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Order values using LARGE or SMALL   (#large)

Based on a newsgroup reply by George Simms 2000-01-30.
 ABCDFormulas used in Column C
1 14   39   =LARGE($A$1:$A$13,ROW(1:1))
2 11   37   =LARGE($A$1:$A$13,ROW(2:2))
3 1   34   =LARGE($A$1:$A$13,ROW(3:3))
4 37   24   =LARGE($A$1:$A$13,ROW(4:4))
5 24   23   =LARGE($A$1:$A$13,ROW(5:5))
  Use LARGE to find to largest numbers in a range, and SMALL to find the smallest numbers in a range. 

In the example at the left ROW(1:1) is used in place of 1, the advantage is that it allows the formula to be replicated down using the fill-handle.

For more information on fill-handle see Fill-Handles and Replication.

If the 2nd and 3rd largest is the same and you want to see both results you can make numbers a little different so that you can see both in a reply posting by Denny Campbell 2000/03/01.

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