... (variable slow 1-8 fast)
scrollbar: Add missing (horizontal) scrollbar back to HTML.
Test at this site:
sd: 3-6 discussion groups
3 - features bugs of, 4 - posted styles, 5 - how to write styles, 6 - style requests
selectable: enable Copy and Select Text from | Browsers | Tech-Recipes supposed to make text at selectable (doesn't seem to work at snopes)
send: send email link with Title & URL (w/o selection)
Also see mailto: which includes the selection as a summary
shopping:online -- Tech Bargains, etc, lowest prices
Bens Bargains, Tech Bargains, search on BB, TB, NewEgg, PriceGrabber, TigerDirect, ZipZoomFly
shortcuturl: Show shortcuturl in bookmarks
simiarlar to href: shortcut
show:blocks show blocks Will show table cells and all nested blocks
show:cells View Table Cells
see also show:table and show:blocks
show:cookies Show Cookies
show:grid Show/Hide Grid (toggles)
show:images Show All Images in New Window
show:passwords Show passwords
show:table Show Table (toggles) Shows table cells, also see
show:url Show URL in status bar prevent scripts from replacing destination URL in the browser's status bar
showimages: show all images on another page - in unmarked table work from directory or web page
sidebar: "add sidebar", Adds the page you're viewing as sidebar panel.
sidebar: Burad's Blog: Open webpages in sidebar
similar: find similar sites
site: Web Safety Ratings from SiteAdvisor OR OR -inurl:*forums* -inurl:tiki-view_forum_thread -inurl:addons.* -inurl:forums -inurl:forum -inurl:talkback.* %S - Google Search
answer FF questions w/o addons, forums, talk* %S - Google Search
siteadvisor: Lookup: s | Web Safety Ratings from McAfee SiteAdvisor
size:: include http...
returns the size in bytes
size::: webpage analyzer and Performance Tool (page weight, page size)
Free web page analysis service tests page size, composition, and download speed. Recommends speed improvements based on best practices for usability, HCI, and website optimization for maximum website performance.
Free web page analysis service tests page size, composition, and download speed. Recommends speed improvements based on best practices for usability, HCI, and website optimization for maximum website performance.
size:this Web Page Speed Report -
sky:map Your Sky don:skymap
Your Sky
snake: Multicolumns from prompt
Multicolumns (snake columns) - Ralph Fox 2010-10-01, "Firefox musti column page display" example:
snopes: Urban Legends Reference Pages
The definitive Internet reference source for urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation
sorttable: sort table you can only sort on major, not on minor then major. [adds a/d to top of columns]
source: View Source for when Notepad Edit is invoked by Ctrl+U for LOCAL files
view source -- same as in IE (it is a chrome shortcut) (same as viewsource: ) view_source.editor.external set to True view_source.editor.path set to c:\winnt\notepad.exe
Sp -- thought I already had such a bookmark --
sp2: reverse spellcheck: changes to edit mode of page
spammy: Report a Spam Result
Google search returns spammy site(s)
Speakeasy: Speakeasy - Speed Test
speed: Bandwidth Meter Speed
DSL, Cable, dial-up speed tes 1031.3
speed:test - The Global Broadband Speed Test
Test your Internet connection bandwidth to locations around the world with this interactive broadband speed test
speed:u WUGNET - Speed Test
speed:v Verizon Online SpeedTest
verizon speed test
speed2: Bandwidth Test --
NAISG promotes awareness and education of information security through the support of local and regional chapters.
speedtest: Speakeasy - Speed Test
One with speedtest: and one with speakeasy: hope Fx4.0 doesn't screw things up
squarefree: search bookmarks
squirell: Watch Waterskiing Squirrel Online - VideoSurf Video Search
You have to see it to believe it
ss: Site Search - search within site
ss:y Site Search - Yahoo search within site
ssd: Site Search - search within same/current directory
Also see keywords -- gsite: (search domain)
ssd:y Site Search - Yahoo search within current directory
download stage6 based on it's id. Based on jimmyrcom video
statusbar: notification to statusbar
Subject to tools > options > Content >Advanced > ...status bar... Does not stay on status bar, nor does javascript:self.status="Let me out of here" However mouseover would work
stock: Business Week (symbol)
strings:count Count strings on a page
stumble: Stumble This!
style: by the number at
styles: Search
subs: Substitution via %S
Related keywords:: mhref:, parentips:, bml: keywords:, subs:, alt:, and id:
Sumo: wrestling with gators
sumo:kb Firefox Support Home Page (ALPHA)
sumo2: Firefox Support Home Page (ALPHA)
sunrise: NOAA Improved Sunrise/Sunset Calculation
superman: Superman Returns(TM): Stop! Press! Game
Catch superman in flight for next day's Daily Planet edition change to a HULU link
sv: Split browser tab into two vertical frames. Prompts for URLs.
Ed Mullen
sw: switch current url Test <--> Production
Ralph Fox (2010-10-01 m.s.firefox) improved and pointed to fact it gets a security error see but even with teh "testlinks" extension still fails. (more in somnats)
symbols: SYMBOLS for HTML and Excel Use
t:bm toggle bookmarks toolbar (BAD ATTEMPT)
Tabbed Browsing in Firefox
tab-rename: (bookmarklet) will not change the icon and changes title results for CopyURL+, Copy All Urls, etc. as an alternative to which can assign random favicon and titles. Does not not to work on an addons page tab (https://).
tabs: Tabbed Browsing in Firefox
Tabbed browsing in Firefox lets you load multiple web pages into separate tabs within the same browser window
tabs:more Tabs configuration, extracted from About:config entries - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
