Bookmarklets, history, exported bookmarks, extensions for Chrome & Firefox (2020-08-17)

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keywords: bookmarklets, recent bookmarks, exported bookmarks, history, add_date, date_updated, hidden in exported bookmarks, extensions     
(Printed copy is about 6-8 pages)

Summary: Interactive tutorial to show some of the things that can be done with bookmarklets in a browser, some features of the Chrome browser, and a collection of the extensions I am using in Chrome.

You have JavaScript turned OFF  (Tools>Options>Content). You may have trouble rendering pages elsewhere and won't be able to use the bookmarklets on this page because  JavaScript is OFF  and may have trouble at and Google sites.

Author: David McRitchie

You can test out the bookmarklets on this page, a bookmarklet adds "one-click" functionality to your browser.  This page essentially contains most bookmarklet examples from my "(newtab)" page and work I thought would save time composing Evernote note page but Evernote did not include the links with JavaScript code.  You may begin by clicking on “parentips:”, which will list all of the tooltips you mouseover to see as notes within parentheses to right of the associated element.  Bookmarklets are tools -- do not concern yourself with their code, relax and see what they can do.  You can always find additional bookmarklets with Google Searches.  You can drag a single bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar or any bookmark folder.  (Link for importing bookmarks (bml.html) for bookmarklets you see here.) This page has approximately 169/406 and the file has 190/217 bookmarklets within bookmarks.  To install 1) copy file to your drive, 2) import into your browser, 3) move C.BML or BML folder to your toolbar, 4) delete the imported folder you created with these steps.  I added several bookmarklets but one of general interest would be domains, where you have a page with lot of links and want to see where they are but not interested in the complete urls.

(After testing 1 or more bookmarklets, use F5(Reload) to refresh page back to normal),
Test first with: domains:, href:, parentips:, int:, borders:, charcnt:, id: (or ShowClassesAndIDs), comments:, src:, wrap:, hidivs:, and then bml:

Note for Chrome users (see tooltip in mouseover)

Reset:  Reset (F5)Navigation:  back:  forward:, Title and Tabs:  rename:  NT: (new tab)  NTnt: (alt) 
Text and Links:  parentips: HREF visible HREF#:   domains: (new),    hi: (highlight links)  his: highlight link string search Red: (Read)  int/ext links  LDOC: (combined parentips+hi+in/ext)  hrefcnt:  HREFx: (Android browsers) subs:  Substitution via %S within href  prompts: 

Modify current URL:  m: minus p: plus up: upd: || sq: remove ?* || cached:  arc:  cached: gc: g-ag:
Search domain or current directory (all had used %s):  ss: Site Search ssd: current directory ssy: site Yahoo ssdy: current directory

HTML Coding:  charset:  colorlist:  cookies:  fontfamily:  fontSize:  font: mailtos: nofollow: whatfont:
Spelling and Grammar  sp: - spelling  undosp:  Don't know why no one else thought of undoing edit mode other than by by a Reset(F5), but you have to do it from a bookmark not from the page.  More information see Identifying Spelling and Grammar errors below [5 minute video available]
HTML Text:  findall: r2c: selectable:
HTML Tags:  Show Classes and IDs   id:  ALT visible keywords:  keywords:count  (HTML Attributes);  lists: (tagged)  li: (bullets:#) (HTML Basic Elements),  revealtags: (Reveal All Tags)
HTML Debug:  rvHTML: Reveal HTML comments)

Images: fav: (get favicon)src: (images) zapimages:
   TinEye, and Google Images (both are web pages, drag/drop image into the search area)
Lists:  search links search links w/o ##. i.e. javascript:, table -- links in a new tab; linkswithin:
Location and Maps and Time:  down: (site) geoloc: (map center) gmt: (time) maplet: (selection)
Passwords:  remember:, Rv: (reveal)
Regular expressions:  hiregex: (highlight regexp)   example:  \{[B,I,L,M,S,T]\} (don't copy spaces for test) see more results at #context {T} (example)
Pattern to use to find urls in text -- ((http\://|https\://|ftp\://)|(www.))+(([a-zA-Z0-9\.-]+\.[a-zA-Z]{2,4})|([0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}))(/[a-zA-Z0-9%:/-_\?\.'~]*)? -- Regular Expression Library: test,,, (note must be entirely within same HTML element)

Resources:  pageresources: retry
Selected text:  mag: (magnify) wordcnt: maplet: (map postal address
Self Reference to URL: updated: (Ux:) robots: [g-h: google history] dead:  LatLong: linked: next: similar:
SelfRef SEO: ax: Alexaword:freq
Serial Extractions: linkhtml: first click turn on, subsequently clicking on a link copies its code, remains in effect until Reload(F5).
Sharing (Extract for):  Send: title/url/desc  copyURLdesc: curl: make link copyMRKsel: copysel: loc:, Sharing (with phones/tablets): qr: (qrcode)

NOTE: Bookmarklets can't directly add to the clipboard.  If you want to create HTML links from tabs use an extension such as "TabCopy" (Chrome from extension button).  A much better extension is available in Firefox -- "Copy Selected Tabs to Clipboard" invoked from the Firefox tab context menu [Evernote note]), will pick up %DESCRIPTION% at most sites but not at addons.  Descriptions are not available through any Chrome extension.  For Safari you can try: Tabs to Links on the Mac App Store or "TabLinks" Safari Extension - (future)

Sharing -- new dump: cliptext: , enable:paste allow clipboard paste copy:wiki create link for a Wiki (as in my CopyURLplus) copy:sel (just to an alert message box but like CopyURLplus)

Size:  grid: pgdim: resize:help ruler:

230  807

Sorting: (#sortntables) SortSelect: (example at right), SortTable: (see Table)
[to Sort Text Lines, see beside #tools, bookmarklets don't sort links, MSWord does]
Statistics (webpage): imagesct: words: (cnt), (more information)

