Hidden Worksheets and Hidden Rows (#hidden)

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Hidden Worksheets   (#worksheets)

Insert a worksheet after "Sheet1" and make it invisible.  (Jake Marx, programming, 2001-10-09).  Also see VBE HELP, search: hidden worksheet, topic: Visible Property Example
    With Worksheets.Add(after:=Worksheets("Sheet1"))
        .Name = "test"
        .Visible = xlSheetHidden '/ or xlSheetVeryHidden
    End With
Same question, response by Norman Harker
    Application.ActiveWorkbook.Sheets.Add After:= Sheet1    'first sheet not the name
    Application.ActiveSheet.Name = "MyNewSheet"
    Application.ActiveSheet.Visible = False
See Build TOC code to make visible automatically when listing contents of a workbook.

Hidden Rows (#rows)

Copying non-hidden rows to another worksheet (#copying)

To eliminate  hidden rows when copying,   you can use   the keyword shortcut
    Ctrl+A       to select all cells   (slam the keys again if using Excel 2003)
    Alt+;   (semi-colon)     to select visible cells
    Ctrl+C       to copy the selection
    select new sheet
    Ctrl+V       to paste the selection (without the hidden rows)

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