talk: Delicious Talk
How many people saved this page on delicious and what tags they used to describe.
task: Search for task in Task Manager (whatisprocess)
task2: Search Agics - System Processes - Find a System Process
Use our search function to find a task.
tb: tech bargains - Technology products shopping guide. Find dell coupons, discount computers, cheap digital camera. Find cheap ipods, cheap laptops, and more.
tb_: Tab Capacity Test (special version)
Similar to tb01: (001.htm) but has line numbers on right
temp: Index of file:///c:/temp
The Small Print Project »
A collaborative document of experiences with agreements in the digital age as they are designed and encountered
thes: synonym |
Thesaurus -- synonyms, antonyms, and definitions. Dictionary and Word of the Day. (also see dict:)
thread: Message-ID for Google Groups
tineye: bookmarklet photography fingerprinting of the internet
titles: paren tips (bookmarklet)
TLD: top-level domains -- IANA — Root Zone Database
toolsoptions: Firefox Help: Options Window
topo: Topographic view
tr: translate from (fr, de, etc.)
Test page and
tr:s translate selected text to English (Google translate)
Google's free online language translation service instantly translates text and web pages. This translator supports: English, Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Basque, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, Galician, Georgian, German, Greek, Haitian Creole, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malay, Maltese, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese, Welsh, Yiddish
tr:text translate text to English (Google translate)
Google's free online language translation service instantly translates text and web pages. This translator supports: English, Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Basque, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, Galician, Georgian, German, Greek, Haitian Creole, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malay, Maltese, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese, Welsh, Yiddish
trace:e Trace email, Instant Message, Track IP Address, Reverse Search ...
traffic: Network Overview /// Internet Traffic Report
Internet Traffic Report
traffic: Traffic Ranking for site (domain)
trans: Translate this page
trends: Google Trends
graph of relative popularity (web traffic) of any web site using the Google Trends for websites service
trows: Number all Rows in Tables sorry about the bad keyword name but had to make it not be the same as tr: for translation or Firefox will screw up keywords by messing with their location.
TubeViewer: YouTube Viewer
Matt Kruse - Use this technique to easily "pop up" a YouTube video and keep it on top of other windows so you can watch it while you continue to browse
tv: TV Listings - Find Local TV Shows and Movie Schedules - Listings Grid |
PPP (User must be custom TV choices at Yahoo), start with zipcode (uncheck timezone), uses cookes, do for not logged in and for logged in. Must be logged in to pick your favorite channels to reduce list size.
tv_can: Television - Entertainment - network
(User must be custom TV choices at
u: Urban Dictionary:
underline: Underline links Off/On
up: Up a Directory
updated: Page Freshness?
Uppercase: change case of entire webpage to uppercase
UPS: UPS Package Tracking
uptime: Show uptime for site server
use: use file converting %xx to characters
location of profiles.ini
useragent: display user agent
document --
usmoney: U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing | New Money | The New Currency
v: vista.htm
validate: HTML at (this page0
validate:css The W3C CSS Validation Service
CSS Validation Service Check Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and (X)HTML documents with style sheets -- * By URI * By file upload * By direct input
validate:css2 - FREE Website Check Based on CSE HTML Validator Lite
Free online web site checker and HTML syntax checker/validator. Check for problems that may affect your search engine rankings and cause problems for your visitors.
validator:xul XUL Validator
Verdana: change font for page
verizon:c Verizon Central HELP
verizon:e Verizon EMAIL Login Page
verizon:r Verizon Repair ***║╗║║
videosurf: Search for videos you want to see
Search for videos and watch online videos from across the web. Watch viral videos, full movies, TV Full Episodes, funny videos and more at VideoSurf!
videourl: All-In-One Video Bookmarklet Get link url for videos at google, you tube etc
view:header View HTTP Request and Response Header (plain link)
view request and response header of a HTTP connection and HTML source
view:passwords view passwords
viewcookie: View Cookie
Shows stroed cookies for current site, server, or host
Viewcookies: View cookies generated by page/site
viewpasswords: View passwords in forms on page
viewpasswords2: view passwords (better comments ? than others)
viewselection: view selection -- no longer works in Firefox
viewsource: View Source for LOCAL files when Ctrl+U used for Notepad Edit
view source -- same as in IE (is it a chrome shortcut)
Vischeck: VischeckURL color blindness simulator
Vischeck color blindness simulator
visited: strike visited
Don't think this works inm Firefox
vista: Install etc.
leave off file;.htm by typing two spaces and it will default to index.htm which will send you to vista.htm
vistap: get production version
vlink: All-In-One Video Bookmarklet (Find the true video link to dave or download)
votesmart: Politician Search (US only)
vpass: View Passwords
vs: videosurf search
Search for videos and watch online videos from across the web. Watch viral videos, full movies, TV Full Episodes, funny videos and more at VideoSurf!
