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Hiding Formulas

Formulas can be hidden with Cell Protection: Format, Cells, Protection(tab), [x] Hidden

Hiding Rows, Hiding Columns

Format, rows, hide/unhide
Format, colum,ns, hide/unhide

include other menu and customization options

Hiding Save Prompts

   Application.DisplayAlerts = False
   Application.DisplayAlerts = True

Hiding Title Bar

   ActiveWindow.Caption = ""  

Hiding Worksheet Tabs

Tools, Options, View tab, then uncheck sheet tabs, optionally Row and Column headers. in the section "Window Options"

VBA coding

   With ActiveWindow
      .DisplayHeadings = False
      .DisplayWorkbookTabs = False
   End With

Hidden things that look like problems if unexpected


This page was introduced on March 6, 2002. 

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