Comparison table of all builtin Keyboard and Mouse shortcuts as used in Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (IE8), Opera, and Safari as used in Windows.  Learning keyboard shortcuts is essential to getting the most out of your browser, whether you are or are not a power user. 

While this is mainly oriented to help relate Firefox shortcuts to or from other browser, it is also probably the most complete list of shortcuts for each browser (only oriented to browser shortcuts).  Beware of any addons or extensions that mess with your browser's builtin shortcuts, as a rule of thumb avoid such addons and their developers.

Firefox and other Browser Keyboard Shortcuts (Comparison Table)

Firefox Smart Location Bar
* Bookmarks only
^ History (not bookmarks)
+ Tagged
# Title
~ Typed
% Tabs (bug 480350) new in 4.0
  (Visible in tabs, not active tab)
Location: http://www.mvps.org/dmcritchie/firefox/keyboard.htm
Home page: http://www.mvps.org/dmcritchie/firefox/firefox.htm
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Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts

The Mac Cmd key ( ⌘ ) is generally same as the Windows Ctrl key.  Windows Alt key could be either Mac Cmd or Mac Opt key.
The Unix 'accel' key is usually same as Windows Ctrl key but could be set to Alt.
Windows wording Tools → Options would be Edit → preferences on Linux, or Firefox menu → preferences on a Mac.
GENERAL KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS -- Firefox Google Chrome Internet Explorer Opera/Vivaldi Safari
 Display Context Menu Shift+F10 Shift+F10  Shift+F10 Shift+F10  (N/A)
 Fit to Width  (N/A)   (N/A)  (N/A)  Ctrl+F11  (N/A)
 Full Screen View F11 {Cmd+Shift+F on a Mac with 3.6}  dclick window top F11 F11 (use Max button)
 Menu Bar toggle Alt; F10(Fx6 very buggy)   (N/A) Alt   (N/A) Alt, F10
 Help F1 (wrench) F1 F1  F1
 File Menu
 Open File (File, Open) Ctrl+O Ctrl+O  Ctrl+O Ctrl+O Ctrl+O
 Print Ctrl+P Ctrl+Shift+P (system)  Ctrl+P Ctrl+P Ctrl+P
 Print Preview (shortcut taken by Private browsing)  Ctrl+P (preview/print)   (Page setup)
 Save Page As Ctrl+S Ctrl+S Ctrl+S  Ctrl+S Ctrl+S
 Reload Page F5, Ctrl+R (Reload) F5 (Reload)  F5 (Refresh) F5 Ctrl+R
 Reload Page & Cache  Ctrl+F5, Ctrl+Shift+R  Ctrl+F5, Shift+F5 Ctrl+F5 Ctrl+F5, Ctrl+R 
   Clear Cache  (Tools -> options -> Advanced -> Network -> …)  (clearing…)    Ctrl+Alt+E
 Reload Selected Frame  (N/A)   (N/A)  (N/A)  Ctrl+Shift+R  (N/A)
 Typed urls (etc) F4 (only at loc bar)   F4 typed urls only   (N/A)  (N/A)
Bookmarks & Tools Firefox Google Chrome Internet Explorer Opera/Vivaldi Safari
 Bookmarks/History in Sidebar or Library, and Add-ons Manager
 Bookmark This Page Ctrl+D Ctrl+D Ctrl+D  Ctrl+D Ctrl+D
 Bookmark All Tabs Ctrl+Shift+D (folder)    (N/A)  (to active folder) (menu)
 Bookmarks Toolbar  Right-click right side of address bar, check/uncheck Bookmarks toolbar  Ctrl+B (toggles bookmarks bar) Ctrl+I  Ctrl+B, Ctrl+I  (N/A)