w: is for wikipedia
w7: Windows-7 bookmarks
watch: add to Watch That Page
waves: making waves with HTML5 ✩ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog
Thomas Saunders of modern-carpentry has a very nice HTML5 demo
wayback: current page
Choose from list of archived, you can check two for a comparison
weather: 7-Day Forecast for Latitude 40.59N and Longitude -74.62W
weather:accu - Bound Brook Weather Forecast: 08805 weather forecasts
BOUND BROOK weather forecast for 08805. Get Weather Forecasts for BOUND BROOK, NJ including 5 day, 10 day and 15 day weather forecast
weather:ca Burlington, Ontario - Forecast - Environment Canada
meteorology;weather;weather warnings;weather forecasts; click on &deg;C or &deg;F to convert
weather:historical National Weather Service Forecast Office - Philadelphia/Mount Holly
The National Weather Service Forecast Office in Philadelphia/Mount Holly provides climate, weather, and water forecasts and warnings for parts of Pennyslvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland. #MMDD if you want to go to a specific month day
whois: %s uses
whois:coolwhois %s
whois:cy page
whois:host (current) WHOis Lookup for current site's domain
whois viewer at
whois:server, whois,
Whois:Source ***
whoisdns: DNS Stuff: DNS tools, DNS hosting tests, WHOIS, traceroute, ping, and other network and domain name tools.
DNSstuff: Free fast, advanced and comprehensive web-based DNS and domain name tools for DNS hosting, going beyond just ping, tracert/traceroute, WHOIS and DNS lookups. Also see keyword owner:
wiki: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
wikialong: Wikalong Sidebar
win7: Windows 7 Home Premium
Transferring Vista to new computer with Windows 7
Windows Vista: Help and How-to
Vista online HELP
WindowSize: Window Size (get outer size WxL)
from also see PageSize:
word:freq word frequency
squarefree.../news.html SEO
words: word count
Counts words in selection area. Does not count in Text areas for that see
worldtime: The World Clock - Time Zones
wot: Search WOT Web of Trust
Web of Trust is a safe browser tool for Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. FAQ answers common questions about how WOT works & the value of website reputation rating.
wrap: force wrap (zap.html) fixes table layouts expanded by very long words. Adds <WBR> into long words such as urls
wrap:txt wrap text (only for .txt files not HTML files)
Not for HTML files, only .txt files
wrapper: wrap text also see wrap text at also see style 19596
wso: web search optimizaiton (load speed)
wtf: Firefox Tips and Tricks from Circle Six — Circle Six Blog
javascript:(function(){q=document.getSelection(); if(!q){void(q=prompt('Wikipedia keywords:',''))}; if(q)location.href=''+escape(q)})()
x: Extensions List
xhome: Mozilla Firefox Start Page (default home page)
xl: Excel local files
xlat: Ann Troy (Dream Boat) Microsoft Excel Articles
xlbp: : Home Page
xlcp: Chip Pearson's Excel Topic Index
xldd: Contextures -- Excel Tips and Techniques
xldm: excel -- dmcritchie
There is an xlp: and xldm: which are the same, let's hope Fx4.0 doesn't screw things up.
xldm:s Search: %S
xljem: McGimpsey & Associates : Excel
xljw:s j-walk mostly Excel
xlmg: McGimpsey & Associates : Excel
xlp: production version of My Excel website
xlp:s Excel production search
Excel macros and usage notes to help beginners and fairly advanced users work with Excel spreadsheets. -- David McRitchie (over 200 Excel web pages)
xlpiggy: DataPig - Computer Training and Consulting
over 134 video tutorials on Office products.
xlrdb: Ron de Bruin's Excel Page
xlsb: Office Automation Ltd. - The Excel MVP Page
xlweb: Google Search of Excel
Excel search attempts to eliminate the newsgroup repeaters -- google limits to 32 words try to keep this to 26
xsource: generated source
mozillaZine - Your Source for Daily Mozilla News and Advocacy
xxxG: Google Bookmarklet
Message-ID: <>
y: utilize keyword shortcuts
Yah: 2 Yahoo Search
The search engine that helps you find exactly what you're looking for. Find the most relevant information, video, images, and answers from all across the Web.
Yahoo: Search Yahoo! (also see myyahoo:)
yell: "highlight selected text"
Posted by Ralph Fox 2010-04-23 in mozilla.general
youtube: search you tube
ytube:hires High Res YouTube --- HD, high resolution
appends &fmt=18 to the urol.
z: Open Directory - Google Search:
z:ext Open Directory - Computers: Software: Internet: Clients: WWW: Browsers: Firefox: Extensions
Extensions listing
zaba: Free People Search
search for people
removes link underlines, images, iframes
zap:colors zap colors
zap:plugins Zap Plugins removes java, flash, backgound music, third-party iframes
zapcolors: zap colors (zap.html)
ZAPreader:; (ZAP read) speed read selected text
zillow: search for homes
Zillow provides free real estate information including homes for sale, comparable homes, historical sales, home valuation tools and more. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer, selling a home, agent, broker, buyer of investment property or real estate professional - Get Your Edge in Real Estate at
zip:map Zip Code Finder and Boundary Map. (Google tool)
Zip Code lookup using Google Maps with an overlay of boundaries. Easily find a USPS Zip Codes by address or click on the map. Free for all to use.
US Postal Service ZIP+4
zip4: USPS - ZIP Code Lookup - Search By Address
zipcodeworld: zipcodeworld demo
Free demo of ZIPCodeWorld(TM) United States ZIP Code, PostalCodeWorld(TM) Canadian and Mexican Postal Code, AreaCodeWorld(TM) Area Code Database. All databases are being updated monthly and subscribed by Fortune 500 companies and small-medium businesses.
zzzz -- end of K-folder -- zzzz