Style (appearance): bml: bmlx: bold: Nofollow:Readability ctr: Click-to-remove invert: linkify: [Linkify test] lowercase: ns: strike: wrap: grayscale: zap:colors
Style (debugging):  hidivs: borderselements: imagedimensions: embedded: .css OR .js topo: (topo with borders) scripts: (view scripts) stylesheets: (view style) debugCSS XRAY:
Tables: borderstable : showtable: th: Show table headings , tables trows: (see Table example)
Text areas: charcnt: (Check results in the Testing Area below)
Time:  daysleft: (year)
Viewers:  json:viewer (have an extensipn)
YouTube:  ythd (HiRes)

(check zapcolors:)  [05]  1   2   3   4 
Zapping Annoyances: [zap]:  grayscale: printfriendly: zapcolors: zt: zap timers -- STOPS the JavaScript CLOCK displayed formerly at the top of this page.
Saving changed appearance:  Bookmarklets only affect the page while viewing, but if you would like create a new copy to include your bookmarklet invoked changes, you can use a bookmarklet to get the source with your bookmarklet changes included using: generatedsource: partialsource:
Add Extensions or Addons:  // Chrome: webstore: // Firefox: addons: // Vivaldi: (use Chrome store) // Safari (Apple): Safari:
Android versions of substitution bookmarklets using Prompts instead of %S:
It appears that a bookmark with substitution using %S (Smart bookmark) will work on one computer with Chrome, but not on another one with Chrome and not in other Chromium browsers.  the bookmark title begins with the shortcut and has %S or substitution. testing: of w:   (can't duplicate here guess it actually has to be a bookmark).
Two more dictionaries: EasyDefineHyperDic hyper-dictionary,  (presented as links not bookmarks)

Repetitive: 99:

Created for this page (WIP):  domains:,  fav:,  favicons:(below/not-working), href#:,  src:, 

Also needed favicons in links exposed changing icon="data:... to <img src="data...

test image for bookmarklets test src:test /* src=src.substr(indexOf,'['); */

favicons: (not working)


    chktoggle: (chk)   tickall: (tic) (:: Check boxes belong within form tags ::)

The checkmark bookmarklets would have been great for GMail as the mobile version does not have a global check/uncheck box for the mail search hits, unfortunately GMail uses JavaScript not normal checkboxes, so the two bookmarklets do not work for GMail. 

According to "search links" the following bookmarklets on this page have selection:  def: define, highlight:word, mag: (magnify), partial source, words: (cnt), wordcnt: (selection),
 James B1 44   21   M
 Mary B2  88   18   11  F
 John B3 11   74  9  M
 Patricia B4 45   73  aa F
 Robert B5  445   24  AA  M
 Linda B6 13   37  txt f
 Michael B7 93   24  Txt m
 Barbara B8  345   27   0  f
 William B9 26   69  32  m
 Elizabeth BB 66   30  12  f
Extensions are best to sort numbers.
List (...)
Invoking parentips" will reveal title= content for links, which show up when you mouse over a link. (You can mouse over the above bookmarklets).  Most websites fail to make much use of tool tips.

paren tips (paren: “Bookmarklet” shows all link Titles on page within parens ( ), which you could normally see individually by mousing over a link when using a desktop browser, modified from example at­bookmarklets­/sitespecific.html#paren_tips)

HREF visible (href: “Bookmarklet” shows link urls, see­ie/bookmarklets.htm#href_visible, Related keywords - href:, parentips:, bml: keywords:, subs:, alt:, and id:) HREF:# (href:# “Bookmarklet” numbers each link from 0, see, Related keywords - href:, parentips:, bml: keywords:, subs:, alt:, and id:)

sp - spelling (sp: places browser into Edit mode, where spelling can be checked, you may have to toggle check spelling as well in your options/preferences).  undosp: reverses.

Invoking "HREF visible" will reveal the link URL,  bookmarklets have JavaScript code instead of a URL.

paren tips [-- javascript:(function(){var z=[],N,title,tc,j;function r(N) {if (N.title) z.push(N);var C=N.childNodes,i;for(i=0;i<C.length;++i)r(C[i]);}r(document.body);for (j in z) {N=z[j];title=document.createTextNode('('+N.title+')');tc=document.createElement('span');'green';'#EEECB9';tc.appendChild(title);N.parentNode.insertBefore(tc,N.nextSibling);N.parentNode.insertBefore(document.createTextNode(' '),tc);}})(); --]

HREF visible [-- javascript:(function(){var z=[],N,href,tc,j;function r(N){if(N.href) z.push(N);var C=N.childNodes,i;for(i=0;i<C.length;++i)r(C[i]);}r(document.body);for(j in z){N=z[j]; href=document.createTextNode('%20[--%20'+N.href+'%20--]');tc=document.createElement('span');'green';'#FFEE99';tc.appendChild(href);N.parentNode.insertBefore(tc,N.nextSibling);N.parentNode.insertBefore(document.createTextNode('%20'),tc);}})(); --]

sp - spelling [-- javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true';%20document.designMode='on';%20%20void%

Invoking HREF visible then paren tips would covert the following links found under tools on that page as follows:

Martindale's Calculators,  A Google search on "calculator" displays an online calculator and links to more online calculators.

Martindale's Calculators (Martindale's Calculators On-Line Center: contains over 23,850 Calculators & Spreadsheets, over 4,260 Courses, Lectures, Manuals, Handbooks, and thousands of Movies, Videos, Simulations & Animations. Created by over 8,750 very CREATIVE Individuals, Businesses & Tax Supported Entities World Wide.) [-- --],  A Google search on "calculator [-- --]" displays an online calculator and links to more online calculators,

Note: Saving webpages with bookmarklets or saving exported bookmarks to Evernote for preservation will not work very well for you as all bookmarks containing JavaScript have all of the JavaScript code removed.  Same thing occurs if you try to paste a bookmarklet link with javascript into email.