 Bookmarks in Sidebar Ctrl+B, Ctrl+I  Bookmarks in Sidebar is only in Firefox and has a search box at top. Chromium browsers can use an extension that has a search box at the top of a menu ("Neater Bookmarks", "Bookmark Manager and Viewer"). Bookmarks Manager in all browsers has a search box at top.
 Bookmarks/Places, Manage Bookmarks  Ctrl+Shift+B (in most of 3.0) Ctrl+Shift+B (Bookmarks Mgr)  Ctrl+B Ctrl+Shift+B Ctrl+Alt+B (show all bookmarks)
 History in Sidebar  Ctrl+H  Ctrl+H Ctrl+H Ctrl+H (menu)
 History in Library  Ctrl+Shift+H  Ctrl+H Ctrl+H Ctrl+H (menu)
 Places Library (Manage History)  Ctrl+Shift+H  (same as Ctrl+H)  (N/A)  Ctrl+Shift+H  (N/A)
 Move bookmark up/dn (drag) but sorting folder is best   Alt+↑, Alt+↓  
 Add-ons Manager Ctrl+Shift+A  ???    
 Clear Private Data /
Clear Recent History
 Ctrl+Shift+Del (manually/preset) (wrench)     (menu)
 Display Links (List)  WD (view link information)     Ctrl+Shift+L (searchable) 
 Debug JavaScript (Extension Required) Alt+`     Hidden Debug Menu)
 DOM Inspector (extension)  Ctrl+Shift+I
(Dom Inspector)
 (Shift+F12 debugger) (F12 developer)   (N/A)  (N/A)
 Downloads Ctrl+J {LINUX Ctrl+Y} Ctrl+J  (Ctrl+J is Feeds) Ctrl+J Ctrl+Alt+L
 Error Console Ctrl+Shift+J    (N/A)  (N/A)   (N/A)
 Heads Up Display [Error Console]  Ctrl+Shift+K (toggle)    
 Inspect Ctrl+Shift+I     
 Scratch Pad Shift+F4     
 Style Editor Shift+F7     
 Page Source Shift+U     
 Private Browsing (also see Window) Ctrl+Shift+P   Ctrl+Shift+N (starts new window)  Ctrl+Shift+P (starts new window)   
NAVIGATION KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS -- Firefox Google Chrome Internet Explorer OperaSafari
 Back (Previous Page)  Alt+←, BackSpace
{ LINUX Ctrl+[, Mac cmd+[ }
 Alt+←, BackSpace Alt+←, BackSpace  (same) (same)
 Forward (Next Page)  Alt+→, Shift+Backspace
{ LINUX/Mac Ctrl+] }
 Alt+Right Arrow, Shift+Backspace  Alt+Right Arrow, Shift+Backspace  Alt+Right Arrow, Shift+Backspace  Alt+Right Arrow, Shift+Backspace
 Home Page  Alt+Home   [Fn+Alt+Left(Home)]  Alt+Home Alt+Home Alt+Home Ctrl+Shift+H
 Complete .com Address Ctrl+Enter Ctrl+Enter  Ctrl+Enter  Ctrl+Enter
 Complete .net Address Shift+Enter  (N/A)  (Optional: Tools → Internet Options → General → Language Preference)   (N/A)  (N/A)
 Complete .org Address Ctrl+Shift+Enter  (N/A)  (N/A)   (N/A)
 Autocomplete Suggestion (address /location bar)  (automatic in dropdown, use Del key to remove item) *  (automatic in dropdown)  Shift+Enter
(first drop-down item)
 (automatic in dropdown)  (N/A)
 Exit Browser Ctrl+Q on Linux  (N/A) (Ctrl+Q Toggles Quick View)   (N/A) Ctrl+Q
 Also see "Close Window" (Ctrl+Shift+W, Alt+F4) to close a single obstinent window without an "X" close button
 Focus type
 Frame Next F6  (N/A)  F6, Ctrl+TAB (tabs OFF)   
 Frame Previous Shift+F6   (N/A)  Shift+F6, Ctrl+Shift+Tab (tabs OFF) Shift+F6  
 Go to Locat/Addr Bar  Ctrl+L, Alt+D  Ctrl+L, F6, Alt+D Ctrl+L (dialog), Alt+D (text)  Ctrl+L
 Go to Search Bar (Web Search) Ctrl+K , Ctrl+E  Ctrl+K, Ctrl+E
 (places ? on addr bar)
 Ctrl+E (only)  Ctrl+K Ctrl+Alt+F
 Change Focus
 Link, Go to Next Link TAB TAB TAB   (N/A) TAB (edit, preference)
 Link, Go to Prev Link Shift+TAB Shift+TAB  Shift+TAB  (N/A)   (N/A)