Styles written and/or used by David McRitchie (current 2011-03-20)

Always show the tabs bar |
Bookmarks Toolbar Blue/Folders, Red/Bookmarks | userstyle
Bookmarks Toolbar Fx4 Blue/Folders, Red/Bookmarks - Themes and Skins for browser -
Color Toolbar(s) to identify profile (DM*) |
Google - Highlight harmful site alert - Themes and Skins for -
Keyword addition for Add/Change Bookmark (Fx3) |
Launchy button remove space wasting drop-down(DM*) |
Menu and SearchBar Minimal Height (DM*) |
Navigation/Location Bar BIG Presentation Height |
Navigation/Location Bar Minimal Height |
Navigation/Location Bar Presentation Height (DM*) |
No Follow links, mouseover id of other links (*DM) |
Red: Mark visited links as read on unruly domains |
Red:visited -- Mark visited links Red (*DM) |
Remove unimportant Location Bar Icon Text |
StatusBar Minimal Height (DM*) |
Tab Color Underscoring active/read/unread (Fx3.6) |
Tab Color Underscoring active/read/unread |
Tab Color Underscoring active/read/unread for Fx4
Tabs Bar Mimimal Size |
Tabs, Enlarge list-all-tabs button (DM*) - downsize screenshots to fit window
Wrap lines within PRE tagged text |
Wrap PRE text (http and https only) |
* Newly added styles |
* Updated
David McRitchie |
In-house style - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Recent changes - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
User:Dmcritchie - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
User:Dmcritchie/Firefox priorities - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Firefox Support Home Page | Firefox Help
Stylish broken in Firefox 4.0b2pre -
Ad Blocking FiltersetP | (style 299)
Change cursor on some links with JS. |
ffox 3 tab bar clean looking tabs -
Gets rid of rounded corners which slow things down - possibly faster vertical scrolling.
Google - Disable preview - Themes and Skins for -
Google Maps - Minimal |
Link Warning |
Link warning (cursor hover) - various filetypes |
Menubar AutoHidden |
Red hand cursor for .pdf links |
Scrollbar Bookmarks Menu | (style 56)
Scrollbar Context Menu | (style 54)
Scrollbar Menu | (style 52)
Stylish - Manage Window beautified | - don't resize screenshots - 575 is by Jason Barnabe (np) (see style 12373 instead)
recommend style 12373 instead 575 is by Jason Barnabe (np) - Show Install Count & Rating |
Video Highlighter |
YouTube+ |


