REMDUPS edit macro

Macro name. REMDUPS Edit macro REMDUPS
users. Authors of text, dcf, HTML, gml, etc. Author: David McRitchie
type. Edit Macro resides in SYS1.TSOCLIST for use with TSO
Edit Macro resides in d:\spfmacro  for use with SPF/PC
REMDUPS Remove Duplicates, duplicate lines removed between pointers
Related CHECKDUP -- checks for repeated words.    Used in DUADD

REMDUPS removes duplicate lines.  There are a few options (NXDUP, FLAG, SEP) that will cause something else to happen instead of delete lines.

REMDUPS is frequently used to remove duplicate blank lines.

ISREDIT  REMDUPS  [lptr-range]  [NX | X]   ...additional options below...

lptr-range(Optional)  It takes two line pointers to indicate a range of lines to be deleted (or processed).  The line pointers must be a labels. Specifying one line pointer is invalid.  Default is .ZFIRST .ZLAST
NXAffects only lines that are NOT EXCLUDED from the display.
XAffects only lines that are EXCLUDED from the display.
NOTEDeleted lines will be displayed as NOTE lines.
col-pair A pair of columns is optional.  Specification of a single column is not valid.  May cause a problem with variable length record files(?).
NXDUP Option will X out all lines in range, and then NX all duplicated lines, including the original line of the duplication. This option is incompatible with the following options: NX X FLAG(x) SEP BLANK; although SEP may be run afterwards to produce a nice separation of groups.

Keep only duplicate lines, remove all others
  REMDUPS .a .b 1 8 NXDUP ; del .a .b x all
Keep only unique entries (delete all matched entries
  REMDUPS .a .b 1 8 NXDUP ; del .a .b NX all ; reset

BLANK Groups of lines separated by BLANK separator -- USE with NX for best results. Lines will not be deleted.
SEP Groups of lines separated by separator -- USE with NX for best results. Lines will not be deleted.
SHOW lines that would otherwise be deleted will SHOW up as a NOTEline.
'[string]' Turns on SEP option. Uses "<string>" supplied in front of combined string based on column-pairs.
Best results are obtained if you first EXCLUDE ALL lines first and then USE FLAG(0)
FLAG Same as FLAG(80) unless all lines are excluded
FLAG(0) Only changes X-status to NX-status for duplicates
FLAG(n) lines that would otherwise be deleted are flagged in column

This macro can be used within a macro for instance within DUADD it is invoked using ISREDIT REMDUPS .DUADF .DUADL

     REMDUPS .beg .end
     REMDUPS .duadf .duadl
     REMDUPS 9 35 SHOW
     REMDUPS 24 29 sep NX
Internal Aspects:    [TSO code]  [SPF/PC code] 
  1. Two labels are required and are checked for
  2. Lines are checked from bottom up, so duplicate lines are removed from the bottom and could result in loss of last label, but not the first.
  3. Column pairs were not an option in the previous edit CLIST due to possible conflicts with ampersand, single and double quotes, and parenthesis; however, this option has been added and caution should be used.

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