 Move to word/parag Ctrl+Arrow on Loc   (N/A) Ctrl+Arrow on Addr   (N/A)  (N/A)
 Next/Prev Results (in dropdown) Ctrl+Arrow   (N/A) Ctrl+Arrow   (N/A)  (N/A)
 Stop (exit context, stop loading, or cancel) Esc  Esc Esc (Stop) Esc Ctrl+. (period)
 Navigate within page (scrolling)
 Move one char left ← (Arrow Left)  ← (Arrow Left) ← (Arrow Left)  ← (Arrow Left) ← (Arrow Left)
 Move one char right → (Arrow Right)  → (Arrow Right) → (Arrow Right)  → (Arrow Right) → (Arrow Right)
 Up/Dn scroll (typmatic) [Shift+]Spacebar     [Shift+]Spacebar/Arrow  
 Move Down 1 Screen (PgDn)  PgDn, SpaceBar, [Fn+PgDn(Down)]  PageDown, SpaceBar PageDown, SpaceBar  PageDown, SpaceBar PageDown, SpaceBar
 Move Up One Screen  PgUp, Shift+SpaceBar, Fn+Pgup(Up)  PageUp, Shift+SpaceBar PageUp, Shift+SpaceBar  PageUp, Shift+SpaceBar PageUp, Shift+SpaceBar
 Move across left 1 screen (N/A)    Ctrl+PageUp 
 Move across right 1 screen (N/A)    Ctrl+PageDn 
 Move Up to Top (Home)  Home, [Ctrl+Up, Fn+Home(Left)]  Home Home Home Home
 Move Down to Bottom (End)  End, [Ctrl+Down, Fn+End(Right)]  End End End End
 Scrolling fails  (caret browsing),   (N/A)  (N/A)   (N/A)  (N/A)
 Location Bar prefix or Autocomplete Google Chrome Internet Explorer OperaSafari
   Limit to bookmarks * (asterisk)   (N/A)  (N/A)   (N/A)  (N/A)
   Limit to history ^ (circumflex)   (N/A)  (N/A)   (N/A)  (N/A)
   Limit to tags + (plus-sign)   (N/A)  (N/A)   (N/A)  (N/A)
   Limit to Titles # (pound-sign)   (N/A)  (N/A)   (N/A)  (N/A)
   Limit to Urls @ (at-sign)   (N/A)  (N/A)   (N/A)  (N/A)
   Limit to typed ~ (tilde)   (N/A)  (N/A)   (N/A)  (N/A)
   Limit to tabs  % (bug 480350) expected in
 (Visible in tabs, not active tab
  (N/A)  (N/A)   (N/A)  (N/A)
 Initiate a Search  (? can be used as a keyword shortcut)  ?   (N/A)  (search shortcut, no special characters) 
 Paste (into Addr/Loc Bar) & Go Ctrl+V; Enter  Ctrl+V; Enter Ctrl+V; Enter  Ctrl+Shift+V (Paste & Go in current or new tab)  Ctrl+V; Enter
TAB & Window Related SHORTCUTS -- Firefox Google Chrome Internet Explorer OperaSafari
 "app-tabs", Panorama (Fx4)  Ctrl+Shift+E
((has conflicts with Adblock Plus, possible fix with "keyconfig" ext)
 (Speed Dial extension)  (Speed Dial extension)  (Speed Dial 4-24 sites)  (Safari Dial 9 sites)
 Duplicate/Clone Tab to a new tab  (context with an extension)
Ctrl+L → Alt+Enter; Also see Mouse Shortcuts
 (tab context, option sometimes missing) Ctrl+K (to end)   (tab context)  (N/A)
 Move Tab Left/Right Ctrl+ArrowKey (or drag)  (drag tab) (drag tab) (drag tab) (drag tab)
 Move Tab to First Ctrl+Home (or drag) (drag tab)  (drag tab) (drag tab) (drag tab)
 Move Tab to End Ctrl+End (or drag) (drag tab)  (drag tab) (drag tab) (drag tab)
 Move Tab off tabstrip
(tab tearing)
 creates a new window, if dragged below tabstrip  new window or opens active tab to the dragged tab    
 Move link to tabstrip creates new tab     
 Open Address in New Tab (Loc/Search Bar) Alt+Enter  Alt+Enter Alt+Enter  (Alt+Enter Site Properties|security /phish chk)   (N/A)