Black Friday Thanksgiving sales


Best Buy
Best Buy's online source for electronics, televisions, DVD players, home audio, car audio, computers, cameras, music, movies, software, games and more. Research, compare and buy securely online; pick it up in a store.
Black Friday Deals: Incredible Savings on Laptops, Desktop Computers, Cameras, GPS and more! - Staples Weekly Ad Consumer Electronics
Consumer Electronics | Clothing from Levi Strauss Signature & Jaclyn Smith | Home Decor Ideas from Martha Stewart Everyday |
OfficeMax Office Supplies, Furniture, Copy Paper, Computers and Electronics - OfficeMax
Shop for office supplies, office furniture, copy paper and business technology at, the solution for small businesses and home offices.
P. C. Richard & Son | Home Page
RadioShack- Audio/Video Electronics, MP3, LCD TVs, GPS, Digital Cameras, DVD Players, Accessories
You've got Questions. We've got Answers.®. that was easy® - FREE Delivery on Office Supplies, Technology, Furniture.®. that was easy® - FREE Delivery on Office Supplies, Technology, Furniture. - Online pharmacy & drugstore, prescriptions, health information, photo center - America's online pharmacy serving your needs for prescriptions, health & wellness products, health information and photo services - Save money. Live better.
Shop Low Prices Online for Electronics, Toys, Home, Garden, Baby Products & More
Welcome to Target

tech bargains -- cables -- HDMI Cable, Home Theater Accessories, HDMI Products, Cables, Adapters, Video/Audio Switch, Networking, USB, Firewire, Printer Toner, and more! - Buy Computer Parts, PC Components, Laptop Computers, Digital Cameras and more! - Comparison Shopping
Rebates for Power Up SpeedDrive 4GB USB 2.0 Portable Flash Drive GEN-54096 at
zip zoom fly

