Firefox 4 eliminated the "Status bar" forcing addons that went there into the new "Addons Bar".  This document helps with the transition using the "Status-4-Evar" Firefox addon.

Status-4-Evar Addon Bar Customization

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Extension Table description of Status-4-Evar as seen in Firefox Customizations (Notes)

Extension (#ext) version Author Description     Important information about

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Status-4-Evar Needed with Firefox 4.02010.10.08.16
Sparky Bluefanga collection toolbar widgets that provide replacements for what was previously in the status bar.  After installing the extension, you can customize your toolbars and drag the "Status Text", "Progress Meter", and "Download Status" items wherever you want. [options][customize],

Keyboard shortcut:    (see Keyboard shortcuts)
The only good thing that came out of this for the UI is that there is now a keyboard shortcut ("Ctrl+/") to toggle Status/Addons Bar on/off.

Customize -- View (Alt+V) → Toolbars → Customize

Customize (continued)

Result after customization

Options set in Tools → Add-ons → Extensions → Status-4-Evar (options)

[004]  [005]  [006]  [007]

Options shown reflect choices in Status-4-Evar 2011.

Current status as reported in Compatibility Reporter.

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