 Back/Forward within TAB ALT+ArrowKey  ALT+ArrowKey ALT+ArrowKey  Alt+ArrowKey, or Ctrl+ArrowKey Ctrl+ArrowKey
 Quick View/Showcase  (in FF 3.6 with loss of list-all-tabs)   Ctrl+Q (toggle)  
 Tab Close Ctrl+W, Ctrl+F4 Ctrl+W, Ctrl+F4  Ctrl+W Ctrl+W Ctrl+W
 Tab New Ctrl+T Ctrl+T (adjacent) Ctrl+T  Ctrl+T Ctrl+T
 Tab Next (on Right)  Ctrl+Tab, Ctrl+PgDn  Ctrl+Tab, Ctrl+PgDn Ctrl+Tab  Ctrl+Shift+F6 (right), Ctrl+Tab(next recent) Ctrl+Tab
 Tab Candy (showcase and tab grouping in Firefox/Minefield 4.0) destroys Tab Next/Prev, back to normal with browser.allTabs.Previews [False]
 Tab Prev (on Left)  Ctrl+Shift+Tab, Ctrl+PgUp  Ctrl+Shift+Tab, Ctrl+PgUp Ctrl+Shift+Tab  Ctrl+F6 (left),
 Ctrl+Shift+Tab (prev recent)
 Tab Select (1-8) Ctrl+[1 - 8] Ctrl+[1 - 8]  Ctrl+[1 - 8] (speed dial) (fast ...)
 Tab Select Last Tab Ctrl+9 Ctrl+9  Ctrl+9 (speed dial) (fast ...)
 Tab, Undo Close Tab  Ctrl+Shift+T Ctrl+Shift+T Ctrl+Shift+T  Ctrl+Shift+T 
 Tab,Close Other Tabs  (tab context)   (tab context) Ctrl+Alt+F4  (tab context)   (tab context)
 Window Close
(not same as exit browser)
 Ctrl+Shift+W, Alt+F4
[Bug 303385 won't fix]
 Alt+F4 (Windows OS) Alt+F4 Ctrl+Shift+W, Alt+F4  Ctrl+Shift+W, Alt+F4
 Window New (New Window) Ctrl+N  Ctrl+N Ctrl+N Ctrl+N Ctrl+N
 Window Reopen Closed Window Ctrl+Shift+N …  … … …
 Window New Private  (not as good see Private Browsing)  Ctrl+Shift+N Ctrl+Alt+P   
SEARCH BAR KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS -- Firefox Google Chrome Internet Explorer OperaSafari
 Select or Manage Search Engines  Alt+UpArrow, Alt+DnArrow, F4  (wrench, options, basics, manage) Ctrl+Arrow  (FF/IE easier to use Drop-down) 
 Tab to word  Ctrl+ArrowKey Ctrl+ArrowKey     
TEXT KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS -- Firefox Google Chrome Internet Explorer OperaSafari
 Copy Ctrl+C, Ctrl+Insert Ctrl+C Ctrl+C  Ctrl+C, Shift+Ins Ctrl+C
 Copy selected text to "Notes" panel   (N/A)  (N/A)   (N/A) Ctrl+Shift+C   (N/A)
 Copy text in Clipboard to "Notes" panel   (N/A)  (N/A)   (N/A) Ctrl+Shift+V   (N/A)
 Cut Ctrl+X Ctrl+X, Shift+Del Ctrl+X  Ctrl+X,  Shift+Del Ctrl+X
 Delete selection (or char right of cursor)  Del Del Del Del 
 Delete selection (or char left of cursor)  Backspace Backspace Backspace Backspace  
 Paste Ctrl+V Ctrl+V Ctrl+V  Ctrl+V,  Shift+Ins Ctrl+V
 Paste without Format  Ctrl+Shift+V     
 Select All Ctrl+A Ctrl+A Ctrl+A  Ctrl+A Ctrl+A
 Text Size Decrease (Zoom Out) Ctrl+- Ctrl+-  Ctrl+-  Ctrl+-
 Ctrl+⊖ (keypad Minus)
(use Ctrl+wheel)
 Text Size Increase (Zoom In) Ctrl++ Ctrl++  Ctrl++ Ctrl+&$#8853; (keypad Plus)
(use Ctrl+wheel)
 Text Size Default Ctrl+0 (zero) Ctrl+0 (zero)  Ctrl+0  Ctrl+0 Ctrl+0
 Redo Ctrl+Y {LINUX ???}, Ctrl+Shift+Z  Ctrl+Y, Ctrl+Shift+Z  (N/A)  Ctrl+Y, Ctrl+Shift+Z Ctrl+Y
 Undo Ctrl+Z Ctrl+Z Ctrl+Z  Ctrl+Z Ctrl+Z
 Caret Browsing (cursor changes)  F7 (affects scrolling)   F7 (works properly)    (N/A)
 == form fields ==      
 Ctrl+right-arrow End of word/Next EOW  End of word/Next EOW Next word Next word  End of word/Next EOW