PRE Area, not 
a textbox.
abc def
Bookmarklet Testing Area: Text boxes What is a Text Box?,=.  Test textbox character counting with [charcnt:] bookmarklet.
Notification to Chrome users:  Spell checking is not turned on by default in textboxes.  Right-click in a text editing field, and select Spellcheck and then check the Check the spelling of text fields.  Also select your region.  Warning:  Enhanced Spell Checking uses Google to check words. 
Return to the [charcnt:] bookmarket after testing, or to [#sortntables] after testing Sorting or Tables.
Future testing  of a bookmarklet for numbers within a range  88  14.2  123 500 550 423 .001  56.49 4,000

mapping; duke farms, NJ; 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC ; 16th Avenue tiled steps (Meet the Mosaic Artist Behind San Francisco's 16th Avenue Tiled Steps)

Bookmarklets are tools: You do not need to know anything about how bookmarklets work to use them, just like you don't need to know anything about the code in browser extensions to use them.  Bookmarklets incorporate JavaScript code and can be very powerful though incorporating very little code.  You can use several bookmarklets on a page to provide enhanced reading.  You can paste the first line below into your address bar simulating use of a bookmark to run the code.  You cannot do that and a heck of a lot of other things in Firefox anymore though.

Many links on this page have additional important notes about their content and usage, please click on the "paren tips" bookmarklet link above.

Test of ADD_DATE= used in exported bookmarks:  ||  added: modified: || used toISOString() instead of toDateString() or toGMTString() || ADD_DATE="1587596084" in YouTube videos (I would prefer yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm as a local time)

Real-time HTML EditorBest Online HTML Editor -- convert WYSIWYG ⇄ HTML Source,   generated source partial source Web Development Bookmarklets (Similar Sites indexed in Xmarks),  also see Tools on another page.

Links for Windows Presentation 2020-06-05 (#presentation)

  1. Bookmarklets, history, exported bookmarks, extensions for Chrome (2020-05-18)
  2. Bookmarks --, the bookmarklets demonstrated on this page, does not have bookmark descriptions, but does have keyword for Firefox users.
  3. 001 Tab Capacity Test
  4. Forms and text boxes

Mass Install (#massinstall) All of the bookmarklets above are available to be installed by replacement in Android.

  1. Read in Bookmarklets for Tablet ( bookmarklets_for_tablet.html   w/o space ) using "VT View Source - Android Apps on Google Play" on tablet, which allows you to view source of files on tablet and on web, then save on your tablet in /mnt/sdcard/BookmarkSB/bookmarks_for_tablet.html,
  2. then in "Bookmark Sort & Backup (BookmarkSB) - Android Apps on Google Play" you can restore (replaces all bookmarks in Browser) from the local file, you can sort the bookmarks if you want them sorted in the default Browser. You may need to sort them in descending order before importing them into another browser such as Dolphin.
  3. Bookmarks installed in Browser can be used or imported into other browsers, some have a folder that simply contains "system bookmarks".

"Recent Bookmarks:" (#recent), Chrome extension shows recent bookmark additions/updates.  (Recent bookmarks drops down from the yellow star on the extensions menu. More information below under Bookmark extensions.)

History [Ctrl+H] (#hist)  (in Firefox the equivalent shortcut would be Ctrl+Shift+H and be able to show more information in a sortable table)  The blue Stars in the listing indicates it is also bookmarked.

Exported Bookmarks: (#expo)

[To Parent Directory]

 10/3/2008 10:39 AM         2801 acgnj_20081003.htm
10/27/2014 10:35 AM       379240 bookmarks.html
 3/13/2018 11:36 AM        99524 bookmarks_2018_03_13_ASUS_Chrome.html
12/31/2018  3:45 PM      1191931 bookmarks_2018_12_31_asus2_chrome.html
 5/18/2020  1:38 PM      2069403 bookmarks_2020-05-18-chrome.html
 4/10/2019  2:16 PM      1406961 bookmarks_chrome_rendered.html
 2/28/2018  3:28 PM        21071 dictionary.htm
 2/26/2018 11:00 PM        10182 dictionary.txt
 2/27/2018  1:11 PM         1287 dictionary2.htm
  9/2/2008  4:38 AM         1576 exxonmobile_20080904.htm
  4/6/2011  9:30 AM         3419 firefox.htm
 5/10/2014 11:12 AM       110642 fx3_intro.htm
 7/21/2016  1:38 PM       114837 fx4_intro.htm
10/21/2017  3:07 PM      1394738 k.html
10/27/2014 10:43 AM       536908 k_dolphin.html
 10/5/2008  2:28 PM         3165 k_highlighted.htm

You may have noticed ADD_DATE=  and DATE_UPDATED in your exported bookmarks, I have created two bookmarklets to convert them to readable date timestamps in your exported bookmarks HTML listing.  See left side of next image.
content change: used to ISOString() not toDateString() nor  to  GMTString() || ADD_DATE="1587596084" in YouTube videos (I would prefer yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm as a local time)   (I guess I didn't show ISO here, exported actually use   LAST_MODIFIED= not date_updated and is only on headings (folders)n not on bookmarks, at least in Chrome)
JavaScript Bookmarklet Tutorial - YouTube
11.2: Bookmarklets - Programming with Text - YouTube
bookmarklet list all link urls - Google Search
Link Bookmarklets

With the added:  bookmarklet you can see date_added timestamp
JavaScript Bookmarklet Tutorial - YouTube [1588425644| Sat May 02 2020]
11.2: Bookmarklets - Programming with Text - YouTube [1588426365| Sat May 02 2020]
bookmarklet list all link urls - Google Search [1588427285| Sat May 02 2020]
Link Bookmarklets [1588427447| Sat May 02 2020]

Favicons are actually in the exported files (not rendered, but nice to see)
 how do I remove favicons from the bookmarks toolbar | Firefox Support Forum | Mozilla Support
 Change default CSS of Google Chrome - Super User
 Tutorial: How to create and live-debug userChrome.css : FirefoxCSS