Black Friday 2009, Thanksgiving Sales, Thanksgiving Sale, Day After Thanksgiving Sales, Day After Thanksgiving Sale, Black Friday Sales, Black Friday Sale, Black Friday Ads
Black Friday 2006, (updated each year) Thanksgiving Sales, Thanksgiving Sale, Day After Thanksgiving Sales, Day After Thanksgiving Sale, Black Friday Sales, Black Friday Sale
Black Friday Ads - The OFFICIAL Site for the Hottest Day of the Year
local:stores (big box) **[Multiple Tabs open]
TBS: **(multiple tabs open) Tech Bargains etc search for %S [Multiple tabs open]
Bens Bargains, Tech Bargains, search on BB, TB, NewEgg, PriceGrabber, TigerDirect, ZipZoomFly
TxxBS: **(multiple tabs open) Tech Bargains etc search for %S [Multiple tabs open]


Bugs/BML related to KEYWORD and or %S Main purpose of this folder is that many many problems caused by developers messing, who claimed there was little interest or usage of keyword shortcuts, and pushed use of tags which don't even work well for what they are designed for.

Keyboard Shortcuts (digression from Keyword shortcuts)

should probably another topic for mapping and using Keyboard shortcuts (SKIP this topic if just looking for Keyword Shortcuts)

Bug 57805 – front end for customizing keyboard shortcuts (configurable/user-defined keys)
Firefox and other Browser Keyboard Shortcuts (Comparison Table)
Index of /
Keyboard shortcuts
keyconfig 20080929 • mozillaZine Forums
keyconfig replacement for Fx3 - Unix Linux Forum -

Keyword Extensions or Styling that should be part of Firefox

Keywords and the awesomeBar are the two best timesaving features of Firefox. The "OpenBookk" extension should be part of Firefox.

Add Bookmark Here ² :: Add-ons for Firefox
Has 458,950 downloads, appears to be similar to "Open Book" extension.
KeywordBar [not updated for Fx3, Downloads 15,353 ]
keywordManager :: Add-ons for Firefox [for Fx 3.5 and up, Downloads 4,435 ]
OpenBook :: Add-ons for Firefox .(downloads 357,987)
Originally to put the keyword into the bookmars menu without the single line userChrome.css change but it now also allows for customization of the Add Bookmark dialog. The bookmarks tree can be automatically opened and elements can be revealed or hidden. Also, the dialog can be resized! Downloads 357,987 as of Jan 31, 2010 from alone.

Keywords briefly mentioned in comments

Basil's Bodacious Blog » Blog Archive » Availability of new (AMO) site
Chris Ilias’ Blog : Any lost bookmarks in Firefox 3?

Keywords usage mentioned by Asa Dotzler

Asa Dotzler: Firefox and more: custom keyword bookmarks
Asa Dotzler: Firefox and more: a needed doc
Asa Dotzler: Firefox and more: Mozilla bookmarks
Bug 112292 – [rfe] Import keyword from links (support lossless exchanging of bookmarks)
Bug 123006 – Keyword substitution with %s doesn't escape characters
Bug 196626 – don't replace "keyword %s" with url immediately if url is javascript:*
Bug 224408 – Don't expand typed bookmark keyword query in URL history
Keyword Bookmarklets for Scripters