 Ctrl+Shift+right-arrow Extend words selected to the right  Extend words selected to the right  Extend words selected to the right  Extend words selected to the right  Extend words selected to the right
 Ctrl+left-arrow End of word/Next EOW  End of word/Next EOW Next word Next word  End of word/Next EOW
 Ctrl+Shift+left-arrow Extend words selected to the left  Extend words selected to the left  Extend words selected to the left  Extend words selected to the left  Extend words selected to the left
 double-click Select entire word  Select entire word Select entire word  Select entire word Select entire word
 triple-click Select entire line  Select entire line Select entire line  Select entire line Select entire line
 == editing ==  Firefox is browser only    Opera includes text editing  
 Toggle text-style bold     Ctrl+B  
 Toggle text-style italic     Ctrl+I  
 Toggle text style underline     Ctrl+U  
 Convert hex to Unicode     Ctrl+Shift+X  
FIND Related KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS -- Firefox Google Chrome Internet Explorer OperaSafari
 Find in This Page Ctrl+F Ctrl+F Ctrl+F  Ctrl+F Ctrl+F
 Find Again F3, Ctrl+G  F3, Ctrl+G (can lock out other uses) F3 F3, Ctrl+G  F3, Ctrl+G
 Find Previous Shift+F3,
 Shift+F3  Shift+F3,
 Find as You Type Link '  (apostrophe)     ,   (comma) 
 Find as You Type Text /  (slash)     /  (slash)
 .   (period)
 Find next Link or entry-area TAB TAB  TAB TAB TAB
 Find previous Link or entry-area Shift+TAB  Shift+TAB Shift+TAB Shift+TAB Shift+TAB
Status Bar / Addons Bar -- Firefox Google Chrome Internet Explorer OperaSafari
 Toggle Status/Addons Bar on/off Ctrl+/ (new in Fx 4)   N/A  N/A in IE8   N/A Ctrl+/
Mouse Shortcuts (Keyboard+Mouse) Mouse Shortcuts (Keyboard+Mouse)
MOUSE SHORTCUTS -- Firefox Google Chrome Internet Explorer OperaSafari
 Back  Shift+Scroll Down   Shift+Scroll Down Shift+Scroll Down Ctrl+←
 Forward  Shift+Scroll Up  Shift+Scroll Up  Shift+Scroll Up Ctrl+→
 Open link in Background Tab  Ctrl+click  Ctrl+click  Ctrl+Click Ctrl+Shift+click Ctrl+click
 Open link in Foreground Tab  Ctrl+Shift+Click, Middle-click  Ctrl+Shift+click Ctrl+Shift+click Shift+click  Ctrl+Shift+click
 Open Link in New Window Shift+Click Shift+Click  Shift+Click  (N/A)  Ctrl+Shift+Alt+click
 Open additional link in same Tab Click Click  Click Click, Ctrl+click Click
 Download Link Alt+Click Alt+Click     
 Drag to Copy/duplicate a bookmark  drag bookmark(s)/folder(s) ?   Ctrl+drag of a bookmark just duplicates  ?
 Drag to Move a bookmark  Drag + Shift bookmark(s)/folder(s)  ? ?   (N/A) ?
 Drag to duplicate a Tab  Ctrl+Drag (not a clone)      
 Drag to Move Tab drag tab (don't go below tabstrip)  drag tab drag tab drag tab 
 Drag Link to bookmarks drag link drag link  drag link drag link (only to bookmarks toolbar)
 Drag Link to Tab  Tab/between/button  Tab/between/button Only to New Tab button  Tab/between/button  (N/A)
 in Backgrnd Window  (N/A)  (Ctrl+Alt+click)
  Rt of group
  (N/A)   (N/A) Ctrl+Alt+click
 Double-click Tab to close with extension   with option in IE7Pro   
 Select Word|Sentence Double Click  2x, 3x (paragraph) Double Click | 3x 2x, 3x, 4x  2x, 3x (paragraph)