Exported bookmarks look something like this:   (they contain the favicon)

    <dt><a add_date="1588425644" href="" icon=""K/span>>JavaScript Bookmarklet Tutorial - YouTube</a></dt>
    <dt><a add_date="1588426365" href="" icon="...">11.2: Bookmarklets - Programming with Text - YouTube</a></dt>
    <dt><a add_date="1588427447" href="">Link Bookmarklets</a></dt>

Online Tools (#tools), see more in Tools on another page
Some very limited cheatsheets
Personal Links
JavaScript Links: (#javascript) Regular Expressions Links: (#regex) Links of interest (bookmarkets and Bookmarks): (#links) Browser links (#browser)
Features of the Chrome Browser

Identifying Spelling and Grammar errors (#spchk) See Spell Checking ★ in your Browsers in Evernote,  there is a 5 minute video Checking Webpage for Spelling and Grammar with Grammarly, and checking links with "Check My Links" - YouTube (ne eds to be edited to remove one minute)

Adding words to your browsers and to Grammarly dictionaries(word lists), some words I added to Chrome  are in dictionary.txt, use the "sp: (spelling)" bookmarklet then add marked errors to your dictionary.

If you need to remove a word you incorrectly added to Chrome chrome://settings/editDictionary (settings > Advanced > Language > Custom), where you will see your additions and can remove words added in error or add additional words.  But adding words is a lot easier to add when you see a word in error and use the context menu to replace with correct spelling, add to dictionary, or ignore for the time being.

If working on a Mac, check words first with TextEdit app first as many, but not all, apps do use the system dictionary -- How to edit your Mac's dictionary - Macworld UK

Bookmark extensions: (#bmext)

"Recent Bookmarks" Chrome extension is useful it shows recent bookmarks that you considered important enough to save; whereas, your History (Ctrl+H) shows what you looked at.  Has scrollbars.  (see dropdown in first image).   No extension was really needed in the old Firefox (FF 56.0.2 was still good) because columns could be sorted in the Bookmarks Manager without being permanent (10 ways of sorting including unsorted); nevertheless, makes access to recent bookmarks a lot easier.  Another nice feature is that you can copy and paste from the display with included favicons.   Can't edit a bookmark, but can delete.  (a similar extension for current Firefox users is available.)

  Since Chrome does not have scrollbars in menus or bookmarks (Except in Bookmark Manager), I recommend: both of these have scrollbars and search.  Firefox has better functionality, even though neither browser has scrollbars on bookmark menus, Firefox has an adequate Bookmarks sidebar (Ctrl+B) from which you can use search and can use bookmarklets

"Bookmark Manager and Viewer" drop-down for bookmarks includes scrollbars (can't implement bookmarklets on active page, so only good to help find bookmarks, you will have to try your luck with the address bar to use bookmarklets). The star changes to a filled Blue star if the active page is bookmarked.   Can search, edit, delete, and open bookmarks.  No good for invoking bookmarklets.
[Has a couple of tricks up its sleeve 1) one is after a search you can validate website URLs (slowly). Unfortunately bookmarklets are not websites so they are all marked as invalid and all of the Chrome extensions (chrome are marked as invalid; nevertheless, it could be useful. 2) The other trick is to correct the titles if they've changed overtime Unfortunately I purposely change a few titles so that they will sort where I want to find them or to improve their titles, so that would be a bad thing for me to use and especially since bookmarks in Chrome do not have descriptions (and Firefox attempted suicide by imitating Chrome).]
    "Bookmark Sidebar" (best) It is the only one of these that can run bookmarklets on the active page. There is a disappearing scrollbar that is very difficult to use, but you can not do much without it. Mouseover shows URL and if search was used will also show the bookmark folder. Sorting available: User-defined, Alphabetical, Most used, Recently used, Recently added; the sort applies to all bookmarks when viewed in this extension and is independent of ordering you have in the Bookmarks Manager(Ctrl+Shift+O). However, warning, if you do sort a folder via Bookmarks Manager then you permanently change your user-defined ordering for that folder. Scrollwheel does work and will show location of the scrollbar thumb. Thumb size and location gives you an idea of how far you are from the top and bottom and how big the area is compared to the part you are viewing. Arrow keys don't work for this "wonky sidebar" which covers over some of the page and fogs over the page. Sticky menu: return to the same spot later with the same folders open.  Can search, edit, view date added with , delete and open bookmarks, can utilize bookmarklets.  (Firefox users have a much better Bookmarks sidebar builtin, though it doesn’t include temporary sorting)

Ad Blocking extensions: (#abp) See my answer in "Is there a Chrome extension that blocks the messages that tell you to turn off the ad-blocker? - Quora, where I tell you what extensions to install and how to customize them.  Adblocking extensions basically all use the same filters such as used in both Adblock Plus and uBlock.  To see what filter blocked each blocked item on a page use Inspector (Ctrl+Shift+I), then choose "Adblock Plus" to right of Elements, then reload page.

If the above fail, you might try turning of JavaScript thru settings (or with an extension), looking at a cached copy of the file you want to read using a bookmarklet, or one of the extensions to view cached copies (Web Archives, Web Cache Viewer).  Advantage of an extension is that you have a choice of caches.  Since you are really looking for a current copy, Google Cache would be best.

Additional Chrome extensions appearing with address bar, or hidden but near the top of hidden, plus some more or less ambiguous symbols.

Shopping extensions: (#shop)
• Honey    • PriceBlink Coupons and Price Comparison  • The Camelizer  • [Shopping] • Price Tracker • Retail Me Not    •  SlickDeals  •  Amazon Wish List Total  •  BangGood Price Tracker •

Of Interest: Google Assistant is better, but Alexa is more fun and learning to use Alexa first allows you to easily use all personal assistants.

