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Rows & Columns

Most of the following example show obtaining the value located in Column D for the row specified in cell A1.  Another example shows obtaining the column letter for a specified cell.

=GetFormula() was used to show the formulas actually used.  The MarkCells macro was used to place the cell reference numbers into columns C and D as literals for testing.

  A B C D
1 8 8 C1 D1
3 purchase =INDIRECT(ADDRESS(A1,COLUMN(D1))) C3 D3
4 purchase =OFFSET(D1,A1-1,0) C4 D4
5 purchase =INDIRECT("D"&A1) C5 D5
6 purchase =INDIRECT(ADDRESS(A1,COLUMN(D1))) C6 D6
7 purchase =INDEX(D1:D201,A1) C7 D7
8 purchase =INDEX(D:D,A1) C8 purchase
9 8 =CELL("row",D8) C9 D9
10 4 =CELL("col",D8) C10 D10
11 D =MID(A13,2,LEN(FIND("$",MID(A13,2,LEN(A13)-1))-1)) C11 D11
12 D =MID(ADDRESS(8,4),2,LEN(FIND("$",
C12 D12
13 $D$8 =ADDRESS(8,4) C13 D13
14 $D$8 =ADDRESS(ROW(D8),COLUMN(D8)) C14 D14
15 $D$8 =ADDRESS(ROW(D8),COLUMN(D8),1) C15 D15
16 D$8 =ADDRESS(ROW(D8),COLUMN(D8),2) C16 D16
17 D8 =ADDRESS(ROW(D8),COLUMN(D8),4) C17 D17
18 ColA-Head ='[Another Book.xls]Sheet1'!A1 C18 D18
19 Heading-A ='Sheet One'!A1 C19 D19

   =INDIRECT("H"&MATCH("##",H3:H700)+3)     will find first value above ##
   =VLOOKUP("PT9999",H3:H11,1,TRUE)        will find closest value at or below PT9999
Referencing cells on multiple sheets (Tom Ogilvy 1999-12-10).  These are codepages not sheetnames.

if all the values are in the same cell on different sheets


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