 Open in Backgrnd Window Middle Click on Tab  Shift+Click    
 Tab New Double Click on Tab Bar  (see full screen) Double Click on Tab Bar  Double Click on Tab Bar Double Click on Tab Bar
 Zoom In (Enlarge Text & Images)) Ctrl+Scroll UP  Ctrl+Scroll UP (text only) (both)  (text only)
 Zoom Out (Reduce Text & Images) Ctrl+Scroll Down  Ctrl+Scroll Down (text only) (both)  (text only)
 Add to a Selection (discontiguous) Ctrl+click  Enhances use of Copy (Ctrl+C), and Paste (Ctrl+V) like in MS Excel works in both
 Firefox 3 and in Opera.  IE8, Google Chrome, and Safari can only extend with Ctrl+click.
 Extend a Selection Shift+Click
Mouse Scrolling (within Body) -- Firefox Google Chrome Internet Explorer OperaSafari
 Scroll Line by Line Alt+Scroll  Alt+Scroll (8 lines) Alt+Scroll Alt+Scroll  Alt+Scroll
 Scroll sideways   Shift+Scroll    Shift+Scroll
 Back/Forward within current TAB history Shift+scroll  Shift+scroll Shift+scroll Shift+scroll  Shift+scroll
 Scroll with no key  Mousewheel. Settings
default is 1 line (suggest 1 page)
 20 lines 18 lines 1 page 20 lines
 Test page for scrolling, and tab usage - note line numbers along right side of page.
Mouse Scrolling (within scrollbar) -- Firefox Google Chrome Internet Explorer OperaSafari
 One screen up/down Click+outside scroller  Click+outside scroller Click+outside scroller  Click+outside scroller Click+outside scroller
 Goto position up/down Shift+click at position  Shift+click at position Shift+click at position  Scroll to with Ctrl+click Shift+click at position
 Scroll to position Ctrl+click at position  Ctrl+click at position Ctrl+click at position  Shift+click at position Ctrl+click at position
Mouse Bookmark Menu SHORTCUTS -- Firefox Google Chrome Internet Explorer OperaSafari
 Open all bookmarks in folder into new tabs (click on folder)  Ctrl+folder (in same window),
Shift+folder (in new window)
 (Opens all bookmarks recursively from context menu)   ??? (only within folder)   ???
 Open bookmark in Background Tab  Ctrl+Shift+click (dflt opposite of a link)  Ctrl+click  Ctrl+Click Ctrl+Shift+click  Ctrl+click
 Open bookmark in Foreground Tab  Ctrl+Click (dflt opposite of a link)  Ctrl+Shift+click Ctrl+Shift+click Shift+click  Ctrl+Shift+click
 Open bookmark in New Window Shift+Click  Shift+Click Shift+Click  (N/A)  Ctrl+Shift+Alt+click
 Open bookmark in same Tab Click Click  Click Click, Ctrl+click Click
MouseToolbar Button SHORTCUTS -- Firefox Google Chrome Internet Explorer OperaSafari
 Open Back page in New Tab Ctrl+BackButton      Ctrl+BackButton
 Open Back page in New Window Shift+BackButton      
 Open Forward page in New Tab Ctrl+ForwardButton      Ctrl+ForwardButton
 Open Forward page in New Window Shift+ForwardButton      
 Open Home page in New Tab Ctrl+HomeButton   Ctrl+HomeButton Shift+HomeButton  Ctrl+HomeButton
 Open Home page in New Window Shift+HomeButton      
Rendering Problems -- Firefox Google Chrome Internet Explorer OperaSafari
 Wrap/Flow .txt files [Ex]  Bad (Bugs 16909, 114707, ref )  Wraps Bad Bad Wraps