These are the Chrome extensions on my Toshiba  (#ext), as seen on computer.  First row is what is seen to the right of the address bar, rest are seen after clicking on the 3 dots.  

  Remaining extensions from the 3-dots menu
TabCopy, R2c, ABP, Tabs Outliner, Cookie Deleter, Neater Bookmarks, uBlock, Open Selected links, Recent bookmarks
(These extensions appear to the right of address bar.  The remaining extensions are accessed from the 3-dots menu at the far right of the address bar.)
  • Bookmark Manager and Viewer, View Image & Download Image for Google Search, Voice in voice typing, you blacklist, see Google similar page,
  • Webcache pure, Show PDF URL, Reload all tabs, Hand tool (like on a Mac), Text area cache, Thesaurus, Evernote Clipper,
  • Web cache  (, SEO Meta, TinEye, spell checkers, fake news, remove the overlay, web archives,
  • Paywall, Custom Javascript for websites, xxxxx, EXIF, Personal blocklist, share extensions,
  • Export links of all extensions, TAB Sort, what font, honey,
  • Camelizer, price blink, check my links,
  • Link klump, Project naptha, Web mapper, CSS viewer, password alert, grammarly for chrome, TAB Cloud,
  • Free conference call launcher, IBVPN, image downloader, tab restore, window resizer, go back with backspace, Jason view,
  • Don't close window with last tab, smart devices, save to keep, Open in Firefox, new image, New tabs at end, adblock for YouTube,
  • EXIF Viewer, Get Favicon

Context Menus: (#context)  {B} (Bookmark), {T} (Tab), {M} (Main), {I} (Image), {L} (Link), {S} (Select); 
Make these symbols show up in listing with the #hiregex bookmarket.
Context menus are named because their content changes depending on where they are used.  Each context item has its own context menu.  Those with no Favicon belong to the browser, and those with a Favicon belong to an extension.  Examples of context menus (Tosh, ASUS)
Context menus (along with tool tips, and left-click menus) also exist for {A} address bar and toolbar icons.

✘ – Used to show not installed, did not like, not for me, or removed by Chrome. (see comments)

