A short narrative of Firefox Customizations as seen through it's images.

Firefox customizations in pictures

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Pictures extracted from my web pages (#pics)

ff_small_window.jpg (1966)
  .Sometimes Firefox opens in a very small window.  One of problems may be
Corrupt localstore.rdf; also see Prevent websites from disabling new window
and also check here.

ff_appearance_2006_0303.jpg (37329)    see firefox.htm

More information on  Toolbars and customizing the menus can be seen on other pages so will probably
not be included here,   see ...

Mozilla Knowledge Base Articles that you should become familiar with

 On site articles with high visual content

Some extensions for which I have a lot of  documentation for so would be better to look there rather than even starting here.
  • Add to Search Bar, create search engines from any search form.
  • CopyURL Plus,  Copies to clipboard the document's URL along with the title or the selected text.
  • Customize Google enhance search results.
  • Launchy,  Open links and mailto's with external applications like Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, Outlook etc


ff_menubar.jpg (5314)       More information about   Menu Bar   (rightff.htm#menu
The  "Throbber"  extension provides up to four quick links, in addition to your homepage icon.  

ff_throbber.jpg (737).
Original Engines

ff_search.jpg (5896)
Search History is per engine

ff_searchbar_history.jpg (10462)
Search Bar (Ctrl+K), Firefox's builtin Search Bar
  included at  (rightff.htm)

Google Groups Search Orientation
   included at (search.htm)
   includes a bookmarklet to help view
   Google Groups resultsearch Engines are covered at

Google Groups Results,  you may need a bookmarlet to be able to see results

ff_gg_hide.jpg (23456)    see search.htm, search.htm#ggorientation, and searchengine.htm

Find Bar   (#findbar)

ff_findtoolbar.jpg (6467)  

The Find toolbar  can be started with Ctrl+F  or by typing while browsing,  appears at the bottom ,
Some problems you may have with  Find,  scrolling up and down the page (PageUP/PageDown, SpaceBar)
can be addressed at firefox.htm#findproblems

Status bar   (#statusbar)

ff_statusbar.jpg (6591)

Work Offline

ff_offline.jpg (933)
ff_online.jpg (948)

Bookmarks  Menu,  adding bookmarks, Bookmarks Manager   (#bookmarks)

Bookmarks Menu (#bookmarksmenu)

View menu, sidebar  [onsite]

ff_view_sidebar.jpg (8980)
  Bookmarks menu   (kb article)
Bookmark all Tabs Ctrl+Shift+D   
Search Bookmarks
Bookmark this page Ctrl+D
Organize Bookmarks
Subscribe to this Page 
Clubs    (folder)
/// Computers   (folder)

Adding Bookmarks   (Ctrl+D)  with keyword shortcuts   (#trld)

ff_ext_openbook_addbookmark.gif (7917)

There are two dropdowns to help you with the Create in a folder,
one of them is circled in Red and accesses all of your bookmark
,  the one just to the left of that  is a quick reference to
folders you most recently used to add bookmarks into..

The   "OpenBook"  extension adds  keyword and description
to the Bookmarks properties, when you  use Ctrl+D to add
a bookmark.   See my  keyword shortcuts (kws.htm) page
more information on keyword shortcuts.  You should also
install the  "keywordbar" extension.  See my  Bookmarks page.
ff_kws_add_02.jpg (22474)

Shows expansion of  folders on the builtin 
Add to Bookmarks which is missing the keyword
and description property input areas..

KWS:  Keyword Shortcuts (#kws)

"keywordbar" extension, used in the sidebar


The "keywordbar" extension will help you find and use the  keyword shortcuts you assigned to some of your bookmarks.  You would also use the "Locate in Bookmarkfolders" extension if you want to find and move such shortcuts around.

Double-clicking on a keyword in the keywordbar will place the shortcut on the location bar, where you can then include the argument, if any, before entering.  Right-click on an item will select the containing folder when in Bookmarks Manager.

Examples of keyword shortcuts
  ::     (site:kb.mozillazine.org -intitle:talk %S}
  ff:   file:///copiediste/dmcritchie/firefox/%S
  ffp:  http://wwww.mvps.org/dmcritchie/firefox/%S
  html:  http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-html40/index/elements.html

The  Tools, Addons, Extensions,
Open Book,    Options (preferences)

Following are my own preferences.

ff_ext_openbook_options.jpg (36,579)
The search of the MozillaZine KB actually looks something like http://www.google.com/search?num=100&q=site%3Akb.mozillazine.org+-intitle%3Atalk+%S

Bookmarks Manager  and Enhanced  Bookmarks Manager (#bookmarksmanger)

bookmarks menu   see KB article

ff_bookmarks.jpg (35048)    see bookmarks.htm

ff_bookmarks_manager.jpg (63745)   see bookmarks.htm   as builtin

ff_bookmarks_ebms.jpg (45540) -- Enhanced Bookmark Search

Bookmark preferences in about:config   (#aboutconfig)

About:config   user preferences are initiated from the location bar and provide a means of choosing preferences
far beyond  those available in  Tools, Options, ...

ff_config_bookmarks.jpg (35542)

ff_config_bookmarks_sort.jpg (33030)

Bookmarks Bar  and  Tabs Bar   (#tabs)

ff_personal_k.jpg (5969)      how my personal bookmarks bar looked before chrome changes

userChrome changes (#userchrome)

ff_tabs_userchrome.jpg (32401)

userChrome changes above show Bookmarks Bar with folders in blue, and filenames in red; and Tabs Bar
underlining as inactive tab, active tab, and unread tabs, and a smaller font size on all toolbars.