There are rows in the above table, including (approx) 15 color coded heading rows, 13 sub-topic or empty spacer rows, and 13 (grayed) rows without a comparable Firefox keyboard shortcut. 

  1. The area with red text under Mouse Shortcuts can be reversed to match other Browsers, select Tools → Options → Tabs → [x] When I open a link in a new tab, switch to it immediately.  This is the same setting that can be changed by setting browser.tabs.loadInBackground to False to set focus on new tabs opened from links (load in foreground)
    So that bookmarks open the same way as links, these about:config settings should be *same* as each other:
    - browser.tabs.loadBookmarksInBackground (default is False), controls focus of bookmarks opened in new tab
    - browser.tabs.loadInBackground (default is True), controls focus of links opened in new tab
  2. The area with brown text mostly pertaining to Home, End, PgUp, PgDn pertains to or is especially useful on small laptops where use of the Function (Fn) key is required on small sized keyboards, the Fn choice may not always be the best though if another choice is available, especially if you are holding the small laptop in one hand.  Firefox is the only browser I use on my small laptop.
  3. Suggest not setting Middle-click to any Firefox or other browser specific behavior.  Best if middle-click is set in your system to Enter.  Works well from dialogs, and from entry areas such as search bar and Location (/address) Bar.  (Click on "Enter test").  See mouse.
  4. See all Firefox and user added Keyboard shortcuts with the "keyconfig" extension ("Ctrl+Shift+F12") and to resolve conflicts, such as new in Fx3.1 Private Browsing (Ctrl+Shift+P grabbed Adblock Plus preferences which in turn now uses Ctrl+Shift+F).
  5. The above table should be a complete list (close to 150) of built-in Firefox keyboard and mouse shortcuts, and about as many for each of the other browsers as well.  [keyconfig documentation]
  6. Can we Install Safari Browser on Windows 10? (I never had an Apple machine, and the Safari column in the above table is not updated and would best be converted to Mac)
  7. Use trows: bookmarklet to display row counts in tables.  There are at least 203 rows in the above table.  For additional bookmarklets I frequently use see bookmarklet examples or some table bookmarklets within.