These are the Chrome extensions on my Toshiba, listed in Alphabetical Order 
Search for Chrome and Chromium Extensions
  1. Adblock Plus - free ad blocker , Block YouTube™ ads, pop-ups & fight malware! (see Ad Blocking extensions above)
  2. Adblocker for Youtube™, automatically blocks all ads on YouTube ™, including pre-roll video ads, text & banner ads.
  3. Amazon Assistant for Chrome (official extension)
  4. BehindTheOverlay , One click to close any overlay on any website. (or Ctrl+Shift+x or Cmd+Shift+x)
  5. Bookmark Manager and Viewer, from Star on extensions bar.
  6. Bookmark Sidebar  Bad approximation of a sidebar, but it is a toggleable sidebar with all your bookmarks (can run bookmarklets from here, because associated with the active tab).
  7. Check My Links    checks for broken links, best I've seen, nothing like it for Firefox, only the 4xx series of errors are serious. See Wikipedia:Link rot and List of HTTP status codes (Wikipedia)
  8. Clutter Free - Prevent duplicate tabs (not a problem for me, so not installed) Firefox would intercept with "Switch to tab" choice if you were about to open a page you already had open). ✘ (don't need)
  9. Cookie Deleter , delete cookies for site and restart page (optional & recommended).
    Example installing and invoking this extension from address bar, or jigsaw puzzle icon dropdown on address bar here.
  10. Copy as Markdown [M] {S}
  11. Copyfish 🐟, Free OCR Software, copy text pictured on images or PDF files. Adds to image context menu. (will probably continue to use "Project Naptha" in Chrome rather than Copyfish) {I}
  12. CSSViewer   , click the toolbar icon and then hover any element on you want to inspect in current page.
  13. Custom JavaScript for Websites 2  , Run custom JavaScript on any website.
  14. Don't Close Window With Last Tab  , says in the least intrusive way, but adding a pinned tab as needed is very intrusive.
  15. Enable local file links, by default Chrome does not allow switching to or from local files [
  16. Enable local file links, by default Chrome prevents links to local files
  17. Evernote Web Clipper  , Use the Evernote extension to save things you see on the web into your Evernote account. {M}{I}{L}{S}
  18. EXIF Viewer   {I}
  19. EXIF Viewer Classic
  20. Export links of all extensions  
  21. Export Selective Bookmarks , Creates a Bookmarks export file of selected folders and bookmarks, a feature missing in all browsers. (alternate solution: create a new profile then copy and paste folders you want then export from there. This is more straightforward. Click on the extension icon which will bring up all your bookmarks similar to the Bookmarks Manager, place checkmarks next to folders and bookmarks you want to export. ✘ was deactivated by Chrome, reenabled extension.
  22. Get Favicon , (unlikely to need or use since it captures large favicons).  Displays the current page's favicon as well as the favicon's URL and dimensions.
  23. Go Back With Backspace  , Re-enables the backspace key as a back navigation button (except when writing text). (if not working, use Alt+arrow-left)
  24. Google Keep Chrome Extension  ,  (Save to Keep), Save to Google Keep in a single click! {M}{I}{S}
  25. Google Similar Pages , Discover webpages similar to the page you're currently browsing.
  26. Grammarly for Chrome   (see Identifying Spelling and Grammar errors (above))
  27. Hand Tool   (link broken for Chrome store,so may have been withdrawn)
  28. History Blocker by Site    (configure options) prevents the logging of specified websites
  29. Honey  , Automatically find and apply coupon codes when you shop online!
  30. HTML5 Outliner   , Generates a navigable page outline with heading and sectioning elements (try a normal page that has headers (Hn) -- this page started out from Evernote
  31. Image Downloader  , Browse and download images on a web page.
  32. JSONView  , Validate and view JSON documents {M}
  33. Keywords Everywhere - Keyword Tool [K], shows you "related" keywords as well as "people also search for" keywords in widgets on the right hand side of Google & Bing. They also see the YouTube search insights widget, as well as the YouTube Tags widget. They can also see the estimated organic traffic and the top 5000 keywords for all pages on Google. {M}{S}
  34. Link to Text Fragment , select text to be highlighted and linked to, then use right-click to create a text link, "Copy link to Selected Text", which is only recognized in Chromium browsers.  The link will take you to the page and highlight the designated words.  Useful to get around the fact that many web authors do not use text-fragments (or identify them, if they do) {S}.
  35. New Tabs At End  , Forces new tabs to open at the end of the tab strip.
  36. Open in Firefox  Open current page, link, or all tabs in the Firefox browser. {L}
  37. Password Alert  , Password Alert helps protect against phishing attacks.
  38. Paywall     $$ shows up in Google search as link, regular link is blocked (just a warning)
  39. Personal Blocklist by Google (not found in Google playstore)
  40. PDF Viewer   , Uses HTML5 to display PDF files directly in the browser.
  41. PopUpOFF - Popup and overlay blocker - Chrome Web Store Select level at each site Tried using AdBlock+ to remove but it prevented scrolling --this extension worked on asite next is NYT. Removes and prevents popups, overlays and cookie notifications, other tools do not. Enjoy the original look of the internet. (Also available in Firefox).  Reinstalled do not know what website would not scroll, but fails on so disabled Javascript with extension.
  42. PriceBlink Coupons and Price Comparison  , Finds Coupons and Compares Prices while you shop. Shows savings when you're shopping, otherwise it stays hidden.
  43. Project Naptha  , Highlight, copy, edit, and translate text from any image (and PDF) on the web. {I}
  44. Recent Bookmarks  , A list of recent bookmarks in descending order, grouped by the day they were added. (see #bmext above) {B}
  45. SEO META in 1 CLICK, Displays all meta data and main SEO information. ✘
  46. Share Extensions  , Export your favorite Google Chrome™ extensions as BBCode, HTML, Wiki, Markdown or text. Share extensions via Twitter, Google Mail™.
  47. Smart Devices     (controls switches via Amazon Echo(Alexa), Google Home Mini.  "Smart Devices" official extension to control your "Smart Home" ✘
  48. Spell Checker for Chrome  , Spell Checker extension for Chrome. It's easy to use and fast. This extension supports 12 languages for spell check. (haven't checked it out yet**){S}
  49. Tab Count, Displays the count and list of open tabs from current or all windows (configurable) and allows you to select and/or close them.
  50. Tab Restore   (I use builtin browser keyboard shortcut, Ctr+T), Tab Restore helps to restore recently closed tabs and window sessions.
  51. Tab Sorter , no options, sorts all tabs fro m extension button.
  52. TabCloud  , Save and restore window sessions over time and across multiple computers. (how does this differ from synching tabs, which I don't)
  53. TabCopy , Quickly copy tabs to the clipboard. {M}(should be Tab, use the icon)
  54. Textarea Cache  , Allows to save automatically the content in a text input field.
  55. The Camelizer   , Easily view historical pricing data from
  56. Thesaurus: Synonym 4 Right Click  , Thesaurus: Synonym option added to right click menu (+Urban Dictionary).  {M(tutorial)} {S}
  57. TinEye Reverse Image Search   image context menu, Chrome has image search there also.  This is the official TinEye Chrome extension. Find out where an image came from, how it's used, or find higher resolution versions. {I}
  58. Toggle JavaScript , turning off JavaScript may get past a paywall or a bad webpage coding if other measures fail.  Don't forget to toggle it back on afterwards.  There could be better extensions for this.
  59. uBlacklist tell Google to block future references to domain by clicking on "Block this site", has cancel escape if you accidentally invoke.  Just stops Google from showing, does not stop you from using someone else's link.
  60. uBlock - free ad blocker , A fast, effective, and free ad blocker. Uses same filters as ABP, and if you have to turn of ABP to read a site you may very well need to turn this off as well. {M}{I}{S}
  61. Ultimate Enable Right [], Neutralizes website's user-hostile behaviors: blocking right click (context menus), text selection, and copy (Ctrl+C).
  62. Unlimited VPN & Proxy by ibVPN   , haven't used or know how to use.  VPN & Proxy for Unblocking Restricted Websites ✘
  63. Unpartial Truthiness Analyzer (Fake News) , ***was taken down***, try one of these — Chrome Web Store - fake news detector
  64. Unpaywall , Legally get full text of scholarly articles as you browse. Such as Universities, not commercial magazines and newspapers.
  65. Video Adblocker, installed as a replacement for Video Adblocker for Youtube. Blocks Pre-roll video ads, Text ads, Banner ads. ✘
    Video Adblocker for Youtube™ Extension ***REMOVED*** try Youtube Adblocker
  66. View Image  , Re-implements the Google Images' "View Image" and "Search by Image" buttons.
  67. View Image & Download Image for Google Search  , Re-implements the Google Images' "View Image" and "Search by Image" buttons. We also add "Download Image" button. ✘
  68. Voice In Voice Typing , Use your voice to type across many different websites
  69. Volume Master , increase volume with slider from toolbar button (up to 600%), be careful as you could break your computer's speakers.
  70. Web Archives  , View archived and cached versions of web pages on 10+ search engines, such as the Wayback Machine, and Google., googlecache. Internet Archive is a non-profit digital library offering free universal access to books, movies & music, as well as 458 billion archived web pages.
  71. Web Cache Viewer    
  72. WebCache  , Want to view a cached website? With WebCache it takes 1 click to view the Google Cache, Wayback Machine,, or Coral CDN! {M}
  73. Webmapper  , Constructs a map of the web using the user's browser history. (Heat Map)
  74. WhatFont  , identify fonts on web pages.
  75. Window Resizer  , Resize the browser window to emulate various screen resolutions. ✘
  76. Youtube Adblocker, automatically blocks all ads on YouTube™, including pre-roll video ads, text & banner ads ***not yet on small laptop***

The following Chrome extensions were deemed by Google to contain malware and were deactivated and their links removed from the Playstore though linkchecker did not flag them as missing, at least not yet (2020-10-15).
malware found in Chrome extensions - Google Search
Check Chrome and Remove Any of These 70+ Malware Extensions (they all include advertising or promo in their titles, who would have downloaded those particular ones anyway).

