Syntax Checking Macro and Commands

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Syntax Checking Clists and Commands

           COMMAND ===> TSO CLIST xxxxxxx HELP


   NESTCHK Checking NESTING of DO and END, in vertical alignment

   PLICHK Check for unmatched quotes, /*comments*/, parenthesis etc.


   JCLCHECK    Preliminary Check of JCL to Production Guidelines   O023


   PLICHK Check for unmatched quotes, /*comments*/, parenthesis etc.
               Designed for PLI, but useful in other contexts.  Works on
               a line by line basis, not on a contextual basis.

related items for PLI

   PLIDCLS List PLI declares in use in the order declared

               Working with an IOF snapped compilation listing


   PLICHK Check for unmatched quotes, /*comments*/, parenthesis etc.
               Designed for PLI (do;/end;), the DO/END usage will not be REXX us

   CSIGNAL Find the bad Signal Statement for Error #16 is SPF/PC.

               16 - Label not found

               A SIGNAL instruction has been executed (or an event for
               which a trap was set has occurred), and REXX cannot find
               the label specified in the program.


   NESTCHK Checking NESTING of DO and END, in vertical alignment

   PLICHK      Check for unmatched quotes, /*comments*/, parenthesis etc.


   @SCRIPT SCRIPT the document currently in EDIT

               The following will not print a document but will allow checking

                      @SCRIPT Q
                      @SCRIPT EDIT
                      @SCRIPT DOWN CLASS(V)     (errors only)

   @DOCJWK     Used to SCRIPT John Kennedy's manuals
   @SCRIPTD Invokes "@SCRIPT DOWN", if RC=0 then issues ISREDIT END

   CHECKDUP Check for repeated, duplicated, words

   CHECK72 Check for possible continuation update required in col 72

   EDITCHEK Error check of SCRIPT tag pairs etc., used prior to SCRIPTing

   EDITOL Error check of SCRIPT lists -- OL, SL, UL

                      EDITOL LVL1 LVL2

   EDITPAGE Check made for Page Printing suitability

   EDITPR Check GML tag set for correct begin and end pairing.  Not
               limited to occurrences on a single line.

                      EDITPR  :ol  :eol
                      EDITPR  :hp2.  :egt12.
                      EDITPR  :gt12.  :egt12.
                      EDITPR  (   )

   PERIOD Identify periods in SCRIPT with only single space after.  Rep
               d use of
               PFK-5 will produce places that you must see whether an additional
                space should be inserted.  Please
               use two spaces after colons (&gml.) and end of sentence period

   PLICHK Check for unmatched quotes, /*comments*/, parenthesis etc.


For TEXT in general

   SPELL Checks spelling of data currently being edited.  Lines
               containing misspelled words have a NOTE line inserted after them,
                listing the
               misspelled words for the line.

               SPELL should not be used with documents which contain SCRIPT control
               (author's recommendation).  Failure will definitely occur on
               ds (.im) since
               the copied file is sequential and does not contain imbedded members
               of the original.

Comparison Clists and Commands

   SUPERC PDF Option 3.12, and 3.13

               In addition to the information available in the SUPERC
               tutorials and documentation, additional information on batch
               searches and comparisons has been included.  Such information
               has been obtained from IBMIN -- questions and answers to IBM.

   @COMPARE Compares member in EDIT with corresponding member in specified DS
               N, or to another
               member in the same library.  If member in edit has sequence n
               rs (according to IFPS) both member
               will be compared with "PROCESS(SEQ)".  Comparison c
               -PDS sequential dataset
               by enclosing the dsname in quotes.  For additional options re
               to @COMPARE documentation and to
               SUPERC documentation.

                      @COMPARE fully.qualified.dsname
                      @COMPARE oldmemb

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