Some Firefox Tips presented at ACGNJ -- Firefox SIG  meetings

Outline for Firefox Presentations

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Preliminaries to working with Firefox  (#preliminaries)

  Set middle click to Enter,  in Control Panel, mouse
  Alt+SpaceBar   resize or move a window

  BACK/Forward toolbar buttons check before close
  Using multitest area from tabs.htm (multi:)
Editing source
  EditPad as a chrome change  or use  HTML-Kit

Addons (extensions)
  where to look
  install and use "Add to Search Bar" extension

userChrome.css  (view mine in ff: code/)

Key Word Shortcuts, Keyboard shortcuts   and Searching   (#kws)

KWS:  Keyword Shortcuts   

Show use of  keyword shortcuts (kws.htm)
  include use of sidebar display from "Keyword Bar" ext.
    use of doubleclick to place on location bar
    use of rightclick to Location ext
  can be as simple as   :   or   ::
    ff:   file:///copiediste/dmcritchie/firefox/%S
    kb_:    kb_: Mozilla KB search  

examples in   subset of bookmarks.html

Search Engines:
  "Add to Search Bar" extension

  use of  "Enhanced Bookmark Search" ext
Keyboard Shortcuts:
   use of  "Keyconfig" ext.  (Ctrl+Shift+F12)

Keyword Shortcuts
    use of "KeywordBar" ext (Ctrl+Shift+K)   see   kws.htm

Extensions:  firefox.htm#ext      (#ext)

demonstrated the following extensions On Jan 15, 2007
   "Platypus" which creates  GreaseMonkey scripts
   "GreaseMonkey"  required by "Platypus"
   "Add to Search Engines", setting up search engine, for 50 hits at  limiting to extensions, windows
   "Document Map"
   "Menu Editor"  to remove items from context (and other) menus,
       and to rearrange items in menus.
    "AutoHide",  "MouseZoom",  "ImageZoom"

Adblocking and siteblocking
    hosts file,   floppymouse.comPlatypusAdBlock
Extensions: firefox.htm#ext
  Adblock, and these
      Customize Google,
  Add to Search Bar
  CopyURL Plus, 
  Document Map (Alt+O)
  Extension Manager Extended [new],  
  keyconfig  (show keyboard shortcuts),
  Locate in Bookmark Folders,
  McAfee Site Advisor
  Menu Editor,  to remove items from context (and other) menus, and
       to rearrange items in menus.
  No-Referrer [new]   ("Open Link in New Tab Without R..." )
  Read Easily,
  Work Offline,
  (zoom things:    "AutoHide",  "MouseZoom",  "ImageZoom")

Customizations:     (#customizations)

  Tools, Options
  about:config  (prefs.js, user.js)

userChrome.css           (#userchrome)

The following is described in more detail in    tabs.htm#userchrome
Tabsbar   No visibility or usage problem with only three tabs, no scroller
Tabs Bar

Tabsbar in Firefox 2.0 with a few more tabs [pictured with descriptive titles]
tabs Bar in Fx2

Tabsbar reduced in height with userChrome.css changes (those above/below are earlier)
Tabs Bar

Tabsbar in Firefox 2.0 with lots of tabs compressed with userChrome.css modifications
tabs Bar in Fx2
  Note Red bar below the active tab (10th tab) and Blue under the others.  [Screen View].  (user.js changes, also see additional changes for userChrome.css)

userChrome.css (#userchrome)

The following is described in more detail in    tabs.htm#userchrome

userChrome code changes for Bookmarks Bar with folders in blue, and filenames in red; and Tabs Bar underlining as inactive tab, active tab, and unread tabs, and a smaller font size on all toolbars.

hosts   file    (#hosts)

REM hostsx.bat, place a period after filename for ability to create new file
notepad C:\WINNT\system32\drivers\etc\host.

Problems    (#problems)

Firefox 2.0 (see #fx2 FAQ problems in Fx2, and Problems in Firefox)

Firefox Portable

ipconfig /refresh
ipconfig /renew

(noshows or cancelled:  Feb 19, 2007, March 19, Apr 16 (cancelled))

May 21, 2007

following is what was intended to be covered, but instead tried to go over things similar to was
was done earlier on Jan 15th.