Kiwi extensions, Kiwi Browser (an app from the Google Playstore) is the only Chromium browser that allows you to install desktop extensions from the Chrome Webstore.  I have installed the following extensions on my Amazon Tablet which has been converted to run apps from the Google Play Store.
The extensions I have installed are as follows: Cookie Deleter,  HTML5 Outliner,  List Opened Tabs,  Tab Count,  TabCopy,  and  Textarea Cache. 
Warning, don't install any extension on Android that puts new tabs at the end of the tab bar (renders Kiwi unusable and you have to uninstall and start all over again. (i.e. "New Tabs at End 3000" (do not install).
The bookmarkets I installed into my bookmarks so far are as follows:  id:,  li: (bullets#),  trows: (table rows),  zapcolors: (restore HTML default colors).
On Android Chrome I have all of the bookmarklets shown at top plus a lot more bookmarks and bookmarkets.  But as already mentioned no extensions are available.

Firefox extensions, these are the extensions on my small ASUS laptop. Started list with Fx79. My Toshiba will continue to use Firefox 56.0.2.  See my article posted in Quora "What are some unique features of Mozilla Firefox that other browsers don't have?".  Many Firefox extensions make use of context menus and are better written so you won't have the clutter of extension icons that you see in Chrome, nor the need for as many extensions.  (You can compare my modified comments to the author's short description by invoking the [parentips:] bookmarklet at the top and then returning here.)
Firefox has context menus to deal with Frames, Background Image, Cookies, DOM & Style Inpector.

I had the new Firefox on a small laptop that was destroyed by a Microsoft update.  I did verify that the extensions listed below are still around.  Firefox would have less trouble with extensions than Chrome, but I'm using Older Firefox (56.0) to update my webpages when not using Chrome.
Search for Firefox Extensions

  1. Adblock Plus ,  Block pop-ups and annoying ads on websites like Facebook and YouTube. (click on Firefox to install).  For more information on Adblocking extensions see Adblocking (#ABP) above, those extensions are in most browsers.
  2. Allow Right Click, writes a few JavaScript functions to allow browser's default right-click context menu when a web page deliberately blocks right-clicking on its content.
  3. Bookmark search plus 2 🦊,  Displays and filters bookmarks on search string, show parent folders.  Eliminates wasted space in its own bookmarks sidebar. View menu > sidebars > ... (Ctr+Q) {B}
  4. Bookmark Tab Here 🦊,  Adds context menu item 'Bookmark Tab Here' to Bookmarks Menus as an alternative bookmarking method. {B} (Bookmark or bookmark folder)
  5. Bookmarks by Date 🦊,  shows your most recent bookmarks.  (see comments for Chrome extension Recent Bookmarks)  Though Firefox has a decent Bookmarks Manager (compared to Chrome), this can save some time looking at recently bookmarked pages. {B}
  6. Chrome Store Foxified
  7. ClickTabSort 🦊, Sort ALL Tabs (has options) {T}
  8. Context Search 🦊, Search selected text using your preferred search engines. Right-click or Alt-click on selected text to respectively launch the context menu or the icons grid. You can also perform searches using keywords in the url address bar. {S} WARNING compressed size at addons is 774 KB.
  9. Copy Selected Tabs to Clipboard 🦊, format selected tabs into text or links may include Title (as link text), URL, Description (as link internal title, and other Meta data.  For this portion I used a pattern like: Actually had to use an older version of Firefox and Multi Tab Handler, as Firefox has made addons tabs protected in some manner.
    <li><a target="_blank" href="%URL_HTML%" title="%DESCRIPTION_HTML%">%TITLE_HTML%</a>,&nbsp; </li>%EOL%%RT% — and copied to the rest of the line the important parts from the Description along with my own comment.  {T}
  10. Copyfish 🐟 🦊,  ability to extract text from images, videos or PDFs (including OCR) {I}
  11. Google search link fix 🦊,  prevents search engines from recording your clicks via modified search links.
  12. Keywords Everywhere 🦊,  really an SEO tool but good for suggestions for other searches. {M}
  13. Link Properties Plus WE 🦊,  provides extended link properties: size of linked file, last modified time, etc. in context menu. {L}
  14. Multiple Search and Highlight 🦊 [O],  highlight each search word entered separated by spaces.  Use SpaceBar to get to the next page.  Clicking anywhere or attempting to use the scrollbar terminates the view, but you can click on the button again to resume where you left off.
  15. New tabs at end, no extension needed, Firefox can do this with about:config settings (true/false are Boolean)
    browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent false
    browser.tabs.selectOwnerOnClose false
  16. Open Links in Tabs 🦊, Opens Selected Links in New Tabs {S} (tab context menu "Open Links in Tabs")
  17. Overlay Remover Auto 🦊,  Automatically close detected overlays / popups on enabled websites (on page load and/or on timed intervals
  18. Remove Google Redirection 🦊,  Stops click-tracking and redirection insertions in search results.
  19. Remove Cookies Button 🦊, Toolbar button for removing cookies, local storage and session storage from the current tab. The button displays a number of deleted cookies.
  20. Search by Image 🦊,  {I}
  21. Search by Image on Google 🦊,  added to image context menu. Will search for image, similar things, similar poses, etc. {I}
  22. SortTabs [a/z], 🦊, sorts tabs by URL, domain, title, and access time. {T}
  23. Tab Count 🦊, shows number of open tabs in the current Window at right side of Tabs Bar. (moved is so tabs drop-down is to the left of this button. {none}
  24. Tab List Button 🦊, When you have lots of tabs open, it is good to have a list to select from.  Extension should not be necessary since Firefox has a drop-down tabs menu, but it does not activate until there are 14 or 15 tabs and remains active until down to 11. Button will be hidden on the Extension Overflow menu.
  25. Textarea Cache 🦊, save text from text input areas automatically.  If you get kicked off you should be able to recover what you typed.  If you just filled out a web forum and wished you made a copy just after you sent it off, then this extension will help a lot. 00000 don’t lose an answer you spent time working on. If you spent a bit of time working on a reply or in at textbox and lose your tab, you would probably want the ability to get it back.
  26. TinEye Reverse Image Search 🦊,  added to image context menu. Searches for the actual image or parts of actual image. Not all the different kinds of things that Google would search on for an image. {I}
  27. Web Archives 🦊,  checks current url at and other archived and cached versions of current web page. Help in finding material that has been lost, or moved and is not where it used to be, or was found by Google but now missing, or you just want find an older version of an article. {M}
Saving space in Firefox toolbars (#fxspace) Firefox on Android:  There are only a few Add-ons for Firefox that are deemed to work on Android and you will be redirected to addons >> Android which may take you to the Chrome Webstore.  Installed:  "Search by Image",  Web Archives".