The rest is about KEYWORD. Shortcuts ***

**Keyword Bookmarks

[How-To] Open Firefox Bookmarks Using Keywords | Technofriends
attachment.cgi (GIF Image, 746x654 pixels) - Scaled (85%)
Misguided method of adding keyword to Add Bookmark dialog because you have to click on a widget to bring up keyword which is actually in the main index record of a bookmark, and Tags are not.
Bug 123006 – Keyword substitution with %s doesn't escape characters
Fixed with a distinction made between %s and %S make keyword shortcuts work a lot better.
Bug 212605 – Include Bookmark Keywords in autocomplete and give them priority over history [SeaMonkey]
Expects typing a keyword without any operands to show up in autocomplete
Bug 213402 – bookmarks folders should also have keywords
Bug 215175 – bookmark keyword cannot be used to open bookmark in sidebar
Bug 215658 – Quick Search Bookmarks won't load in Sidebar when using keyword
Bug 246848 – Bad encoding by searching using bookmark keywords
Bug 258223 – Bookmark keyword quicksearch need a way to specify character encoding for query URLs
Bug 261175 – Keyword search should not require a name to be created
Bug 270703 – quick search keyword %s now escapes characters (expansion no longer works when string includes "/", "@")
Bug 272359 – Use of keyword link shortcut with %s used with fragment id change # to %23
2004-11-29 Marked as a duplicate of 270703 and fixed there along with other problems with character substitutions by making a distinction between %s and %S
Bug 356733 – "Add a Keyword for this search": poor wording, as the item is often not a "search".
Bug 359809 – Bookmark Keyword searches are not encoded properly (though keyword.URL is)
Bug 362164 – Add a shortcut field to the "Add bookmark"-dialogue
Bug 389903 – Autocomplete custom keywords with parameters (but only after I type a space)
Bug 404507 – Can't assign bookmark keywords from "Add Bookmark" dialog
This is the BUG all other keyword request were moved to and then closed , but has been reopened. This one is a SURVIVOR and was marked REOPENED after continuous attempt to suppress one of the BEST features in Firefox and was part of Firefox when Firefox started. Tips-and-tricks had a setting to changed long gone.
Bug 405795 – (keyword) Can't access all bookmark properties from location bar yellow star ("Edit this bookmark" popup, cannot change Keyword, Description, Location)
Bug 419713 – Lost ability to add keyword when adding bookmark (Ctrl+D)
Bug 420813 – Bookmark dialog disappears if we move other window to the front and then back
Bug 422026 – bookmark keywords with spaces don't work (trigger search behavior rather than the keyword)
Bug 441333 – Search plugins take precedence over keyword searches
Bug 524071 – Places UI (3.7): Bookmark contextual dialog should be detachable into a persistent sidebar
Rather than simplifying Firefox the new changes to push Tags and suppress keyword usage have made things so much harder to use and harder to describe. This bug is to make the bookmark properties for adding a bookmark into a side panel which does not provide adequate space to see information and at the same time wipes out to much of the webpage being viewed unlike detached moveable panels. Firefox abilities to new users.
Bug 530076 – Preemptive search keyword suggestions in location bar dropdown menu
Counts - Counting bookmarks history links and other data - Firefox - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Firefox Keyword Shortcuts
Some suggestions for creating and maintaining keyword shortcuts for use in Firefox. -- David McRitchie
Firefox/Feature Brainstorming:Bookmarks - MozillaWiki
Firefox/Feature Brainstorming:Bookmarks - MozillaWiki
Internet Archive Wayback Machine
k.html Examples of keyword shortcuts (830 bookmarks/bookmarklets, 587 of them have keyword shortcuts)
Generated for K folder on bookmarks bar 586 Key word shortcuts (keywords:count). 244 bookmarks w/o keywords, for awesombar reference 200 JavaScript bookmarklets (bml:), 206 substitution %S (href: - found using Find All (Find Bar count) Purpose of this file is to insall as -K- folder on Bookmarks toolbar (singleletter K).
List of keyword searches - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Mozilla Custom Keywords
-- How Cool are Custom Keywords? -- by Asa Dotzler
Places -- bookmark tags
Places is a new feature in Firefox 3
Smart keywords
The Burning Edge » Blog Archive » 2004-08-26 Branch builds
//QUOTE/ Quicksearch bookmarks and quicksearch keywords are far more convenient [than Search Bar] /QUOTE//
User:JesseW/BookmarkletsUniversal (NO KEYWORDS)
211 Javascript categorized bookmarklets with text code/references, no Keywords, not as bookmarklets links


Check out the horrible appearance and lack of full viewable text in Firefox 4.0 running under Windows 7.

alert1: Test of Alert Message
confirm1: - confirm("sometext") -- [OK] [Cancel}
prompt1: Test of Prompt w/o function
prompt2: Test of Prompt with function still works
prompt3: Test of Prompt with function and new window instant disappearance FAILS
prompt4: Test of Prompt from selection with function and new window instant disappearance FAILS