Some rather popular things that you do not want to do

A fairly decent introduction to Firefox in a University of Bristol  Word Document
ignore searching directly from the Location Bar,  rather you want to use a Keyword
   Split using  HTML --   acgnj_tabs:   (look up in what was Organize bookmarks, and will be Library)

   "Split Browser" extension   : splitbrowser
     available from context of unopen/open tab
     available by dragging to target popout areas.

     about:config  on left
     aboutconfig:  on right
       or moz: (search) OR     (keyword search)

     addons list (z:)  on right   chrome://browser/content/pref/pref-extensions.xul  or Infolister listing
     extensions (ext:) on left

   Search for addons   ff: firefox.htm#customizesearch  -or-  : customizesearch

  "Tabbed Browsing"     tabs.htm   tabs_config.htm    Firefox Help: Tips & Tricks  (fftips:)

Isolating problem extensions:   (quicklaunch.htm  and profile.htm)
     Safe Mode:     firefox.exe   -safe-mode
     New Profile:   firefox.exe   -p

    -- Finding your current profile 
         Locate your Profile directory (profile.htm#locateprofile)
    -- isolating problems with  safe mode,  new profile

    -- customizations via userChrome.css
       Tabs   --
       chrome -- (userchromex.bat or  quicklaunch to profile then chrome)
       Menubar Auto Hidden --
  Add Scrollbars to Menu, bookmarks, context menu via userChrome.css
/* Scrollbar Context Menu, */
#contentAreaContextMenu menupopup {
max-height: 600px; /* or any height you specify */ }
#contentAreaContextMenu autorepeatbutton {display: none;}
#contentAreaContextMenu scrollbox {overflow-y: auto;}

/* Scrollbar Bookmarks Menu, */
#bookmarks-menu menupopup, #personal-bookmarks menupopup {
max-height: 600px; /* or any height you specify */}
#bookmarks-menu autorepeatbutton,
#personal-bookmarks autorepeatbutton {display: none;}
#bookmarks-menu scrollbox,
#personal-bookmarks scrollbox {overflow-y: auto;}

/* Scrollbar Menu, */
menupopup { max-height: 600px; /* or any height you want */}
menupopup autorepeatbutton { display: none;}
menupopup scrollbox { overflow-y: auto;

This is what I do to remove temporary files, but it is intended for use/modification by very experienced users as simple mistakes could delete everything on your hard drive. CLEARTEMP.BAT

del C:\"Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp"\*.* /s /q /f
del c:\"Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files"\*.* /s /q /f
del c:\temporary\firefox_cache\*.* /s /q /f
del c:\*.tmp /s /q /f
echo "cleartemp is finished !"

Firefox Presentation 2007-05-21

Links ordered  for demonstration (created from Tabs by  "Copy All Links" (Ctrl+Alt+C)..
Outline for Firefox Presentations
Some Firefox Tips presented at ACGNJ -- Firefox SIG
About:config entries - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Bookmarks in Firefox
References to Move, Copy, Replace, Populate
Firefox Keyword Shortcuts
Some suggestions for creating and maintaining keyword shortcuts for use in Firefox.
Firefox customizations (Notes) -- enhancedbookmarksearch
Firefox customizations (Notes) -- keyconfig extension
Firefox customizations (Notes) -- splitbrowser
Firefox - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Issues with Mozilla Suite - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Menubar AutoHidden |
QuickLaunch additions for Firefox Usage -- profile
Some Windows QuickLaunch entries that can really help speed up Firefox testing.
Tabbed Browsing in Firefox -- userchrome
Tabbed browsing in Firefox lets you load multiple web pages into separate tabs within the same browser window
Scrollbar Context Menu |
Scrollbar Bookmarks Menu |
Scrollbar Menu |

Links ordered  for demonstration (created from Tabs by  "Copy All Links" (Ctrl+Alt+C)..

To Populate Tabs from the above list:
Select above links, then on context menu via "Linky" extension  "Open Links in Tabs"


demonstrate with You Tube
       dice stacking
       cup stacking [world championships] [international championships]

vunerability -- see
     US-CERT Vulnerability Note VU#885753,  concerning...
          Mozilla browsers "location.hostname" cross-domain vulnerability
   user_pref("capability.policy.default.Location.hostname.set", "noAccess");

   PC Flank: Make sure you're protected on all sides.

 off topic valentine's day viruses

Web 2.0  ... The Machine is us/ing us
    There was also the horse that joined the bicycle race
    -- problems with Vista see  #fx2videos

   off-topic:  Patmedia blocking Verizon, Yahoo, Gmail  by DNS
   sending out email via OE  one at a time via Patmedia
  • Identiy instead if select all equivalet for click on location bar icon.

    Firefox 3 (#2008-04-21)

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