The  Copy All Urls extension can create  default or customzed text or HTML links for all tabs open on the tabs
bar [Edit Menu]IMain Context Menu].    You can open a lot of links at once into separate tabs using  the Linky
extension for selected links [Main Context Menu]..

ff_tabsbar.jpg (5957)

ff_tabbed_browsing.jpg (6659)   how tabs bar might look without much customization (4 tabs)

ff_tabsbar5.jpg (8203)       (6 Tabs_

ff_tabsbar6.jpg (7355)      have made  heigth shorter , font smaller   (8 tabs on 2/3 screen)

ff_tabsbar4.jpg (10031)    You can compress the tabs down to the icon size or even smaller.
  note that the tenth tab  is the underlined red active tab  (32 tabs on 2/3 screen).  Without
  the userChrome.css changes you would only see about five tabs on screen (1024x768)..

ff_tabsbar7_55.jpg (10031)    You can compress the tabs down to the icon size or even smaller.
55 tabs on 1/2 width of 1280x768 screen (20" wide) and could be compressed more. 
By this time I have also made the tabs bar not a high see userchrome.css in tabs.htm

ff_tabsbar_scroller.jpg (26690)
  Tabs context menu
(right click anywhere on tabs bar)

ff_tabsbar2.jpg (9116)

Profile Using the Error Console  (#profile)

to find PROFILE  see  profile.htm

ff_js_error_console.jpg (69485)

Windows:  You can locate your profile folder with the use of %APPDATA% by
pasting %APPDATA%/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles into the address bar of "My Computer" in Windows,
if you used the default install folders suggested for Firefox, adapted from Where is my profile folder a topic
in Mozillazine KB article Profile folder - MozillaZine Knowledge Base (suggested keyword profilefolder:)
More information on my  Profile: Finding and Assigning Shortcuts (profile.htm) and 
Quick Launch (quicklaunch.htm) pages.

Needless to say these methods are far to complicated to script for using with a portable device see
notes on Firefox Portable (firefoxportable.htm).

Extensions   (Tools, Addons, Extensions)   (#ext)

ff_ext_forced.jpg (42150)    see infolister_listing.htm
  .Your  extensions can be seen with  Tools,  Addons,  Extensions.

Compatibility Testing Disabled: (#compatibilitydisabled)

 extensions.checkCompatibility set to False in about:config
More information:  Forcing Extensions by creating extensions.checkCompatibility and setting to False.  You are using Disable so don't toggle Enable which refers to overriding ALL deprecated extensions not specific to anything selected.  Those that have been forced are marked with an exclamation point ( ! ) on their icon, but there is no indication on the InfoLister listing (this listing).

Updating extensions - MozillaZine Knowledge Base, You can configure Firefox and TB to update your extensions and themes automatically, and you can even disable/prevent auto-update for individual extensions.

For more information about my system and the  installed extension that are active or are disabled see my listing at  infolister_listing.htm.      For descriptions of the extensions that I use or have discontinued see  firefox.htm#ext    for extensions that  I will certainly not install see  firefox.htm#useless

ff_ext_extension_manager_extended_pict.jpg (29918)
  The  Extension Manager Extended  extension
add additional information to the Addons list
and the context menu provides additional
links to selected addons extension's folder.

ff_ext_linkproperties.jpg (43409)
  The Extended Link Properties
extension adds more infomration
to the link properties.  Invoked by
the  main context menu "

CopyURL Plus   (#copyurlplus)

   Copy URL + Title
   Copy URL + Selection
   Copy URL + Title + Selection
 Copy URL + <dt>title<dd>selection / url
   Copy URL + <a href=...>...</a>
   Copy URL + <a href=... title=selection>...</a>
   Copy URL + <a href=...>...</a>, selection
   Convert TEXT to HTML code
   DIV + <a href=...>...</a>, selection
 Copy URL + Title (Wiki)
 Extension pattern for Website

(based on customized additions to user.js)
Entire user.js code here

Use the CopyURL+ extension for copying and pasting such  items as the link title, and url from a web page or from the line anchor information, along with the optional current selection, is easily customized to format this information using COPYURL patterns of your choice to paste into other applications.  Some suggested customization patterns are included for blogging, HTML, plain text for email, and other uses have been provided.

There are 3 builtin menu items, you will always see the first, but the second and third only appear if you have a selection.

Example of   Copy URL + Title + Selection for use within email, the title came from the Title META tag within the HTML, the selected text appears within quotes,  followed by the URL.

Firefox customizations in pictures
"A short narrative of Firefox Customizations as seen through it's images."

The pattern I use most for within webpages  is   Copy URL + <a href=...>...</a>, selection  

<a href="http://www.mvps.org/dmcritchie/firefox/pictures.htm">Firefox customizations in pictures</a>,
A short narrative of Firefox Customizations as seen through it's images.

You might want to also install Copy All URLs to create plain text or HTML formatted text for the  URLs of all open tabs into the clipboard.

Windows System -  Running Tasks   (#windows)

Large picture warning (172k), shows performance TAB
from the Systems Task Manager, no real signifance to Firefox... view large picture

Windows Start  and  Windows Quick Launch Bar (#winstart)

ff_win_start.jpg (4535)

More information on some shortcuts for
the  Quick Launch  Bar
ff_win_quicklaunch.jpg (28012)

GreaseMonkey and Platypus  usage example (#greasemonkey)

Shown first is  what you see before the Grease Monkey script was created,  the view  after this one show
the readable results with  rearrangements and eliminations through Grease Monkey.  Adblock may also have
a hand in eliminating some ads and disagreeable parts.
http://news.zdnet.com/2100-9593_22-5808221.html?tag=nl.e589    Test to see if you are winning or losing the battle

The GreaseMonkey example of the above has files, which are very large pictures, if you still want to see them first use Full Screen (F11), then use... view large pictures

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