Mozzila destruction, and why I don't use the new Firefox on my laptop 

Extension links for Chrome and for Firefox (use search on page).  Extensions for Chrome may be available in other browsers by the same author under the same or similar title, or you should at least be able to find something comparable in other browsers.

JavaScript bookmarklet summary: (#summary) for all bookmarklets on this page in alphabetical order, plus more bookmarklets, all with link text titles suitable for bookmarks and importing see bml.html link at the top of this page (directions included).  List was created with [searchlinks:] bookmarklet searching for "JavaScript".  [searchlinks w/o ##] can be for sorted in MS Word for comparisons. (manually updated 2021-07-17)

1. 99: 2. acronym: 3. added: 4. addons: 5. ahd: 6. ALT visible 7. ans: 8. arc: 9. ask: 10. ax: Alexa 11. back: 12. bml: 13. bmlx: 14. bold: 15. borderselements: 16. borderstable: 17. cached: 18. charcnt: 19. charset: 20. chktoggle: (chk) 21. cliptext: 22. colorlist: 23. cookies: 24. copy:sel (just to an alert message box but like CopyURLplus) 25. copy:wiki create link for a Wiki (as in my CopyURLplus) 26. copyMRKsel: 27. copysel: 28. copyURLdesc: 29. ctr: Click-to-remove 30. curl: make link 31. daysleft: (year) 32. ddg: 33. dead: 34. debugCSS 35. def: define 36. dict: 37. digg: 38. domains: 39. down: (site) 40. embedded: .css OR .js 41. enable:paste allow clipboard paste 42. fav: (get favicon) 43. favicons: 44. findall: 45. font: 46. fontfamily: 47. fontSize: 48. forward: 49. g-ag: 50. gc: 51. gender: 52. generated source 53. generatedsource: 54. geoloc: (map center) 55. gmt: (time) 56. grayscale: 57. grayscale: 58. grid: 59. gs: 60. Hi Voyager 61. hi: (highlight links) 62. hidivs: 63. hiregex: (highlight regexp) 64. his: highlight link string search 65. how: 66. HREF visible 67. HREF#: 68. hrefcnt: 69. id: 70. idioms: 71. imagedimensions: 72. images: 73. imagesct: 74. imagesface: (portraits) 75. imageshuge:L: 76. int/ext links 77. invert: 78. json:viewer 79. keywords: 80. keywords:count 81. LatLong: 82. LDOC: (combined parentips+hi+in/ext) 83. Lg: 84. li: (bullets:#) 85. linked: 86. linkhtml: 87. linkify: 89. linkswithin: 90. lists: (tagged) 91. loc: 92. lowercase: 93. m: minus 94. mag: 95. mailtos: 96. maplet: (map postal address 97. maplet: (selection) 98. maps: 99. modified: 100. next: 101. njnews 102. nofollow: 103. Nofollow: 104. ns: 105. NT: (new tab) 106. NTnt: (alt) 107. p: plus 108. pageresources: 109. parentips: 110. partial source 111. partialsource: 112. pgdim: 113. play: 114. printfriendly: 115. pro: 116. prompts: 117. qr: (qrcode) 118. r2c: 119. Red: (Read) 120. remember: 121. rename: 122. Reset (F5) 123. resize:help 124. revealtags: 125. robots: 126. ruler: 127. Rv: (reveal) 128. rvHTML: Reveal HTML comments) 129. Safari: 130. say: 131. sci: 132. scripts: (view scripts) 133. search links 134. search links w/o ##. 135. selectable: 136. Send: title/url/desc 137. Show Classes and IDs 138. showtable: 139. similar: 140. snopes: 141. SortSelect: 142. SortTable: 143. sp: - spelling 144. sq: remove ?* 145. src: (images) 146. src:test 147. ss: Site Search 148. ssd: current directory 149. ssdy: current directory 150. ssy: site Yahoo 151. strike: 152. stylesheets: (view style) 153. subs: %S within href 154. t: 155. th: Show table headings, 156. tickall: (tic) 157. TinEye 158. topo: (topo with borders) 159. tr: 160. tr: 161. trows: 162. u: 163. undosp: 164. up: 165. upd: 166. updated: (Ux:) 167. w: 168. webstore: 169. whatfont: 170. word:freq 171. wordcnt: 172. words: (cnt) 173. wrap: 174. XRAY: 175. ythd (HiRes) 176. zap:colors 177. zapcolors: 178. zapimages: 179. zt: zap timers
This page was created on Evernote on May 6, 2020 but was soon converted to a simpler HTML.
Questions concerning this page can be emailed to me: David McRitchie send email comments (site comments/corrections)