Other Browsers:

Mouse shortcuts: Highlighting a word or sentences (double-click, triple-click) varies quite a bit depending on extension and possibly options.

Ctrl+L selects content of location bar, then use of arrow keys or End key, or Ctrl+arrowkey will navigate within where you are at (in this case Location Bar).  Double click selects word, triple-click (may) select sentence/paragraph/line.  Try the same elsewhere: Search Bar (Ctrl+K), text areas, main body of web page.

For another day, find which browser and what options for showcase tab, show thumbnail of window, on link or tab, and how to remove it. Fx 3.6 drops tab dropdown list for horrid showcase as in some other browsers. One of the Firecase options is nglayout.enable_drag_images for image of a link.

Firefox configuration variables relating to clicking on a link or on a bookmark. (#newtab)
Name Type Meaning of Values (extracted from MozillaZine KB, also see Tabs configuration)
browser. search. openintab Boolean True:  When performing a search from the Search Bar, open the results in a new tab.
False (default):  Open search results in the current tab/window.
Note:  Firefox nightly trunk builds only.
If you foolishly installed Tab Mix Plus then controlled by extensions.tabmix.opentabfor.search
browser. tabs. loadBookmarksInBackground Boolean Focus behavior of new tabs from bookmarks & history
True: When you open a bookmark in a new tab then that tab will load in the background without taking focus from the current tab.
False (default): When you open a bookmark in a new tab then that tab will become the current tab.
Note: you likely want to set this to the same setting value as used for browser.tabs.loadInBackground [Bug 469456]
Note: Firefox 1.0.x had a Tabs option for "Select New Tabs from Bookmarks or History"
browser. tabs. loadDivertedInBackground Boolean Determines behavior of pages normally meant to open in a new window (target="_new") or from an external program), but that have instead been loaded in a new tab.
True: Load the new tab in the background, leaving focus on the current tab
False (default): Load the new tab in the foreground, taking the focus from the current tab.
Note: Setting this preference to True will still bring the browser to the front when opening links from outside the browser.
Note: target="_new" creates/reuses a window named "_new" and is frequently used by Google.   target="_blank" loads the designated document in a new, unnamed window [ [1]].
browser. tabs. loadFolderAndReplace Boolean True (default):  When opening a folder of bookmarks in tabs, the existing tabs will be replaced by the new bookmark pages.
False:  Existing tabs will be preserved when loading a folder of bookmarks. The bookmark pages will be loaded in tabs that are appended to the current tabs.
Even with the setting at True, if you don't want to lose the current tab, and want new tabs at end instead of adjacent to active tab use Ctrl+Shift+click on "Open all in Tabs" (or Ctrl+click ..., whichever shortcut will load new tab(s) in foreground is the only one that will work)
Bug 175124 - improve open in tabs behaviour,
browser. tabs. loadInBackground Boolean Focus behavior for new tabs from links
True (default): Do not focus new tabs opened from links (load in background)
False: Opposite of above
Note: bookmarks & history can be opened similarly in browser.tabs.loadBookmarksInBackground [Bug 469456]
Note: In Firefox, this can be changed via "Tools → OptionsTabs → When I open a link in a new tab, switch to it immediately (Firefox 2 and above)

Google Search results > upper right corner gear/settings:
Results Window: [x] Open search results in a new browser window.
Google no longer uses Target="_new", so this option does what it should, either opens in same window/tab, or opens in a new window/tab (not a reused window named "_new")

browser.search.openintab   Boolean   True -- When performing a search from the Search Bar, open the results in a new tab.

Special Characters (#special)

Windows Desktop: use Alt+(4 digits) from numeric pad to get special characters.
Windows Laptop: use Fn+Alt+(4 digits) from numeric pad to get special characters.

SYMBOLS for HTML and Excel Use, includes an ASCII table.

Missing Toolbars   (#toolbars)

Help Files -- Keyboard Shortcuts (#help)

Additional Browser Comparisons (#compare)

Firefox Extensions (#ext)

Extensions may add keyboard shortcuts, menu items, particularly context menus, tools menu, or other means, but the keyboard shortcuts can save you a lot of time, if you learn to use them.

Firefox Extensions can add quite a number of keyboard shortcuts, two listings were grabbed on 2008-07-12 in Firefox 3.0 both were created with the "keyconfig" extension and placed into text files with help from SnagIt® Software.  The list without extensions can be compared to the same listing with extensions (these are both text listings).

The Launchy extension can be used to look at the page you are viewing in Firefox on a Windows system with another browser or other applications from context menu, tools menu or from a Toolbar button.  I prefer the toolbar button if it's the page I want to see elsewhere, but for objects within the page you would have to access Launchy through the context menu.

The PageDiff extension can be used to compare the two text (source) listings of two different webpages.   Another useful comparison tool is Quick Diff Online Tool, an Online Tool to do a 'quick and dirty' diff of two text or code fragments -- or you can paste in the visible text from web pages for a comparison (runs from a webpage not browser dependent).

You can use the Split Browser extension to place an alphabetical by shortcut listing (without extensions) to the right hand side of this listing, so you can see two different views.

TableTools allows you to sort a table such as on this page by any column, and to filter the table.  Table2Clipboard allows one to select and copy rows, columns or the entire table to paste into Excel, OpenOffice, or CSV for plain text.

The extensions I use are listed on my home page, and you can get an idea of which are probably in use from my InfoLister Listing.

Restore missing underscored letters in menus (turned off by default in Windows 7) (item #9 approximately)

Extensions to avoid or use caution with based on stepping on Firefox, Windows, and other extension's keyboard shortcuts:  "MenuX", "Next Please", "Site Launcher", "Tab Utilities", and "Web Developer".

To resolve occasional conflicts there is the "keyconfig" extension (23KB download) available at the author's site.[notes]

This page was introduced on July 11, 2008. 
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